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Spank, Sister Spank! Doreen and Maureen the Spanking Shop-Keepers Strike Again!

Doreen Hannah, the eldest of the two ladies who ran our local village shop where I worked part-time, wasted no time in planning and preparing for my next spanking. She had been unsure about how I would react to her note that she had placed in my trouser pocket after that first spanking from the sisters but had been delighted that next morning when I had told her that I had read her note and agreed to be spanked at least once every month by both Maureen and herself.

It was in those years before the joy of the internet, so the only way of getting your porn or spanking fix was via magazines. Despite their prudish and proper appearance on the outside, the sisters knew that these were a little pot of gold for their shop as they sold well. At seventeen-years-old, I was only now given the job of putting out the new editions when they arrived every week. They went right on the top shelf, next to the fishing and train enthusiast magazines. This always made me laugh, but not as much as serving those gentlemen, most of whom I would never have suspected of being interested in pornography.

I used to laugh (once they had left the shop, of course!) at how they would hide their dirty magazine inside something as innocent as “Angler’s Weekly” or “Locomotion,” hurriedly paying before gathering up their little bundle and dashing out of the door, no doubt eager to get home and read the articles. Personally, I had taken a look at some of the adult magazines as I was putting them on the shelf, but soon stopped this when Maureen caught me looking at one. The feeling of embarrassment and of her disapproving look as she stood there, hands on hips shaking her head at me, meant that I never did that again.

The threat of, “do I need to take you along with that magazine to your Auntie Lindsay?” meant that I never, ever paused to take a look inside those glossy magazines, simply putting them out on the shelf and thinking no more about them.

Doreen Hannah had taken one of the magazines upstairs with her. From what she told me much later, it was called “Kane” magazine. It was aimed at those gentlemen who were into corporal punishment and usually featured men spanking and punishing young women, but in some editions, the roles were reversed, and you would find sexy adult schoolgirls or women dressed as the Head Mistress in her mortar board and gown thrashing men. The older Hannah sister had read the magazine from cover to cover, of course she had, but then focused on the adverts towards the back of the magazine. There were all sorts for sale, even adverts for people to meet others for actual spankings, but Doreen focused on the implements for sale page.

The forty-five-year-old woman thought about each and every advert, thinking about what implements she actually wanted to add to her collection. She eventually settled on a tan-coloured leather tawse that had been split so far down into two tails, as well as selecting two canes – a crook-handled thin and whippy cane and a straight one. The straight cane was described as a dragon cane which was much denser and “thuddy” than a normal cane. She selected a red, woollen handle for her cane, filled in the form, cut it out and placed it, along with her cheque to pay for the items, in an envelope and away it went.

It wasn’t long before Doreen wanted to spank my bottom once again and she thought about how she could arrange it. Obviously, it would not work as well as it had last time. The chances of me falling for the “taking money from the cash drawers” was unlikely to work twice, so she thought about something new. As luck would have it, she did not have to wait long until I gave her the reason that she had been looking for.

All three of us were downstairs in the shop that Tuesday evening and it was busy. We had just had a delivery and because we were busy and needed everyone serving, I had simply left the boxes of various items on the shop floor to be moved upstairs into the storeroom when it quietened down. Maureen and Doreen looked at one another and smiled.

“Peter, can you get those boxes moved out of the way, please.” Maureen Hannah had called across to me as she served behind the counter.

I was busy serving myself, so simply nodded at her and carried on doing what I was doing.

Five minutes later, Doreen Hannah, busy packing the bags of one of the elderly ladies who lived in the village, looked across at me, still serving like crazy.

“Peter. Those boxes need to be moved upstairs.”

Again, I nodded at her in acknowledgement. I would do it as soon as the queue went down. The last person in my queue just happened to be Nicola Patton. Lovely Nicola. The same Nicola who had been in my English class a couple of years back. The same Nicola who had sat next to me in Miss Kominsky’s lesson. Nicola Patton, the slightly slutty girl who had placed her left hand on my knee under the desk in Miss Kominsky’s lesson and moved her hand all the way up my leg until her small, warm hand had come to rest on my trousers that were covering my throbbing cock. There it had stayed until eagle-eyed Natasha Kominsky had seen us. Nicola Patton, the girl who had been hand spanked and then walloped severely with Miss Kominsky’s canvas gym shoe alongside me in detention.

Nicola was a good looking girl and slightly older than me at eighteen. She attended the same college as me but did different subjects. We chatted about various things – college, friends, what she was doing at the weekend, and I did not notice that she was the only one left in the shop. However, the Hannah sisters had noticed this, and they both stood on the other side of the shop, behind the counter with their arms folded across their chests. They looked at one another, nodded and smiled. I had just, unwittingly, given them the excuse they needed to hold another Thursday afternoon “stock take” in their living room.

Once I had served Nicola with her pack of JP Super King Menthol cigarettes and can of Pepsi, I walked around the counter before holding the door open for her and stood there watching her as she stepped out into the chilly evening, before closing the door and locking it, turning the “we are closed” sign round as I did so. I turned back to the boxes on the floor and smiled across at Doreen and Maureen, who were standing behind the other counter with their arms folded across their chests. Doreen Hannah had a smile on her face.

“I asked you to move those boxes upstairs Peter, and you just ignored me,” Maureen spoke softly, a fake tone of disappointment in her voice.

