Spontaneous Surprise Continued

As I gathered myself from my climax at the top of the parking garage, I felt my legs were as loose as Jello.

 She was already at the elevator that takes you up to the level where her apartment was. I was still buckling my belt and buttoning my pants as I hopped onto the elevator. “I wouldn’t button all that up if I were you!” she said with a naughty grin on her face.

I happened to look her up and down again and realized there was a long stream of cum literally running down her inner thigh from under the pink sundress that was now so wrinkled from our car play. 

I looked upon her as I was trying to buckle my belt and look presentable to any unsuspecting tenant we may encounter. After struggling with my hands full I basically said, “fuck it” and just held my pants up instead. Your apartment was only three doors down from the elevator any way.

It was not three seconds after I stepped into her apartment, that her bag, keys, and everything else she had dropped and fell to the floor. 

As soon as the door shut behind me, I was thrusted back up against it as she got on her knees, released my grip on my pants, let everything fall to my ankles and began to worship my cock like the hungry cum slut she was.


The trek up to her apartment had made my erection subside but it did not take long for her warm mouth to get junior up and ready to go for round two.

Now as she was on her knees licking and sucking my cock and balls, the sound of spit and the sounds of her enjoyment were intoxicating. I did get to survey the landscape of her apartment and noticed a furnishing that I have never encountered.

It was an adult size giant bean bag in the living room space. My mind began to race with all kinds of ideas about how I wanted to drill this little slut on that thing.

I reached down to caress her face that was dripping wet from all the slobber and spit she had produced. She really got turned on by lathering me up.

There was so much spit that it was collecting in a small pool on the floor under my balls. I pulled her up to me and lifted her little pink sundress up over her head and tossed it into the corner of the kitchen that you walk into right when you enter her place. Her beautiful breasts bounced as she brought her arms down. I grabbed her by those arms and turned her around to lead her straight to the bean bag.

She knew what I wanted as she dove face first with her ass in the air and her pussy glistening from how wet she had gotten from worshipping my cock for those last couple minutes.


As I slid my cock in like a hot knife through butter, she gasped, whimpered, and moaned as I slammed it deepin her little pink pussy about 20 times or so. She had told me that she loved a little rough fucking during our talks throughout the week, so I thought I would give her a little something to remember over the next few days once we were finished.

She came quickly during this rough fucking and I left her laying there to grab some water from the kitchen so she could get her wits about her. She had cum so hard that she was literally still laying there with her head into the bean bag and her ass still in the air just trying to gather her senses minutes later.

She finally slumped over on her side as she rubbed her fingers through her soaking wet pussy lips. She was taking a few licks off her fingers to taste her juices too. My cock was throbbing so hard as I stood in her kitchen.

I was watching her start to stick two and three fingers in her pussy with one hand and rub her tits with the other. This got my cock’s interest!

I could tell she was ready for some more, so I walked over to her and stood above her head. She cocked her head back on the bean bag which gave perfect support under her neck.

She reached up to grab my cock and guide me over her so she could place it right into her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth to run her tongue up and down the shaft before gobbling it back into her mouth again. She reached her arms back as far as she could to be able to grip my ass cheeks and thrust my cock further into her mouth until my mound was literally up to her lips and my cock was literally curved down her throat and again no gag reflex.


What a slut bunny this girl was. She thrust my cheeks back and forth to show me how she wanted me to fuck her face and I enjoyed every minute. She no longer needed her hands and just began to play with her pussy and tits while I took the longest strokes fucking her mouth. I felt the twinge a bit and knew I would have my second cumming very soon.

The sound of her catching her breath as my cock would pull out before going back in was such a turn on. Her moaning and sounds she made as I slammed my mound against her mouth were priceless. I could literally see the outline of the head of my cock slide down her throat from just looking at her neck cocked back so.

It was not two more slow long strokes later and I shot my second load into her throat and as I pulled my cock out the remaining dropsdripped onto her face.

She took it and rubbed it into her skin like makeup. Her face was a fucking mess of makeup, cum, and spit.

What a beautiful mess it was! She just laid there as I asked to hop into her shower to clean up before heading home. This would not be the only time we would text and meet up to have a late night drink. Until next time……..


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