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Star plus tv serials fucking Akshara

Aakshara Was Not Getting Pregnant For Days After Her First Miscarriage Her Family Was Putting To Much Pressure On Her So 1 Day She Went star plus tv serial To Do A Checkup She Had Called Naitik And Had Told Him She Is Going To A Maternity Home For Check Up He Said He Can’t Come As He Had A Important Meeting Nevertheless She Told Naitik The Name Of Hospital And Then She Went To The Hospital stare plus tv serial When She Arrived At The Hospital She Came To Know That The Female Gynecologist Had Not Come But Her Son Who Had Also Done His Md.

In Gynecology Was Present So She Went To Him She Noticed He Was A Handsome Hunk Nearly 5 Years Small Than Her Had A Good Physique As He Had Worn A Tight Shirt So His Body Was star plus tv serial Clearly Being Seen He Looked Good And Had A Athletic Body She Was Getting Aroused A Bit As Naitik For Last Some Days Was Too Busy So She Couldn’t Have Sex For Last Some Days So She Was Getting Aroused So She Adjusted The Pallu Of Her Saree In Such A Way That Some Part Of Her Gorgeous Clevenge

She Was Looking RED HOT As A RED CHILLY Who Should Be Devoured As Soon As Any 1 Saw Her Then She Knocked The Door To Enter ( She Had Seen Him From The Window Which Was Open A Bit ) As She Entered star plus tv serial The In The Room The Doctor Was In For A Huge And Sexy Surprise As Soon As He Saw The Clevange Of This Milf His Cock Gave A Big Jolt And Stood Up In Attention Aakshara Saw It From Corner Of Her Eye And Enjoyed It From The Tent In His Pant It Looked Like He Had A Cock Of Around 8-9 Inches She Thought To Herself

Naitik Who Has A 5 Inch Doesn’t Satisfy Me Much Today I Will Devour This Cock star plus tv serial In My Pussy And Mouth And My Virgin Ass The Doctor Too Was Thinking That Today By Hook Or Crook I Will Fuck This Hot Bitch Now He Told Aakshara To Enter And Asked Her Name She Told I M Aakshara Naitik Singhania The Doctor Knew The Name As He Had Heard It From His Mom Then He Told His Name Is Raj He Asked Her The Problem She Told That She Was Pregnant A Few Months Back But Had A Miscarriage

Then She Was Not Being Able To Get Pregnant And She Had To Face A Hell Lot Of Pressure From Her Family Doctor Told Her To Wait For A Sec And Went Inside The Checkup Room There He Placed A Semi Transparent Dress For Her Then Came Back To The Main Room And Told Her To Go Inside And Change To The Clothes Kept There And Not To Wear Undergarments As He Would Hav To Check Her And Those Undergarments Would “ star plus tv serial Come In The Way “
When Akshara Went Inside She Saw The Clothes Were Semi Transparent Which Would Show Off Her 36 D Boobs Clearly And Her Pussy Line Too She Understood That The Doctor Wanted Nothing Else Than What She Wanted But She Acted Like A Innocent Housewife So She Removed Her Clothes And Removed Her Panties And Bra And Then Slipped In The “ Checking Gown “ And Told The Doctor To Come In

Raj Came In And Saw The Scene He Went Mad He Right Then And There star plus tv serial Cummed In His Pants And Came To Know That This Bitch Aakshara Looks Damn Horny I Won’t Have To Use The Crooked Part Of Himself To Fuck Her Just Some Seducing Her And She Will Suck My Cock Herself So He Went Near Her And Told Her To Lie Down He Could Clearly See Her Hard Nipples Poking Out At Him He Took The Stethoscope And Told Akshara To Take Deep Breath And Kept The Stethoscope On Her Boobs And Began Noticing The Going Up And Down Of Her Gorgeous Boobs He Then Thought Something And Moved In Such A Way star plus tv serial That His Cock Was Right Next To Her Face Then He Told Akshara To Come On 1 Side As