“I needed to get the people served Maureen. I’ll do it now. No problems.” I replied cheerily, smiling at the ladies as I spoke.

“I also asked you to move the boxes, young man,” Doreen spoke sternly, looking me up and down as she did so.

“You ignored me, so I think that you need to stay back after work on Thursday for your spanking.” She smiled sweetly before looking at her sister, who was standing next to her.

“Yes, Peter. You have agreed to be spanked by us and I think that it is time that you go over our knees once again, isn’t it?” Maureen spoke almost in a whisper, smiling at me.

I laughed.

“Yes Auntie Doreen.”

“Yes Auntie Maureen.”

The two well-built ladies smiled at me.

“And then, after you have been spanked we’ll show you that we can probably give you a much better blow job than that slutty young lady who you were chatting to just now.” Doreen Hannah laughed.

“Was that the girl who you got spanked alongside at school, Peter?” Maureen asked.

I nodded.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen. That was Nicola.”

The younger Hannah sister brushed her long, dark-blonde hair back behind her ears.

“She’s very slutty, Peter and Auntie Doreen and myself do not approve. You shall be spanked severely for hanging around with such girls.” Maureen said, smiling.

“I’d like to spank her bottom to teach her to be a proper lady and not a little cock-sucking tart.” She added.

“I bet Miss Kominsky enjoyed lifting her skirt and slapping her across her knickers, didn’t she?” Doreen chipped in.

“Looks like she could definitely use a good spanking.” Maureen laughed.

I stood there not saying a word. My cock was rock hard and struggling under my trousers. First at the thought of Nicola but also at the thought of being taken over Maureen and Doreen’s strong knees later that week. Eventually, the sisters stopped teasing me, Doreen Hannah emptying the tills and carrying the cash trays upstairs to their office and her sister tidying up the shop.

“Take those boxes upstairs young man and then you can go home.” She spoke softly, smiling at me.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen,” I replied, bottom tingling at the thought of a spanking.

Thursday soon came around and I found myself looking at the clock on the wall behind me more often than I usually did. It seemed like no time at all before it was one o’clock and I was locking the front door to the shop and turning the “we are closed sign.” I was alone downstairs with Maureen Hannah who it seemed couldn’t stop smiling that morning.

“Can you take the cash drawers up into the office please, Peter?” She asked softly.

I smiled back at her and nodded.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen,” I replied as I picked the two heavy trays up in both hands and walked towards the back of the shop.

Maureen stood beside the stairs which led up to the flat upstairs where the sisters lived and placed her left hand on my right arm as I passed her.

“Have you told your Auntie Lindsay that you’ll be doing some extra hours this afternoon, young man?” She asked quietly.

I nodded, knowing what my “extra hours” would involve.

“Yes, Auntie Maureen. She knows that I won’t be home until after three.” I replied and smiled at the short, well-built lady with the small, round glasses that were perched on the bottom of her nose.

“Good. I think this time you’ll be getting a longer bottom-warming from Doreen and myself and then we’ll take care of you, young man.” She leaned in and kissed me gently on my neck.

“Anything that you would like – a nice wank, or slow blow job, or wank on our tits. Anything that you would like as long as you’re a good boy and take your spanking.” She spoke seductively in my ear before kissing my neck once more.

“Thank you, Auntie Maureen,” I answered, gasping as I could feel my cock throbbing in my trousers at the thought.

After a moment, Maureen Hannah stepped out of the way and smiled.

“Now, up those stairs, put those trays in the office and get yourself into the living room and wait for Auntie Doreen and myself.” She whispered, intentionally rubbing herself against me, her large breasts pushing against my chest as I moved past her.

I climbed the stairs slowly and placed the two trays down on the table in the ladies’ office upstairs before turning and walking the short distance to their living room. As I entered, I immediately caught sight of the expanded range of spanking tools that Doreen had laid out on one of the leather armchairs and stood there waiting for them to arrive. After a couple of minutes or so, Doreen Hannah, the older sister, walked into the living room and smiled at me sweetly.

“Time for your spanking, isn’t it Peter?” She spoke softly walking across to the armchair where her implements were.

“I’ve bought a few new things to smack that naughty little bottom of yours with.” She gestured with her large right hand.

I nodded.

“I think we’ll be spanking your bottom long and hard this afternoon, young man – much longer than the last time.” She turned and smiled at me.

“I thought that I’d wear my silky red blouse with its lovely black spots so that we can judge whether your bottom has been smacked sufficiently – I want it to be the same shade of red as my lovely blouse by the time we send you on your way this afternoon.” She laughed.

I began to shuffle around uneasily on my feet as I stood there, wondering what I had let myself in for. My cock was fully erect and the bulge in my trousers was evident to the well-built lady.

“And then, hopefully, Auntie Doreen can take care of that for you, Peter.” She smiled as she focused on the front of my black trousers.

At that moment, I heard Maureen’s footsteps on the stairs and looked down at the carpeted floor.

“Do you need to use the toilet before we smack your bottom, you naughty boy?” Doreen Hannah asked softly.

I looked up and nodded at her.

“Very well. Like last time. Do what you need to do – remember to wash your hands afterwards and flush the toilet – and then you can take all of your clothes off in the office and then back in here. Be sharp about it, Peter!” She snapped.

I turned and walked over to the doorway Just as Maureen Hannah arrived. She smiled at me as I walked past her.

