The Awards Show Ch. 13

The next eight months were perfect in Jet’s estimation. She and Rhett went from casually seeing each other again to nearly living together; of course, Jet wasn’t ready for actual living together. They hardly spent a night alone, though, and it was enough to make Jet believe in happiness again. Rhett may have his flaws, but they seemed to only endear him to her. Mostly, Jet was happy because he was supportive and loving in all the ways she needed when she needed it. Then, when she needed to back down and take things slow he would. It was her dream for a perfect relationship.

Their only snag was his current need to invite her to a wedding in North Carolina. One of his friends and Jessie, his ex-wife’s relative, was getting married. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason. It happened to align with a break in their shooting schedule and Rhett wanted her to meet his parents. Jet knew the moment he talked about it that this was going to be a problem. Her mind immediately thought it was a reason they would split, but overall Rhett had been good about it. He had invited her, and then only mentioned it once a week or so as the event drew near. Now, as Jet sat in his office, she wondered if this would end things or if they could survive it. Jet had hope, hope that sprang from being with Rhett, and how he made her feel.


“Hey, you getting any work done in here?” Rhett came into the office and found Jet sitting on the couch, laptop on her legs. She looked at him with a smile. His hair was a little mussed and he was starting to unbutton his shirt. It was a long-sleeve button down with white clouds on the blue background and they were currently coming apart before her eyes.

“I’m trying, but if you keep doing that, well how’s a girl supposed to concentrate big man?” She put her laptop off to the side on a table and turned to look at him directly.

“Sorry. I’m changing for this next thing, and I wasn’t trying to distract you.” He raised an eyebrow with a smirk.

“Oh you weren’t were you?” The last button gave way and Jet’s mouth started to water at the sight of his skin. After all this time, just the sight of Rhett’s body still excited her as if it was the first time she was seeing it.

“Nope. I will continue to tease you though if you’ll change your mind about the wedding.” He approached her and looked down into her eyes. He still hadn’t given up on having her go to North Carolina with him.

“Rhett, we talked about this. I’m not ready.”

“I know you say that, but really my parents are not that intimidating. You’ll love them and they’ll love you.” He was at least no longer harping on it was just a wedding.

“That might be true, but you promised we could move slowly.” Rhett approached at her words and leaned with his hands on the wall above the couch, his legs pressed to the front of hers. He seemed huge and intimidating, even though he was just a soft teddy bear under all that bravado.

“Is there anything I could do to tempt you? I mean today is honestly the last day for me to order tickets and get a hotel set up and everything. We can’t stay with my family together because well…I’m going to do naughty things to you and I don’t want to get caught.” He sucked in his bottom lip and Jet felt herself get warm. His shirt was hanging open and his cock was so close.

“What if I tempt you to stop asking me?” She smiled up at him and her hands slid up his thighs; her thumbs caressing over the seam of his pants and feeling where he was already getting a little excited just from her touch. She continued her fingers, playing them over his lower abdomen as she stared into his face.

“I’m sorry to keep asking. It’s just, well it’s a little frustrating, and I don’t know when I’ll be going home again. I mean it aligned with the show being on a break and that never happens.” Her fingers undid the button on his pants and then slid his zipper down slowly. “and…I…”

“You what Rhett?” She questioned as she planted a few kisses just above his underwear, letting her fingers slide over his now very interested cock.

“I’ve been super patient and…oh Jet…” Her hands worked to slide his pants down off his hips a little and then pressed his underwear down as her tongue played across his lower abdomen. “and…I’m good with it all, but…this…hoh…” He let out a heavy sigh as she produced his cock and gave it a stroke. His eyes closed for a moment and then with a shuddering breath he looked down at her once more. “This was something unexpected and I…God I like to see you lick my cock.” He moaned.

“I know you do, and I like to lick, and kiss, and suck…” She echoed each word with an action and Rhett’s breath caught in his chest. “your cock just as much.”

“You know I only have a few minutes…”

“Mmmhmmm.” She mumbled out the words as she took him into her mouth and her hands started working. One grabbed onto his ass even as the other slid over his sack.

“You’re avoiding the subject with sex again, you know that?” He forced the words out and she almost heard pain in his voice as she slid him as far down as she could before pulling back to speak again.

“It’s not really sex; I mean I was just thinking you would fuck my mouth like you did a while ago.” She gave him a pouting face and saw the shiver through him once more. Jet loved having the power to make him do that with just words. Rhett had this soft shudder that she could bring out with the right phrase, and it made her pussy pulse for him.