He Wanted To Check Her Back When Akshara Came On 1 Side Her Mouth Was Directly Infront Of The Cock Of Raj Aakshara On Seeing This Linked Her Lips And In The Process Touched His Pant Covered Cock With Lips Raj Felt That And Decided To Take This Thing To Next Level While Checking Her Breath He “ By Mistake “ Touched The Boobs Of Aakshara This Time Aakshara Let Out A Loud Moan And While Doing This Raj Forced His Pants Covered Cock Extremely Near Her Mouth By Which It Went In Her Mouth A Bit Both Of Them Now Could Not Withstand The Sexual Tension In

The Room And Aakshara Clutched Raj’s Pant Covered Cock Raj Wanted Just This So After That He Started Groping Her Boobs And Bent His Mouth And Kissed Her Lips They Started Kissing First A Small Sensuous Kiss Then Aakshara Opened Her Mouth And So Raj Pushed His Tongue In Her Mouth In Exchange Of Giving His Own Tongue In Her Mouth They Kept O Kissing As There Is No 2morrow After Like 5 Mins Both Of Them Got Out Of Breath But Not Out Of The Will star plus tv serial To Fuck The Brains Out Of Each Other Then Raj Started Removing The Dressing Gown Of

Aakshara And Started Making Her Nude On The Other Hand Aakshara Was Fidgeting With The Buttons Of The Jeans Of Raj For Removing Them And Seeing The Caged Monster Within His Pants Soon She star plus tv serial Removed The Button Of His Jeans And Zipped Out The Fly And Lowered His Jeans He Was Not Wearing Any Underpants As He Had Removed Them When He Had Come In The Room Earlier So She star plus tv serial Started Strocking The Cock Of Raj Here Raj Was In Seventh Heaven He Was Getting His Best Handjob And Was Busy Pressing The Gorgeous Boobs Of

Aakshara He Noticed She Had Fair Milky White Boobs And Pink Nipples Which Were Rock Hard He Pressed The Right Boob Of Aakshara While He Lowered His Mouth Again To Kiss Aakshara Again After 5 Mins He Stopped Kissing Her And Went In For Sucking Her Right Boob While He Played With Her Left Boob star plus tv serial And Here Aakshara Too Had Stopped The Jerking Of Raj’s Cock And Was Sucking It She Was Right Abt His Cock It Was 9 Inches In Length And 2 Inches In Width She Started Deep Throating Raj By This Raj’s Knees Turned To Lead And He Couldn’t Stand Properly star plus tv serial And Soon Began Tensing Up Aakshara Knew Soon Raj Would Cum So She Started Sucking Him More Fast And Then After Some Time Raj Came In Her Mouth 3big Mouthful Of Cum She Drank It With Pleasure And Started Playing With Her Pussy Till Raj’s Cock Bgan Growing Again She Was Giving Him A Show

Here Naitik’s Urgent Meeting Had Been star plus tv serial Cancelled So He Thaught Why Not Give Surprise To Aakshara And Go To The Hospital So He Left His Office And Sat In Car And Went To The Hospital He Told Aakshara’s Name And Asked Where Is She The Nurse Told Her She Is In With Doctor Raj And Showed Him The Way To His Room Here Raj’s Cock Had Grown Back To Its Rock Hard Form By Seeing

The Show Given By Aakshara And Here Aakshara Too Had Came After Finger Fucking Herself Naitik Went Inside The Room And Sat Down Then As Aakshara Was In The Ckeck Room With Doctor That Is The Time When He Started Hearing Some Words From Inside Some Moans So He Went Near The Door And Saw It Was Slightly Open So He Peeped In To See star plus tv serial His Wife Nude Infront Of Doctor Raj And Raj Sucking Her Clit Off When He Saw This First He Was Very Angry And Thought Of Going Inside And Beating Both Of Them To Death But Then He Noticed His Cock Was Growing And He Was Getting Turned On So He Sat There Peeping His Wife Getting Sucked By This Strange Man


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