Tara Gets Taken Ch. 01

To all readers – This is a story that is FICTION. The characters are not real and they do not exist. I am not writing to make anyone angry or to bring out your indignation at the content of the story. It is meant for one thing one, sexual enjoyment. It is not a grammatical thesis and neither is it a test for the spelling bee. It is a FICTIONAL story to be enjoyed and maybe even supply some with gratification. Other than that your comments are welcome. I do want to write a good story and I want the story line to flow and be easily followed by all. So enjoy and if you like it enough I will write more parts for it in the future.

Something has happened to change our lives and I am mostly to blame for letting it happen. I can’t say I caused it but I did nothing to hinder or stop it and it is clearly evident that I should have stepped up to the plate at the beginning.

It all started almost over 3 months ago. I own my own business of security management. I set up corporations and businesses with security systems that link to law enforcement for timed response. It has been successful in the Dallas/Ft Worth greater metro and has provided a tremendous income that will let me retire by 50 years of age.

I am 35 years old while my wife is 27. My wife (Tara) is drop dead gorgeous and sexy. She is a small petite auburn haired sex bunny that stands a full 5′ 4″. Dynamite comes in small packages and my wife is definitely an explosive package. Her breasts are not huge but 36C on her have a big appearance. Her ass is so perfectly round and firm you want to eat dinner off it. She has worked hard to keep in top shape and in fact I consider her to be muscular. Her stomach is six packed and everything about her is firm to the touch. In bed she is a wild cat of love. When she cums her veins on her neck stand out and when she yells in ecstasy it always sends me over the top. She maintains a perfect full body tan that adds to her auburn haired beauty. Her auburn hair is thick and soft and reaches the middle of her back and she usually wears it in a pony tail. Her eyes are dark brown with an amazing ability to make me quiver to this day when she looks at me. Her pussy hair is the same auburn color as her head and she shave it to a little landing strip. She is naturally a hairless type of person with very little need of shaving but she is meticulous in her grooming. She is also from the south so she has a slow southern accent that drives men wild. She never fails to get stares wherever she goes from every man who sees her walk by but she seems totally oblivious to it.

We both have always been faithful to each other and never had a need to look outside of each other for fulfillment. So what happened was not a choice but was forced on her without her consent. Now that I look back on it I regret my lack of involvement every day.

Here is our story.


I bid on a job of a high rise building for a huge corporation just moving into the Dallas area. It was going to be an ongoing job for several months with new construction of their private 20 story building and if I won the bid it would provide a lot of cushion for the retirement fund I was working on. A lot of cushion. As luck would have it I won the bid and the work began. I had to hire a lot of new employees to take on such a huge building and training was out of the questions. I need men who were already trained and ready to do the job. I put out advertisements on the web and in the paper for job placement and started interviewing. One of the first guys I hire was a black man named Jerome who had moved to Dallas from Chicago in search of work. He had been working for ADT in Chicago for the last seven years and had worked in every area of their training process so he was perfect for the job. He also said he had two more friends who were ready to move down if he found work. I wound up hiring all three of them. As time progressed Jerome and me hit it off and began a friendship. He was divorced and alone and had no other friends but the two who followed him so it was not long until I felt like I should invite him over and take our friendship the next level.

This was my first mistake.

I talked with Tara and she was fine with it and we decided on the next Friday night to have Jerome over for supper. Tara is a great cook and even a better hostess. I told her up front about Jerome being black and she said she was fine with that and that she was not prejudice. I knew from her family background that black people were not common guests at their dinner table but she seemed fine with it all and I invited Jerome.