“God baby…you’re killing me.” He said the words and then stepped his knees up onto the couch, kneeling around her as he looked down, mouth open and eyebrows furrowed.

“Come on, make me gag.” She said it and gave him a stroke before sliding her tongue down his cock as her mouth opened around him.

“Touch yourself and I’ll think about it.” His voice grew deeper, and Jet let her hands drop, working her skirt up and sliding her underwear to the side. Her fingers slid over her wet sex as she slid further onto him.

“Mmmmmm.” She hummed around him as she started to rub her clit and abate some of the tension that had crept into her body. Her other hand went back to his ass as she heard a growl from Rhett’s chest.

“God you’re hot. I’m going to fuck your mouth so good baby. Tap my leg if you need a break okay?” Jet squeezed his ass cheek and relaxed her throat. She didn’t enjoy this all the time, but once in a while it made her feel alive to have Rhett use her like this.

Rhett slid forward, disappearing into her mouth inch by inch and breathing heavier and heavier as Jet rubbed her clit steadily. When he reached as far as he thought he could go, he paused and huffed out a few breaths. Jet took the opportunity to slide him down one more inch to the point where her gag reflex tried to kick in. She took a breath through her nose and felt a tremble in Rhett.

“Fuck baby…oh…” He pulled back then and she took a breath before he pushed in once more. The sounds he was making were driving her crazy and Jet could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as he moved.

Another two slow entries, and Rhett started to speed up, his shirt flapping around her as she kept herself relaxed despite where her own hand was taking her.

“Look so good taking my cock…so good…” He whined as he started into a steady rhythm.

Jet got used to it just enough to give him a suck each time he pulled out, and to take a soft swallow when he was in deep. Soon Rhett was moaning almost continuously as he moved again and again. Her eyes were locked on his pelvis, watching as he moved closer and loving the sight of his skin in front of her.

“Hoh…oh I’m going to cum…oh Jet…oh…ah…” The last sound caught in his throat as Rhett pulled back from all the way in and his cock spasmed in her mouth. She tasted the saltiness of his cum and rubbed herself a little faster, loving the combination of Rhett at his ultimate and her on the edge.

Rhett pulled from her mouth just in time for her to groan and throw her head back into the couch. She swallowed what was left in her mouth, and looked at his blissed out face as she felt herself nearing her release quickly. He plopped down on her legs, his butt planted between her thighs and she felt his hand at her pussy. His long fingers slid into her and Jet’s mouth caught in an O. He started pressing in and out of her then as her fingers continued on her clit.

“So wet for me…always so wet. Come on baby, cum for me.” His fingers curled hard against her g-sport and Jet cried out as Rhett’s lips covered hers muffling the noise.

Her nails that still held his ass gripped in as she felt her pussy pulse on him. A moment later, she realized he was still kissing her and she was finally able to reengage her brain enough to meet his lips as he moved.

As his usual, Rhett pulled his fingers from her body and they went straight into his mouth. The man loved her taste, and she loved the noises he would make as he sucked on his fingers every time.

“Whoa…I’m a little light-headed.” She smiled softly at him and he leaned down kissing her once more.

“So, are you sure you won’t come with me to North Carolina?” He gave her a smirk and raised his eyebrow once more.

“An orgasm won’t make me change my mind.” She ran her hands over his thighs.

“Well, can’t blame a guy for trying. I guess I understand, but honestly I really wish you were coming.” He sighed and stood up, fastening his pants. “Especially if there is a chance of you doing that again.” He laughed as he sat down on the floor, shirt still open.

There was a sudden knock at the door and they both looked up as the handle rattled. “Hey Rhett, whenever you guys are done we’re all set for you out here.” Link’s voice came through the door.

“Oh, you locked the door? Were you expecting something Mr. McLaughlin?” Jet gave him a grin as she propelled herself forward into his arms. Her lips met his and they both giggled a little as he rolled her to be beneath him on the floor. Jet felt incredible. They talked, albeit with a little sex mixed in, and Rhett didn’t end anything. He seemed only mildly disappointed. Now, her heart felt light.

“I was not. You know we don’t do that every time you’re here; although, I don’t complain when we do.”

“Man, do you really have to go out there for a whole week?” She leaned up kissing him softly.

