The Adventures of a Cuck Continue – Part 2.

In part one I alluded to the events of a few weeks ago, and how what follows came about. Having admitted to my wife, Asha that I was interested in repeating the experience of sharing her with another man (only this time being more involved) we started to discuss how this would go.

A few days after my confession, once we had put the kids to bed, we opened a bottle of wine and began to talk about it. Asha was curled in next to me on the sofa in a pair of leggings and a vest top. This gave me the perfect view of her unbelievable tits which always seemed to be trying to spill out of anything which showed any cleavage.

We’d had a few glasses and I somewhat nervously began to approach the subject again.

“So, about what we were talking about the other day…what are you thinking?” I said, still looking at the TV.

“I don’t know, it’s quite strange but kind of interesting, are you sure it’s what you want?” Asha replied.

I paused for a moment, sensing some deflection or hesitancy in her. Then continued.


“Yeah, I think so, I have thought about it quite a bit and it’s popped into my head quite often when I’m… you know… I don’t know if it’s the last year or so and being stuck at home but it’s something I want to try.”

Asha shifted in her seat and propped herself up to face me. I turned to her as she began to speak.

“Okay, so here’s what I think. Don’t be mad please, I’m just being honest before we do anything. I got a message from Ben a few days ago asking if I liked the pictures. I didn’t know what he meant so he said he’d sent you some for me…”

I knew I’d been kind of busted but tried to play it cool.

“Oh yeah haha, Ben was asking if you were up for a rematch again and if you wanted a reminder or something. He just sent some dick pics to me for a laugh I think…” It was obvious I was bluffing and Asha wasn’t buying it.

“That’s not what he told me,” she replied. “He said you told him I was scared to ask for them or something. Look I’m not sure what’s going on but you don’t have to hide things from me. I know you’re having new feelings since that night. I am too so it’s okay.”


A smile came over her face. “And in any case, Ben sent me a couple of the pics he sent to you. Just because he thought you must have forgotten to. It definitely brought back some good memories, haha.”

I had loosened up as I realised she wasn’t bothered about me lying. “Yeah for me too actually, brought me right back to the night. I ended up having a wank in the toilet after he sent them. Thinking about you and him going at it I mean!”

“Did you? Ok well if we’re being really honest I played with myself too after he sent them. I’d almost forgotten how massive he is and I just had to.” She replied, grinning, as she clamped her hand between her legs and squirmed in her seat slightly.

I could see her breathing get heavier as her big tits rose and fell while she moved. I then decided to up the ante.

“Which ones did he send you. Just out of curiosity.” I asked.

“Oh…yeah…let me check…” She unlocked her phone but kept the screen facing away from me.


“Just these two here,” she said, turning her phone and showing two of the same pics he had sent me. One a close up of his cock semi-hard and another of his reflection in a mirror fully erect sort of cupping his big balls. She turned her phone back and put it down.

I knew she was hiding something, and I had sort of guessed what it might be.

“Did you thank Ben for the pics then?…” I smirked as she turned to take a gulp of wine.

“What do you mean?” She stammered.

“Show me the chat please, I won’t be mad, I promise,” I said, motioning my hand towards my growing erection in my jogging trousers.

“Eh..ok…but please don’t be mad, It’s just a bit of fun and I know you like it anyway.” she blushed. She then opened the messaging app and let me read the convo between her and Ben.


It started just as she had said. Ben asking about the pics and the subsequent confusion. Ben had indeed sent the pics more or less unsolicited. Asha had responded favourably and as I read on my cock went from semi to fully erect.

She had replied instantly with love heart eyes emojis and then then the GIF commonly used to denote female ejaculation, before saying “Hello again BIG BEN!!!”

I turned to her and smiled “You little slut haha, just dying from some of Ben aren’t you??”

“I’m sorry babe ha but he kind of caught me in a sexy mood haha” She replied, stroking my stomach and reaching under my waistband. “You’re not too jealous I hope, after all, we were just talking, and you have watched the guy fuck me half to death!”

I pulled out my now rock hard cock and wrapped her hand around it. I then realised there was more in the message trail. Ben went on to ask her if we were up for a repeat performance. How he was dreaming of getting to have fun with her again.

Asha was pumping my cock and nuzzling my ear now, talking some real filth in my ear about how she liked how hard my dick got thinking about her getting fucked. She also said she wanted to try two cocks again soon.


With my free hand, I yanked down the straps of her vest and bra and pulled both of her giant fleshy orbs out so I could squeeze them as she tossed me off. Her big tits seemed to grow as she got more turned on.

Back to the chat. He had asked for a reminder for himself so that he could jerk to something. My hand was shaking as I scrolled further to see she had sent him four selfies of herself in various states of dress.

