Strawberries And Cream, Chapter 2

We walked back to the car with her head on my shoulder and drove back to the apartment building. We took the elevator (why couldn’t we have lived in a 40 story high-rise instead of the second floor of a three-story building!) to our floor and went to my apartment.

Once my door was closed and locked, the clothes began coming off! Rose and I scampered back to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes like Hansel and Gretel left breadcrumbs.

The hallway leading to my bedroom was just long enough so that by the time we got there, Rose was left in her panties, stockings, and heels. Myself, I was left wearing my boxers, t-shirt, and socks. Rose was just about to finish undressing when I stopped her. I took off my socks and sat on the bed, motioning for her to come closer. 

I sat there for several moments, just drinking in the beauty before me. I wanted to sear her form into my memory in case this was our last time together.

I told you earlier in this story how beautiful Rose was in the face, but she was just as magnificent from the neck down. Rose stood five-foot-five-inches tall, which when she wore her heels like tonight, put her just about even with me height-wise. In that, she packed a very delicious 32-26-32.

She wasn’t too top-heavy, only having B-cup tits, but on her, they worked. She had dark rose-colored areolae with large thick nipples. Those nipples, I was soon to find out, were very sensitive and very much loved to be licked, sucked, and played with. 


She had a tight, firm, apple-shaped ass that swayed delightfully when she walked and made you just want to take a big bite out of that apple ass.

Up to this point, Rose had no tattoos or piercings except for single pierced ears. I was grateful for that because, with her pale complexion and skin tone, they would have looked odd and out of place. I have had other girlfriends who sported tats and that was okay for them. But Rose would have looked wrong wearing a tattoo like some girls do.

I sat there on the bed just looking at this pale angel until she spoke and broke the spell she had put me under.

“Well, Brad, what do you think? Please don’t keep me waiting – am I what you expected?”

I reached out to take her hand and pull her right up to me. “Rose, sweetheart,” I said, looking up at her, “You are more than I could have possibly hoped for or deserve.” I leaned forward to take one of those stiff, erect nipples into my mouth.

“Ohhh…” she moaned as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Her hands went up to my head, holding me to her tit and running her fingers through my hair as I happily licked and sucked the nipple to full extension and hardness.


Not wanting to show any preferential treatment, I moved over to the other side to give Rose’s other tit the same attention. She moaned continuously as I moved back and forth between her small but sensitive tits, licking and lapping and occasionally even biting the cherry buttons. 

Rose was becoming quite animated as I feasted on her tits, squirming in my arms and arching her back, thrusting her tits out for more. She was also becoming quite vocal, letting me know just how much she was enjoying this.

“Ohhh God, Brad! Yes, baby, suck on those little tits! Ohh, your mouth feels so wonderful! I love to have my tits licked and sucked! Oh God, yes, bite them! Oh fuck Brad, please bite my little titties!”

It’s funny, I never figured this delicate pale flower to be so foul-mouthed; I mean, outside the bedroom, she was shy and demure. But when the bedroom doors are closed, and she’s properly motivated, she let go with her uncensored opinions!

Now I am a big fan of “dirty talk,” and I have encouraged my previous partners to use it as much as possible – not only is it a great turn-on for me, but it lets me know how I’m doing as well. The more she screams and moans and whimpers, the better job I am doing with her!

But there was no need to encourage Rose; she was telling me everything I needed to know without any prompting!


After a few minutes using Rose’s nipples as a delicious hors d’oeuvre, I was ready to move on to the next course. Rose was giving off such an enticing aroma from down below that I wanted to investigate further and find the source of the delectable scent. 

So leaving regretfully the meaty little nubs I had been so enjoying, I began a trek due south. But speed was not a concern; I took my time and enjoyed the journey, as did Rose.

I kissed my way down her chest and belly until I reached her navel. I paused to kiss her there a couple of times. I also wanted to build her anticipation a bit before continuing my travels.

She whimpered at my delay and I knew that I had done what I intended. I looked up at her and smiled, then continued on my way. 

By now, Rose was swaying noticeably on her feet. She put her hands on my shoulders, both to steady herself and to encourage me to move along. I moved down to the lacy waistband of her panties and stopped. Then I sat up and she looked at me as if asking why I stopped. 

I showed her.


“Ohmygaawd! Oh fuck Brad!” she squealed when I shoved my hand between her thighs and began sawing at her sopping pussy.

She raised up on tiptoes to try to put some distance between her pussy and her tormentor, but I only followed her upwards, making her straddle my rapidly stroking hand. With every forward thrust, my fingers rubbed across her pussy lips and my thumb rubbed against her clit.

