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Sylvia's Sample Session

Sylvia stretched and enjoyed the Saturday morning feeling of not having to leap out of bed. She could still feel the cane lines on her bottom and the constant stimulus made her feel turned on. Her hands slid down to her crotch and she replayed the previous evening’s events in her mind as she rubbed. After she climaxed, she lay in the warm sheets enjoying the feeling of well-being.

Eventually, she got out of bed and caught sight of her bottom in the mirror; the marks from the cane were still very visible. She felt a little thrill at the sight, picked up her phone and took another picture. She examined her palms; she was relieved to see those lines were quite faint now. She showered, made a coffee and opened her blog.

Messages pending moderation.

She opened them and almost immediately her good mood evaporated.

“Eight’s nothing. I would have given two dozen then you’d know you’d been caned.”


“Didn’t either of them want to fuck you? You must be ugly!”


Then she noticed one from ContraryMary who had commented on her blog in the past. She opened it and read:

“Hey Sylvia, good to see you’ve found someone else to spank you. Got to be healthier. How’s your bottom this morning? If it turns you on let them know you want sex. Believe me, sex after a spanking is the greatest!”

Sylvia smiled and allowed the comment, then responded. “Hi, Mary. Thanks for your msg. Yes, it’s good. Less fucked up anyway. My bottom is fine can still see the lines (photo to follow) and they tingle as we speak ”

ContraryMary must have been online; she responded by the time the photo had been uploaded. “Sounds like a good session. More planned?”

Allow. “It was wonderful. We agreed to do it again but no date fixed as yet. Provisionally going to a spanking party in July!”

“Good luck girlfriend. Take care and happy spankings x”


On Monday morning Sylvia met Helen on the way in. “Hi, Helen, do you want to check the circuits stuff I prepared?”

“Sure. I’m sorry it was so late but I was rushed off my feet with pastoral duties. Something rather urgent came up last week.”

“These things happen I guess but when I get lots of late requests it messes my plans up.”

“Sorry. I know it’s difficult for you on your own.” She sounded genuinely contrite so Sylvia dropped the subject.

The first part of the day passed uneventfully but immediately after break, Alex Johnson, her least favourite teacher stormed into the prep room. “I asked for thin layer chromatography for my A-level students, not the crap you have chosen to supply!”

“You just said Chromatography. You left the class and equipment lists blank on RequiitionLogger so I had to check for myself what level it was. And what you have is an A level chromatography practical.”

“A-level Biology not chemistry, you stupid girl!”

The door opened and Helen entered. “Do you mind keeping your voice down, Mr Johnson?”

He swung around. “How am I supposed to teach when this stupid girl  – “

“Stop calling me a girl. I’m thirty years old.”

At that point, John entered the room. “Can everybody please calm down and tell me at an ordinary conversational level what the problem is?”

Johnson repeated his complaint. John checked the requisition programme. “You provided very little information and I see your requisition was late. You’ll just have to work with it.”

“But – “

“Not. Another. Word.”

Johnson stomped out. Helen put her arm around Sylvia’s shoulders. “Are you ok?”

Sylvia blinked back tears. “I’ll be fine. Thank you both.”

Both teachers left.

At lunchtime, she had to take equipment into John’s lab. She felt a fluttering in her stomach as she saw he was still there, marking books. “Thank you for earlier.”

“That’s quite alright. Alex is a bully.”  He helped her set out the equipment for his afternoon class. “How are you otherwise?”

She smiled and glanced at the door. Seeing it was closed she said: “If you mean how’s my bum, it’s fine. Marks have gone.”

He laughed. “I did.”

“I could still feel them Saturday morning. It was lovely.”

“I take it you still want another meeting?”

“Oh yes!”

“Well, we can’t manage Friday because we’re babysitting our grandson but Saturday would be fine.”

“Works for me.”

“Excellent. Come for dinner at seven.”

“Thank you!” She leant forward and kissed his cheek.


That Saturday evening she was a little stumped as to what to wear – most of her outfits seemed either too formal or too casual. She eventually settled for a frilly black bra and knickers, dark red blouse, knee-length black skirt, black stockings and heels. A leather jacket completed the ensemble and she took a cab to the Harrison’s house.

John opened the door when she rang the bell. “You look stunning this evening!”

She smiled and hugged him. “Thanks! I thought you’d like the non-work me.”

“Jennifer’s finishing off in the kitchen, come on through.”

The two women hugged. Sylvia noticed a picture on the wall of an extremely attractive mixed-race young woman, young black man and baby. Jennifer noticed her interest. “Our daughter Chanisse, son-in-law Larry, and grandson Nelson.”

“Lovely baby, And she’s gorgeous. Not surprising really as you’re both pretty hot.”

Jennifer laughed. “Flatterer!”

Dinner was a chicken stir fry accompanied by a crisp white wine.

“So how’s your week been?”

Sylvia glanced at John. “Okay I guess.”

“She had a run-in with Alex. And Alex was completely in the wrong.”

“He really upset me, truth be told.”

“He’s a bully. And he’s complaining that I’m undermining him.”

“Oh god, he isn’t going to make trouble, is he?”

John shook his head. “He hasn’t got a leg to stand on.”

Jennifer shook her head. “He seems an extremely unpleasant piece of work.”

Sylvia was surprised to find herself on the verge of tears. “Can we please not talk about him?”

Jennifer squeezed her hand. “Of course, dear.”