The first two she was leaning forward braless in a vest top similar to the one she was wearing. Plenty of cleavage on show and doing a cheeky winky face. The next two were even sexier. Sat on the edge of the bath with her hands trying (not too hard mind) to cover her naked boobs. Plenty of tit flesh escaping between her fingers. Not to mention both nipples in full view.

I immediately turned to her showing her what I was looking at. Without missing a beat she scrolled down more and then pushed me back so she could get her mouth onto my cock. As she did I saw there was a video sent from Ben. It was him laid out on his bed wanking to the same pictures on his tablet. The video was only about ten seconds long and he had obviously not been able to contain himself. He gave himself half a dozen quick pulls before shooting his sticky cum all over his chest and stomach.

As he did, Asha went double time on my cock head. Swirling and slurping at it before swallowing nearly all of it. I instantly started to buckle as I came hard, right down her throat, in big waves.

She took her head up as some spunk ran out of her mouth and down her chin onto her chest.


“I thought you would like that, but you REALLY liked it didn’t you?” She said knowingly. Giving my cock a few post-orgasm tugs as we caught our breath. “I came pretty hard when I watched it too, he has a really sexy cock doesn’t he?” she added.

“Hmm haha well, maybe we should forget about a stranger or someone else and just get in touch with Ben again. I don’t think you will enjoy it with anyone else” I replied, half pretending to ignore her last comment.

“I think that would be best. For both of us…” Asha said smiling, reading between the lines instantly.

With the wine and having not long cum I was feeling daring. I still had Asha’s phone with the chat open and decided to message him. I just sent a waving emoji to get the ball rolling and to keep him guessing.

Asha was still lying next to me, tits still out. Stroking her chest softly and watching TV not realising what I had done yet. Within a couple of minutes, Ben replied, winky face first then a casual “What’s up?”

Asha turned and seen I was on her phone. “Did you message him already??” she asked somewhat surprised. “I did” I replied.


“Ok what is he saying?” she said sitting up and getting her wine from the table before curling into me so she could see the screen too.

“Nothing yet,” I said. “Shall I approach it with him now?.”

“Yeah go for it,” Asha replied.

I messaged him back saying I hope he liked the pics and did he want another quick selfie. He instantly responded “YES”. I told Asha to put a tit in my mouth and take a selfie of us for a laugh. She sat up and straightened herself and put her hair up which always made her look better with her high cheekbones and sexy eyes.

She then took her bra off and rolled down the vest top. Held her left tit out for me to lick and snapped a couple of pictures. She gave the phone back to me. I sent them straight away, along with one of me smiling and giving the thumbs up.

He took a couple of minutes to respond, probably not quite getting what was going on right away. He said, “Didn’t realise you guys were busy, is this a good time haha?”


I replied “Don’t worry mate, we’ve been having some fun with your pics, and the ones she sent you. It’s all good. What you up to yourself?”

“Nothing much man was thinking it was Just Asha messaging wanting more cyber action haha.” He responded boldly.

I decided to be even bolder though. “It’s both of us actually….”

Another pause of a minute or so. “Well after the night back home, I guess there are no secrets between us haha. What you got in mind?” Ben asked.

I turned to Asha who had been watching the convo and drinking her wine. Her tits now lying across my stomach as she lay next to me. I licked my fingertips and started to circle her nipples which she loves.

“Fancy taking this up a notch baby?” I said smiling from ear to ear.


“Ummm what do you mean exactly?” She replied half grinning.

I started to video call Ben, Asha’s reflex was to cover up but I held her where she was and kept her vest top down by her waist. Ben answered to the sight of me and Asha lying on our sofa. Both now topless with her tits on full display.

“Hey Hey, guys! This is a nice surprise, nice to see the twins are here too haha.” Ben laughed as he took a good eyeful of Asha’s chest. Asha got a little shy and put a hand over her nipples.

“Hi Ben, how are you?” She said coyly.

“Great thanks, much better seeing you, and you of course mate haha.” He replied having obviously forgotten I was there momentarily.

“Ha Ha sure mate, bet you’re delighted I am here,” I said.


“Depends what you guys are going to get up to I suppose haha” Ben stated quite candidly.

I took this a cue, whether intended or not and removed Asha’s hand from her tits before beginning to squeeze and massage them. I circled her nipples again and she rolled away from me slightly so that both her tits could be worked. It was slightly difficult whilst holding the phone but Ben was liking what he saw.

“Wish I was there with those two puppies mate, you’re so lucky right now. Give them a suck from me please” he implored.

I leant over to the table and rested the phone against the wine bottle. With both hands free I went back to Asha’s tits and pulled her up to a sitting position with them. I started to suck both her nipples. She rested back on her hands giving Ben the perfect side-on profile of them as I slobbered all over them.

