Again, I remind readers that these are not stories — they are true-life journal entries. I haven’t anybody I can tell about my life and a shrink advised me to write a journal. A Lush member told me about this site, so I vent myself here. I’m a married bisexual female in the swinger and open marriage lifestyle. Yes, we have rules; yes, we get jealous and have issues as all humans do. But this is my life. I break rules and I live this part of my life the way I want. Don’t judge me if you’re a negative person. I have feelings and don’t need to be attacked.

So my guy invited me to go with him to Wilmington, North Carolina, to see his favorite band — and rented an RV which I wasn’t happy about. I didn’t want to go and I scanned my usual websites for any locals in the lifestyle but it was slim pickings. 

After a few weeks of searching, I told hubby I really didn’t want to go to Wilmington and he was sad about that but I don’t like the band or cities that are not much fun. 

I then asked if I could go to the playground solo and he was clearly upset about the idea. But he said I could go if Ryan and Jackie agreed to go and look out for me — he felt people could hurt me, blah blah blah! Hubby’s really jealous but he was going to three concerts — and maybe he’d get laid. Who knows?

I was heading for three days of being single and I planned to take advantage of it. His flight left at 10.30 Friday morning and I’d have the sixteenth to eighteenth free before picking him up at the airport at 1-30 Monday morning. 

I decided to visit Nick again. It would be the third time and I really like him but he’s kind of a douche.


The last time I went to his place I asked, “Can I jump in your pool after my ride,” and that was a hint that sex would happen again. So, I duly jumped in naked. 

He then introduced me to a friend who said, “Oh, you’re naked.”

“Yeah, I don’t have a suit,” I said and they continued talking about stuff while I did two more laps. I decided to leave but didn’t get a goodbye or anything…super lame.

This time I sent a text: Going for a bike ride after work. We agreed to meet at the place we first met before biking to his place. He was there waiting and actually kissed me, which was a surprise and nice. As we rode, I told him my guy was away till late Sunday and he asked if I could see him tomorrow too.

“I’ve got tentative plans so I don’t know,” I said. 

At his place, we both stripped and jumped into the pool. When we reached the shallow end, he shoved his tongue down my throat, grabbed my tits and ass, and really took command. He picked me up and carried me to his room like a bride being taken into the marital home. There he went down on me, twisted my nipples like radio dials, and did his best to get me off. 


Nick denied me the pleasure of sucking his cock and plunged into me, banging away like a teenager for about five minutes before pulling out and unloading on my stomach and breasts. He slumped on top of me, then rolled off saying he’d been dreaming about that since last time. 

I knew right there it would be the last time I’d be in that bed. He tried to get erect again but it didn’t work and we talked. Eventually, I told him I had to leave and make dinner for my stepson.

“I’ll text you later,” he said and I put his name on silent when I got back. I went to bed.


Saturday I wasn’t working so I killed time around the house till I heard from Ryan and Jackie.

Jackie, as you may have read in past entries, has secrets. She and Ryan have been married too long but she has total permission to do whatever she wants. Wish I had the same! We get along and Ryan is nice. I’ve been with him but… well, he’s not hung or great in bed.


I met them at their house at seven and, when we got on the road, Ryan said, “I told your husband that we would watch out for you and make sure you don’t go crazy.” After a pause, he added, “Yeah, fuck that. Do whatever you want.” 

“Oh my god,” I said, grinning, “thank you.”

When we arrived it wasn’t crowded. We said “Hi” to a few people and some asked where my guy was.  “I’m solo tonight,” I said and some were shocked, some happy. 

One guy I know said, “Oh, we’re gonna fuck later.”

Jackie was soon stirring up trouble for me. I watched her telling people, including a hot black couple, that I was solo and, after a few drinks, I was in the mood to smoke some weed. It always knocks me on my ass — so I smoked and it did.

Jackie laughed and said, “Come with me.”


We went into the playroom and she began to undress, saying,  “Let’s get the party started.”

We got naked and she kissed me all the way down till she was licking and fingering me. It didn’t take long before a cock appeared near my face. It was unshaved and small but it was pushed into my mouth. 

