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The Adventure Of Our Lives Part 6

Had a bit of writer’s block but that seems to have passed.

The rest of April and the first half of May were the usual for us. Nothing was remarkable, just our usual episodes of fucking. Not that it was boring, fucking is always fun. Brandi was so into it that it was always exciting to be with her as she had so much enthusiasm for it and her enthusiasm was contagious, plus her cunt was always ripe and ready. Then one Friday we were on our way to the drive-in when she called out “Crazy Fucking.”

“So where do you want to go?”

“I want to go to a graveyard. I want to get naked and fuck in a graveyard as many times as we can and every way we can and especially on top of someone’s fresh grave. I think that would be hot.”

I wasn’t too sure about the on top of someone’s grave part, a little superstitious maybe because I knew, rationally, that dead people do not just come back to life but just the same I wasn’t too sure about the grave part but I said, “Ok, a graveyard it is.” We then set about going to a graveyard, I knew where a rather large one was and it was about a thirty-minute drive away. We got to the graveyard and, of course, the gates were closed and it appeared to have an eight-foot-high wall but that was just along the front. Down the sides, the wall was only four feet high.

We found a closed service station not too far away and walked back. When we got to the side wall we walked back about 50 yards from the road, and certain that nobody could see us, we scaled the wall. As soon as we got over the wall Brandi removed all of her clothes and so did I. We stashed them behind one of the nearby tombstones, I made a mental note of the name on the stone and the location and we started walking into the cemetery looking for a good place to do our fucking. We found a good place but I expressed my discomfort with fucking on top of a grave so we agreed on a space in between a set of graves. We were hard at it and both starting into our first orgasm of the night, when I saw a pair of headlights heading in our general direction. The car was driving slowly and it had a spotlight that it was using to pan the area. Our orgasms having subsided I just lie still on top of Brandi and told her not to move.

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“There is either a Police Car or Security Patrol approaching and we need to be real still.” She craned her neck back and saw the car approaching and she did as I asked staying real still but it was difficult as my cock was still in her cunt and was still hard. We were both a bit scared as the car got closer and closer and the searchlight being used was pretty effective at lighting up the area it was sweeping over.

I could feel my heart and her heart beating harder and harder the closer the car and light got to us. Then the light came sweeping towards us but, as luck would have it, it passed right over us and the car continued on. We waited until the car was well past us. I pulled my still-hard cock out of her. She grabbed my hard cock and led us much deeper into the cemetery.

We happened upon a fresh grave and much to my reluctance I agreed to fuck Brandi on it. We got on it and the fresh sod was very comfortable. Brandi was so hot about it that she pushed me down on the ground and straddling me jumped onto my cock. It went easily, all the way into her, and she started riding me moving up and down. I reached up and grabbed her tits and just laid back enjoying the slow fucking we were doing.  Brandi started moaning and gyrating around and quickened her pace. I started thrusting up into her as she was coming down and I could tell that she was getting close to cumming again and so was I.

She then laid on top of me with my cock still in her. I grabbed her ass and kept her moving up and down, only faster, and I also quickened my pace. She started going, “Ooooooh, ahhhhhh, ooooh, ahhhhh, ohhhhh goddddd, ohhhhhh goddddd, doooooooon’t stoppppppp, I’m CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” I started cumming too but this time it was me that planted my feet and raised her ass up into the air, driving my cock into her as far as it would go, and then started pushing her up and down on my cock as I felt her cunt spasm and my cock throb and pulse as we both orgasmed together. I must admit the suspicious fear, in the back of my mind about being on someone’s grave along with either a Police Officer or Security Guard checking out the area added a lot of intensity to both of our orgasms. We both collapsed to the ground and lay there.

As we were lying there catching our breaths, and enjoying the afterglow, I began to hear something. I didn’t know if what I was hearing had just started or what I was hearing had been drowned out by the noise we made during our fucking but I was hearing it. As I listened more intently I realized it sounded like someone was in distress. I got up and taking Brandi by the hand I told her we needed to find where the sound was coming from. She asked me, “Why?”

“I am hearing something that sounds as if someone needs help. We should see what we can do.”

“So, what are we supposed to do?”

“I don’t know but we can’t do nothing.”

“Alright, but I still don’t know what we can possibly do if someone is in trouble.”

“Neither do I. We will just see what is happening and play it by ear after that.” We headed towards the noise we were hearing. Thinking back to that night I realized that I was full of nineteen-year-old bravado that was overriding my common sense. After all, what could two naked teenagers do to help someone if they needed it?

We quietly moved on and as we walked my cock shrank down and I felt the rubber fall off. I still had a second rubber in my hand so that presented no problem. We continued walking towards the sounds we were hearing and as we walked they got louder and louder. We soon got just past a mausoleum when we saw where the sounds were coming from. There, in front of the mausoleum, about twenty feet from us was another couple, also stark naked and also fucking their brains out.