She tried to back away, to get away from the buzzsaw between her legs, but my other hand was at the small of her back now, preventing any escape. She danced on tiptoes, gyrating and squirming, trying everything she could to evade my hand, but nothing worked.

“Please, please… Oh God, Brad, please…” she cried as my hand brought her passions to a full boil. I pulled my hand back, leaving her panting but relieved.

Her relief would be short-lived, though, as I immediately jerked her panties down and off her.

But as I relieved her of the last vestige of modesty she had, I noticed my Rose was not a pure as I had thought!


“Rose! You have a tattoo!” I said, surprised. There, just above and to the left of her fire-red fur, was a small rose tattoo.

“Yes, I got it when I started college. A girlfriend suggested it since it is my name. I had to make it small and in a place that wouldn’t be seen easily, though – my parents wouldn’t approve.”

“Well, I think it looks good, hon. And it definitely suits you. A flower for a lovely flower!”

As I was looking at her flower (both the tattoo and her other flower!) I noticed something glitter. I looked up at her and she bit her lip – she knew what I had found.

“Rose! Your pierced!” I said, surprised for a second time. Sure enough, Rose had a small gold barbell piercing vertically in her clithood!

“Do you like it? Oh, I hope you do – I know some guys are turned off by a woman with nipple piercings or clit or pussy lip piercings. I got this in the hope that if I was sexier, I could keep my husband. It was a pathetic attempt, I know, but I was desperate to hold onto my marriage.”


“Well, first off, Rose, I am not one of those guys turned off by tattoos or piercings – when tastefully done. Now, if you looked like a walking junkyard or something out of Star Wars, it might be a bit much. But you don’t, and I love the look. 

“Secondly, if you have to go to these measures to save your marriage, then it probably wouldn’t help anyway and it certainly isn’t the kind of marriage you deserve. Your ex was an idiot to even TRY to find someone prettier or sexier than you. You are better off without him, sweetheart – and I know I am!”

“Oh, Brad…” she said. I could see the relief wash over her.

I took her hand. “Now, let’s get a closer look at that sparkly!” I said.

I pulled her closer and slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy just past the first knuckle. I pulled her clit out a bit to get a better look at her piercing. “Yes, it is very pretty. Of course, this wet pussy would look good even without the extra adornment.

“Oh, Brad, please…” she said, whimpering with need, almost child-like, as she stood in front of me.


I looked up at my Rose and grinned mischievously. Then I pushed the two fingers deep into her steaming hole.

I curled my fingers around her pelvic bone to rub that special place on a woman known as the g-spot, while I split my fingers apart enough to trap her swollen clit between them. As I began short rapid stabbing strokes into her, I rubbed both her g-spot and her clit simultaneously. 

Rose had apparently never experienced this move and was totally unprepared for it.

“Ohmygod! Ohhh fuck! Oh, Brad! Ohmygod! Oh shit, shit!” she said as I worked her pussy like a rogue jackhammer. She reached out and put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself.

She tried to close her legs to protect herself from the annoying intrusion, but I had placed my legs between hers, forcing her to keep her legs spread wide. And with my arm around her waist, she couldn’t back away either. She was trapped and my hand flew in and out of her furiously.

“Oh fuck, Brad! Oh, I’m gonna cum! I swear I’m gonna cum! Oh please, please make me cum, Brad, please!” she cried.


That was exactly my plan and I proceeded to bring her to a crashing orgasm. I saw how wobbly Rose was as I brought her up Mount Orgasm, so when she crested it, I was ready to catch her if her legs gave out. Which they did.

I spun her around to fall onto the mattress and when she did, her legs automatically spread wide. I took advantage of this and went back in for another round even before the first orgasm had subsided. 

I had learned a technique from watching way too much porn, on how to bring a girl off easily using my hand. It had never failed me before and I employed it on Rose now.

I took the middle two fingers of one hand and slipped them back in Rose’s drooling pussy, using the outer two fingers to hold her pussy open a bit.

With short upward jerking motions, I began rapidly working her pussy. I placed my other hand on her mons, holding her hips down. Since she had just finished an orgasm, this method quickly brought her to another one. And another and another. 

I brought Rose to six or seven more orgasms, each one more intense and lasting longer than the previous one. By the time she hit her last orgasm, she was dancing all over the bed in moaning and giggling convulsions that left her panting for breath like a winded dog.


“Please Brad … wait, please … I can’t … I can’t breathe!” she panted, grabbing the arm on her pelvis.

I stood there looking at Rose lying on the bed for several moments. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her red hair was flung out over my pillows.

