Sweet and Innocent girl meets BBC mistakenly

I felt weird going on a blind date… but after over six months in college and not a single date, my roommate Maria was insistent. Not that she was being altogether altruistic.

“You need to meet a nice guy, Annie,” Maria stressed.

“What I need is to get these papers done,” I insisted.

“It’s only two weeks into the second semester,” Maria pointed out. “How many papers can you have to do already?”

“Well… just one,” I admitted.


“Plus, Tuesday is Mike’s and my first anniversary of fucking each other, and we’d like some alone time,” she added. Maria’s motto was ‘Never say something nice if there’s a nasty alternative.’ Not that she was particularly unkind, but she was definitely raunchy.

“I can go to the library and give you some space,” I offered; it was my second home.

“All night?” she asked, with her eyebrows raised.

“Till it closes at nine,” I said.

“Humor me, I’m planning a very romantic night. Homemade dinner, a movie, lingerie and…” Maria paused for dramatic effect like she often did, being a drama major, “…a loud and lengthy fuck session.”

“Couldn’t you just say you want to make love or have sex?” I shook my head, Maria was always a lot more foul-mouthed than me. I only swore when I hurt myself or when I got stuck writing a paper… and then the profanity flowed freely from my lips.


“I don’t make love, I fuck,” Maria teased, knowing I was a lot primmer and more proper than she was.

I couldn’t resist, trying to go a little tit for tat with her, “Based on your primal screams and begging to be his bitch, I guess you’re right: you’re not having a ‘making love so we can start a family, darling’ playtime.”

“Gross,” she said, making a face like she’d just been pelted with rotten eggs. Maria frequently made it clear that the world was already overpopulated, so she had no intention of bringing yet another unfortunate kid into the world. Then always joking, “Besides, it would wreck my perfect figure.” And truth be told, she did have a perfect figure. She looked like a young Halle Berry, but darker and with bigger breasts. When we went out together, and this was just for lunch, or groceries or something, she turned so many heads: boys, men, old perverted men who said nasty things to her (which she loved, and gave back as good as she got), and even quite a few women.

Me, on the other hand, I’m a plain Jane. Not ugly, not gorgeous, more just the girl next door type. Brown hair, brown eyes, 34b breasts, and a little short.

I was the kind of girl you settled down with, if I could first get your attention; Maria was the kind of girl you fantasized about.

But although Maria was a black bombshell, she was also incredibly sweet… except for the foul mouth thing.


She revealed, “Plus, I’ve already set up the blind date for you.”

“You what?” I gasped; I was still planning to avoid this stupid date idea. Men were exhausting, and quite frankly with my rabbit vibrator, Literotica and Porn Hub, I was more than able to get the pleasure I needed without all the hassle of a relationship.

“I knew you’d find an excuse not to go, so I simply arranged it for you,” she said, “It’s a done deal,” knowing me very well, for only being friends for six months.

“Of course you did,” I sighed, knowing it would be futile to argue. Maria was just as stubborn as she was beautiful.

“His name is Kevin, and he’s a sweetheart,” she damned with faint praise .

“A sweetheart, but not hot?” I queried. “That’s like the people who tell me I have a nice personality and expect me to be pleased.”


“He’s very cute,” she replied, “and perfect for you.”

“And how do you know Kevin?”

“He’s a friend of Mike’s. You know, the guy I’ll be fucking while you’re out with Kevin.”

“Fine,” I sighed, making it clear it wasn’t.

“Great, so eight o’clock Friday,” she informed me.

“Why so late?” I asked.


“So, my marathon fuck session can proceed without interruption,” she smirked. “Don’t you dare come home before eleven unless you want to listen to my screaming.”

“Gross,” I said, covering my ears.

She teased me with a loud moan, “Pound my pussy, baby, ram my cunt. AAAAAHHHHH!!”

I shook my head, “You’re the only girl I know who uses the ‘C’ word.”

“In the heat of the moment, ‘cunt’ is hotter than all those other words combined,” she defended.

“I’ll take your word for it,” I said, going back to doing my research. You know, for the paper I wouldn’t be writing on Friday.


“Trust me, when you finally get some big dick pounding that pussy of yours, you’ll turn into a filthy-mouthed little slut, too,” she added.

“I imagine then I’ll be one nasty little porn star, the next little Piper Perri,” I said, shaking my head at her again.