“Yea. I promised my parents. When I get back though, you are going to be in trouble.” He kissed her softly as he held her face.

“Come on Rhett, today?” Link’s voice came through the door again.

“I have to go, but we should be done in less than an hour and then you and I can enjoy our last evening together before I leave.” He kissed her mouth again.


The next morning, Jet woke to kisses being peppered over her face and neck. She smiled as she opened her eyes to see a familiar face.

“Hey. When do you have to leave?” She stretched a little as Rhett kissed the top of her chest.

“Soon. I still have to pack and everything.” His beard brushed over her skin.

“Do you have time to eat and shower here first?”

“It’s early. I think you should go back to sleep. I kept you up late last night.” Jet grinned and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his face up to be even with hers.

“I’m not complaining. I’ll even give you a ride to the airport after last night.” She gave his hair a soft tug. Rhett’s eyebrow rose and he claimed her mouth roughly for a few moments, the passion flowing freely through his kiss.

“You deserved it, although I’m going to really miss you Jet.”

“I’ll miss you too, but it’s only a week, right?”

“Right. I land tonight and then the wedding is tomorrow afternoon. Other than that, I should be able to answer your calls or your texts okay.” He kissed her again softly.

“Relax. You should go and enjoy it. Don’t think about me.”

“Jet, I can’t stop thinking about you. I just wish my parents were meeting the girl I’m in love with. I’ve told them all about you.” He looked a little sad as he pulled back from her and Jet let her hand roam up his face, brushing along his cheek.

“Someday Rhett, I promise I’ll be ready for more. I’m just not there yet, okay?”

“I know. It’s just hard sometimes Jet, but trust me I understand. It just doesn’t make it any easier at times like this.” He kissed her again softly and when he pulled back this time, Jet saw the caring in his eyes and she wanted to scream out to him. She wanted to tell him that she felt exactly like he did and that she would go with him now and for the rest of her life if he would have her. There was just a block there, and she hated it and herself for having it.

He kissed her one more time before he stood up and Jet watched as he got dressed. When he was ready to leave except for his shoes, which had their own spot on her shoe rack by the door now, Rhett came back over to her bed and sat at the edge. His hand went to her cheek and he leaned down to her. His eyes pierced through her with complete sincerity.

“Goodbye baby. I love you, and I’m going to miss you like crazy.”

“Aw Rhett, damn you for getting all sappy on me. I’m going to miss you too and I…I…” Hope sprang into his eyes and Jet wanted to finish the sentence. She wanted to tell him everything that had been brewing in her mind. “I want you to text or call when you land okay? I want to know you’re there safe.” She looked away from him, unable to keep eye contact when she couldn’t say what she was truly feeling.

Rhett let out a soft sigh and leaned down to kiss her one last time. “I will, now go back to sleep so you can get some work done today.” He smiled and stood up.

They exchanged a last look and Rhett disappeared. Jet lay there for a few more minutes after she heard the door to her house close, and then she got up. There was no way she was going to go back to sleep now with all this crap in her brain. Instead, she would get some work done and crash out later.

The rest of the day, Jet went through as best she could. She couldn’t stop thinking about Rhett though, and their relationship. They had come so far since that first night they met. They’d been through things a lot of couples never had to deal with, and yet they were stronger than ever. She couldn’t imagine herself with anyone else.

By the time his text came that night, Jet was wishing she had gone with him. Rhett was her future, she knew it somehow. It was no longer just their connection, but the way she felt to be away from him. Not to mention, she was actually starting to picture how it would be to meet his parents, and what they might be like. Somewhere in her soul, Jet felt like she knew one day she would meet them. That night, she didn’t get to talk to Rhett, which she expected given his plan of going to Bojangles and then hanging out with his family.

The next day, Jet awoke to a text from him with a picture of the sunrise. He captioned it with ‘I wish you were here to share this with me.’

The words made Jet practically melt. She responded simply, ‘I wish I was there too. I miss you.’ It was all she wanted to say via text. He was going to be slammed today anyways, with the wedding, which she thought was supposed to start around 2, and considering it was 10am by the time she woke up, Rhett was probably already dressed. She sent him a quick text asking for a picture of him all dressed up before he got too drunk, and started to work through her day.

Once again, her life seemed to be heading the right direction. Unfortunately, Jet’s peace was destined to be cut short. It was early evening when the call she always feared came, and it caught her completely off guard.

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