Her naked body seemed even paler against my dark sheets. She looked at me and smiled, slowly spread her legs, and ran a finger down her stomach to her visibly wet pussy.

“I want you so fucking bad,” I replied.

“Well, come get me then,” she said as she moved to the center of the bed and got ready.

I crawled onto the bed and up between her legs. The smell of her sex was sweet and erotic. I moved higher until we were face to face and I kissed her passionately as she ran her fingers through my hair. 


“I need you to fuck me,” Rose said when she broke our kiss. “Fuck me, please.”

I got up to my knees. My cock was painfully hard, just inches away from her beautiful pussy. I felt like I was in a dream as I looked at my Rose’s beautiful face. She was grinning; one of her fingers had wandered down and was making little circles around one hard, stiff nipple.

I slowly put the tip of my cock to her labia and then gently pushed into her slowly and luxuriously. Rose let out a sweet little moan. I looked up and saw that her eyes were closed, her head tilted back, and her mouth open.

She was incredibly wet and warm. My cock felt like it belonged inside her. I pushed in, slowly going deeper until I had gone in as far as I could. I stayed there for a couple of moments, relishing in the warm cocoon enveloping me and then pulled out.

The shaft of my cock came out glistening with her juices. I pushed back in … she felt so damn good. I didn’t want to go too fast, knowing that I couldn’t possibly last much more than a few minutes, and not wanting this feeling to end. But then she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me back inside of her. 

She put her arms around my neck. “Mmm, you feel so good. Please, Brad, baby, fuck me,” she moaned softly in my ear.


That’s when I went to work. Slowly at first, then increasing to a faster rhythm. She rocked her hips back and forth as I thrust in and out of her. God, she felt amazing! I can’t describe how wonderful she felt except that I knew down in my soul that this was the girl I had been looking for all my life. 

Rose seemed to be having a good time as well. She rubbed her clit as my cock moved in and out of her, faster and faster. She began moaning louder and I could sense she was getting close to cumming again. I could feel my orgasm coming on as well and tried to focus on Rose to give myself a little more time.

“Cum inside of me … I want to feel you cum deep inside me,” Rose said suddenly. She wasn’t asking, and I wasn’t about to argue the point. Just as she started to cum again, I reached my end as well and couldn’t hold back anymore.

I pushed into her sopping wet pussy and emptied my load into her. She must have felt it because she just started rubbing her clit faster and faster. Seconds later, she was spasming again in the same way as before.

I collapsed onto her then rolled off of her, taking her in my arms as I did. We lay there together for a few minutes recovering. Neither of us said a word as we just lay there basking in the glow of our mutual orgasm.

I got back up to my knees and looked down at Rose. She looked so beautiful, so relaxed. Her pink pussy was oozing with my cum. 


“Look, Rose, strawberries and cream!” I said, smiling.

We’d been going together now for a year and this was the anniversary of the day we met. I had planned on taking Rose back to Luigi’s, where we had dinner that night, thus fulfilling my promise to her.

She and I were supposed to be at the restaurant at 8:00 pm for dinner and I was in her apartment waiting for her to get ready. Unbeknownst to her, I had a little surprise waiting for her.

“Okay, I’m ready, honey,” she said as she came out. My mind flashed back to that first date and she looked every bit as stunning now. I still couldn’t believe this was my girl. How can one man be so lucky!

“Just a second, I want to talk to you before we go,” I said.


“What about?”

“That ring. You and I have been going together for a year now and you were divorced for six months before we met. It’s time to get rid of old memories,” I said.

“I know, but I just haven’t been able to. I don’t know why it’s just…” she said.

“I understand, Rose, I really do, but he has moved on and you should too. I’ll tell you what – I’ll trade you,” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You give me your old wedding ring and I will give you this,” and I held out a box. She opened the box and there was a gold necklace with a red heart charm on it. The charm had the word MINE inscribed across the front of it.


She stood there for a moment, looking at the heart. Then she looked up at me with tear-filled eyes. She immediately took her ring off and handed it to me. Then she reached out, grabbing me and pulling me into a kiss. 

“Oh, Brad, it’s beautiful! It’s just beautiful! Oh, thank you, thank you!” she said, trying to keep from crying.

I held her for a few moments until she could compose herself enough for us to go to dinner. All the way to the restaurant, she kept looking at her necklace and reading the word MINE. I must say I was pretty pleased with myself.

As we sat there waiting for our dinner to arrive, she looked at me. “When we get home, I have something special for you for dessert, sweetheart.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

Rose smiled, “Strawberries and cream, what else!”

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