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taboo sex stories

We were going back to our home in our city after my mom’s land was sold to her uncle in their village. taboo sex stories It was just my mom and me in the car.

Those scenes which I saw that night where my mom slept with her own uncle flashed through my mind. My mom beside me in the front seat in her lavender color saree and black blouse looked stunningly sexy. I couldn’t drive properly.

After about half the distance, I stopped the car aside in a half-constructed road, leading to a dead-end a few meters away. taboo sex stories It was isolated, separating itself from the highway by a lot of bushy trees.

Mom: What happened, Abhi? Why did you stop here? Are you feeling sleepy?

I had millions of feelings in my heart to express. But my throat dried up with a fear of how will she react. taboo sex stories I gulped a glass of water and gathered all my courage to speak to my mom.

Me: I saw it.

Mom: What did you see?

Me: I saw you and your uncle in your room in their house?

Mom: What are you talking about, Abhi? Which room? I don’t get you. Did you have a bad dream or something?

Me: Please don’t try to cover it up, mom. taboo sex stories I know it’s not my dream. I know.

My mom’s expression changed, and she remained silent for a while.

Her silence and tension in her eyes gave me some feeling of domination over her. I felt brave enough to speak out.

Me: Not just that, mom, I have seen you with the guy who lived in our penthouse for rent and with your boss a few years ago.

Mom: Please, Abhishek. Stop it. taboo sex stories Let’s not talk about it. I don’t even remember what you are saying. Leave it, please.

Me: I plead you, mom. I beg of you. Please listen.

Mom’s voice got a little damp, and her eyes wet. She said, “Okay, tell me.” In a very emotional tone which was about to cry her heart out.

Me: I have seen you with them. I don’t know, but I never spoke to anyone about it. I liked what you did, taboo sex stories but I didn’t like you to do with them.

Mom: I am sorry. (Crying out slowly)

Me: Don’t be sorry, mom. Please listen.

Mom: I can’t. I can’t. This is not something a mother and son should talk about. I am sorry. (Still crying)

Me: After seeing you with your uncle a few days back, I felt that I couldn’t keep these feelings inside me anymore, mom.

Mom: (Wiping her tears and still crying in a tone of curiosity) What feelings?

Me: Please don’t get angry with me or hit me. I taboo sex stories …I want to do those things with you which you did to them.

Mom closed her face with her hands and bent low into her own lap, crying and said, “No, Abhi. No way. It’s so wrong. That cannot happen. You are my son.”

I remained silent, not knowing what to do, and my mom continued to speak while crying.

Mom: It’s common for guys of your age to get attracted to such things. But you need to find a girl of your age. You are almost half my age. taboo sex stories I am forty-two, and you are twenty-two.

Me: So was Sharif. He was half your age at that time too.

Mom: But he is not my son. You are. Please don’t embarrass me. Please, I am not even able to cry out properly. This is more than death to a mother.

Me: Stop talking like that, mom. Please.

Mom: I can understand that it’s my mistake. taboo sex stories It’s because of watching me like that. You got such feelings. Else you would have been a nice guy. Please, I don’t want to spoil your life.

Me: You won’t spoil my life, mom. Please calm down, but in the first place, why did you do it, mom?

Mom: You won’t understand, Abhi. It’s a woman’s thing.

Me: Mom, there is nothing to hide now. Just open up. Tell me.

Mom: See, I did it with them for different purposes. taboo sex stories Firstly, for some satisfaction which I lacked with your father. Next with my boss out of loneliness and for some money. You and your dad left me all alone at home going to different cities.

Mom: This one with my uncle is for us for our family. I can’t blame the men too. They gave me what I wanted, and I gave them what they needed. It would have been good if you didn’t bring this topic up or had not seen anything back there.

Me: Mom, are you still feeling lonely and in need of a man?

Mom: Abhi, please leave it. Why don’t we start driving home? It’s getting late.

Me: Tell me, mom.

Mom: I am happy with your dad. I love him. taboo sex stories He is a great man and takes good care of me. But there are things that I can’t share with you.

Me: Do you think so, mom? Even now? Can’t you share your problem with me?

Mom: It’s not that you can solve or something.

Me: First, tell me, mom. Please.

