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Sweet Honeycomb

Another old fogey came in from smoking a stogie as Jim grabbed a beer from the cooler. Once he had left, I said quietly, “How did we get invited again?”

“Congratulations for graduation.”

“You know, I couldn’t wait to get out of high school, and this is the world waiting for us as adults?”

Jim smiled, “Makes an isolated cabin in Montana seem pretty terrif, huh?”

The low voice behind us replied, “It’s just a few months of purgatory until the heaven of college.”

I turned around to see her dancing deep brown eyes in a round tan face framed by silky jet black hair falling to her waist, thick neck above an expanse of skin lightening toward the breasts squeezed into a strapless red satin dress, two soft mounds above a solid belly and thick waist above solid hips. As always in the last two years, I immediately hardened. I choked out, “Evening, Ms. Huynh.”

“Honey, please. It’s sweeter that way. Where is the beer?”

Jim motioned to the cooler, “Here. Probably better stuff for later, after us peons leave.”

She opened it and surveyed the offerings with quickly decaying interest as we watched her in fascination. “Only renting their beer tonight, I see.” After a second we chuckled and saw her wide grin. “Opener?”

I handed it over. “Here.”

She took a sip and asked, “Both off to school in the fall, right?”

“Hells yeah,” I said. “Out of state, and better, out of this burg.”

Jim nodded, “And I’m off to a different state. Hopefully a state of grace.”

“We’ll miss you round these parts. Or at least I will. Only lively people on this street. I swear, most of my neighbors’ kids are older than me.”

“It’s like a high-functioning geriatric community,” I said quietly as another old fogey walked past the door to the kitchen in search of the facilities, “but at least you don’t have to whisper all the time, thanks to the hearing aids being so out-of-date.”

We chuckled. I added, “It’ll be nice to go places. The streets will be paved with…”

Jim interjected, “Pyrite.”

I nodded, “A land of…non-dairy creamer and aspartame.”

Honey replied, “Perhaps the valley of love and delight.”

I chuckled, “Nah, we’ll be ascending. You have to go down to reach the valley of love and delight.”

She smiled mischievously and replied, “Indeed you do, but it is so worth it.”

Jim and I blushed, and I said, “Well, perhaps I’ll take trips there too once I’m off in college.”

She rounded her lips in mock surprise, “You’ve never? I would have figured two fine fellows like yourselves would be long-term visitors. Have complimentary memberships, parking passes…”

Testing the waters, I replied, “Never have gotten past the…twin hills of surpassing beauty.”

She chuckled briefly and seemingly unconsciously leaned her weight on her hands on the edge of the table as she arched her back, pushing out her own twin hills of surpassing beauty, and said, “Not quite the world travelers I expected in your generation.”

“We’re not really in the right place for that where we are.”

She nodded, “Nor was I.”

Jim stammered, “A beautiful woman like you?”

She blushed furiously and with a look of sudden surmise said, “You’ll turn my head! I was a late bloomer looks-wise. I was a plump and plain Asian geek girl with glasses and braces studying econ after class. What’s the romantic chances in that? Zilch times nada times fuck-all.” She paused for a second. “Fuck-none, really.”

Jim and I were silent for a couple of seconds, and before the moment passed I said quietly, “That was then, what, ten years ago? [She smiled at the four years I shaved off the figure.] Different for you now, I’m sure.”

She looked over our shoulders distantly for a second; her attention snapped back to us and she said, “Less than one might wish.”

“But at least you get some, I’m sure.” At her slight start I added, “Some attention, I mean,” and blushed furiously.

She smiled, “Not all attention is welcome. Let us leave it at that and turn to something more interesting, like the Vietnamese bond market.”

“You couldn’t pay me,” Jim smiled.

“A common attitude, which is why they pay me so very nicely.”

We smiled at this repeat of earlier exchanges, and I asked, “So even college was purgatory for you.”

“Yes and no. Wider field of play, though mostly a flat desert. Had to fly solo most nights.” She watched without embarrassment as I blushed, thinking about how often I had flown solo, carried to the skies on thoughts of her, and we turned when another old fogey rambled in, nodded to us absently, and opened the cooler. Lifting a bottle, he announced, “Ah, ambrosia. Drink of the gods!,” opened it, and nodded to us as he left.

“That has got to be the worst religion in human history,” I said.

Jim chuckled, “Imagine the afterlife. It would be…well, like this party.”

“He’s in the thrall of the Great Deceiver,” Honey replied, and I looked into her eyes as we laughed. I delighted at the pleased surprise she showed when I said, “It’s the ninth ring of purgatory, where they punish you for being boring.”

She immediately retorted, “It’s not so much Dantesque as ‘Don’t ask.’”

Two brokers shallow in thought came in then, opened the cooler, and said, “Ooh, come to papa!” Standing by the door to the patio, they began talking shop. Honey muttered, “They could make the Vietnamese bond market dull as dishwater! It’s a sign I should go mingle with the heathens. Thanks for the kind words and open ears.” We raised our bottles and said “Cheers,” and she smiled at us from the door and disappeared.

We blinked at each other, and feeling bereft looked with dissatisfaction at our beers, our companions, and our lives. For the next twenty minutes we went our separate ways around the party and had no more luck finding interesting conversation; no sign of Honey brightened the tedium. Jim and I saw each other again in the library, which was full of the same-old same-old never-read signals of literary conformity, and he said quietly, “Grab another brew and head on out?”

“Well, what else is there to do? We can have a beer, anyway. Or at least open the cooler and say ‘Nah.’”