“Hurry up Sweetie. Don’t keep Auntie Doreen and myself waiting. We have lots to do this afternoon, young man.” She spoke softly, focusing first on me and then on her older sister, who was already rolling up the sleeves of her blouse in preparation of what was going to happen.

About five minutes later I was back in the large living room, standing facing Maureen, who stood there in her light-blue short-sleeved blouse and ankle-length navy skirt with the tiny white spots, which covered it. Doreen Hannah was already seated on the sofa, sleeves neatly rolled up, ready to begin. She sat in the middle of the large sofa with her legs spread wide apart.

“You know the routine. Over my lap – face in the cushion and legs resting on the arm of the sofa. Get your cock between Auntie Doreen’s thighs.” She instructed calmly, moving her large hands from her lap as she spoke.

Maureen Hannah smiled, pushing her small round glasses up to the top of her nose as she took her seat on the leather armchair across from where her sister was sitting on the sofa. I calmly walked over to Doreen and stood to her right-hand side, cock pointing proudly at her. She laughed as she touched it softly with her warm right hand.

“Auntie likes that, and she’ll take care of it later if he’s a good boy.” She purred as she shuffled around on the sofa.

“Over you go young man and no fuss.”

“Your behaviour on Tuesday night was so unacceptable that you deserve each and every smack that Auntie Maureen and myself are going to give you this afternoon. Do you understand me, you naughty boy?” She added.

I nodded as I slowly and carefully reached across the older woman’s powerful knees.

“Yes, Auntie Doreen. I’m sorry for being rude to Auntie Maureen and yourself on Tuesday.” I answered pathetically.

I carefully lowered myself down until I could feel my cock touching Doreen’s trousers, shuffling around until it was pushed against the material of her black trousers. I picked up the cushion from the sofa and took it in both hands before burying my face in it. Finally, and with Doreen’s help, I lifted my legs until they both rested on the far arm of the sofa. Miss Hannah’s perfume and the fact that the cold buttons of her red blouse were touching my skin meant that I would not lose my erection, which pushed against the older woman’s left thigh. She did not seem to care about this as she placed her large, and heavy, left hand on my lower back, smiling as she surveyed my muscular bottom. Finally, I felt her right hand on my bottom. The woman with the long, blonde hair began to rub my cold bottom, licking her lips as she ran her fingernails over every inch.

“Now, young man, last time you were smacked by Maureen,” Doreen spoke quietly, continuing to rub my bottom as she did so.

“So, this time, Auntie Doreen is going to smack you over her knee with her hand and you can think about who smacks harder, can’t you?” She asked.

I nodded into the cushion.

“And you can think what you’d like Auntie Maureen and Auntie Doreen to do to you once you’ve been punished can’t you?” She continued, leaning over and speaking softly into my right ear.

“A nice, slow, gentle, sloppy blow job, Peter.”

“Allowing you to spunk all over my tits or in my mouth, young man.”

“Or a tit wank from Maureen, who’ll let you spunk all over her lovely, silky blouse and skirt.” She continued, still rubbing my bottom and the backs of my legs as she did so.

As her sister spoke, Maureen Hannah unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse. She was feeling hot and knew that her juices were flowing between her legs. She shuffled around on the chair as her sister raised her large right hand in the air.


Doreen Hannah gave no warning before bringing her heavy right hand down, flat against my lower right bum cheek.

Similar to the hand spanking that I had received from her younger sister a few weeks before, that first smack was relatively light and I showed no reaction, simply keeping my face down in the cushion. However, I was far from fooled by Doreen Hannah’s first smack. Her sister had done the exact same thing to me and had then gone on to hit me harder than I had ever been hand spanked before.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The older Hannah sister laid out a slow series of smacks with her right hand across my bare bottom, careful to connect with my left and right buttocks equally. Still, the spanking did not hurt as much as I had feared, but Doreen Hannah was just getting warmed up.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

Five minutes had gone by and the forty-five-year-old had continued spanking me slow and relatively hard across my bottom, smiling to herself as she noticed that my pale skin had started to turn a shade of pink. I had managed to take the hand spanking with very little trouble so far, not wriggling and squirming around too much as Doreen’s large hand landed again and again. Eventually, the lady with the long blonde hair paused, slipped her left arm under my stomach and pulled me into her blouse and trousers.

“Now that your botty is nice and warm, Auntie is really going to spank you for being rude on Tuesday night.” She whispered in my right ear.

Her hand came crashing down against my lower right buttock a moment later with a loud “slap!” The sound it made echoed around the living room and I squirmed as the pain burned into my bottom.

“You’re not going anywhere, Peter. Just settle in and remember that you deserve every smack this afternoon – have a little cry into the cushion if you need to.” She laughed wickedly as her hand came down once more.

“Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!”

The well-built, forty-five-year-old woman unleashed a rapid-fire and full-force spanking which lasted about three minutes, during which time her large and hard right hand slapped my lower buttocks and the backs of my legs as hard as she physically could. After a short time, she felt that she was exhausted and stopped, bringing her left arm out from around my waist and placed both hands flat on my back, smiling at her sister as the ladies listened to me sniffing, sobbing and crying into the cushion on the sofa.

“Now, if only we could help out when Lindsay smacks your botty, then that would be a dream come true.” She laughed, looking at her younger sister.

“Or perhaps get Miss Kominsky and Mrs. Wheeler to come over and give you a good hiding for being so naughty.” Maureen Hannah added.