Mom: I always had to fake an orgasm to satisfy your dad’s male ego. He used to get disappointed if I ask him to control and wait longer as he couldn’t. I faked it every time. I had to take care of myself later. I felt like why is there a man when I had to do it myself again. taboo sex stories The answer came in the form of Sharif, and it happened. Later my boss and now, my uncle.

Me: Who’s next, mom?

Mom was taken aback by my question.

Mom: What are you even talking to your mom? How would I know? After you told me that you saw me with them in my private space, I feel like dying. I don’t think I will do it again with any other man from now. I apologize to you. Forget it as soon as possible and now start the car.

Me: Mom. Listen.

Mom: I will change myself. I will never cheat on your dad. taboo sex stories For god’s sake, please start the car and don’t talk to me until we reach home. Please.

The way my mom opened up about her sex life and looking at my mom’s wide watery eyes, and her red face somehow turned me on.

Me: Mom, listen.

She remained silent and said, “Tell.”

Me: I want you to continue with what you are doing with your life. I won’t stop you ever and never do something that will make you sad.

Mom: No, Abhi, taboo sex stories I will stop everything, trust me.

Me: Mom, you don’t have to suppress your needs for my sake. I will help you with it.

Mom: What? How would you help? No way. Stop talking like that.

I placed my hand on her thigh and held her hand firmly. Giving her the touch of calming her down, looking straight into her eyes, I said, “I love you, mom. I love the way you are. I love your body. I love you.”

Mom looked into my eyes with her lovely watery eyes, and we exchanged our deep looks at each other. taboo sex stories I slowly took her hand and put it on my crotch to let her feel my cock.

My mom came back to her senses and took her hand back real quick, saying, “Abhi, do you even understand what you are doing?”

Me: I am very clear, mom. I love you. I want to make love to you.

Mom: But you are my own son. How can I?

Me: Forget that I am your son for an hour, and I promise you the best time of your life, mom.

Mom: Oh, no! What are you talking to me, taboo sex stories you idiot? Abhi, please understand. It’s a sin.

Me: Who said so, mom? Love is not a sin. Making love is divine.

Mom: With your own mother? Are you sure?

That question gave me half willingness of her. I didn’t leave a second. I looked into her eyes, wiped them with my hands, and kissed her on the lips by holding her face. My mom didn’t object and kissed me back.

Our lips played with each other. We sucked one lip at a time, changing from upper to lower. My hands caressed her back. taboo sex stories My mom moved a little closer to me, lessening the gap between us.

Our tongues came into the play, and my mind was blown by how she got me excited. We gulped each other’s saliva. I felt my thing being rubbed and was surprised to see my mom’s hand over my crotch. That encouraged me to kiss my mom more passionately and deeply.

We broke the kiss gasping for air, and kissed again while our hands caressed each other’s bodies. My mom opened my zip and pants button, making my dick spring out.

She broke the kiss, took a look at my tool, and said, taboo sex stories “Seeing you as my little son all these years made me forget that you are a grown-up guy. I never realized you became a man. My man.”

Saying so, she bent sidewards from her seat towards the driver seat and kissed the tip of my cock. I was surprised. She sat back straight and looked at me straight into my eyes, to which I felt a little uncomfortable. Our eyes talked. My mom understood what I wanted.

She asked me to get down from the car. I got down with my pant still open, and my mom got down from the other side. She came to me and held me to the car and kissed me while holding my cock in her hand.

I was all afraid, excited, taboo sex stories and thrilled about what she was doing to me.

Mom: It’s a pretty big thing.

Me: Thanks, mom.

Mom: What’s the use of being big if you finish off in a minute?

Me: I didn’t finish yet, mom.

Mom: I don’t think you can handle your mom.

She went down on her knees and looked up at me before taking my cock into her mouth. Looking into my taboo sex stories she circled her tongue around the head of my penis and slowly took it into her mouth with her soft lips.

Using only her lips and tongue, she showed me heaven. I was feeling a pleasure that I can’t describe in words. My mom’s warm mouth gave a feeling of home to my dick. Her tongue just did its teasing around. My balls bloomed with cum as she played with my ball sack with her hands.

I held my hands on her head and slowed her down.

Mom: What? Are you reaching your climax?

Me: No, mom. No. Just stop sucking now.