We walked through the house back to the kitchen, grabbed a beer each, and strolled out onto the patio and out of the light through the glass doors, sinking into the dark warmth of the night like a hot tub. No one was visible. We sipped quietly for a few minutes, enjoying the solitude and the open future ahead of us, and as I habituated to the night, the thought of Honey in her tight red dress made me harden fully yet again. The adolescent fantasies of the last two years rushed hot and intoxicating into my mind. Finally Jim said, “Honey’s definitely by far the sexiest woman on this street.”

“God yes! That dress tonight? Her hair? And God, her eyes.”

“Beautiful and…vivid. Sharp as a tack.”

“And well-rounded too.”

We chuckled as the second meaning occurred to us, and Jim replied, “Mm-hmm. That figure…So soft, yet so firm…”

“She’d be heaven. I’d do anything…”

After a second he replied, “To hell with those starved does with tits as small as mine…”

“I’d be afraid of hurting their delicate structures if I gave them any passion at all.”

“Oh yeah, now Honey, she looks like she could take anything a man gave her.”

“I’d nail her all night long.”

“I’d lay so much pipe in her it’d stretch to the Arctic.”

“I’d stretch out those walls of hers like a mansion.”

“Do it in every room of the house…”

“Flat on the floor, up against the wall…”

“In the kitchen, in the bathroom…”

“Then I’d clean her carpet and lick it dry.”

“God yes, then get it all soaked again and clean it up again.”

We sensed a presence and turned as one. We stared for long uncomfortable seconds.  “Umm, Honey, hi,” I said.

Standing just on the edge of the darker shade of the lawn, she looked at us as she took a leisurely sip of a drink, somehow having found better than beer, then said low and sweetly, “Hello, boys.”

She then looked directly into my eyes as if daring me to look away. Dumbstruck with embarrassment and caught to rights, seeing no way to explain it away and made brave by the beer, I faced the fire and looked back forthrightly. After several seconds letting me bask in the beauty of her dark eyes, she turned her gaze to Jim, who blinked and then stared back. Seemingly satisfied, she looked back at me and then slowly back and forth. After a moment she spoke so quietly we moved toward her to catch her words. “I must say I found your conversation quite intriguing.”

I swallowed and said as quietly, “I should explain…”

She waved it aside, “No need. So, the two of you do maintenance work. I am a bit surprised—I never suspected!” She smiled mischievously and tilted her head. “Let me get this straight: You are interested in completely renovating my house. As I understand it, you admire my…structure, and you propose to, let’s see…do a thorough job from top to bottom in every room of my house, all sorts of handiwork from nailing to pipe-laying, even some carpet cleaning work—and I assure you that my carpet needs it—probably spackle my walls thoroughly, in and out and back and forth and up and down with heavy equipment, over and over and over, long deep drilling in my basement with a jack hammer, or so I’d expect, and keep me up all night long and all weekend long working around the clock to my specifications until I say the job is done.”

After a second I breathed out and said, “Yes.”

She smiled. “But how can I trust you? My structure is very precious to me, you know, and I don’t let just anyone inside it. You’re skilled with your tools?”

“Years of experience.”

“No doubt.” She looked back and forth. “Hmm. And you two are partners then?”

“If that’s what’s needed.”

She nodded. “Of course it is. My structure needs lots of work. And I run a tight ship. If I take you on and let you in, you will do everything I tell you. Understood?”


She looked at Jim expectantly, and he finally broke his silence, “Of course.”

“Good. I will hold you to that. And for the remuneration you’ll receive, I expect complete confidentiality, of course. I don’t want any riff-raff hearing about my assorted treasures.”

“What treasures?”

She smiled, “Exactly.” She looked around in the darkness and said, “Come this way.”

We followed her to the corner of the house; satisfied that there was no one else hidden as she had been, she said almost in a whisper, “We’ll start tonight, if that is acceptable.”

Simultaneously Jim and I said, “Completely.”

She smiled and looked up at each of us. “Good. I’ll go back inside in two minutes, mingle for three minutes, and make my exit. You two go in immediately and mingle for fifteen minutes after I leave. Don’t notice me. Then remember you have another party to go to. Be quiet about it. Around the block and through the alleyway. Back yard, back door, three light taps. And ditch the beer; you’ll want your tools in perfect working order. Now go.”

We went in. The blood pounded in my ears as I made small talk with scrawny frosty blondes and their staid stout men, passing endless empty seconds as heaven beckoned. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her red dress and silky black hair flowing to her waist as she bid her farewells to our hosts, and when the front door closed I glanced at the clock and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?”

Old man McFee shook his head and repeated, “Wax in the ears, I swear. When I was your age I was already halfway to my first million. You layabouts need some gumption in you. Show some spunk.”

I nodded, “Oh, I agree.”

He nodded in satisfaction and glanced over my shoulder, “Ah, Cecil, can I have a word with you?” He nodded sharply at a quick “Yes” and glanced back at me. “In any case, I didn’t stay out late at your age. You don’t make a million gallivanting about like a thirsty bum.”

“Right, early to bed, early to rise, worm for the bird.”

“You’ve got my meaning exactly.” I nodded, knowing he hadn’t got mine, and passed a few more hours of tedium compressed into fifteen minutes. All the time I was remembering her words, her firm gaze, firm lips, firm breasts, and her round brown face and glossy jet black hair, and reveled in their promise.

Finally. “Hey, Jim.”

“Ready to go?”

“Zimmerman’s place?”


“Well, it oughta be good for an hour.”

Our adieus were easily made and barely noticed. Around the corner, Jim said quietly, “Glad to ditch that scene, even without…”

“Anyone say ‘Plastics’ to you?”

“No, fortunately.”

After a moment I breathed out and, afraid I might have been dreaming the last hour and fearing to wake myself, said quietly, “Wow. Honey. Us.”

Jim replied, “Why?”

“I know.”