I moaned into the cushion, my bottom hot and sore from the effects of Doreen’s heavy hand.

“Maybe we could get slutty Nicola to join us – to spank you and then to be spanked!” Doreen laughed, taking her right hand from my back as she did so.

I groaned into the cushion at the thought of Nicola Patton, although the idea of a smacked bottom from her was not an altogether unpleasant thought.

The forty-five-year-old woman slipped her large hand between my legs that were slightly open. She smiled as she touched the wet tip of my cock, moving her hand up and down my cock and balls until she let her hand rest around my thick, erect cock. She squeezed it in her large hand, wiping it on her trousers.

“Just you keep that thing under control for your Aunties otherwise you won’t get your “treat” afterwards.” She leaned over and whispered into my right ear.

Maureen Hannah got up from the armchair and adjusted her blouse with the buttons undone. Next, she ironed the creases from her navy skirt with both hands before walking across to where her sister had laid the implements, returning to her armchair a few moments later. She held the small, oval-headed, ebony-backed clothes brush with its rows of black bristles in her right hand. She looked at my red and sore bottom before returning to her seat and adjusting her skirt once again.

“Time for Auntie Maureen’s clothes brush, young man.” She announced sweetly, tapping the brush against the palm of her left hand as she spoke.

Her sister sat back on the sofa and gently tapped my bare bottom with her large left hand.

“You heard Auntie Maureen. Up you get and bend over her knee.” Doreen instructed sternly.

A couple of minutes later, I was lying over Maureen’s silky navy skirt with the tiny white spots, the cool material making me feel like I was going to shoot my load over the younger woman’s skirt. I wriggled and squirmed in an attempt to get comfortable as I lay over Maureen’s strong knees, which seemed to annoy the forty-two-year-old so much so that she pushed her left arm under my stomach and pulled me tightly into her lap, my bare skin rubbing against her light-blue cotton blouse. Out of my sight, Maureen Hannah laid the small, ebony-backed brush against my lower right buttock and took a few deep breaths.

“Now, just like last time Peter. You’re going to receive twelve smacks with each of our implements – just enough to teach you a lesson but not too much so that Auntie Lindsay suspects anything.” The woman with the dark blonde hair explained quietly, holding me tightly as she did so.

“You just lie there and take them – don’t cause a fuss, young man.” She added.

“Or there will be no cuddling and touching afterwards – just sent home with a sore bottom to Auntie Lindsay.” She raised the brush in her right hand and paused as I moved my hands on the floor in front of me.

No warning was given before the younger sister wrapped out her first six smacks with the clothes brush, slapping my buttocks alternately with the nasty little brush.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

I was crying loudly as the brush kissed my already sore buttocks, my tears dropping onto the carpeted floor before me. Maureen Hannah did not say a word, simply pausing briefly to inspect my bottom, licking her lips as she saw the deep red marks that had been left on my bottom from her clothes brush.

“There, there, Sweetie. You deserve every smack for being rude to Auntie Doreen and myself this week.” She scolded, raising her brush as she spoke.

She adjusted the grip that she had on me with her strong left arm and held me tightly as she wasted no time at all in laying those final half-a-dozen smacks with the brush across the backs of my legs.

“Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!” “Smack!”

Doreen was laughing as she sat on the sofa, watching me crying and sniffing for all I was worth. My backside was on fire, and I knew that there was a lot more coming my way before my punishment was over that afternoon. The older Hannah sister got to her feet and walked over to the other armchair where her implements were piled. She bent down and picked up the maroon-coloured slipper. It had some white fur around the top and a nasty dark brown rubber sole. Having been slippered by Doreen before, I knew how much it hurt and seeing her, through blurry eyes, walking towards us, holding it in her left hand, made me cry even more.

“Your turn with the slipper, Sis,” Doreen announced coldly, holding it out in her hand as she spoke.

Maureen’s hand slipped from my waist and felt for my cock. She soon found it and smiled as she stroked it with her fingers.

“Up you get, Honey. Go and lie over Doreen’s knee on the sofa.” Maureen spoke softly.

Minutes later, I was being held face down into Doreen’s black trousers, my bottom raised by cushions that the older sister had placed on the arm of the sofa.

“Let’s see if Maureen can wallop your little botty as hard as I did – or as hard as Miss Kominsky, shall we?” Auntie Doreen leaned over and whispered into my right ear.

Maureen Hannah stood behind me, at my left-hand side. She measured the slipper across my bottom and once satisfied, drew it back, adjusting her blouse with her left hand before returning to the task in hand. Over the next five minutes or so, she slowly and carefully brought the innocent-looking maroon slipper with its hard sole down against my lower buttocks twelve times, ignoring my muffled cries and shouts as she did so.

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

“Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!” “Thump!”

I was left sobbing and sniffing into Doreen’s damp black trousers for a while, the older sister stroking my shaven head gently with her large hands. She sat and smiled at her younger sister who stood there tapping the slipper against the palm of her right hand. After a few minutes, she turned and walked across the living room, returning to the sofa, the large wooden paddle in her right hand.

“I think it’s your turn, Doreen.” She smiled as I sniffed loudly into her sister’s trousers.

The older sister looked up and nodded.

“I know how much this naughty one enjoys your paddle, Sis,” Maureen added, contemplating the large, heavy, wooden paddle in her hand as she spoke.

