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The Assistant State's Attorney's Prerogative

“What about…” I tried to protest, but she cut me off.

“Be quiet, or we’ll get caught,” she insisted.

She pulled me into a stairwell, and we quickly went down one level. We moved purposefully without looking like we were in a hurry as we moved to the far end of a long, darkened hallway. We entered another stairwell and raced up two levels. She checked that the coast was clear, and we moved down to the fourth door.

She produced a key, and suddenly, we were inside a dark office. She left the lights off and checked that the door was locked, then led the way from a receptionist’s area to the office beyond. There was a large desk with windows behind it. Blinds blocked the view.

She pulled the front of her strapless dress down to reveal her breasts, and she quickly moved to kneel in front of me.

“We don’t have much time,” she reminded me, “so we’re going to have to do this with our clothes on. We really must hurry.”

While she spoke, she opened my pants and pulled them down to my thighs. The dress pants were tight under my tuxedo jacket, so there was little risk that they would fall further.

My cock was more than half hard and rising. She purred as she rubbed it against her breasts, and then drew it between her lips as she sucked and licked to get me fully hard.

The vixen wasn’t wearing panties, so when she pulled the back of her dress up and bent forward over small table below the window, I was able to step behind her and plunge right in. She said to hurry, so there was no time for niceties. I plowed into her hard and fast.

For a moment, I had to wonder just how long she had been thinking about doing this. She was aroused to the point of being dripping wet, and even as tight as she was, I was immediately able to draw out to longer, harder strokes.

“We don’t have time,” she hissed as I continued to adjust to ensure that she came when I did.

I decided to trust that she was close enough, and I slid my hands up to pinch her nipples. She nearly screamed, because I was a moment too soon, and I pinched a smidge too hard. Her barely contained scream turned to a barely contained wail, and she exploded at the same time that I did. I slammed into her two more times, and then pressed in deep to enjoy the pulsing of our bodies.

Even as my cock continued to pump my heat inside her, she reached up and barely moved one of the hanging vertical blinds to the side.

Below us was an open court room. Our daughter and her soon-to-be husband were anxiously waiting in front of the judge, the soon-to-be in-laws standing by.

“You know, as soon as we get back down there, I’m going to tell her what we just did,” my wife grumbled. “I’m going to tell her exactly how much of you is dripping down my leg, and then we’ll see whose parents she says are more adventuresome!”

As if our daughter could hear us through the soundproof glass, her worried eyes looked right up at us. I’m sure she was looking to see if the lights were on in her mother’s office. If only she knew the truth, and apparently, she was soon to find out.

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