We chuckled quietly, then complete silence to the next corner and around the block. Dark and silent alleyway, gate silently opening into a pitch black yard, and her back door, her house dark. Three taps, the door yawned open, we slipped in. The door closed and she smiled at us; taking each of us by the hand, she said, “Welcome. Come with me.” We fell in beside her through her kitchen to the stairs and up to the landing. She opened a door and led us into her bedroom.

She motioned to a loveseat; we sat and she stood in front of us. Looking down at each of us in turn, she said quietly, “You said such sweet things about me! You turned my head! Am I really that beautiful?”

“Too beautiful for words,” I said.

She smiled and looked at Jim, who blinked and said, “More beautiful than a dream.”

She smiled more broadly and said, “Such sweet nothings, such beautiful clichés! Fairy tales and daydreams. Kiss your princess.” She leaned over and watched as I leaned in, then closed her eyes as our lips touched. She kissed me sweetly and softly, and soon pulled away to kiss Jim.

“Now,” she said, “how long have you wanted me?”

“Two years,” I replied, and Jim nodded.

“Since I moved here?” We nodded. “And how many gallons of your seed did you spill dreaming of me?”

I blinked and looked into her eyes: “I’d have filled a bathtub.” Jim stammered, “Yeah, a big one. Jacuzzi.”

She chuckled and leaned in; grasping the back of my neck, she kissed me passionately, then looked into my eyes before gifting Jim likewise.

“You kiss well,” she said, and turned to sit between us. “Kiss me again,” she said, “my ears and my neck,” and sighed as we did so, kissing gently at first and harder as her breathing quickened. She reached up to rub our hair, and in return I reached up with my left hand to caress her left check and run my fingertips along her jaw; she shuddered as our lips and fingers touched her ears and jaw and neck, and she whispered, “Yes, slowly, make it last. Make me simmer.”

I pulled away to see the glistening skin of her flushed neck and the tops of her breasts, nipples hard through satin; she looked over at me and moved her hand from my hair to cup my chin and kiss me passionately, taking possession of my mouth like a cinema goddess claiming her star. I fell under her thrall, sinking into her kiss in a fever of being desired, and felt as if waking when she pulled away to take similar possession of Jim. I kissed her jaw below her left ear and ran my right fingertips along her hair, then running through it as I discovered her intoxicating scent, a light perfume at the back of her neck.

As my mouth followed her hairline to the nape of her neck, I ran my left hand down her neck to her shoulders, then down her shoulder blade to the top of her dress, and then under her arm to reach the swell of her left breast. I continued to explore, gliding over the satin and then cupping the soft flesh and tweaking the nipple, amazed as her breast filled my hand. Suddenly I heard a zip and her breast sagged forward, soft and heavy as her support faded away.

She pulled away to let her dress fall forward, showing us the massive breasts that had bedeviled us for so long, a light tan with thick brown nipples and prominent brown aureoles. She leaned back comfortably and whispered, “Love my breasts.” We each reached up to cup the breast nearest us, and soon we were suckling happily as her hips squirmed slightly; she ran her fingers through our hair as we kissed and squeezed, sucked and hefted. Her breath rasped as we pulled away and pushed her breasts together, taking turns sucking both nipples at once into our mouths.

I reached down from the breasts and felt her waist and back and explored her taut muscles under the light padding of flesh that Hollywood hated and I needed. I reached her hips and pushed forward, but her legs remained crossed and she shook her head. “Stand up,” she said. “Now undress for me,” she said in a husky voice, and we quickly complied. Her eyes widened slightly when our cocks came into view, and then she stared greedily as they throbbed in desire for her. “So beautiful,” she whispered, “so long and thick!” She pouted beguilingly as we stood for her delectation until she said, “Now sit down and kiss me.”

As we returned to her lips and neck, she reached down and lightly caressed my cock; I looked over to see her other hand copying it, and the sight of Jim’s throbbing cock between her fingertips drove me mad with desire. She continued taking our measure, sighing as she stroked us and we sucked on her breasts, and after a few minutes she whispered, “You two are about to come, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I murmured, and Jim sighed, “Me too.”

She stopped stroking and said, “How much do you want me?”

“More than anything,” I said; Jim nodded agreement.

“You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you? Anything to feel yourself on me and in me? Losing your virginity to your hottest dream? Sinking your massive cocks into my sweet pussy?”

We nodded, and she smiled, “Prove it.”


“Your hottest desire is coming true tonight, well, but I have my own desires. Fulfill them for me and I will make you the happiest men in the world.”

I blinked and said, “How?”

She took our hands in hers and crossed them, pulling my hand to Jim’s cock and his hand to mine. We sat there in shock,  “So many men,” she whispered, “love to watch two women. Some women need that too.” She leaned over to me and said breathily as she kissed my neck, “Suck each other and swallow and you can give me your seed anywhere you want all weekend long.”

I looked into her eyes and down at the beautiful body calling to me, and as Jim’s flesh twitched in my hand close to release, I smiled, leaned over, and aimed his rocket into my maw. I swirled my tongue around his head as Honey gasped and whispered, “God, you want me so much! Please don’t stop! Take him all the way in, I’ll teach you what to do if you need help…”

I took his head fully into my mouth as his precum oozed tartly into me, his shaft throbbing and twitching in the way I knew so well. Jim moaned and she whispered, “Try to last, don’t come right away. He’s doing it really well,. That’s what I’ll give you if you do it to him. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“You’ve thought about sucking cock, haven’t you?”

“Yes, oh god yes, sometimes…”

“Just last another three minutes…”

I had taken his head into the back of my mouth and was bobbing up and down slightly as I lightly stroked his shaft; his seven inches yearned to enter further, but I held his thrusts under control as he whimpered and whinnied. Suddenly Honey put her hand on the back of my head and pushed down. “Let him in,” she said, “swallow it all…” I felt his throbbing column thrusting up and in as he moaned, the velvet skin slick with spit as the hard core pulsed with pleasure, and as Jim keened wordlessly, Honey said urgently, “That’s it, come for me!”