Within what seemed no time at all, I found myself in the exact same position, only this time I was being held securely into Maureen’s silky navy skirt with the small white spots. I had not stopped sniffing and sobbing, my bottom already hot, red and sore from my punishment so far. Behind me, Doreen Hannah stood at my left-hand side and laid her heavy wooden paddle flat against my bare bottom. She flicked her long blonde hair from her face and began tapping the solid piece of wood gently against my lower bum cheeks.

“Twelve of my very best for you this afternoon, young man.” She announced coldly, tapping my backside with her paddle as she spoke.

I felt myself being pushed further down into Maureen’s knees, my bottom rising as my hips rested on the arm of the sofa, presenting the older Hannah sister with the perfect target. She licked her lips and adjusted her blouse with her left hand before focusing totally on the task in hand.

“Let’s see if Auntie Doreen can give you a walloping that’s even harder than Mrs. Wheeler.” She laughed wickedly, tapping my right bum cheek with the paddle as she did so.

“I bet she can spank seriously hard, can’t she Sweetie? I mean, she must get lots of practice with all of the naughtiness that must go on in there.” She laughed, raising the paddle in her right hand as she did so.

A few moments later she brought the thick wooden paddle down, flat against my lower bum cheek—her first painful swat landing just above the crease in between my right buttock and thigh.


I immediately tried to get up and escape from the pain, but it was a futile gesture as Maureen simply used all of her weight to hold me in position over her knee. I shouted as the pain registered in my brain, wriggling and squirming as much as I could, until the sensation faded. Behind me, Doreen simply smiled at her younger sister and held her paddle out of the way, waiting until I had calmed myself. Once she was satisfied that I was ready she laid the paddle flat against my left buttock and repeated the dose.


Again, I shouted and cried, wriggling about for all I was worth, but Maureen held onto me, smiling at her sister to signal that I was ready for the next smack.

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

“Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!” “Whack!”

Doreen Hannah took nearly ten minutes to administer her ten, full-force and no-nonsense smacks with her nasty paddle. By the time she had finished, she was sweating, and she wiped beads of perspiration from her forehead with the back of her large left hand, smiling as she listened to me sniffing, crying and sobbing into her younger sister’s lap. Doreen Hannah spent a few moments inspecting my bottom, running the palm of her right hand over my red and bruised bottom gently, smiling as I squirmed around in reaction to feeling her hand touching my delicate bottom.

The forty-five-year-old woman looked across at the clock on the living room wall and realising that I needed to be on my way home by 3 pm, wasted no time in returning her paddle to the armchair in the far corner of the room and returning moments later, holding the thick, black leather belt in her hands. She said nothing as she carefully wrapped the long belt around her large right hand, smiling once she had shortened it to the desired length. The well-built woman stepped across and re-took her position at my left-hand side, smiling at her sister.

“The belt for you young man.” Doreen Hannah spoke sternly, laying the thick piece of black leather across my backside as she spoke.

“Bad, bad, boy! I’ll teach you to be rude to Auntie Maureen and myself by ignoring us and talking to that little slut the other night.” She hissed.

“Twelve swipes with Auntie’s belt and then that just leaves the canes, doesn’t it?” She continued, carefully measuring out where her first slap with the heavy piece of leather would land.

“Have a little cry, Peter and maybe think about Nicola, or Miss Kominsky, or Mrs. Wheeler, or Maureen and myself as I belt you.” She added, taking the belt back over her right shoulder.

“Think about being a good boy, young man. And what reward a good boy would like once his Aunties have finished smacking his naughty bottom this afternoon.” Doreen Hannah smiled, bringing the belt down before she had finished speaking.


The thick piece of black leather slapped down hard against my fleshy right bum cheek, igniting a fire almost instantly. I screamed into Maureen’s skirt, but she held me tightly, pushing me down with all of her strength. Across from her, her older sister had returned the belt to her right shoulder and soon had the second stroke on its way.


Again, it landed flat against my backside, this time, igniting a burning fire in my left bum cheek. I screamed, shouted and cried for all I was worth, but knew that this was a pointless exercise. The sisters were going to punish me until they were satisfied. I had agreed to it, after all. Eventually, although I was still crying into Maureen’s navy skirt, I tried to take my mind off the pain that Doreen was causing across my muscular bottom. I thought about Nicola and what it would be like to have sex with her and also how arousing it had been watching Miss Kominsky spanking and slippering her alongside me when we were at school. All the while, Doreen slapped my bottom with her belt, giving me a few moments between each painful swipe before laying on the next one.

“Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!”

“Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!” “Whap!”

Maureen held me down into her, by now, damp skirt and used her hands to try and soothe me, brushing my shaven head softly. She smiled as she listened to me sniffing and sobbing into her silky skirt, aware that the best part of the afternoon was soon approaching. The younger sister hoped that I chose her to give me my reward for taking my punishment. The forty-two-year-old was shaken from her daydream by her sister, who was stood across from the sofa watching her with me draped over her lap. In her right hand she held the two canes that she had ordered weeks before. This was going to be a new experience for both ladies.

“Time to drive our displeasure with this naughty one home, Sis,” Doreen spoke softly, contemplating the crook-handled school cane in her hand.

Maureen smiled at her sister from the sofa, allowing me to continue sniffing and crying as I lay there, face buried in her navy-skirted lap. After a few minutes, the younger sister decided that I had calmed down enough and was ready to face the finale to my punishment that afternoon.