After dinner, they went upstairs. Jennifer sat on the edge of the bed while John took a sports bag down from on top of the wardrobe.

“Not being the Headmistress today?” Sylvia asked.

Jennifer shook her head. “No discipline today. Just fun spankings.” She patted her lap.

Sylvia eagerly draped herself across the older woman’s lap. “You caning me was fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, dear. I hope you enjoy this, then you can pick some toys for John to use.” She raised Sylvia’s skirt and began slapping her knickered bottom. “I see you dressed for the occasion!” She continued to smack Sylvia’s bum cheeks.

Sylvia squirmed. “Do you approve?”

“I do. I like people who make an effort.” Sylvia’s cheeks jiggled as Jennifer’s palm continued to strike them.

“I like them too,” John added. “You look really good in them.”

“Thank you!”

Jennifer peeled down Sylvia’s skimpy knickers and began to smack her bared bottom.

“Oooo! That’s nice!”

Jennifer paused and rubbed the younger woman’s bottom then resumed the spanking with increased intensity and tempo. Sylvia’s bottom, already pink, turned a deep red. Finally, she stopped. Sylvia slowly stood. “Thank you!” She raised her skirt and examined her red cheeks in the mirror. “Wow!”

John sat beside Jennifer. His wife grinned and lay across his lap. He raised her skirt and peeled down her knickers. He stroked her bottom. “Ready for your turn?”

“Oh yes!”

Sylvia looked through the contents of the sports bag. She had enjoyed her caning last week but that had been through her jeans. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she anticipated receiving any of the implements on her bare bottom. She had taken many bare bottom beltings from her stepfather but while she had enjoyed the eventual warmth after the pain had faded, their severity had often made her cry and she did not want to cry now.

Meanwhile, John began to slap Jennifer’s bum cheeks, alternating left and right, striking a slightly different part of her cheek each time, Sylvia watched in fascination as the brown skin darkened to near black.  She saw the care to ensure Jennifer’s pleasure and the fact that he had taken similar care with her bottom last week. And she remembered the suggested safe words and the assurance that she was in control of her spankings.

Jennifer squirmed as her spanking concluded and sighed with pleasure as John gently rubbed her hot bottom. John released her and she stood, smiling at Sylvia as she massaged her spanked rear.

John turned to Sylvia. “Have you chosen what toys you would like?”

Sylvia shook her head. “Spoilt for choice!”

Jennifer said “if you’re undecided maybe you should have a sample session. Two with each.”

“Yes. Okay.”

John placed a couple of pillows halfway down the bed. “Come lie with your hips on these.”

“Before I do, can I ask a favour?

“What’s that?”

“Take some photos of my bottom with my phone? It’s in my jacket pocket downstairs.”

John glanced at Jennifer who nodded. “Sure.”

Sylvia dashed downstairs and returned with her phone which she handed to Jennifer, then she made herself comfortable on the bed. “Ready. Green.”

John showed Sylvia a plastic ruler. “We get through a few of these. Nice and stingy though which is why I keep replacing them.”  The ruler whacked twice on Sylvia’s bottom.

“You’re right, that does sting!”

“Next a leather paddle.” Whap, whap.


“Wooden paddle.” WHAP, WHAP.

“That stings too!”

“Hairbrush.” The strokes from this had a much duller sound.

“Not keen on that!”

“Butter pat, flat side.” WHAP, WHAP.

“Lovely and stingy!”

“Ridged side.”

Sylvia jerked and bucked at each stroke. “Oww! Ow! God that really hurts – couldn’t take many with that.” John paused and gently rubbed her bottom.

“Two-tongued tawse.” Sylvia braced herself but the double kiss of leather on her bare bottom was surprisingly pleasurable.

“Three-tongued tawse.” THWACK, THWACK.

Sylvia wriggled. “I like both of those.”

“Flogger.” Sylvia squirmed at the sting of the multiple leather strips.

“Medium rattan – this is what you had last week.” The cane twice swished through the air and struck Sylvia’s bottom with a crack sound. Sylvia couldn’t help flinching at the two streaks of fire across her bottom.

John noticed. “Are you okay?”

Sylvia nodded. “Yes. It just stings a lot more than getting it through my jeans, Not surprising really!”

“How do you feel about it?”

Sylvia wriggled. “I could get to like it.”

“Ready to continue?”

“Yes please.”

“Senior rattan” Swish-crack. Swish-crack. Sylvia writhed on the bed.

“And finally, the dragon cane.” SWISH-CRACK.




As Sylvia’s hands moved slowly to her stinging bottom, Jennifer took a final photograph then put down the phone and embraced her husband. She unzipped his flies and ran her hand over the bulge within. Sylvia looked over her shoulder and smiled. She stood to make way for them on the bed and went to the bathroom. She sat on the porcelain and put her hand between her legs. A few rubs brought her to orgasm. Pleasure passed through her entire body. When the sensations had subsided, she stood and admired her scarlet derriere in the mirror until the sounds of pleasure and creaking bed coming from the bedroom had ceased.

She re-entered the bedroom to see Jennifer sitting astride her husband, The older woman looked contrite. “I’m sorry Sylvia, we didn’t mean to ignore you. Just got caught up in the moment.”

John looked up. “What Jennifer is far too nice to say is that I don’t get many erections these days and she didn’t want to waste one!”

Sylvia laughed and sat beside them. She squirmed on her wonderfully warm bottom and ran her palm over his nipples. “I’m happy I can help.”

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