Suddenly Jim groaned and went stiff, and as Honey pushed my head down firmly, the first spurt rushed into my thirsty throat. Spurt after thick spurt followed, Jim screaming as Honey said, “That’s it, give him your cum, just let go.” I continued swallowing, only losing a few drops, as he pumped and then softened in my sucking mouth. Suddenly she let me raise my head and she leaned in and thrust her tongue into my mouth. “Mmm,” she moaned, and then pulled away and kissed Jim.

“You taste so good,” she said. “I’ll love doing that to you. Now it’s your turn.” He gulped and nodded nervously. “Just do what you want me to do to you.” She held his neck as he lowered his head, and she stared raptly as he licked and I moaned and thrust up. I lost myself in his mouth, and only half heard Honey say, “He likes it as much as you do! And he’s so talented, look at him! Don’t come too fast. Show me you can satisfy me.”

I looked down to see his head bobbing as he nursed at my cock, half my shaft in his mouth and his cock hard again. I reached over to feel Honey’s breasts, her body pinned between us and her lap supporting Jim’s chest. I reached over to play with Jim. Honey blinked, and I kissed her deeply and pulled away to whisper in her ear, “Oh yeah, you love us doing anything for you, don’t you? I’ll do anything with Jim you want me to, and maybe even without you asking. I’m going to drown him with my cum, and then I might just drown you.”

Her breath was ragged as she said, “Anything you want.”

I reached down to put my hand over hers on Jim’s head and thrust up. I stared into her eyes as I lost myself in his mouth, and in less than a minute my body went taut and my balls drained into his mouth. He somehow swallowed almost all of it, and after he bobbed his head to squeeze out the last drops, Honey pulled him up and pulled our faces together for a three-way kiss, moaning as she and I tasted my seed together.

I let her kiss Jim another minute as I fondled her breasts, then I stood up, crouched, and reached under to lift her from the loveseat. She giggled happily in surprise and watched me smilingly with admiration in her eyes as I carried her to her bed and knelt before her as she settled herself with her ass on the edge. “Jim, come here,” I said, “we have some serious exploration to do.” She laughed happily as I reached up to her hips and slipped her dress off, then helped Jim slip her panties off. He knelt beside me as she stopped laughing and watched us with wide eyes as we pushed her thick thighs apart.

Her hair was thick and tangled above her lips, and only wispy beside, framing the first lips we had seen in person, swollen and sodden like an oyster. Jim breathed in heavily as I said, “Wow,” giving Honey another fit of the giggles, and then she said, “Gently, gently now, lick your fingers before you touch. You have to pet kittens very lightly.” We chuckled and each gently touched her mount and down to her lips as she reached down to grab her knees and spread herself fully open to us. I lightly explored her lips as Jim caressed her thighs, watching as I opened her folds. Seeing where they joined at the top, I licked my forefinger and touched her clitoris; she whispered, “Yes, that’s my pearl, stroke it lightly.” Jim ran his fingers down to her lips and ran the tips between her lips, slowly pushing inward and forward. Honey moaned and said, “My pearl needs your tongue, please, please,” and I leaned in and licked it softly as she reached down and held my head in place.

Jim leaned in as well, and we alternated licking her pearl and her petals; he continued running his index finger inside her as my index finger joined it. I licked her pearl and Jim kissed her inner thigh; she circled her hips wildly as she moaned and gasped, and then she said, “Don’t be gentle any more. Harder!” We followed the rhythm she set and soon her hips single-mindedly thrust fore and aft as she fucked our fingers and my face. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, just like that,” she screamed, and then she shouted, “Faster, I’m coming!”

Her hips lifted off the bed and her body went taut as her weight rested on her shoulders; I held one hip as Jim held the other, and after a minute she went limp and we let her down. She held her thighs tightly closed and seemed to be dozing, but when I lifted her and rotated her to lie full length along the bed, she smiled up at me and sucked on my lips as I lay down beside her.

Mad with desire, I pushed my throbbing cock against her hip. She chuckled and spread her thighs and reached down to hold my hips as I climbed onto her and sought harbor. She chuckled, reached further down, and guided my head to her lips. “Slowly now, take your time. I’m still not recovered.” My body fit perfectly against hers as I slowly filled her, and her pussy, still squeezed mostly closed by her orgasm, only slowly yielded to my steady pressure. I moved slowly as she wettened, focusing on the softness of her body against me instead, and once she was wet enough for me to move freely, I raised my body off her belly onto my elbows and held her shoulders as she held my upper arms and thrust wildly against me.

I thrust regularly, hearing the squishing of her juices around my piston, and watched her reactions as she fell into a trance; soon she had closed her eyes and writhed underneath me in resurgent lust. Suddenly she screamed and her cunt clamped down tightly on me, and her swift climax triggered my own. I bellowed as I pounded her like the jackhammer she wanted, and a sense of completion and peace filled me as I shot spurt after spurt into her. I collapsed onto her as she sucked my tongue into her mouth, and a minute later I woke from a short nap as she rubbed my hair and whispered, “Baby, baby, that was perfect.”

Suddenly Jim tapped my shoulder impatiently. Honey laughed as I grimaced and lifted myself off her perfect body, and once I was out of the way, he took position above her and let her guide him inside and whisper what she needed. I stared in fascination as his cock pushed her lips apart and sank into the tunnel as my cum dripped out in a sudden flood, and then I pulled back to watch him seek paradise inside her receptive body, her intoxicating brown round body soft and inviting, her thighs spread and cradling him, then wrapping around his waist as she thrust up against him. They stared into each other’s eyes as he fucked fast and firm into her, and it took her about a minute longer to climax this time, pushing him over the edge in the process.