“Well, you watch enough of it,” she teased.

“I do not,” I argued, before smiling, “I watch precisely the right amount.”

“Well apparently Kevin is quite hung, so maybe you can indeed live a porn star’s life,” she said.

“I’m just going on a date,” I said, “no more than that.”


“Never say never,” she rebutted all sing song, as she traipsed off to the washroom. She was out of earshot before I could rebut that I hadn’t said never, I’d just said no. But it wouldn’t have mattered.

I shook my head one last time, both amused at my outgoing but coarse friend, and frustrated. Yet I knew she always did what she thought was best for me… like my mother always used to do,,, although my mother never tried to get me laid.

That night I did indeed watch some porn, a hot scene from the Blacked website, where a white nerdish girl ended up taking not one big black cock, but two.

The reality was, I came from a southern town where racism was still quite rampant, and the idea of having sex with a black man was still incredibly taboo, and no matter how much I scolded myself for the fantasy after I had an intense orgasm, the next time I was watching porn, the black fantasy came back. I truly did want to be fucked by a big black man with a big black cock.

By the way, I’m not some prude virgin.

I’m your stereotypical southern gal.


I lost my virginity on prom night to my boyfriend of two years.

Right after high school, I had sex with a cute Italian boy in Europe in the summer as I did a six-month European vacation with two of my best friends before we all went our separate ways to different colleges, beginning a semester late.

I had blown a guy at the very first party of college, and even kissed a girl that night, to boot.

But then I quit fooling around, and knuckled down to my studies. I was on a scholarship, and mindful of my naturally submissive nature, I worried about my academics derailing if I allowed sex to control my life.

So I bought my rabbit, and have been sexually satisfied ever since.

Sure, the idea of a fuck buddy was appealing, be he black, white or green. A rabbit couldn’t ‘pound me’, as Maria put it. Nor could a rabbit take control of me. (Or yes, make me its bitch.)


But my academic future was more important than my love life; something I planned on stressing to Kevin on our first, and likely only, date.

Anyway, Friday night arrived, and I was dreading every likely aspect of this date with this damned with faint praise ‘sweetheart’. Mike was already over, and they were making dinner together. They looked so cute as a couple, that I briefly wished I was in a relationship.

Then I reminded myself I was on an academic scholarship while Maria was in the fine arts program, so we had very different levels of academic expectations.

Maria stressed, “Wear something cute.”

“And a little sexy,” Mike added. Mike was a hot black guy and, of course, I had wondered on more than one occasion if he was packing a nice package down there… and I assumed he was.

Of course, it occurred to me, I had lots of cute outfits, but none you’d call sexy. I said, as I poured myself a glass of water, “I don’t own sexy.”


Maria looked at me and said, “Oh my God, that’s right! But I have the perfect outfit for you.”

“I can’t imagine,” I replied, as her breasts were twice the size of mine, not to mention she was six inches taller.

“Actually, I bought it as a gift for Sahara for Christmas, but forgot to take it with me,” she explained. Sahara was her younger sister.

“Shouldn’t you save it for her birthday?” I asked.

“No, it’s obvious that this is Destiny,” she stated.

I sighed. She thought Destiny decided most of our lives. The fact she’d met Mike by accidentally crashing into him while walking into the wrong store, only proved her belief.


“So, some higher power made you forget the dress, so it would be here for this exact moment?” I asked sarcastically.

“Don’t jest,” she scolded. “Especially since it did work out that way. Babe, can you keep an eye on the chicken while I go and help Annie?”

“Of course, babe,” he nodded, kissing her for like the fifth time since he’d gotten here.

“Get a room,” I teased.

“We’ll have one as soon as we can get you out of here,” Maria countered, slapping my ass. She often slapped my ass, which was weird, but I was long used to it by now.

She led me to her room and ordered, “Get undressed.”


“Aren’t you saying that to the wrong person?” I joked.

“Just do it,” she sighed. “It’s time to sex you up.”

“Also to the wrong person,” I pointed out. Even as I got undressed. We’d seen each other naked or almost naked lots, and it wasn’t that big a deal.

Stripped down to bra and panties, my nicest (and only) matching set, she complimented, “Cute undergarments.”

“Only my grandma uses the term undergarments,” I teased.