The week passed quickly and I helped Tara prepare the house for Friday night. I went into the bedroom and saw Tara in the bathroom getting ready. God she was so beautiful I felt a stirring in my pants as I watched her tying her hair back into a French braid pony tail as was common with her. Her beauty was stunning. She was wearing a short white dress that came short of mid thigh. It was a stretch material and showed her perfect body. It had no sleeves and was a button up the front and she left the top two buttons undone which showed the swell of the tops of her breasts. She wore a white bra underneath that could barely be seen through the dress. I had to assume her panties were white also as I could not see any other color through it. I walked up behind her and ground my hips up against her and pushed her up against the sink as my hands moved under her arms and gripped her breasts. She giggled as she leaned back against me. I kissed her neck as she laid her head back against my shoulder. I could feel her blood throb in her vein of her neck against my lips.

“If you don’t stop your new friend is going to see a whole other side of you and me big boy!” She said lightly

“You are so hot and so beautiful baby. I could eat you right here and now.” I said as my fingers felt her nipples hardened through her bra and dress. I took each nipple in between my finger and thumb and rubbed them harder. Tara moaned and reached her hand around to rub down the length of my now rock hard cock straining at the front of my jeans.


Tara has the most sensitive nipples I have ever heard of. She has cum with just me rubbing and pulling on them. The harder and rougher you play with them the better for her.

“Stop now! I can’t be serving dinner to your new friend with wet panties and a horny attitude. You will have to wait until he leaves and then pick this up where we left off.” She said as she slipped out of my arms

“OK, ok but I am expecting the whole nine yards before bed you little tease and no excuses!” I said as I went back out to the living room sporting a hard on the size of Texas.

“You better go stand in front of the A/C and calm that snake down before you answer any doors, big boy!” She laughed looking at the front of my pants

I mumbled something about how she could take care of it and left. I watched a little TV and the door bell rang about fifteen minutes later. I let Jerome in and ushered him into the living room as Tara came out of the hallway. She seemed a little shocked at his size when she walked in and I guess I should have prepared her. Jerome is about 6’6″ and weighs a good 250 pounds. He is huge and built like a line backer from the Bears. His arms ripple with muscle so I assumed the rest of him was the same. His huge hand engulfed Tara’s and he bent to kiss her on the cheek with a big smile. She almost shied away from him as he bent to kiss her but held her ground and let his lips touch her cheek without incident. She left us to go into the kitchen to get supper ready.

“You got you a fine looking woman there, Brett. She is beautiful and hot at the same time.” I agreed completely


We made small talk and I took him a tour around the house and back into the kitchen. Tara was bringing the last of the dishes off the stove and said that supper was ready. Jerome turned out to be quite the conversationalist through supper and ate to accommodate his size. When we were done eating Tara started clearing the dishes and I helped her move everything off the table. She brought coffee and a cake she had baked that was a famous layered cake her mother had passed down to her. I could tell Jerome was taken by her and all of her abilities and beauty.

We were just finishing our coffee when my cell phone went off and I got a call from the night watchman at the new building about a security glitch that had the whole system showing false alarms. I told him I would be there in a few minutes and apologized to my wife at her disappointed look. As I got up to leave Jerome got up also.

“You don’t have to leave Jerome; I should be back within an hour or two. Hang around and Tara can entertain you until I get home. Is that alright, Honey?” I looked at my wife

I should have left well enough alone and let him leave with me but as I said I did several things wrong that night. She looked at me with a question for a second and then recovered.

It’s not a problem. You can watch TV while I do the dishes and clean up and then we’ll visit till Brett gets back.” She smiled that great smile of hers and Jerome agreed to stay.

I headed out the back door to the garage. My house has a separate garage off the back and I had built a secret entrance through my bedroom closet to it. I had added a big room between the garage and the back of my bedroom and I filled it with security equipment and cameras. I tinkered around in it on my days off when I didn’t have much going on and it was great to be able to slip out of the bedroom and into the garage from there. Our house is huge being over 4500 square feet so when the garage doors go up or down you can’t hear it from the house and the drive enters the back of the house so no lights can be seen coming or going into it. So when I left Jerome had no idea that Dan, my assistant called me and said he was on his way to take care of the issue and if he needed me he would call.