“Get yourself up and stand and face me, Peter.” She spoke softly, sitting back on the sofa as she did so to allow me to get to my feet.

I struggled to get to my feet, but eventually, I was standing facing Maureen, who was sitting on the leather sofa, smiling up at me as she brushed the creases from her navy skirt with the small white spots on it. She was hot and sweaty from her exertions and from having me over her lap and like her older sister wanted to conclude my punishment as quickly as possible. She was desperate to get me into the bedroom and find out what I wanted as my “treat.” I stood there, cock semi-hard pointing at Maureen, wiping my eyes with both hands before placing my hands on my hot and sore buttocks, rubbing them in a vain attempt to take the pain away.

Doreen Hannah stood across from me. She smiled as she watched me rubbing my bottom frantically before returning her full attention to the canes which she held in her hands.

“So, Sis. What shall we do now? Which cane would you like to use on this naughty one this afternoon?” She swished the red-handled dragon cane through the air as she spoke.

The younger Hannah sister smiled back, getting up from the sofa as she did so. Maureen re-arranged the cushions on the arm of the leather sofa, looked at me and smiled sweetly before returning her focus to her well-built sister.

“I think Peter needs to bend over the arm of the sofa and then he’ll receive six of the best from each of us for his dreadful behaviour on Tuesday evening.” She spoke calmly, looking at me rubbing my bottom.

“It is six of the best that they give you at school if you are naughty, isn’t it, young man?” She asked quietly.

I nodded at her. She was smiling.

“Although I’m sure that ladies like Miss Kominsky or Mrs. Wheeler would probably slip an extra one or two in, wouldn’t they Peter? I mean, who would tell?” She asked, a hint of seriousness in her voice.

Again I nodded at the younger sister who smiled as she pushed her small, round glasses up to the top of her nose with the index finger of her left hand.

“Well, Auntie Doreen and I aren’t that cruel, young man so it’ll be six from each of us and then we’ll take care of you.” She continued.

“Bend over the arm of the sofa and place your face in the cushion if you want to. No fuss, please Peter. The sooner we get your punishment done, then the sooner that I can take you into my bedroom and give you your “treat,” can’t I?” Maureen smiled as she unfastened the last buttons on her light blue blouse and untucked it from her skirt.

“Have you decided what “treat” you would like from us, young man?” She asked in a whisper.

I nodded nervously, looking at Maureen and then her sister who was standing there still swishing the canes from time to time.

“Good. Then bend over and just take your punishment from Auntie Doreen and myself.” The younger sister smiled as she walked over to where Doreen was.

I submissively took the few steps back across to the leather sofa and carefully lowered myself down onto the arm of the leather sofa, resting my hips on the cushions that Maureen had placed on the arm. I reached over and took the cushion in both hands placing my face gently into the soft material and closing my eyes. Behind me, my toes touched the carpeted floor, and my legs were slightly apart. I took a few deep breaths as I awaited this painful finale to my punishment that afternoon.

Maureen Hannah took the crook-handled school-type cane in her right hand and looked at it closely for a few moments. It was about twenty-inches long and was relatively thin. Once she was standing at my left-hand side she flexed it in both hands several times before swishing it through the air to get the feel for it. This would be the first time that she had caned anybody, and she wanted to do it correctly. The well-built lady with the dark blonde hair that she wore tied up with a black plastic hair clip, concentrated upon laying the thick piece of wood across my right bum cheek, ensuring that the cane was not hanging over.

Once she was ready, Miss Hannah slowly lifted the cane from my bottom and carefully brought it down through the air, showing no emotion when it connected with the centre of my right buttock.


And a moment later.


The cane stroke did hurt, but not as much as I had anticipated. Maureen was going to administer her six strokes safely, ensuring that she did not wrap the cane around my thighs or hit my legs and so, over the next few minutes she took her time to lay out three perfect, thin, dark red lines across each of my bum cheeks, smiling as she watched the lines appear across the fleshy part of my muscular bottom.


Shortly followed by a “Thwack!” As the crook-handled cane collided with my already sore and swollen bottom.

Once she had administered that final stroke, Maureen Hannah leaned over and ran her large right hand over my bottom, careful not to dig her fingernails into the impressive set of red cane marks that she had just imprinted across my backside. She spent a few minutes rubbing and soothing my bottom before she walked away and placed the crook-handled cane on the armchair in the corner of the room. When she turned around, Doreen was already in position beside the sofa, tapping my backside with the much heavier dragon cane.

“You’re going to learn young man, that when we tell you to do something, that you do it immediately and without question. Is that understood, you naughty, naughty boy!” She scolded, tapping away with her cane as she did so.

I was crying once more but managed to turn my head and look over my shoulder at the large lady in the red blouse with the black spots on it.

“Y-Ye-Yes, Auntie Doreen. I I I’m Sor – Sorry, Auntie Doreen.” I snivelled, returning my face back to the cushion.

“Auntie Doreen is going to give you six of the best to show you who is in charge around here, my lad!” She snapped, lifting the cane as she spoke.

A moment later, the heavier cane landed across my lower right buttock and the burning sensation as it bit deep into my skin made me shout into the cushion.



Unlike Maureen, who had remained silent as she had caned me, Doreen Hannah began laughing loudly, clearly enjoying caning me. Like her sister, she took her time between each stroke, partly to let me regather my composure and partly so that she could scold me some more. After about five minutes, Doreen Hannah laid the dragon cane against the crease in between my right buttock and thigh and brought her cane down for that sixth, and final, time.