“Brat,” she said as she pulled a dress out of her closet. “At least I didn’t call them unmentionables. Now put this on.”


“Okay,” I said, accepting the pretty blue dress.

Once on, I looked into her long mirror an she said, “You look hot in that.”

“I kind of do,” I agreed, admiring myself in the mirror.

“But the dress needs stockings,” she said, going to her dresser drawer.

“I hate pantyhose,” I protested, always finding them itchy, uncomfortable, and a pain to go pee in.

“Sit down,” she ordered, like ordering a puppy.


Yet I did, sitting on the edge of her bed.

She dropped to the floor in front of me and explained, as she rolled up a stocking, “First of all, these are thigh highs, which are way sexier than any horrid pantyhose. So yes, I agree with you about pantyhose. Second, they are sheer silk, and will hide the fact that you’re office-paper white.”

“It’s winter,” I protested, although I didn’t get very dark in the summer either.

“I’m not criticizing you, I’m just saying these mocha shade nylons not only finish the ensemble, they will also accentuate your legs, and you have killer legs, Annie.”

“Um, thanks,” I said, as she lifted my left foot up as if I was a mannequin, and then rolled the nylon onto my foot and up my leg.

“Feel,” she ordered, once the first stocking was on and up to my thigh, held in place by a lace elastic band.


I raised my knee and felt the nylon and gasped, “Wow, these aren’t remotely like the junk I’ve worn before.”

“They’re expensive, but there’s no price on class,” she said, as she rolled the second stocking up my right leg.

“To a broke college student there is,” I pointed out.

“Well these are yours, now,” she said, “my gift to you,” as she finished smoothing it in place.

“Thank you,” I said, sincerely this time, as I moved my hands up and down the silky sheer nylon. “These I could wear every day.”

She pulled me up and said, “Look in the mirror and see how they showcase your legs.”


I did, and I had to agree. The nylons and the dress transformed me. “Wow, I look pretty good.”

“No, you look hot,” she corrected. Then added, “Now let’s fix your hair and make-up, and make you look utterly irresistible.”

Fifteen minutes later my hair was down, my lips were ruby red, and my eyes were done. I looked like a completely different girl than the t-shirt, jeans or sweats, hair in a ponytail and no make-up girl I usually was. “Wow!” I said.

“God, now I want to fuck you,” she said, admiring me.

I joked, “Only if you buy me dinner first.” Maria made no qualms about the fact that she was bi, and had hinted a couple of times that we could have some fun without the boys, but I never took her seriously.

“You’ll be my dinner,” she countered wickedly.


“You’re so bad,” I said.

“And I want to be really bad with Mike tonight, so you need to scoot, and go get your own meal,” she said.

“You’d rather have sausage than fish?” I asked playfully.

“I like both,” she winked. “But tonight is a full meal sausage deal.” She then added, “For us both.”

I shook my head as I followed her out of her bedroom, to hear Mike gasp, “Holy fuck!”

“Is that a good ‘holy fuck’?” I asked; the look on his face told me it was definitely good.


“You look amazing,” he said, appearing shocked by my transformation.

“Isn’t she completely fuckable?” Maria asked.

“I refuse to answer that in any fashion, since it could end up with me in the doghouse instead of inside your hot box,” he said wisely.

“I feel like I’m in my own Cinderella story,” I said, never feeling this beautiful until this moment. “Are you two my ugly stepsisters, or my fairy godmother and godfather?”

“Neither; we’re your horny roommate and her hot boyfriend, who I can assure you is no fairy. Now go forth, fair maiden, and find your own Prince Fucking,” Maria quipped back.

“Oh, Maria,” was all I said, as I went to grab a pair of boots, although I realized nothing I owned would match this outfit.


“Shit, heels,” she snorted, and hurried into her room to return with a pair of five-inch fuck me heels.

“I’ll kill myself in these,” I protested.

“No pain, no gain,” she said, as she added, “now put them on.”

I knew I wouldn’t win this argument either, so I did, and stood up, suddenly feeling like Jack’s giant. “You’re trying to kill me,” I said, as I wobbled like a bowling pin hit by a glancing strike.

“Walk around for a bit,” she said.

I did, and after a few wobbles where I probably looked drunk, I got somewhat used to the heels.


I looked at the clock. “Shoot, I need to get going,” I said, my makeover getting me behind.

