Stolen Moments – Summer Heat

It was one of those sultry afternoons when even lifting a cup of coffee to one’s lips was almost too much of an effort. There was not even a breath of wind to stir the dust in the gutters, the air was thick and cloying, and his clothes hung damply on his body. He sat unmoving at the table with a barely touched glass of pastis in front of him, idly watching the passers-by through hooded eyes.

To a casual observer, the events of the next few minutes would have seemed unremarkable. A young woman with long blonde hair stopped at the table next to his, sat down, and when the waiter appeared, asked for a glass of chilled white wine. Elegantly dressed in a full floral print skirt that barely reached her knees and a cream chiffon blouse that hinted at the ripeness of her breasts beneath, she was as cool as he was overheated. She crossed her legs giving him a view of her unstockinged thighs, and casually lit a small cheroot.

Not a word was spoken between them, but when she had finished her wine and stubbed her chroot, she stood and passed so close to him that the hem of her skirt brushed against his trousers. A very acute observer might have seen the lift of her lips in the hint of a smile, but I doubt that they would think he had even noticed.

A few minutes later he stood himself, tossed a €20 note onto the table, and casually strolled in the same direction that she had gone. When he had walked about half a kilometre he turned into a narrow side street and halting before a door, inserted a key in the lock and let himself into the apartment block. He took the stairs and when he reached the third landing, stopped in front of a door and rang the bell.

A few moments later she opened the door and swiftly pulled him inside the apartment. Gone were the blouse and skirt and all that concealed her sex was a cream satin thong. She preceded him down the hall with the grace of a dancer, the cheeks of her exquisite bottom moving enticingly with each step. On entering the single living room, she bent over the back of a chaise lounge, and pulling her thong aside to reveal the plump lips of her vulva, spoke for the first time.

“Fuck me, lover,” she murmured huskily, “fuck your baby like the little putain that she is. Fuck me without mercy until I’m screaming in ecstasy, as you pump your hot cum into my inflamed cunt.”


“Your cunt comes later,” he said, releasing his long thick cock from his trousers, “I’m going to take your tight little arse for my pleasure. You are my little sex toy and exist only to serve me. Your orgasm will have to wait until I am satisfied.”

Grabbing her hair in his fist, and pulling her head back sharply, he pushed the swollen purple head of his cock against her puckered arsehole. With one swift thrust, he embedded the entire length of his shaft deep in her rectum, causing her to gasp and cry out with pain, as her sphincter was penetrated. Pausing only for a moment, he proceeded to savagely fuck her arse, with each thrust, pulling out until just the head of his cock was inside her, and then plunging back until his heavy balls slapped against the inside of her parted thighs. As the tempo of her ravishment increased, she reached one hand inside her thong and frigged her swollen clitoris as if her life depended on it.

Within a few minutes of this frenzied action, he roared and thrust hard into her arse, his balls contracting as he filled her rectum with several spurts of his hot seed. Simultaneously she screamed as the waves of her orgasm ripped through her hot sweaty body, and almost causing her to lose consciousness with the intensity of the sensations. After a few moments of raw bliss, he pulled his now flagging cock out of her with a plop, a stream of cum running out of her gaping hole down her thighs.

No longer supported by his invading weapon, her legs began to give way, and if he had not caught her round the waist, she would have collapsed on the floor at his feet. His demeanour changed from dominating to tender, and he lifted her in his arms, carried her into the bedroom, and laid her gently on the bed. He fetched a damp flannel from the bathroom, and lovingly washed the sweat from her body, and the drying cum from her arsehole and thighs.

Much later, when the beams of sunlight casting shadows of the slats in the shutters on the walls had moved by nearly a quadrant, and after they had fucked at least twice more, she turned to him and kissing him gently on the lips, spoke again.

“It is nearly time for you to go, my sweet lover,” she said in a voice filled with adoration, “my husband will be home in another hour, and we both need to freshen up with a shower. It will complete my joy to wash your delicious cock and beautiful arse — my own delicious cock that always gives me such pleasure.”


“Sadly my darling,” he replied, “you are right, and it is time for me to leave and go home. Next week seems such a long time, but I will soon hold your sweet body in my arms again on our wonderful journey to the uplands of carnal rapture.”

He kissed her one last time before reluctantly rising from the bed. “I will phone you later tonight,” he said, “I love you my angel, my own true love.”

A few minutes later he was gone, and it was as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary on that hot summer’s afternoon.

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