Subway Space

2nd October 2018

My mind was a whirr.  Had it really only been a day since my life had changed so dramatically? Since I’d been sitting minding my own business in a chatroom, trying to kill time on a boring, rainy Sunday afternoon?  When she had butted into my half-hearted conversation, intoxicated me with her words, captured my mind and then barely an hour later, my body.


I had slept fitfully that night, my skin still tingling from our interaction.  Every cell thrumming with excitement, I relived each magical moment, fingers buried deep in my tender, dripping pussy, thumb rubbing my throbbing clitoris.  I came over and over, yet still ached with need.  Barely understanding what had happened to me, what had possessed me, yet somehow knowing things would never be the same again.

This morning on the early train, tired from my sleepless night, her black box had again taken me by surprise. 

“Sticky fingers? Troubled, twisting sleep filled with soft, heaving, moaning flesh?”

I felt my body jerk to attention. How did she know how I had spent my night?  I blushed, glancing round the carriage, illogically feeling she was there watching me.

I replied with some garbled message about feeling out of sorts, giving irrelevant details about the day ahead.  I instantly knew that it would be a day filled with distraction, no hope of anything sensible penetrating my already dizzied mind. As I sat, headphones buried in my ears, intoxicating sounds started to take on new meaning, filling my head.   Portishead’s honeyed tones taunting me, as I sat starring out the window, questioning over and over what was happening to me.

The day proceeded as expected, my futile attempts at concentration failing, as I surreptitiously glanced at my phone, black teasing boxes appearing, toying with my mind throughout the day.  Engaging in work discussions, I answered monosyllabically, smiling politely to hide the fact that the words held no meaning or interest for me.

As the return train roared into the packed station, I fought my way on, exhausted and desperate for a seat.  Locating one in a corner, tutting as I clambered over selfish passengers sitting on the outside, thankful I had the cool glass of the window to rest my burning forehead against.  Squashed alongside a sweating, overweight man in a suit, I once again listened to the beautiful melody of ‘Roads,’ now on repeat, sinking back into the unfamiliar, but intoxicating feelings of submission.

As soon as the train emerged into daylight, a black box appeared on the screen I was clasping. Immediately alert, I replied, apprising her of my surroundings.

“Squeezed into your corner letting your mind be consumed.”

I looked around at my fellow passengers, engrossed in their own business, as I tapped out my reply, careful to hide what I was writing but unable to prevent the smile teasing across my lips.

“And where is your finger?”

I had to think for a moment before realising I had been nervously biting on it as I read her words.  I told her it was in between gripped teeth.

“Feeling safe. Feeling loved. Feeling adored. Feeling captured.”

Blushing, I glanced around again, checking nobody was watching as I smiled to myself, sinking into my compacted seat, consuming the black boxes starting to appear rapidly before my eyes.

“Enamel vs flesh”

“Mouth closing slightly”

I felt myself growing warmer, shifting in my seat as I pressed my body closer to the window, not daring to lift my eyes from the screen.

“Teeth pressing”

“A little throb of suffering”

I realised that I had been biting down hard on my finger, trying to withhold the sigh waiting breathlessly in my throat as I felt a sharp, delicious stab of pain.

“You’re going to leave an indent”

“A small mark of your obsession”

I glanced up at the man opposite, idly watching me, immediately looking away.  The box on my screen pulling me back in.

“Saliva pooling”

“Eyelids heavy”


Her words seemed to bypass my brain as I felt my eyes drooping and my mouth starting to water.  I became aware of my thighs squeezing tightly together as I started to squirm in my seat, panties dampening between my legs.  My body started to throb, pussy tingling as my hips took on a life of their own as they started to move softly back and forth.



Vaguely wondering if the other passengers noticed my cheeks redden, heard my panting, could see me squirming as I gently rocked in my seat, helpless to do anything about it.  My body felt hot and my pussy started to throb, eyes glazing as I battled to remain still. 

I replied uneasily about the next station being mine, needing not to miss it, concerned that I might not be able to walk off the train.

“You could you know. You know you could”

“Quietly in your corner”

“Finger trapped in your mouth”

I was struggling to breathe, the panting growing more intense, as I began to sink, lost and powerless to resist.

“Do you wish to, little daisy?”

I responded helplessly with a whispered, “Yes Miss.”

“Say “Please Miss””

There was nothing else I could do but comply.

“You may”

“You may CUM”

“You may CUM for me.”

I felt my body start to shake as my pussy convulsed in seemingly endless spasms, consumed by bliss, all control lost.   

I begged her to stop, “Please Miss I’m a mess. No more.”

Opening my eyes widely, I noticed the man opposite me looking at me strangely.  Deeply embarrassed, I realised I couldn’t stop grinning.  Shuddering to a halt, the train stopped and I jumped to my feet, stumbling as I disembarked.

As I walked unsteadily along the platform, I wondered what had just happened.  Had I really just cum on a train?  A crowded train? No touch, just words.  Just instruction.  Commands.  Black boxes.

There was only one thing I did know for sure.  I belonged to HER now.

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