Thank god for the penis

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I was gangbanged by my daddy and his mates and I really enjoyed it. Now I’m addicted to cock.

My name is Aysha and I’m 13 years old, this is my story of how my daddy and his friends gangbanged me and now I’m addicted to cock.

It was football season and daddy had gone out with his friends to the bar to watch the football on TV, it was on a Sunday in the afternoon, I stayed at home because I hated football, it was just me an my daddy living together.


While he was out I was at home making a nice dinner for us for when he got home, as I did every Sunday, but today I had loads to cook because his mates would be coming back with him.

It was about 7pm when they all turned up, drunk as skunks, I yelled at them all for being so late and the food was now cold, but they didn’t mind it was cold, they sat around the dinner table singing and cheering because their team had won the football game, they were all happy, eating their food and drinking more beers.

At around 9pm some of them started to get handsie with me, taking liberties and grabbing my ass as I walked by, daddy told them off but in a playful way, it was all innocent at first so I didn’t mind, I just slapped anyone who touched me.

Then one of daddy’s friends grabbed me and pulled me up on to his lap and squeezed his arms around my waist really tightly, he said I was real pretty and he looked down the front of my top and made a comment on how nice my boobs were, daddy walked over and pulled him off of me, telling him off in the process.

He took me back to his seat and sat me on his lap, “You alright, kiddo?” he asked, “Yes, daddy.” I said, he hugged me nicely, his mate commented on my boobs again and then poured a bottle of beer on me, drenching my top, and started laughing.

Then all his mates were chanting, “Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.”, to my horror my daddy lifted my top and pulled it off of me, “Daddy?!?” I snapped, he told me to chill out and have some fun, I had my hands covering my boobs because they were exposed.


Daddy then pulled my hands away from my boobs, “You are right, they are nice tits.” He said, laughing at the end, “Let me have a piece of her, John.” His mate asked, scratching his balls over his jeans.

His mates pushed everything off of the table, smashing everything on to the floor and daddy laid me down on top of the table, his mate behind me held my hands down while daddy pulled off my skirt and panties, I told daddy and his mates no, “NO!” I shouted, but they didn’t listen.

I saw daddy get his big hairy cock out and he pushed it between my legs and I felt his girth stretch out my pussy hole and he was inside of me, his mates were pouring beer all over me while daddy took my virginity in full view of them all.

It hurt real bad at first and I did cry a little, but after a while it felt really good, and my pussy was soaking wet and I found myself begging my daddy to fuck me faster, I could feel myself about to orgasm, but before I reached climax, daddy came inside me and pulled out, “No. Keep going.” I shouted.
Then one of his mates stepped up and got his cock out, it wasn’t as big as daddy’s but it will do, he slid it inside me with ease and fucked me on the table, finally I climaxed and flooded the end of the table with my juices.

One by one daddy and his mates abused my pussy, mouth and a few times up my ass hole, after 2 whole hours of having my brains well and truly fucked out, I had to be carried up to my bedroom because I literally couldn’t walk.

My pussy was dripping with semen, my ass hole hurt badly and I had a belly full of spunk, and my tits were all sticky.


I fuck my daddy every single day now, we’re like boyfriend and girlfriend, and some of his mates pop round for a quick fuck every so often which I really enjoy, most of all I just love cock. Thank god for the penis.

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