“Kevin will think the wait was worth it,” Maria said, looking me over with hungry eyes.

Mike added, “He’ll definitely appreciate why you were late.”

“Good to know,” I laughed, as I headed out, and off to the subway. Usually I never had to worry about anyone checking me out, but tonight I felt eyes on me constantly while I walked to the subway, while on the platform, and on the train.

I kept my head down and double-checked the address Maria had texted me. Which was when I realized my phone was at one percent.

Stupid candy crush and Instagram!


Luckily, I clicked on the text and saw the address just before my phone died.

Three more stops and I got off, still feeling eyes leering at me as I walked along. Part of me was flattered: I wasn’t used to such attention. Part of me was nervous: what if some guy tried to molest me? Part of me was disgusted: by the superficiality of so many people.

I walked the two blocks, and arrived in front of a bar called The Pit. It didn’t really look like a first date kind of place, but I shrugged, thinking it was just one date and I could use a night out, and maybe even a good fucking, as I walked in.

Once inside a vestibule, I was greeted by a blonde dressed Incredibly scantly, so I asked her, “I’m on a blind date. Is there a reservation for Kevin?”

She smiled, then she laughed heartily. “Blind date, that’s adorable!”

I looked at her, confused.


“I’ll take you to him,” she said, leading me into what looked like a club, not a restaurant.

I was quite confused, but followed her, also noticing that although the place was quite empty, all the men here were black, but none of the women. Strange.

She led me to a table where a good-looking bald black man was sitting having a drink. Maria had never mentioned that Kevin was black; but what the hey, I wasn’t my parents. I was already in deep doo-doo with them just for having a black roommate, so even if they learned about it, a date with a black man wouldn’t get me in any more trouble with them.

“She’s here for her blind date,” the girl simply said by way of introduction.

“How delightful,” he smiled, as he stood up politely and added, taking my hand, “It’s so nice to meet you.”

“You’re Kevin?” I asked, hoping he was, as he was incredibly handsome… and well, maybe, just maybe, I could finally sample that the taboo chocolate I’d been fantasizing about for a while.


“The one and only,” he smiled widely.

“I’m Annie,” I replied, as he kissed my hand. What a gentleman!

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone,” the woman said in a clearly sarcastic tone, and walked away. I wondered what her problem was.

“Please, sit down,” he offered, patting a spot beside him on a cushioned couch.

“Thank you,” I said, thinking the place may look like a bit of a dive, but this guy was quite the charmer, and really good looking, not some pale ‘sweetheart’ like Maria had described him. Actually, he’s not a ‘pale’ anything! I thought with an inner smirk.

“You’re welcome, Annie,” he said.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too,” I said belatedly, shocked that Maria had set me up with a black guy. Yet I was happy she had.

“No, the pleasure is all mine,” he smiled widely. “So, this is your first time here?”

“Yes,” I nodded, looking around and seeing an older white woman making out with a large black man.

“I think you’ll love it here,” he said.

“It’s appears to be an unusual place,” I said, as I then noticed a pair of heels beneath another table as two men sat chatting. My eyes went wide.

“It’s one of a kind, that’s for sure,” he said, as he moved around the round the table and put his hand on my leg.


“Great choice of nylons,” he said.

“Um, thanks,” I said, as a rush of adrenaline went up my spine at his rather aggressive move. Yet I didn’t push his hand away. No, this felt like the beginning of so many erotic stories I’d read where the white girl first discovers the joys of BBC.

“Fuck me,” a female voice demanded loudly. Startled, I looked behind me to see a chubby older white woman bent over a table as a skinny black guy, naked from the waist down, slammed into her from behind. I could see the lace top of her white stockings.

“Oh my,” I gasped out loud, as I watched like a deer in the headlights. I knew I should look away from the sight, but I couldn’t.

Kevin’s hand moved up my leg and under my skirt. Obviously I should have stopped him, this being the most surreal first date ever: ‘Hi, nice to meetcha’, and then he immediately starts feeling me up. Yet I didn’t. My pussy was already wet, and I was feeling rather overwhelmed.

His finger teased my pussy through my panties as he said, “You’re so cute, Annie.”


“Thank you,” I trembled as I turned my attention back to him, wondering what kind of place I was really in. A sex club? Had Maria set me up with a black man at a sex club?

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

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