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Taking The Plunge

The joy of sexual experimentation and finding out what matters and who you are. I actually wrote the story before I found the picture. It fitted so well.

The sleepover had been fun but Melissa’s mobile just kept ringing. I watched as she reached out and grasped it, sleep still holding her eyelids closed while she answered. After a few mumbles and nods of her head, she sighed, ended the call and started to rise from the adjacent bed. I had been watching her sleep for a good thirty minutes. Looking at her breathe. Wondering.

“I gotta get ready,” she said, “Mum’s picking me up in ten minutes.”

She swung her legs off the bed, grabbed a towel and headed towards the shower.

My eyes followed her, gazing openly at her shapely legs, the wobbly globes of her bottom, her rounded hips, slimmer waist and those gorgeous breasts. The towel hid her long, perky nipples just before she left.

The door closed; I rolled over and looked at the ceiling letting out a loud sigh. I was sure I hadn’t interpreted the conversation from the night before incorrectly. She was the one that brought up the topic of whether I fancied girls and then she had backtracked when I asked her why she was asking. She blushed, moved on to talk about boys and the topic was never revisited.

The ten minutes were now down to eight. My heart was pounding. Fuck it, I had to take the chance. I felt scared and I didn’t know whether my actions would be returned or rejected. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a scream.

“Rebecca…” my mum shouted up the stairs.

“Yeahhhh” I shouted back.

“Just had Melissa’s mum on the phone, she needs to be ready in five minutes.”

“She’s already in the shower,” I shouted back.

I looked at the shower room door. It was ajar. Five minutes wasn’t enough time. Surely.

I slowly pushed the door open, peeking inside to find Melissa facing away from me, busying herself with her hair. I removed my nightshirt and stepped into the walk-in shower. Mouth open, breathing stealthily. I felt so anxious. So scared. My lips wouldn’t stop quivering. She looked so beautiful.

I took one step closer.

Melissa moved her head to one side to wash out some soap from her ear.

My mind was in turmoil. Do it – fucking do it.

Another step closer and I saw Melissa start to move.

I was so close. Both of my hands came upon her breasts in one fell swoop and I pressed into her. Melissa let out a shriek which was quickly muffled when my hand covered her mouth.

“Shhhh, I want you so badly,” I whispered in her ear, “Please.” My voice was dry and raspy. I waited for her to push me away, call me a pervert, ask me what the fuck I was doing, but I felt Melissa relax and press her bottom into my groin, and then arching her back against my titties.

My hand came away from her mouth and circled her neck. I pressed myself hard against her; pushing her into the shower room wall. I kissed her shoulder. My other hand came upon her bottom, caressing it before squeezing it.

I wept with joy as she responded. All my moans and groans were directed into her ear.

I kept whispering all sorts of filthy words to describe the thoughts that had been running through my head all night. All my wants, needs, hopes just came pouring out. She let out a loud moan and when my fingers pushed along her slit they sank in so effortlessly. She pushed her bum back to meet them and leaned into the shower.

My hand drifted onto her perky breasts, the silky feel of which I could not comprehend. She squeaked when I pinched her nipple hard. With my wrist behaving like a piston, my fingers pumped in and out of her pussy.

The floorboards creaked outside the bathroom and I held my breath, my eyes fixed on the back of Melissa’s head, pleading with fate that my mother wouldn’t open the door, the footsteps continued and I waited until I heard the creak of the stairs. I resumed the action of my wrist and fingers.

“I wanna make you cum,” I whispered before nibbling her ear.

Hearing Melissa’s sighs reach fever pitch was such a turn on.  I was almost crying with delight when she let out a low guttural moan while her legs shook. But I didn’t stop. I wanted her to have another. I turned her around quickly before pushing the palm of my hand against her clit, rubbing her furiously while my fingers tickled from underneath.

In seconds, Melissa’s legs were shaking as she slowly sank to the floor. I could do nothing to stop her orgasmic fall. My hands held her head inches from my sex.

She was panting heavily, her eyes imploring me to pull her head towards me.

“You’ve gotta go – go on, go,” stepping away from her, I tilted my head to indicate she needed to get out of the shower.

Melissa was halfway across the hall to my bedroom when the doorbell rang. She quickly dried. I entered to find her pulling on her jeans, her hands slipped through the arm loops of her bra and I was quick enough to hook them together before her top slipped over her head. She picked up her bag and rushed to the door.

“Melissa, your mums here,” my mum shouted up the stairs.

“Coming…” she shouted. Her wet hair soaked her top where it came in contact.

She stopped, walked back into the room and after placing her hand behind my neck pulled me in for a sexy passionate kiss. Our tongues swirled together before she pushed me away just as quickly.

With that, she was gone.

My heart was thumping. I could only imagine what she was feeling.

Seconds later I heard the door slam and then noticed her used and wet yellow-lace knickers scrunched up on the bed. 

What a lovely souvenir for my five-minute sprint.

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