He rolled off her after a few seconds and she lay against him as I curled up behind her. She sighed, “It was better than I dreamed. Oh, my dear boys, you were perfect.” We held her as she dozed for a few minutes, and she woke up about the same time our cocks did. She chuckled as I lifted her leg and entered her from behind, and Jim said, “I think we said something about carpet cleaning?” and settled into a 69 with her, licking her clit and the underside of my cock as she leaned her head back and took him inside her mouth.

She took us inside her as we settled into a mutually acceptable rhythm. I held her breasts as she took Jim into her mouth, her left hand stroking his shaft as her right hand curled over his hip to hold his ass; the suckling and smacking sounds from her mouth blended with the squishing sounds from my cock churning her belly. I caressed her body in insatiable curiosity, her long hair wrapped around me like a net pulling me down into her depths. Jim held her hips as he licked her pearl, watching my cock pistoning inside her well-lubricated tunnel. I raised my upper torso a little to view her in profile. Her head rested on Jim’s thigh and her eyes were only slightly open as she concentrated on his pleasure. Soon his cock began throbbing hard, and she opened her jaw wider and lubricated her way down the shaft, her cheeks showing the flicking of her tongue under the shaft. She soon had most of him in her mouth and throat; when he came, she pulled back an inch, letting me see the pulsing of his cock. Her pussy tightened rhythmically around me as she built to another quick series of climaxes that drained both of us.

Jim finally came to and rearranged himself alongside her as we kissed and gazed happily into each other’s eyes. He caressed her breasts as he breathed through her hair and muttered, “Such massive tits!”

She smiled and said, “I’m only a C-cup, you know. You two act like I’m some sort of top-heavy stripper with triple-Es or something.” She stretched beguilingly to better fill the space between us and said, “But I’m glad you love them.”

Taking the hint, we fondled and kissed as she pushed them this way and that, and soon enough her hips were circling. She rolled over to face me as she lifted her knee for Jim, and as he thrust fast and hard inside her, her eyes widened and she chuckled, “And again!!!”

I watched as lust spread across her face, and noticing her tits swaying with his thrusts, I resettled myself to put my cock between them. She smiled as her left breast pressed down hard on my rod, and I lifted it to put some spit on for lubrication. Jim held her tits as I reached down to pull her hair out of her face, and held it in fascination, so long and silky, as I thrust vigorously into the cleavage I had wanted to fill with my cum for so long. Jim and Honey stared down as well, and I made a last sweep of her hair out of the way as my first spurt shot onto her chin; the rest dribbled out onto her right breast in a small satisfying stream.

I smiled at the sight and left my shrinking cock in place as Jim quickly built to his last climax of the night, thrusting crazily into Honey as she had a small, sharp orgasm. He then fell asleep from exhaustion, and Honey kissed me when I resettled myself and held her cum-soaked breasts against my chest. We too soon fell asleep, and when I awoke about 3 to go to the bathroom, we were still in the positions where we had collapsed, utterly spent. I pulled away slowly and went to relieve myself, then washed up a little before returning. Not quite ready to return to sleep, I sat on the loveseat and watched Honey as she slept; Jim had finally rolled over, freeing her from his arm. After a couple of minutes her eyes flashed open, and she smiled when she saw me sitting there. She sat up, looked at Jim, and quietly stood up. Reaching out her hand, she helped me up and led me to the living room, where she poured us a glass of scotch and sat next to me in the darkness.

“How was your first time?,” she asked coyly.


“You’ll stay all weekend?”

“Unless you call the police on me.” She giggled and I asked, “How was it for you?”

She paused for a second and said, “The best I’ve ever had.”

Amazed, I said, “Really.”

“I mean, yes, physically, mechanically, it was the tops, but…I never took cherry before. The way you two worshipped me, it was…I felt so much power. So much responsibility. I wanted to make sure you two never forget me. I’ve never let myself go like that before.”

“You’ve had two men before?”

“No. I’ve had little experience, really, about six men in my life. All pretty strait-laced. My last man, that ended a year ago, and dating since then has been…dog turds in a desert, really.” We chuckled. “I realized I was really needing sex. I’d never needed it like that before. I was on fire the last year, rubbing off every night, then I got a dildo to pound my vaj, watching myself in the mirror while doing it, watching movies…Tonight, I dunno, just seeing you two set me on fire. Grown up, just 18, clearly as horny as I was, so I said to myself, ‘Enough 36-year-olds, I’m trading up to two 18-year-olds.’” We laughed and she curled up next to me. “I chose so right, so so right.”

“I figured you’d have had virgin sacrifices every year ever since you stopped being one.”

She laughed quietly, hollowly, mordantly. “A short plump Vietnamese woman? Almost no one looks twice at me. Even with my tits.”

I smiled, “Surely your hair…”

“Not even my hair.”

I curled my fingers in it and pulled it out of her face as I leaned down to kiss her, and she reached up and pulled my lips hard against hers. She breathed heavily as I surrendered to her kiss, her caresses, her desire, and when I was hard I cupped her ass and asked, “So, you said something about anywhere I wanted.”

She giggled, “Sorry, I misspoke. Not anywhere-anywhere. I guess I meant my face, actually.”

We laughed and I said, “No, not a turn-on.”

“But no, I tried what you meant a few times. It’s a no-go.”

“No problem.”

“Fuck me if I’m wrong, but I never did blow you, did I?”

“Hmm, I think I’d remember if you did.”

“‘Think’? How did any doubt sneak into your mind? Lie down.”