The only light there came from two, low-wattage bulbs, in sconces, on the front of the mausoleum. Even though the light level was low we could clearly see them. We couldn’t see their faces as they were in the missionary position with their heads facing away from us but we could clearly see his cock slamming into her cunt and his balls slapping into her asshole with every inward thrust. She was going, “Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh” over and over again and he kept saying, “Oh shit, oh god, oh shit.”

Her feet kept going straight up into the air and then back down to the ground. Her hips were also grinding around and around as his cock pummeled her pussy.

As we watched I could tell Brandi was turned on by this as much as I was. She was busy rubbing her tits with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. My cock was hard again almost to the point of shooting its new load of cum by itself. We stood there mesmerized as the two of them started cumming at the same time and they were making a real loud cumming noise as they did. Brandy then saw my hard cock, grabbed it, and started stroking it. After about two strokes I was shooting my load into the air and onto the ground. The orgasms that the couple we were watching subsided and I stopped shooting my load into the air. Brandy caught my cum drippings in her hand and then proceeded to lick her hand clean. That gave me another hard-on.

That’s when the guy pulled out of the girl and stood up. The girl also sat up. She had a fairly large set of tits and was very good-looking. He was good-looking too but it wasn’t his face that grabbed the attention of the two of us. It was his cock. It had to be at least 10 inches long. I am no slouch but I estimated my cock to be about average in length as compared to other guys I had seen in community showers in the Scouts, Middle School, and High School, over the years. Yeah, some were longer and some were shorter but we were all flaccid so getting an exact length estimate of any of us was impossible. However my hard cock was between six and seven inches long and this guy’s cock was three to four inches longer. We could also tell that they were fucking bareback, as there was no sign of a rubber on him and cum was oozing out of her cunt.

I could see, by the look on Brandi’s face, that she was impressed with his cock and with the cum oozing from the girl’s cunt. In fact, she was so turned on by it that when I looked down at her cunt, her juices were flowing so much she was actually dripping. Seeing this made my cock even harder.

The guy then got the girl to get into the doggie position, still facing away from us. I did the same with Brandi only we stayed facing towards the other couple. There we were, two naked couples, fucking doggie style, within twenty feet of each other in a cemetery. I was plowing into Brandi as he was plowing into his girlfriend. I do not know how turned on they were but watching them fuck turned Brandi and me on. They were also making a lot more noise than we were so they did not know we were there. Brandi and I both came well before they did and even with all the noise we made while we came, they still didn’t hear us. However, watching them fucking kept my cock hard and I started plowing my cock into Brandi’s hot cunt again. She was equally turned on by what we were seeing as she was pushing back into me as hard as I was plowing into her.

We went on for about ten minutes as did the couple and we all started to orgasm at the same time. It was great. I could see more mixture of cum and pussy juice flowing out of the girl’s cunt and when I pulled out of Brandi I could see her cunt was still dripping her juices too.

We collapsed to the ground but they didn’t. The guy pulled out of the girl and his cock was still semi-hard. Brandi couldn’t take her eyes off of it. I asked her, “Do you want that cock to fuck you? If you do, go over there and ask him he probably will.” She didn’t answer me. She didn’t have to because the way she looked at it, licking her lips as she fingered her cunt, was all the answer I needed.

Never having noticed us the other couple got dressed and left. Brandi and I went over in front of the mausoleum and fucked each other some more. I came two more times and Brandi came at least five. When we finally got done we walked on very wobbly legs. We got to our clothes and as we were getting dressed I noticed the mixture of cum and pussy juice from the other couple on Brandi’s back. I didn’t say anything but I could smell the odor of sex on Brandi when we got back into my car. I think she could smell the odor too but she also said nothing.

The only thing she said, as we were driving, was, “Did you see the size of his cock?”

“It would have been impossible not to notice.”

“How long and how big around do you think it was?”

“He looked to be around ten inches long and about six inches around, but that is just a guess.”

“Well, how long and how big around are you?” She never asked that question before.

Having never measured myself, I told her, “I have never measured myself but I am guessing I am about an average of six inches long and six inches around.”

She then looked out the car window and told me, “Stop here, there is something I want to buy.”

“What could you possibly need to buy? Remember I need to get you home by 11 and it’s already after 10. We are also about 30 minutes from your house.”

“Don’t worry, it will only take a minute and I will be right out.” She got out of the car and ran into a store much like Walmart.

When she got back she said, “Ok, pull down your pants, I want to do something.”

“Here, in this parking lot? Right now?”