Jackie was then replaced by the black woman from the hot couple. She eagerly ate me out while Jackie sucked her husband, making his huge cock hard. I wanted to feel it in me but there must have been at least four cocks in my mouth or hands. Oh yes, I was having fun, really turned on, and I knew my guy would be pissed. 

Suddenly, Jackie kissed me on a cheek and asked, “You ready?”

“For what?”

“My friend Mac.”


I smiled as he cleared the bed and mounted me. I think his wife was busy with Ryan but I couldn’t tell as he grabbed my ankle and raised it high. Jackie rubbed my clit as he entered me. I gasped as he got deeper: it was so thick I cried out and came.

Jackie knew what had happened but Mac picked up the pace and it was heavenly. Jackie straddled my head and I tried to lick her as Mack smacked her ass and fucked me, his wife cheering him on. Jackie eventually climbed off and Mac had me flip over to pound me doggy style. 

“Get in there, babe,” he said and I faced her beautiful black and pink hairless vagina which I ate like a fat kid at a pie-eating contest.

I heard someone say, “That’s a beautiful Oreo,” but Mac didn’t last much longer after that, although he was able to get me off one more time before pulling out and removing his full condom. God, I hate condoms. 

I got his wife off and found her name was Viv. We took a break and it was still before midnight as I took a drink and sat on the couch, basking in the sexual glow 

Around half-twelve, a very hot gentleman named Josh, or something like that,  said we’d chatted before on a website and that he knew I played as a couple.


“Hmm, it’s very rare,” I said, “but I’m solo tonight,” 

He seemed to perk up with that news. Many people know that I play with my guy at parties and that comes with the rules that I’m not fond of — but I do enjoy them a few times a month.

I was getting along just fine with Josh and, between compliments, he told me that he was a dom of some sort. “I love being a sub just not bondage sub,” I said and we laughed and drank. 

Clearly, he wanted to play but it was late and my vagina was still happy from the beating it got earlier. When Jackie and Ryan came in at around one, they wanted to leave. “They’re my chaperones,” I said and he asked where they lived.

He lived two towns north and asked if he could take me home. “I’m okay,” I said, “if you’re okay about it, Jackie.”

She smiled.”I know nothing.”


“You can pick up your car anytime,” said Ryan. “As far as I know, you came with us and drove home.”

They left and we followed soon after, walking to his car and driving north out of Providence. He was sober so I was safe. 

Josh asked when my guy was coming home. “I have to pick him up at the airport just after midnight Sunday,” I said.

“Today is Sunday,” he said and I panicked before realizing it was actually Monday morning that I would be at the airport. 

“That’s good, then,” he said, “because we’re not going to get your car.”

“We aren’t?”


“No. You can stay with me tonight.”

I didn’t answer and he put a hand on my leg. Josh was over six-foot, stocky but not fat, just a gut, and seemed very strong. I asked him for his Aff profile so that I could refresh my memory. I found it and thought, ‘Uh oh.’ He was a dom, uncut — and very well hung. 

“Remember now?”

I smiled and said, “Yes,” feeling a little scared but excited at the same time.

He drove fast and tried to finger me but it wasn’t good. But he knew he was in charge and I just went with it

His condo was by the sea, very swank in a good neighborhood. Parked, he held my hand to the door and turned on the lights. It was a hell of a bachelor pad. 


He offered a drink and I said, “Whatever you’re having.” It was scotch and tasted expensive.

“I remember everything we chatted about,” Josh said and told me to remove all my clothes. That didn’t take long — just a dress and shoes. He picked them up. “You’ll get them back if you’re good girl,” he said and went into another room.

He came back, undressing, and I stood naked before him. Josh looked me over and said, “Come on, let’s go to bed,” and I followed him to his king-size bed in a dark room. He lit a candle, I got on the bed, and he slapped my ass.

“Go in there,” he pointed, “and shower, please.”

It wasn’t an option, it was an order and I washed good, trying to keep my hair dry. Drying with the only towel on view, I came back to find him naked with a cock ring on. He had to be a little older than me but I thought his place was far too mature for him. 