I did so and she sat on my face and leaned down to lick the tip; over the next fifteen minutes, she took me fully into her throat with expertise and enthusiasm, while I explored her beautiful pussy to my heart’s desire. I finally let go into her as she climaxed for the third time. She lifted her self off me and lay atop me again face to face, draping us with the curtain of her hair as we tasted ourselves on each other. After several minutes, she sat up and said, “Don’t let’s make Jim too lonely.” She led me upstairs and we slept until late in the morning.

Over the next two days we did everything we could think of to each other, for the most part, and knew each other fully by the end of it. It was a whirl of sex and romance; my parents were too busy selling the house now that I would be gone to pay me much mind, figuring only that I was having fun before college. For the rest of the summer one or the other visited her, often both of us, and we made day trips and night stays a couple of times. On the night before we left she made dinner and drained us thoroughly six times each. She lay there swallowing my seed as I swallowed Jim’s and Jim wiped his face dry, and she said, “So that was our last hurrah. Spend the night and say our last goodbyes tomorrow. I’ve loved your company. I’m so proud to have been your first, and you’ve taught me the error of my former ways. I’ll always remember you fondly.”

And so she gave me the marching papers I had suspected. We dozed off and Jim woke up at six for a quick shower before catching the train to his newly appointed apartment off in another state, and we said our farewells as he passed out of our lives.

“I have to go to work soon,” she said. “A quick shower—join me?”

“With pleasure.”

“Not too much pleasure, dear heart!”

She put her hair in a shower cap and we soaped each other up and washed off. I dressed quickly and made a quick breakfast, then went in to watch her as she finished her makeup. “Let me help you with your hair,” I said. She smiled and handed me the comb, and as I combed it out, which I had enjoyed doing from early in the summer, she watched me in the mirror. Desire washed over me and I lifted her from her chair and took position behind her as she leaned over in her panties and bra. She helped me slip off her panties and I entered her, newly hot and wet, as I continued combing her hair. With each stroke of the comb I thrust into her, and I smiled in joy as her face flushed and glistened with sweat. The closer I got to the end of her hair, the closer I came to climax, and before the comb reached the ends she climaxed, pushing back hard against me. I dropped the comb and grabbed a large handful of her hair and pulled back on it as I thrust forward hard into her and came, and as we caught our breath, I said, “Actually, that was our last hurrah.”

I took up the comb again and quickly finished combing it out, fascinated as always by its length down to her waist. She chuckled, “Since I’m so top-heavy in front, I need the counterweight to keep from toppling over.” We laughed and she smiled, “I should blow you, but I don’t have time to redo my makeup.”

I helped her into her panties after she wiped quickly and then helped her dress to the nines for the office. She led me to the back door and said, “Thank you again. Have a good life. Please, never forget me.” I kissed her forehead and nodded, sad yet proud, and she suddenly hugged me and kissed my cheek, then watched me as I strolled quietly through her yard and into the alleyway.

I put down my book and glanced up as she sat down across from me. A little heavier, a little more sagging, and her hair down just past her waist, she remained as beautiful as ever. “Well, hello!” I said.

She smiled happily, “Hello! How have the last three years treated you?”

“Well enough, but I can tell you’re time’s favorite.”

She smiled. “How long are you in town?”

“Five days.” She nodded and smiled mysteriously. We talked for an hour about our lives, and suddenly she laughed as I stared longingly as she pushed her hair back from her face. “Speaking of which,” she smiled coyly, “have a girlfriend?”

“Until recently.”

“Was she Vietnamese, by any chance?”


“Please, please tell me she wasn’t Chinese.”

“No, just a typical white girl.”

“Thank God,” she said and we laughed.

“And you?”

“Oh, she’s just a typical white girl too.”

“You’ve switched teams?”

She smiled, “No, just testing the waters. So’s she. Of course, I’ve tasted, um, tested more waters than she has.”

“I always liked it with Jim. How’s your own team?”

“I can take it or leave it. I enjoy it physically, but there’s never much connection emotionally. Any others besides Jim?”

“No. I guess I satisfied my curiosity.”

“Have you heard from him?”

“No. You?”

She shook her head. “You know, he should be forever grateful to you. You have coattails of steel. When we chatted at that dreadful party, you were on fire. Jim was just along for the ride. He was as horny for me as you, which did have its attractions that night, but you won me. Dallying with teenage virgins? It needed the perfect touch to turn my head, and you did it. And it was so worth it. I never have forgotten our first night.”

“You did really inspire me though. I’d wanted you so long, and you seemed to see me like an adult, and I just said, ‘Fuck virginity, fuck cowardice, I need you bad.’”

“I think we’re all so glad you did.”

Two evenings later I knocked on her door, and she drew me in and kissed my cheek. “This is Deborah.”

The chestnut-haired woman in glasses, about midway between us in age, shook my hand. She was frosty at first, but Honey soon had her comfortable with me. After two hours, dinner, and two drinks each, Deborah was saying, “So that cock monkey had decided she was better than me, so I let her have him. Three weeks later I met Honey, and three hours later she had me. Two hours more than when she had you, I gather.”

I laughed as Honey coughed between us, and I replied, “Well, only if you don’t count the two years when she didn’t notice me.”

“I noticed you. I just didn’t notice you. Unlike Deborah—I noticed her immediately. I do love green eyes.”

Deborah added, “And legs. You do love legs.”

“And the sweet things between them.”

Deborah kissed her on the cheek and then pulled her face around to kiss her, then kissed down to her jaw and over to her ear. Honey turned to me, took the nape of my neck in her hand, and pulled my lips to her. I felt her hair, as seductive as ever, and as Deborah fished Honey’s tits out of her top, Honey whispered, “A present for what you and Jim did for me. You get both of us freely tonight. Make it memorable.”