Just as her sister had done, Doreen leaned over and inspected her work, smiling as she could see the deep red marks that had been left by her cane. My bottom was a mixture of shades, but it was predominantly a shade of dark red from the wooden paddle, belt and canes and it would mean that I would not be sitting down comfortably for a few days to come.

“Stay there Peter and I’ll go and get some cream and plasters and we’ll clean you up, young man.” The older sister announced, walking over to the chair, putting her cane down before turning and leaving the room.

I continued sniffing and sobbing into the cushion, Maureen Hannah watching me from across the living room. She stood in silence, arms folded across her chest as she waited for Doreen to return. As she looked at the clock on the wall, they had just under an hour before I would have to go home and she desperately wanted to make the most of that time, hoping that it was her that I had chosen to give me my “treat” for being a good boy. Maureen felt how damp she was between her legs and hoped that I asked her for a blow job. She was desperate to take my cock in her mouth and make me cum.

A short time later, I felt Doreen’s large, warm and heavy hand massaging cooling, soothing cream into my sore and swollen buttocks, her hand touching every single inch of my delicate skin, carefully rubbing the cream into every part, even sliding her hand between my open thighs and rubbing her hand over my cock and balls. I moaned into the cushion and moved around at the sensation of the older woman’s large hand on my cock, but she simply laughed and placed her left-hand flat on my lower back to hold me still whilst she finished her work. After she had carefully applied a couple of plasters to my backside, the sisters stood there staring at me lying face down on their sofa.

“Would you like a treat, Peter, for being such a good boy and taking your punishment so well this afternoon?” Maureen Hannah asked kindly.

My cock had already started to swell once more thanks to Doreen’s hands, but I was desperate for my “treat” from the sisters.

I carefully eased myself up from the sofa and spent a few moments wiping my eyes before placing my hands on my bottom and gently rubbing my hot and sore backside. The Hannah sisters smiled sweetly at me as they watched me standing there, cock almost rock-hard and sticking out in front of me proudly.

“Looks like a “Yes” to me Maureen.” The older sister laughed.

“Mmm.” Maureen nodded and licked her lips suggestively.

“So, what would you like for your “treat,” young man?” She asked, kicking off her flat-heeled black shoes as she spoke.

I smiled nervously at the ladies, looking at Maureen in her short-sleeved light blue blouse that was undone, enabling me to see her large breasts that were covered by her silky white bra.

“Please, may I have a blow job from you Auntie Maureen as my treat?” I asked awkwardly, not sure how the older woman would react.

Maureen Hannah smiled and laughed quietly.

“Of course, Peter. Auntie Maureen would like that and perhaps Auntie Doreen can help me too?”

I looked at Doreen and nodded at her.

“Perhaps I could wank you off into my tits and let you cum all over my blouse? Would you like that, young man?” She began slowly unbuttoning the remaining buttons on her blouse, revealing a silky navy bra underneath.

“Yes Auntie Doreen. I want to spunk on you.” I gasped.

Maureen Hannah laughed and took a few steps across the room until she was standing next to me. The forty-two-year-old woman wasted no time at all in taking my left hand in her right and gently leading me out of the living room, along the hallway and into her bedroom. When we walked into her bedroom she smiled and pointed to the double bed.

“Lie on your back on my bed and prepare yourself, Peter.” She purred.

I quickly sat down on the bed and lay back with my head on the pillows watching as the Hannah sisters undressed, simply leaving their clothes in piles on the floor. They replaced their blouses, leaving them open so that I could see their large breasts. My cock was rock hard and desperate for Maureen to start work on it. The younger sister sat at the bottom of her bed, between my legs and pushed her small round glasses up to the top of her small nose with her left index finger. Doreen lay down at my right-hand side and began stroking my bare chest with her left hand, looking into my eyes as she did so.

“That’s a very big cock, isn’t it, Peter?” Maureen Hannah spoke in a whisper, her right hand taking hold of my throbbing cock.

“No wonder Nicola and Mrs. Wheeler and Miss Kominsky like having your trousers down.” Doreen chipped in.

“I think the spanking is just a necessary excuse to get a good look at that beauty.” Maureen Hannah laughed, beginning to slowly move my cock backwards and forwards in her large hand.

“Do you like Auntie Maureen wanking your cock, Peter?” She asked quietly, looking into my eyes as she spoke, wanking my cock as she did so.

I gasped, both at the feeling of Doreen’s fingernails stroking my bare chest and also the feeling of her younger sister masturbating me.

“Yes Auntie Maureen. It’s a lovely feeling. Thank you.” I spat out, closing my eyes as I lay back in the pillows.

“That’s nice, because Auntie likes wanking your cock.” She purred before leaning in closer, bringing her face closer to my fully-erect cock.

“I bet Auntie Lindsay doesn’t do this to you, does she, young man?” Doreen whispered in my ear, leaning over and kissing me softly on the lips.

“All spank – and no wank – that one, I bet.” She laughed before kissing my lips once more.

Maureen licked her lips as she stared at my cock in her right hand. She smiled across at her sister before noisily spitting on my throbbing cock and cupping my balls in her large left hand. The younger sister continued wanking me for a moment before opening her mouth and placing about half of my eight inches inside her warm mouth. I gasped at the feeling, but felt myself being grabbed by Doreen, who kissed me hard on the mouth, pushing her tongue inside. I responded, our tongues touching as, at the bottom of the bed, Maureen sucked loudly on my cock.