All those thoughts disappeared when he pushed me onto my stomach and buried his face in my ass and pussy. He licked and bit everywhere, slapping my ass very hard at times, and got me very wet. Not just from his actions but by being very verbal: Your my slut tonight… You’re a fuck toy, aren’t you? He also moaned and repeated ‘Yea, yea,” a lot. 


I was hot for him and gave in. He used lube on my ass and pushed fingers in both holes fast and hard. It hurt but I got very wet for him.

“Does your husband fuck you like this?” His cock entered me hard and the ass slapping didn’t stop. It hurt but I could take it. He lasted longer than most men and really pounded me. I came at least three times before asking for a time-out. 

I stood, feeling the lube run down my leg, and got water to drink. Back at the bedside, he instructed me to lay on my stomach over two pillows and, as I did, he thwacked my ass. I felt the head of his cock on my ass while he added more lube. He penetrated me slowly, then picked up the pace. He was around seven or eight inches long and very thick so it hurt at first — but not as much as the slapping he gave my ass. Soon his hand was pinching the back of my neck or around my throat; he got very rough calling me every name in the book, ‘whore, slut, sex pig,’ and more. I went into a zone and took it all.

I’ve never orgasmed from anal it was something my man forbid and Josh knew it. I felt owned and it wasn’t all bad. My ass was red and I was getting sore when he finally came. 

Collapsed on the bed beside me, he held me and said I was amazing. I lay there trying to sleep, his cum leaking out and feeling sore from him and the party. 



I woke to him getting up. It was seven in the morning and we’d passed out around two-thirty.

He showered and came back, asking how I felt. “Sore and tired,” I said.

“You’re one of the best I’ve ever had,” he said. “I hope we can do it more.”

“I’m not saying no,” I said and he climbed on top of me, kissed me, put a hand around my throat and kissed his way down my body. He began licking me wet and I knew this would happen: it’s typical of boring sex when you’re on a date.

Fingers entered me one by one till four were moving vigorously in and out while he sucked on my clit. I felt the climax building and let out a moan — and he stopped just before I came. 

“Not before me this time,” he said and drove inside me balls deep.


We had missionary sex, legs up and me folded in half. Slobbering on my chest or choking me, he grunted and said “Going to breed you,” and came inside me. I came at the same time. I fucking love when I get cum spurting inside me.

It felt so good and he again collapsed beside me and said I’d earned my clothes back, pointing to his closet. I preferred him not wearing the cock ring and I told him. When I got up, I again felt him leak from me, this time from my cooch. I was going to shower but he said to carry his kids home with me and, if I do get pregnant, I belong to him.

He remembered where my car was but didn’t want to drive me. I couldn’t believe it — but I called an Uber and it cost me forty-seven dollars. The ride was silent; my vagina was happy if sore and my ass was still aching. 

When I got to my car, Jackie saw me. “How was it?”

I told her everything and said it was good but not worth revisiting because he made me Uber. We laughed and she swore to secrecy. 

Driving home I blasted music, a live concert from JJ Grey and Mofro which made me forget and be happy. When I arrived home, my stepson wasn’t there so I showered and changed to relax. That didn’t last long as I decided to write this journal entry and I got a little turned on. 


Later, I was chatting online and decided I’d have one more meet — after all, it’s not every day I have no husband. Many asked but were too far away and I wanted something other than what I’d had or expected from Nick. 

I chose George.

We’d been chatting on and off for something approaching two years and I didn’t really think he was my type. But, he was a much older horny guy who knew people I knew in lifestyle like Paul, who always said George was cool. 

I agreed to dinner with George but no promises. He was in the next town and named a very good sushi bar. I love sushi and, wanting to make George sweat, I put on a sexy red dress and heels. 

I arrived five minutes or so early and he was at the door waiting for me. He grinned, kissed my cheek, and said, “Wow!”

I told him it was finally nice to meet him after years of regular cyber sex chat. He looked awesome for his sixty-four years and he was full of compliments, recalling stories and pictures we shared. I got a little turned on with all his attention. He was very sweet as he told me about his life and saying my guy was lucky. 