Soon Honey was topless, her left breast in my hand and mouth, her right in Deborah’s. As we suckled, our hands met on Honey’s crotch, and we undid her belt and skirt together and joined in caressing her pearl and petals. I looked over to see Deborah watching me competitively, and in response I pushed my fingers more deeply inside Honey. Deborah smiled and crouched on the floor. She began licking Honey’s pearl as kissed Honey’s mouth deeply, and in a minute Honey came long and hard.

Deborah sat up triumphantly and Honey caught her breath as we returned to fondling her breasts. She soon pushed us away and stood. “Sit down,” she said to Deborah, and we enveloped her and slowly undressed her. Her breasts were smaller and very firm, and proved to be exquisitely sensitive to our mouths. Soon she was squirming and tensing, her hips circling for release, and she gasped “God yes” when we knelt side by side, stripped off what remained of her clothes, and spread her thighs. We took turns over the next twenty minutes sucking and licking the pearl and the petals until she pushed us away in exhaustion after a series of increasingly intense orgasms.

Honey kissed her and said, “Our mouths are tired and our friend hasn’t come yet. Get on your knees.” She pushed me back and straddled me, facing away, and as she sank onto me, I felt as if I’d come home. When she was fully settled, she leaned back until we were comfortable and spread her thighs. “Now please join us, dear.”

Deborah smiled happily and leaned in, saying pertly, “Every woman should have me when she’s with a man.”

“But dear,” Honey retorted, “no woman would switch teams with you making up for men’s inadequacies.” We laughed and I felt Deborah’s tongue and lips as she set to work. Honey enveloped me with her hair; I felt the long hairs wrapping around me, sticking to my sweaty skin as she worked herself around me and against Deborah’s face. Knowing that tomorrow would be dry and dead after our single night of heaven, I held off and memorized Honey’s body, sucking on her neck as her hair tangled around me. Twenty minutes later, Honey squeezed down tightly as I finally gave in to my need and thrust hard into her. I held her hips tightly as I climaxed, and then collapsed in exhaustion.

Honey settled next to me as Deborah rose and sat on my other side. Honey said, “Perfect,” and Deborah kissed me and said, “I hope I can star in the sequel.”

We laughed and Honey said, “Before then, I think we have to put on a show.”

We went to the bedroom and I watched happily as they showed me over forty minutes all that they loved to do together, ending in a hot side-by-side sixty-nine. When Honey came, I lay behind Deborah and asked, “May I?”

She giggled and said, “But of course!” I lifted her knee to let Honey watch and slowly entered her. Soon Honey leaned in and began licking and sucking, and a few minutes later Deborah and I took turns pleasuring Honey’s insatiable pussy. I lasted about fifteen minutes, finally grabbing Deborah’s slender hips and using her for my pleasure as Honey sucked fast and hard on her pearl. Deborah and I came simultaneously and collapsed into sleep.

Honey shook us awake and soon had her head between Deborah’s thighs as I took her from behind, all three of us climaxing simultaneously, then Deborah took Honey’s place on her hands and knees and leaned in to drink. The sight of Deborah’s lips flushed and open before me as Honey fell to pieces under her mouth made me hard again, and I entered her and watched in fascination as Honey came vigorously, holding Deborah’s head in place as she pounded it fast and hard. After Honey’s climax, Deborah remained in place. Honey and I looked into each other’s eyes and then watched each other’s reactions as Deborah built to her own climax on my cock.

Honey pushed her away and said, “You two sixty-nine for me.” Deborah sat up and looked at me, and I said, “Only if you’re willing.”

“Oh, I suppose.”

We took our positions side by side, head on thigh, and I set to with gusto as Deborah daintily licked at the tip of my cock. Honey said, “Deb, make sure he remembers you! Open wide.” She did so with a stifled groan and complaint, and Honey stroked my shaft as she guided Deborah’s head back and forth. Timidly, Deborah followed her instructions and soon had half of me in her mouth and tried to match the movements of her tongue and hand. She came soon and moved her hips away and closed her thighs as she concentrated on my cock, and I relaxed and gave myself over to her mouth. After a couple of minutes I felt my climax coming close, and said, “I’m about to come.” Soon I groaned as my cock twitched and a few tiny streams flowed into Deborah’s mouth.

I sat up as she swallowed with a grimace and said, “Well, that’s that then.”

I leaned in and kissed her sweetly and said, “Thank you, it was great. Thank you for swallowing; you really didn’t have to.”

Deborah glared at Honey, “I did, actually.”

Honey flushed and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure you.”

Deborah glared at her for another few seconds and then smiled at me. “Okay, it’s not close to my choice for fun, but I didn’t hate it. I even kind of liked it for once. At least you didn’t come much.” She laughed and we joined in, and with a momentary glare at Honey she settled beside me. “But otherwise, that was great. I rarely get off with men.”

I replied, “I’m glad you joined in.”

“The man who brought Honey to life? I had to share that. It was good. You two fit well together.”

We were yawning by that point, and as she dozed off, Deborah said, “Good night. It was good to meet you. Have a good trip home.” I kissed her between yawns and soon she was lightly snoring between us; Honey and I dozed off immediately after.

Honey tapped me awake about 3. Deborah didn’t even change her breathing in recognition of us getting up, and we tucked the covers higher up so the back of her neck would stay warm. Honey led me silently to the living room and said, “It was a wonderful reunion. As good as our best times before.”

I ran my fingers through her hair, straightening it absent-mindedly as I stared into her eyes. She smiled, “Now you’ve shared me with a woman. A fine farewell.”

I kissed her and she grabbed me tightly and we melted together. After a few minutes, she pulled away and said, “I’m so glad I ran into you for coffee.” I nodded and she glanced down at my lap with a pleased look. “So, shall we have a last hurrah?”

“God yes.”