The younger Hannah sister held my balls tightly in her left hand as she continued wanking my cock with her right hand and her mouth at the same time. Her tongue exploring every inch of my long and thick cock as she moved it backwards and forwards. I wanted to laugh as she slurped noisily on my cock taking as much inside her mouth as she could before letting it go once more, her dark blonde hair brushing against my bare skin as her head worked away. As Maureen Hannah sucked and licked my hard cock, Doreen continued kissing me on the mouth, taking my right hand and placing it on her large right breast, the large, dark brown nipple standing out erect as my fingers rolled over it.

After a few minutes, I felt my hips tense as I came close to climax and I moved away from Doreen, looking down at her sister, who was still busily working away at my cock.

“Auntie Maureen – I’m going to cum!” I raised my voice in excitement.

The forty-two-year-old mumbled something which I couldn’t understand as she continued to work my cock with her mouth and her right hand. She had just removed my throbbing cock from her mouth and held it in her right hand when I came, shooting a long first spurt of spunk which landed on Maureen Hannah’s face, covering her small round glasses and nose and dribbling down toward her mouth. She smiled and gasped as a second, then a third spurt followed, this time, she managed to get most of it in her open mouth, swallowing it noisily, before licking more from her nose and her chin. Doreen laughed at her sister as she saw her face dripping with my cum, but Maureen was happy, simply taking off her glasses that were dripping with my spunk and placed them out of the way on the top of her bedside cabinet.

The well-built woman with the dark blonde hair then spent a while licking and cleaning my cock and balls, smiling as she noticed that some of my cum had dripped onto her light blue blouse, leaving a few dark blue spots. Maureen removed it and threw it onto the floor, shuffling up on the bed until she was lying next to me, kissing my lips as she placed her head on the pillows. She was sweating and breathing heavily, but she was satisfied. She hadn’t felt this way in a long time and was glad that this was the beginning of regular sessions with me.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes, both ladies kissing and teasing me with their fingers, Doreen concentrating her efforts around my cock and balls whilst her sister stroked my chest with her fingernails whilst kissing me softly on the lips at the same time. Soon my cock had woken up once more thanks to Doreen Hannah’s efforts and she busied herself masturbating me, rubbing my growing cock against her silky smooth thigh. I looked at Maureen and smiled as I lowered my head towards her large breasts, reaching down with my tongue and gently licking her large brown nipple, the older woman laughing contently as I moved my tongue around it in circles.

“Can I suck it please, Auntie?” I whispered as I looked across at her lying on the bed.

“Oh, yes, young man. Lick and suck Auntie Maureen’s tits. She’d like that very much.” She purred, smiling as I leaned over and began my work.

Doreen said nothing, instead concentrating upon masturbating my cock slowly. She moved it backwards and forwards, leaning over and brushing her long, blonde hair against my bare skin as she spat a mouthful of saliva all over the tip of my rock-hard cock to moisten it. After a few moments where she worked it backwards and forwards, the older sister touched my thick cock against the silky material of her red blouse with the black spots that covered it. The sensation was amazing, and I stopped sucking on Maureen’s breasts and looked over at her.

She smiled and continued working my cock in her hand, licking her lips as she felt me tensing once again.

“Sit up, Peter and place that between my tits!” She instructed.

Maureen let me go and moved further around on the bed to give us some space and she watched as her sister lay on her back. I straddled her and touched my hot and throbbing cock in between her large breasts which she held in both hands. Her silky blouse rubbed against my skin as Doreen Hannah slowly moved her large breasts against my cock, pushing it backwards and forwards. In what seemed like no time at all I exploded, sending another three long spurts of hot, gloopy spunk, this time they landed all over Doreen’s bare breasts, her blouse and some even spat onto her face.

She didn’t seem to mind and lay back on the pillows on the bed, licking the spunk from her cheeks before sitting up on the bed and wiping more from her breasts and her blouse with her right hand before putting it in her mouth. I carefully climbed off her and collapsed into the middle of Maureen’s double bed, immediately being cuddled by the younger Hannah sister. She smiled at me as she touched and kissed me, exhausted but very satisfied.

I left the Hannah sisters’ shop at just after 3 pm that Thursday afternoon. My bottom was hot and throbbing through my trousers, knowing that it had been well spanked indeed. Auntie Lindsay had asked me about the “stock take” and seemed to have accepted my story without batting an eyelid. I had then gone up to my bedroom and taken off my clothes before lying on my bed and touching my bottom and then my cock, still slightly in shock at what Doreen and Maureen had done to me that afternoon. I smiled at the thought of the two not unattractive older women and the arrangement they had with me.

Later that evening as I picked my trousers from my bedroom floor to fold them neatly, I felt a piece of paper folded up in my back pocket and smiled as I undid the button and pulled out the note, lying on my stomach on my bed as I unfolded it.

“Peter, I hope that you enjoyed this afternoon as much as we did and that you are thinking about your “treat” for next time. If only we could ask Nicola, or one of your old school mistresses to come and take part. Now, wouldn’t that be something – I’m sure that you would like to be spanked by Nicola, or Miss Kominsky, or your old Form Mistress, Mrs. Wheeler, wouldn’t you? Love, Auntie Maureen xx.”

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