“Look around, we aren’t parked near any other cars. Now quit being a baby and pull your pants down.” I did and my cock started to stiffen in just doing that. She then grabbed it and started to jerk me off. When I was fully hard she brought out a cloth tape measure and started to measure me. To my surprise, I was about 7 1/2 inches long. The head was just over 7 inches around. Just under the head, I was just under 7 inches around, and down at the base my cock flared out to just over 9 inches around.

She looked at me and said, “There, now we know your dimensions and I knew your cock was bigger near the base because I have felt my pussy stretch more the deeper you go in. I also knew that your cock was bigger than six inches around because when I grab it I can’t close my fingers around it so, I just had to measure it.”

I learned something about myself that night.

She then finished jerking me off catching my cum in her other hand and then licked her hand clean. I had to stop watching her do that as my cock was getting hard again. I pulled up my pants and got moving.  It was getting late.

As we were driving I could still smell the odor of sex still coming from Brandi. We got to her house just before 11 and she went in.  However, after she went in, I watched her take off her shirt, which was surprising as her bra and panties were in her purse, so she was walking with no bra on. Also, as she was walking through her kitchen, I saw her sniff her shirt and then start licking it. My cock got hard again and I took care of it after I got home.

I went to bed that night and I would have thought that after all of the fucking Brandi and I did I would have easily fallen asleep. I couldn’t. I wasn’t thinking about Brandi. Yes, she excited me and was in my blood. I had fallen so deeply in love with her I couldn’t believe it and it wasn’t just about the sex although fucking her was (and is to this day) exhilarating (yes even as old as we are, when we fuck it is exhilarating). I was thinking about the next month: June. I was graduating in June. I was 19 years old. The war in Viet Nam was at its height. The draft was in full swing (the draft lottery was not in effect yet) and since I was not going to be going to college, my 1Y draft deferment I had because I was still in high school would expire when I graduated. I was a ripe candidate to be drafted. That didn’t sit well with me.

Since my draft deferment was going to expire in June, I had to make a decision: either take my chances with the draft (but my chances of not being drafted were slim to none) or find another solution. Running to Canada was not an option and just plain not reporting for the draft would make me a wanted person and I had no intention of looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. So, I looked into volunteering for military service. I had heard that if you volunteer you have a much better chance of picking and getting into a career field you wanted, whereas, if drafted, you were essentially fodder for the infantry in Viet Nam. I had some friends who were older than me killed or seriously wounded and maimed in Viet Nam because they were drafted. Not that volunteers weren’t killed or maimed but at least as a volunteer you might get, at least, a little say in what was going to happen. I made a decision and then fell asleep.

On Monday, I cut school and called a recruiter’s office. I asked about the volunteer thing I heard about and the recruiter confirmed that what I heard was true and not a rumor. I thought about which service I wanted to join. I didn’t want the Navy or Coast Guard because I got seasick, so onboard a ship was not for me. The Marines, although a great organization didn’t, at that time, offer a large selection of career fields. That left the Army or the Air Force.

My first stop was the Army recruiter. I told him I wanted Military Police Law Enforcement. He told me that it could be requested but there would be no guarantee that I would get that or any other choice that I made, saying to me, “What job you get depends on the needs of the Army but they try to honor the requests of volunteers.” He then handed me some papers to sign. I thanked him for his time and told him I had to think about it. I then went to the Air Force recruiter. He told me the Air Force only takes volunteers and they will guarantee your career field choice if what you choose has vacancies. I asked him about Military Police Law Enforcement. He corrected me telling me that the Air Force calls their police Security Police. Then he said to me, “You’re in luck though. The Air Force was in the process of splitting the Security Police into two different career fields. One was called Security. They guarded aircraft, missiles, nuclear storage areas, and air bases in general. The other was called Law Enforcement. Regular police work. Investigating crimes, vehicle accidents, etc.

The recruiter also told me that they had just opened the Air Force Law Enforcement Academy at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and there were many vacancies if my qualification scores were high enough. I knew that I was in the right place. He set me up to take the qualification tests, that afternoon, as it happened they did that testing on Mondays. I went and took the tests and three days later he called me and said I passed all of their tests with flying colors and asked me if I could come in the next morning and sign my enlistment papers. I had to cut school again but I agreed. I went in, signed the papers, he told me that my career field was guaranteed (the needs of the Air Force notwithstanding) and he set me a reporting date for my induction in the middle of July. Now I just had to tell my parents and Brandi.

My Dad was off that day and so I told my parents about my decision and that I had already signed the enlistment papers. They were unhappy that I was going to be leaving but glad I wasn’t going to be drafted. My Dad hated the war in Viet Nam. Not that he was an antiwar demonstrator. He had served in Europe in WWII and often said that the war in Viet Nam was not being fought to win but to make money for the defense contractors. He was happy about my career choice. He was a police officer in the city and he told me when my enlistment was over I could get a job in the same department. Now I just had to tell Brandi.

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