She stood up and reached under the couch. “Thought we might need this.” She handed me a comb, eyes twinkling, and I chuckled as she faced away from me and leaned on the arm of the couch. I started combing her hair out as I fully hardened, and when I pushed forward she was as wet as if I’d gone down on her. As I stroked her hair toward me, it pulled her onto my member, and with this deliberate rhythm we made love for ten minutes. When her hair was fully untangled, I held much of it tightly in my fist at the height of her shoulder blades and pulled back as we thrust hard against each other.

We climaxed silently, biting our lips. I collapsed onto her as she pushed pack from the arm of the couch to lie full-length beneath me, and I held her tightly in desperation. Finally she whispered, “I’ll miss you.” We kissed a few minutes and then she pushed me away. “You should go now. Have a good life.”

“And you.”

After I dressed, she kissed me in the doorway and then I slunk away into the dark, no sign of dawn in the chill of early winter, and snuck away toward my hotel past my family’s old house, occupied now by a pair of poorly preserved geriatrics with grandkids only a little younger than me.

It promised to be a typical get-together among the bigwigs; as a consultant, I was expected to be seen briefly and disappear, deathly silent except when spoken to. An hour in, Mr. Ganns said, “Ah, allow me to introduce you! This is Ms Huynh; she uses a lot of your results.” He said something to her about the Abercrombie and Carlyle account.

After a second of surprise, Honey shook my hand and said, “So you’re the one whose data are finally making my job easy.”

“I’m glad it’s appreciated.”

Mr. Ganns said warmly, “I’ll let you two talk shop; I thought you might like to bounce some ideas off each other.”

“I do have some matters to discuss with him, in fact,” Honey smiled brightly. “Let me buy you a drink and pick your brain.”

Mr. Ganns said, “Good, good, happy to be of service.”

As we walked off, we discussed statistical tests until out of earshot, and after we acquired a glass of better than decent scotch and found a secluded alcove, she smiled up at me with shining eyes and said, “You? At a conclave of…yeesh, Rotarians without the lapel pins?”

Me? What about you?”

“I made some poor life choices, okay? Don’t bust my balls.”

“At least the drink on offer’s fully acceptable.”

“It’s incredible to see you again.”

“I missed you.”

“And you’re back.”

“Oh yes.”

She looked long into my eyes, her expression unreadable, and finally said, “I’m splitting this scene in twenty minutes. I have two masters of tedium to chat up, then I am out the door. Finish your rounds of pleasantries. Leave in thirty minutes. Paolo’s, you know it?” I nodded. “We’ll have a snack and a chat on the patio.” She glanced at my hand. “And no more scotch.” After a meaningful pause, she added, “Besides, I have better.”

I sat down and she smiled, “Time is treating you well.”

“Says time’s pet.”

She grinned. “I might be at that.” She sipped her water and said, “You’re here, so you’d better be free. Of entanglements.”

I nodded. “Deborah?”

“Haven’t seen her in three years. We split about a month after our night.”


She shrugged, “Mutually agreed.” She nibbled on an appetizer and watched me sip my juice. “Eat up. Build your strength.”

We chatted, avoiding the immediate future, and she settled up and led me to her house. Once inside the door, she slammed me against the wall and devoured my mouth, undressing us quickly and leading me to the couch. She pushed me down, mounted me, undid her bun, and leaned over to cover us with her hair. She came in five minutes and again and again over the next five, until my control gave out and I thrust up into her in a fevered rush.

She collapsed on me and said, “Welcome home. I needed that. Bed, now.”

Upstairs she lay back and opened herself to me, and when she enveloped me, she watched me with eagle eyes as I stared down at her, catching every detail of her body as I thrust into her slowly and then fast, and then staring into her eyes as we climaxed together.

I lay atop her, completely covering her, and fearing I’d crush her I shifted to lift off, but she put her arms and legs tightly around me and said, “No, stay where you are.”

“I’ve missed this so much. Missed you.”

“I thought our first time was you opening a whole world to me, setting me free. It’s been no better after than before, except with you.”

“I’ve just been passing time.”

“No good women at all?”

“Several good ones. But…not you.”

Her gaze remained firmly on my eyes and she nodded, “It wouldn’t have worked with Deborah anyway, but our night killed it. She blamed me for making her swallow you. I didn’t, but she finally realized she did it because she realized it was what I wanted to see more than anything, because it was you. Then we fought like hell.”

“One woman always thought it was funny I combed her hair for her. She loved it until she put the pieces together. That killed it between us.”

“You’ve grown up nicely. Better than I could have hoped.”

I had hardened again and began thrusting. “Yes, like that,” she said.

We had worn each other out and fallen asleep. I woke up and chuckled on seeing 3:04 on the clock. Honey opened her eyes and sat up. “Now, about that scotch.”

We sat kissing on the couch between sips, and she asked, “All those women…none were Chinese, right?”

I laughed. “Out of loyalty to you, never would I ever.” She laughed happily and I asked, “And your hair is now down below your ass. Amazing.”

She shrugged, “Never knew when I’d see you again. Wanted to be ready.” She reached beneath the couch and handed me our comb. “Always there now in case we needed it.”

We laughed and she pushed me back and lay atop me, kissing me and shaking her head from side to side until her hair formed a silky black waterfall around us. “And after you comb me out, I’ll wrap it around you and tie it so tight you’ll never get free.”

“If you’d done that six years ago, I’d have stayed.”

“I wasn’t ready six years ago. Even three years ago I didn’t realize.”

“Let me…” We sat up. She leaned forward away from me, and when I finished combing her out she asked, “You’ll stay this time?”

“Unless you call the police on me.”

She turned to face me, crouched above me, and lowered herself onto me, and once she was settled she grabbed two large handfuls of her hair and pulled them under my armpits. “Then there’s only one thing for us to do,” she smiled as she tied the hair into a knot.

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