I was relieved and pulled back into the garage and went through the back room with my security toys and into the bedroom through the closet. As I was walking down the hallway I heard my wife speaking and I could tell she was angry. I had heard that tone before. I soft stepped down the hallway to see what was going on to make her so angry. They were not in the living room so I slipped around the corner and peaked through the kitchen. Jerome had Tara backed up against the dining room table and his arms were holding her tiny waist and pulling her close to his body.

“I said no, Jerome and I mean it! Let go of me!” My wife said angrily as her hands pushed against his big chest. Now as in shape as my wife is she was no match for huge Jerome and he just laughed at her attempts to free herself.

“You may be saying no now little baby but when Jerome gets to working on you it will change to begging me for more.” He lowered his face to hers and his big lips mashed against hers. She twisted her head sideways and put her hand in his face and pushed again.

Now it was here that I should have stormed into the room and smashed a chair across his head and dragged him outside but instead I froze. Well, not all of me froze. I felt my cock starting to get hard as I watched my tiny wife struggle with this huge black man and it was really turning me on. I don’t know why but I turned and went to my storage room for my security toys and got an HD Sony Camera and hurried back down the hallway. I knelt in the kitchen and zoomed in as Jerome grabber my wife’s flailing hands and pulled them behind her back and held them behind her with one of his huge paws. His other hand grabbed her by the jaw and pulled her face back to his and I zoomed as his tongue began assaulting her closed mouth. She was grunting and talking behind her closed lips and he was laughing as he continued working his tongue against her mouth. He finally got tired of not gaining entrance and his hand grabbed the pony tail behind her head and he twisted it until she screamed. When her mouth opened to scream his tongue slipped inside and she couldn’t stop it. She was still struggling but every time she tried to pull away or close her mouth his hand twisted her hair and she let him have his way. This went on for over ten minutes of his big tongue abusing her mouth. He finally pulled back and smiled again.

“You might as well enjoy this sweet thing. I am going to have you as I please tonight.” He said leaning over her

“Fuck you! You are nothing more than a bastard who abuses women. Take your hands off me now and I won’t call the police on you!” Tara was gasping


“Baby cakes, when I am through with you the police are the last ones you will want to call. In fact you will be screaming for me to give you more. That little white husband of yours doesn’t know how to work a little fuck toy like you but old’ Jerome knows just what you need and I am going to give it to you.”

He released her hands but before she could react he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around until she was facing the table. He pushed her down on top of the table and held her there with one big hand at the small of her back. She was still struggling gallantly but her short legs were just off the floor and she had no leverage to push away from him with. He pulled her dress up over her hips and it was then I saw why her panties were not visible through her dress. She was wearing a white thong.

He pushed his hard on up against her ass and she struggled on the table top. Her arms were pushing back but his immense size and strength was more that she could overcome.

“You feel that big black cock little baby? Soon it’s going to be all the way up inside of you. When it gets there you will be screaming ol’ Jerome’s name and begging me to make you cum all over this black cum stick!” He laughed again and his free hand began undoing his pants and pulling his zipper down.

When Tara heard his zipper going down she struggled even harder.

“Please, Jerome! Stop it now! Nothing has happened yet and you can leave and I won’t say a word! Just stop now and leave!” She screamed


“Oh no, sweet thing, I am going to have your sweet little pussy right now and maybe your perfect round ass before I am through tonight.” His pants dropped to the floor and I saw he wasn’t wearing underwear.

The reason I saw this right off was the black log that was swaying in front of Jerome and bumping against my beautiful wife’s ass as he moved closer to her. It was huge. It was all of 11 or 12″ long and about as big around as a can of coke. I had always heard about some black men and their size in that department but this was ridiculous. I mean I was above average in the cock department and Tara had always said I was perfect at 8″ but up against Jerome I was puny.

I zoomed in with the camera and I was mesmerized as he ripped her thong away with one pull and lined his huge cock up to her pussy. It was an incredible sight to see, my beautiful wife’s smooth tiny pussy and this huge black cock that was lining up to rape her. As he held her down with one hand his other hand took his cock and began rubbing the plum sized head against her pussy lips. She was screaming no and pushing with her hands against the table as she felt his cock come into contact with her pussy. He rubbed until her pussy began to respond with enough wetness to shove the big head inside of her.

