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I was playing Wet and Wild with the girls out in the yard, when I saw this boy cover up his boner, and run off.

I guess I should explain “Wet and Wild” real quick: It’s like a water fight in white teeshirts, and no bras to show off our nipples, but not really a Wet Teeshirt Contest. It’s really a way to cool off, but also get attention from boys, hoping to start dating when one gets confident enough to come talk to us, but so far it’s just been dirty old men.

Like guys old enough to be our fathers, especially one of our friend’s dad so he let us play in there yard, and sat out on the porch to watch. Sicko, looking at his daughter’s 11 year old (Give or take a birthday) friends like that. When I say boys, I mean teenage boys, not “Daddies.” I have a father, and I don’t even call him “Daddy,” man.

So anyways, he stopped, and covered up his boner, then backed up behind the fence next door. He looked around the street, but we only just got started. So our milkshakes hadn’t exactly brought all the boys to her yard, yet. So, I dropped the hose, and while the other girls were fighting over it, I chased him down the street.

He ran around the corner, and down this little alley in between the back yards, until he got to this garage, and it dead-ended. So, he couldn’t get away, and I caught him before he ran out. “Hey,” I pulled his shoulders, and hugged his hair to my wet top. “It’s okay to look. You got a boner looking at my nipples in my wet shirt, right?” I let go, so he could turn around, and he tried to run with his hands over his crotch, but he looked back.

I already had my top pulled off, so he stopped. “Nhm!” I felt up to my nipples, and I mean I was a founding member of the itty bitty titty committee. That’s why we came up with activities like Wet&Wild to show off what little we’ve got. “Huh, you just want to look?”

He shook his head, “Can I suck them too?”

“Well, why don’t you try touching them.” I traced circles around the little lumps. Okay, take a suction cup, and implant it under my nipples. When they’re hard like this, they even puffed out, and the eraser heads popped in, so he had to suck them out, but he kissed one, and popped it in, and out, of his lips.

“Huh!” Still covering up his little pecker, which was really starting to annoy me, so finally, I slapped his little butt.

“Ow! What was that for?” But he let go to rub it with one hand, so I turned him, and slapped his other cheek. “Ow, quit hitting me!” But he covered both sides, with both hands, so I could grab his junk.

“Huh, what’s wrong? Don’t you like tits?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to hit me.”

“Well, now try touching them.” I didn’t let go of his little package, but I had a hand free, to trace circles around one. “Like this.”

“Okay,” he touched the other one with his fingers. Shaking, but then he started tracing around, and around the little lump, and he looked up. I nodded, biting my lip, and let go enough to rub him hard again. When he started rubbing the other one, I could use both hands to bust open his shorts. Push down his waistband, and let it pop up.

Touch it, pinch it to get my thumb behind it, and measure it with 3 fingertips. Just my middle three, but my pointer slipped off, so I let go with my ring finger, and just pinched it with 2. “Okay, now can I suck one some more?”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, okay.” I had to unbutton my short cutoffs, to get my fingers in my wet panties, but he doesn’t like spanking. I guess, I don’t know why anybody likes spankings, during sex. He just has the cutest little bubble-butt, and not much to show for it up front.

Not a hair on it, so his wrinkled little ball bag, rolling up and down with my other 2 fingers are probably empty too, but he’s got a 1 track mind. So, he stopped rubbing my nipple as soon as he started sucking the other one, like a baby.


“Keep rubbing it.”

“No, let me go!”

“I’ll show you, you little shit!”

“Uh!” Now that I had a good grip on his wet willy, the swats made him jump, and hump my fingers. Mash his little balls in the shriveled up purse, and he fell down. Shaking, and crossing his legs. “UHN! HhHhHh!” He shook his head, his eyes squeezed tight, and his hands cupped between his legs like I’d just kicked him in the nuts. “You broke it!” He finally rolled back, and looked up at me. Sure enough, it was soft, and floppy on his hanging balls. Now, the cold shrinkage gone, they started to hang, while he rolled around bare assed in the dirt.

“You sick bitch!” I jumped at the sound of the latch behind me. Then the gate swung shut, and I barely grabbed my top, before my victim wined.

“Daddy, she hurt my weenie.”

I just ran, the ungrateful little shit. Here I just jerked him off to his first orgasm, and he told his dad I molested him, or something. Thank God he didn’t recognize me, because it’s not my neighborhood, but he told his dad where he saw me playing with my friends. So, they went over there, and what I heard was they already got done, and went in to get dressed. So, her dad talked to his dad, and tried to explain it, but of course he saw me run off after him, while the girls were busy fighting over the hose.

So, he started blackmailing me, and molesting me, because I don’t want to go to jail. Get convicted, and register as a sex offender before I even start middle school.

I guess I messed up, big time, but he’s not that bad in bed. I guess, if he takes a shower so he’s just fat, not fat, and smelly. He won’t shave off his ball hairs, because he afraid of what his wife might say, but his daughter understands, of course. He never molested her, but she sure noticed how much attention he was paying to her friends, once we started budding, and wearing training bras. Going over to their house to tease the neighborhood boys, and I guess that’s what we get.

“You gotta do what you gotta do.” She forgave me, and hugged me, and we cried together. Not like gay or anything, we both like boys, but you know. Just really good friends, the best, and nobody else would understand her dad the way she does, not even her mom.

“So, what’s he like in bed?” She asked after a good cry.

I giggled, “Well, he wants to play daddy, but I make him bend over, and play bad-boy.”

“For spankings?”

“No, pegging.”

“Uh!” She shook her head, “He doesn’t let you nail him, and wher would you get a strapon from, anyways?”

“Your mom.”

“My mom doesn’t have a strapon.”

“No,” of course she would know. “Of course not.”


“Well, I had you going for a minute there.”

“No you didn’t.” Too bad he’s the one blackmailing me for sex. otherwise, I could make him go out, and buy me a strapon, to fuck boys, up the ass.

Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until I’m 18, after all…

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