I knew that I would finish in a second if she continues to suck. taboo sex stories I lifted her and put made her lay back on the car’s bonnet and kissed her tasting my own cock on her lips.

Mom: No man kissed me after a blowjob.Ufff.You love me. You sure love me.

Me: You haven’t seen my love yet, mom.

Saying so, I pulled her saree down to her ankles along with her inner skirt and panties. She was left on top with a blouse and no bra. She gave a naughty look at me and sensually opened her blouse buttons. I pulled off the remaining saree on her body.

We were all naked and took my mom to the car’s back seat, asking her to lie down. I went down on her by kissing her top to bottom. I kissed her clit, and she moaned, taboo sex stories saying, “Lick me. Lick me like a lion drinking its water from the pond.”

I did what she said, and she just toon me deeper and deeper into her thighs with every smooch on her pussy. I slurped all the juices that she gave out and licked deeper and deeper parts of her pussy.

Her hands played with my hair, taboo sex stories and it really activated sensitive nerves on my body. She said, “Come up, fuck your mom.”

Those words from her mouth got me erect and excited. Just before putting my dick inside her, she said, “I can’t believe that I am letting you do this.”

I slowly rested on her and rubbed my dick on her pussy walls, inserting it into her. I could feel the warmth and wetness that’s around my dick. It felt so comfortable inside her.

My mom closed her eyes tight and said, “Fuck me.”

I gave a kiss on her forehead and moved my hip to make love to her. The friction between us generated the warmth we taboo sex stories needed in the air-conditioned car. I could feel my whole thing going in and out of mom’s pussy as I moved my hip.

My mom kept her eyes closed tight and continued enjoying what I did. I slowed down and kissed her on the forehead again, comforting and soothing her. I asked her to open her eyes, and she did it finally.

Looking into her deep lusty eyes while fucking her felt amazing. I kissed her on the lips and the neck while making love to her. A lot of pressure kept developing inside my stroke by stroke.

I got excited and increased my pace, making our car shake a little. My mom held my butt cheeks and pressed them while I plowed her pussy deep. I got up a little and fucked her harder and harder.

I looked at her tits bouncing and high and low with that mangalsutra between them. I was reaching my climax, but I controlled myself a lot for her. At the peak moment, taboo sex stories I tried to immerse my head into her cleavage but couldn’t due to our height difference.

My dick plunged out as I bent to kiss her tits.

Mom: You want to kiss my tits while doing me?

Me: Yes.

She asked me to get up and sit on the seat. She moved the front seat a little forward and sat on my lap, taboo sex stories facing me, opening her legs to take my dick in her pussy. She wrapped her hands and legs around me and started to jump on my dick, riding it like a pro.

I entered her deeper than before. I could feel it. She removed her mangalsutra and kept it aside, taking my head deep into her cleavage as she rides my cock.

Aaah, it was more than what I ever wanted in life.

Mom: You are much better than your dad. He never stayed this long. I think I am coming.

She rode me heavily, taboo sex stories bouncing her ass on my thighs and taking me close to her heart between those soft boobs. In a few seconds, we both finished leaking lots of fluids on to each other.

My mom screamed and moaned. She talked dirty while cumming.She said, “Yes, fill my pussy. Clean your mom’s insides. Purify her sins from the inside. Yes, yes.”

After completely getting out of that orgasmic feeling, we both felt so embarrassed. We didn’t understand what happened a few minutes back, but we understood that we liked it.

Mom: I never thought a kiss from taboo sex stories my son would make me do this much.

Me: You did it, mom.

Mom: Oh, shut up, Please…

Me: So, you liked it?

Mom: I don’t know. It just happened, taboo sex stories and I didn’t fake my orgasm too.

Me: You make me feel proud of myself, mom.

She kissed me and said,” I am proud of you too. Dress up quick.”

Meanwhile, my dad’s phone call disturbed our intimate talks. We realized that we still have a half distance to go home. taboo sex stories My mom dressed up and told my dad that we would be there by night.

We started our journey back home, but as mom and son enjoying erotic incest union.

Mom: I still can’t believe how I had sex with my own son.

Me: Even I can’t believe what just happened, mom. Maybe we will get used to it slowly.

Mom: taboo sex stories Hmmm…

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