“Holy fuck they look bigger than I remember. Loved wrapping those bad boys around my cock.” Ben said. Adjusting himself in his chair as he was clearly getting aroused.

“She loved it too, she is well up for a repeat I think mate. Aren’t you babe?” I said still working her tits and hard nipples.


“Maybe haha, I don’t know, maybe Ben doesn’t want to,” Asha replied, acting bashful.

“I would love to shag you again Asha, can’t stop thinking about that night, you were incredible. Not fucked anyone as sexy as you before, ever…” Ben stated before continuing.

“I think you enjoyed it too yeah? If your squirting was anything to go by anyway haha.”

I was getting hard again and took Asha’s hand and placed it on my stiffening cock over my trousers. She smiled and immediately pulled it out and started pulling at slowly.

“Well if we’re getting our cocks out then I hope nobody minds me getting mine out,” Ben said punctuating the momentary silence. Asha immediately turned to the screen in a kind of Pavlovian response.

“I don’t mind Ben! Haha.” She said playfully. Ben whipped off his T-shirt and pulled down his shorts and underwear in a flash and sat back in his chair facing us. His Cock was flailing about semi-erect as he waved it at the camera.


“Recognise this Asha? haha.” Ben said cheekily before pulling the foreskin back and giving it a few pulls to get it harder.

“Of course. I will never forget that big monster. I couldn’t walk properly for days after haha. Even my mouth was sore from trying to suck it.” Asha replied, making me get to full erection quickly.

“I think someone else could do with that sexy mouth right now,” I said, getting up on my knees and holding my cock inches from her face.

“Woah, yeah, here we go haha.” Ben laughed. “Better get that taken care of Asha, he looks ready to burst! Haha,” He added.

She chuckled and agreed before turning and grabbing my dick by the shaft. She started on my balls. Licking and sucking them as she worked the shaft and tip with her hand. She was putting on a good show. Like she was auditioning for a job she had already landed.

She started to squeeze her tits, making sure Ben was getting a good view as she sucked my cock without using her hands. She started getting more and more of it in her mouth. I turned to see Ben mouth open, hunch over, staring intently as he worked his cock slowly as not to cum too soon. Clearly enjoying the show.


Asha’s eyes were also glancing to her right at the screen to see what Ben was doing and she started to put her hand into her leggings and reach for her pussy.

“Take your leggings off,” I said. She stopped sucking and lay back so she could remove them quickly. She took her knickers off too. Then came back to suck me.

“Fuck my face please.” She whispered. Staring up at me with her big pretty blue eyes.

I grabbed her ponytail and started to do as she wished. She hadn’t really enjoyed this previously. Since the night everything changed however she was much more daring and slutty when she got going.

“That is so fucking hot, love how she gags on your dick.” Ben moaned through the camera. “Get her fucked mate, I’m not going to last much longer.”

I withdrew my slick, sticky cock from her throat and let it hand in full view. Might have been a good few inches smaller than Ben’s but when it was big and angry and purple it was still a decent cock I thought.


Ben obviously thought so too as he jumped in with “Let’s see that thing split her pussy open. Now.”

He was almost as keen as me as I turned Asha side on doggy style giving Ben the best view. I quickly Rubbed the helmet around Asha’s pussy lips. She was dripping and told me to put it in. I shoved it halfway in before withdrawing slowly and pushing it back again. I built up speed and got into a good rhythm.

Asha was moaning and rubbing her tits, she turned her head and was watching Ben jerk his now-massive hard cock on screen. I asked her to tell Ben what she wanted to do when we met up again.

“Oooh I want to suck your big dick again Ben, It was so huge and hard.” She moaned softly. I implored her to continue, as did Ben.

“I can’t wait to hold it and lick the big balls, ooh aah yes fuck me like that.” She panted as I picked up the pace, slamming into her cunt.

“I want both of you to fuck me. One in my pussy. One in my ass, I want to be fucked like a whore. And lick your dicks after they fuck me. I want you to both cum in my face and on my big tits and then you can both lick the cum off me…” She rubbed her clit furiously as she said that. Getting closer to cumming.


I had heard enough and as I felt my balls tightening I turned to see Ben looking down at his cock starting to jerk uncontrollably, “JEEEESUUUUS!” he shouted as his cum started to squirt out in big silky ribbons.

I gave Asha a few final thrusts as she started to cum loudly and emptied myself into her hot pussy.

“Holy fuck, that was nearly as good as the last time haha,” Ben said after regaining his composure. “I’ve spunked everywhere! Guess the idea of licking my own cum off you is a turn on then Asha haha!”

“Same mate, that just tipped me over the edge,” I added. “Not cum like that for a while.”

Ben then said. “That was hot as fuck watching you fuck Asha mate, we need to get together again soon.”

“We will mate, we will…”


Part three to follow…

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