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Submissive boss’s humiliation becomes public

Sandra, my dominatrix Personal Assistant, has gone on vacation leaving Fiona, her new deputy with the key to my cage.

With Sandra away Fiona began to abuse the power and responsibility that had been delegated her.

She delighted in hurting, threatening and humiliating me more than she would have dared when Sandra was around. And she used her power to show off to her colleagues and lord it over them.

We began as normal on the Monday. Fiona was there when I arrived at 7am. She ordered me to undress and bend over my desk. She caned me until I begged for mercy then she locked my cock in it’s cage and hung the key on a chain around her neck. I put on my tight lacy panties then my usual suit and got on with my work while she returned to her post at the reception desk.

At lunchtime she walked into my office with Racheal and another girl; a new employee called Lisa.

I panicked and asked her what she thought she was doing.

“Don’t worry slave. These are my best friends. I’ve told them everything and sworn them to secrecy. They won’t tell anyone.”

I protested but she told me to shut up and take my trousers and knickers down. Which I did.

She pointed at me:

“You see his little cock cage. I’m the only one who’s got a key. He has to wear it so the dirty pervert can’t touch himself. And OMG he has the smallest dick. You have to see it.”

She took the key from around her neck and undid the lock. Racheal and Lisa squealed when they saw my tiny erect dick spring from it’s compact prison.

“Oh bless. It’s all stiff and still so small.

“Yeah. He’s not allowed to even wank.”

“Oh that’s so unfair. Poor thing. He must be dying to jerk it.”

They looked up at me with a mocking look of pretend pity

“Are you boss? Are you dying to wank your lickle willy?”

I nodded, breathlessly.

“Go on then little dick perv. Jerk it quickly. Quick before we lock you up again.”

And I did. I wanked while they watched. The three girls poked their tongues out at me as I gripped my stiffy in my forefinger and thumb and tugged. They sneered and giggled when I gasped and my face went red as I twitched a dribble of cum over my fingers and onto the carpet.

Fiona told me I’d better have the mess cleaned up by the time they got back from lunch. She demanded I hand over my company American Express card then they went out leaving the reception staffed by an agency worker.

They were away from the office all afternoon. They got back a little before 5pm just in time to close the office, administer my punishment and unlock my cock from it’s cage. They were clearly drunk and were showing off to the other girls in the office. They told me to go home and wait to find out what they had planned for me tomorrow as they were all going for more drinks that evening.

The following morning I arrived at 7 and waited in the office to be spanked and locked up.

Fiona didn’t turn up. I waited in my office listening to the other receptionists arrive.

I heard phones ring as business started and departments became busy. Then a knock on my door.


Two young women I didn’t recognize opened the door and walked in.

“Fiona says she can’t come in till later. We’re from the agency. I’m Gilly, this is Di. We’re here to lock you up and give you your morning punishment.”

I protested but they knew what they were doing and soon I was bent over with a gag in my mouth.

They were very professional as they spanked me.

Di was efficient and her blows painful but the other; Gilly, seemed a little more reluctant.

They both gasped and sighed when they saw how small my dick was as they put the cage around me.

Gilly gripped my shaft and fiddled with the lock system.

“Oh Di; you go and have cigarette while I finish up here. I won’t be long.”

When Di had gone Gilly looked at me sympathetically.

“You poor man, being locked up all the time. You must be dying to cum.”

I nodded.

“Quick then stick it in my mouth and let me suck you off. There…oomph…schleurph. Oh my. That was quick. You poor little man!”

Di knocked on the door and said it was time to go.

I asked them to put the key in the drawer or with reception but they said that wasn’t what they’d been instructed so they couldn’t. I asked if they were coming back at 5 to do me and unlock me and they said it wasn’t in the diary but that they probably could if Fiona called them before their appointments were all filled up.

They wouldn’t even give me a phone number.

All that day my panic increased as the clock ticked towards 5pm and Fiona didn’t arrive. I got the other receptionists to call her and any other contact numbers they had. They called her and I called her but she didn’t answer. I left messages on her ansaphone, sent texts, emails, everything.

Eventually at 4:30 she phoned back. She sounded angry and her speech was slurred.

“What the fuck is this about? I leave the office for one day and I’ve got a hundred messages. I’m with my mum and my sisters and my aunties what is so important that it can’t wait till the morning? I don’t need this shit.”

I explained that I was still locked up and the women who’d locked me up had taken the key and left no number and weren’t coming back.

Fiona gasped as if she’d completely forgotten. Then I heard her giggle and her voice muffled as she talked to someone else;

“Hold on, my mum wants to have a word with you.”

I could hear laughter and chuckling then an older woman’s voice:

“Hullo, is that Fi’s boss? Oh right. So what’s the problem? Don’t worry she’s told us all about your little dick and you being a sissy pervert who likes getting spanked by girls.”

I said that’s not quite how it was but she told me to stop taking shit and that I was on speaker so they could all hear me. I heard a lot of female voices jeering in the background so I explained my situation.

Fiona’s mum listened patiently then spoke:

“Don’t worry Dave. My son Lee’s a locksmith. He’s seen all sorts. I’ve phoned him. We’ll be right over. Mind; you’re interrupting a family day out at the beer garden and we’ve all had a lot to drink so don’t mind us. We’re dying to meet you and I was just telling my sister I could spank a fellah’s bum harder than her and she said she’d like to see me try so you can help us settle that one.”

Fortunately everyone in the office had left by the time Fiona and her family arrived. There were a lot of them: Fiona and her mother Pearl; Fiona’s sisters; Annie, Winnie, Jacey and Coral; her aunts; Ivy and Rose and a load of other women: cousins, neighbours and friends. All drunk, rude and all in a state of sexually aggressive excitement.

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