“NO! God dammit Jerome, NO!” She screamed

“Oh sweet baby, your pussy is already wet and it sure is hot too. Your pussy is burning inside for Jerome’s big black cock, isn’t it?” He said as he stopped with the head of his cock inside of her pussy.

I knew exactly what he was talking about when he said her pussy was burning. Tara had the hottest pussy I have ever fucked. It was smooth and soft like velvet inside and so hot that your cock wanted to explode on the first stroke.


He flexed his big hips and shoved again into her pussy gaining a little more ground. He pulled out again and shoved harder and I could see a couple of inches go inside of her pussy.

“Damn baby, you sure are tight and hot. I can tell your hubby has a small dick because you are virgin tight. Let’s see if we can’t fix that little problem right now!” He said and he pulled his cock out until I could see the whole head of it before he shoved hard with his hips and buried that huge black log halfway up into Tara’s sweet pussy.

Tara screamed a guttural scream and arched her head back from the pain of his intruding cock.

It is too fucking big, stop it you are killing me!” She screamed

“Oh you are going to just love it when the pain stops little girl. Hold on tight now!”

His hips drew back one more time and when he did I could see the moisture of her wetness on the half of his cock that had pushed inside of her. She was wet now and the next thrust was a lot easier. He shoved all the way inside of her pussy until his balls slapped against her clit when he bottomed out. He grunted as he reached the bottom of her pussy and he held himself inside of her without moving.


“Oh god, oh fuck, oh god, No more no more. Please stop, please don’t!” She kept crying over and over.

I have asked myself over and over again WHY? Why didn’t I stop this insanity and rescue my wife for this monster who was raping her against her will. Why did I just stay there without moving? And why fro fuck’s sake did I put it on film like some peeping time pervert? I am sick and I have a problem. I know that now but couldn’t answer it then.

“Now let’s show you what a little fuck toy you really are baby cakes.” He said as he drew his big cock all the way out of her and slammed it back in until his balls slapped hard against her clit. He was methodical in his fucking for the next ten minutes. He would draw his huge black cock all the way out and slam it all the way inside her again and again. Eventually he screaming changed to grunting and moaning. Her hands were now gripping the sides of the table and holding on and his hand had left her back and now both of his hands were gripping the sides of her hips and his cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. The camera caught the close up of his cock going in and out of her pussy and she was now so wet that her juices were dripping off his huge black balls and onto the floor.

“You are loving this now aren’t you sweet thing? Your pussy is sloppy wet and it is pulling on my big black dick now. You better not cum without telling me little bitch. I want to hear you scream it out now!”

With that said he began to fuck her harder and faster. Her grunts and moans were coming faster and quicker. His big black hand came down hard across her right ass cheek as he fucked her harder and faster.

“Tell me bitch! Tell me you are cumming on this big black cock!” Each time he said it his hand smacked her ass hard again.


It was happening. My wife was going to cum while being raped by this big black cock. Her head had lifted off the table and she was gritting her teeth trying to keep her mouth shut. Each time the hand would come down on her ass she would jerk hard and shake her head as if to say no.

“Come on my little fuck toy! Scream out to ol’ Jerome and tell him to fuck you harder! Scream my name bitch and tell me you love this big black cock!” His hand slapped her ass harder

Her grunts were louder and more guttural with each slam of his hips and each slap of his hand on her ass. Finally she broke.

“OH, FUCK NO! NO, NO, NO!” She was fighting with everything she had but her body was betraying her and she was losing ground fast.

“Oh, fuck! YES, little bitch! Cum all over this big black cock! Feel what it is like to really fuck a cock! Tell me bitch, who’s your fuck daddy? Scream my name as you cum on my cock Bitch!” Jerome was yelling at her now.

His left hand reached up and grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back and up as his other hand slapped her ass relentlessly.

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