George didn’t grab me or be lewd when he spoke and we had a great sushi dinner with drinks. A favorite part of my date was when I recognized somebody who knew my husband. They probably thought ! was with my dad.

I declined dessert as I was drunk. George politely asked if I was okay to drive and I said I may need a moment. “No rush,” he said, paid the tab, and I thanked him.

“I hate to be presumptuous, but I brought this,” he said, putting a blue pill on the table. “I’d love a reason to take it.”

Smiling, I said, “I’ll leave that up to you.”

“I’m not taking it unless you agree to come home with me.”

“Well, am I?”


He looked at me for a few seconds then popped the pill in his mouth and finished his drink. With an evil grin, he said, “Let’s go.”

His car was a Tesla so I had my first ride in one; it was nice. It wasn’t a long drive to his home by the sea. I forgot to mention that George is a retired lawyer and has been single since he was fifty-two. The house was modest but still a display of wealth. He had a picture of a man on his wall and said it was his only son. “He’s older than you,” he said and handed me a glass and we clinked. The liquid burned, some type of bourbon, and he led me to his bedroom which was lit with dimmer ceiling lights. 

“Unzip me,” I said, turning, and he slowly lowered my zipper and the dress fell to the ground leaving me in my heels. He pulled me close and kissed me, fondling my chest and kissing my neck. It seemed George was lost in the moment, repeating “Yes…yes…yes…”

I felt his hard cock poking through his shorts and he told me to kneel. On my knees, I looked up at him as he unbuckled his belt and his erect cock came right out. Stepping out of his shorts, it slapped my face and he guided my head toward his beautiful uncut thick seven-inch cock. I sucked and let him push my head back and forth while he throbbed in my mouth. 

He walked backward and sat on the bed, telling me to lick his big hanging balls, which I did before he said, “Look up,” and snapped a picture with his iPhone. “That’s for me and maybe our mutual friend.”

I continued licking and he leaned back, nudging me to his asshole. I gave it a few licks but it tasted horrible. 


“Your husband would be mad if he knew you were licking my ass, wouldn’t he?”

I came up for air. “He’d throw me out,” I said. 

George looked me in the eye. “If that ever happens, please come here. I will spoil you rotten. You won’t have to work and I’ll leave you everything.”

I was so flattered. Then he said, “Please sit on my face,” and he licked me like a champ in the cowgirl position. When I came, I curled my toes and moaned.

Grinning, he said he loved that position — it’s my man’s favorite, too — but I slid off and he climbed on top of me, kissing me. I could taste myself and he said, “I’m not wearing a condom,” and pushed inside me. He felt great. 

George started making love to me, which was nice, but that changed when he got my legs up and increased his pace. He breathed hard but kept going, pounding away. It felt great but his weight made me feel squished so I turned over and he slapped my ass as I raised it high. 


He slid right in and moaned a lot, fucking me for quite some time. He must have noticed my ass looked like I use it and pushed a thumb in. But I let him know it was sore and he pulled back. Finally, he came, pulling out and shooting it on my ass. He slumped on me and rolled off, panting for breath.

He thanked me more than necessary and, when he could breathe naturally, his hard cock still pointing north. he said, ”I’ll give you a ride back to your car.”

We dressed and he said, “Nobody will see that picture unless you say so. I’d like to see you again.” 

“Being local is nice,” I said, “but I can’t make that promise.”

As we got to my car, he asked, “Maybe I could bring a friend?”

“Hmm, that’s tempting. Maybe,” I said and kissed him goodnight.


I drove home sober and feeling high from a very sexual weekend. I showered and dressed for bed — but then remembered I had to pick up my guy in 45 minutes.

When he got in the car, he asked about the playground.

“It wasn’t very crowded,” I said, trying to be vague.

“I hear you were an Oreo,” he said.

“How did you know that? Are there no secrets? My god!”

“Calm down,” he said. “I’m glad you had fun,” and then told me about the concerts I was glad I’d missed. 


Back home, I went straight to bed and finished this entry a few days later.

I hope he goes away again.

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