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Sonia a Slave Wife for Rent

The men could hear the roaring engine long time before they could actually see the car. The road meandered through an isolated mountain area and the nearest neighbors were many miles away. Finally they watched the Range Rover take the last turn and drive up towards the hunting lodge. The dogs began to bark but were quickly silenced by their owners. It was Friday late afternoon and the heat was intense.

The car stopped in front of the group of men and out stepped a very large and completely black man with an aura of great authority. “He looks like a Zulu tribal chief”, one of the men thought. Instinctively, some of them stepped back and bumped into the men behind them.

The big man smiled when he saw that he had made an impression.

“Hello there. Are you the hunting party belonging to Mr. Smith?”, he asked.

One of the men replied: “Yes, Sir, I am Mr. ..eehh… Smith, Sir. You must be Mr. Obatulezi? Thank you for coming so far”.

“Obutulezi. No problem! I was actually not so far away anyway. And I intend to stay nearby for my own business and pleasure!” His roaring laughter for some reason made the men nervous.

“Did you bring the goods, Mr. Obutuluzi”, asked Mr. Smith.

“Of course. I just wanted to see you gentlemen before I give away my treasure.”

Behind the dark windows of the Range Rover Sonia watched the six men waiting for her. It was almost like their eyes could penetrate the metal of the car. Most of them seemed like ordinary rich people, well groomed and wearing expensive hunting clothes, but one of them looked different. A very tall and muscular guy with a vicious face and rather shabby dressed. He meant trouble she was sure.

“Well, gentlemen, perhaps you would like to meet my wife?”

Again the roaring laughter rang through the mountains. The confirmation was unanimous. The impatience suddenly seemed intense. The big black man went to the back seat door, opened it and took hold of a dog’s leash. Pulling at it, he dragged Sonia out in the open in front of the six attentive men.
“WAAUUW”, was the immediate reaction. Sonia was dressed in heels, stockings, g-string and push-up bra. Around her neck was a spiked collar to where the dog leash was attached. In her mouth was a red ball gag. Her arms were hand cuffed in front of her and her ankles were in chains, short but long enough to allow her taking small steps. She looked nervously at the men who seemed ready to rape her.

The men watched this almost naked woman with a terrific body. Their lusty eyes tracked her long curvy legs, the bubble butt, the big 38D tits, the beautiful face, full lips, sexy long dark brown hair and big fearful blue eyes looking back at them. They could hardly wait. She could see movements inside their pants.

“Well, Gentlemen, do you like what you see?”, her husband asked.

“OOHH YEAHH” seemed to be the common response.

“Perhaps one of you fine gentlemen wants a sample before we enter the final agreement?”

The big vicious looking guy stepped forward.

“YEAH, I would certainly like a sample of that gorgeous SLUT. Do you mean I can make a test drive? Fuck her?”

“She is all yours for five minutes, Sir”, Mr. Obutulezi said and handed over the dog leash. He knew he could drive a harder bargain after a short demonstration of his wife’s special abilities.

“But remember: This is my precious and beautiful wife, and I want her to stay that way. No permanent marks are allowed, no unnecessary use of violence, nothing broken, no hospital needed afterwards. Do we agree?”

“Certainly. Now come here, bitch”.

The big guy pulled the leash and dragged Sonia a few meters away from the group. He pulled her up by the leash so she had to tiptoe and placed his ugly face a few inches from her face.

“Now, bitch, you do exactly what I want. If not you will regret it deeply. Do you understand?”

Sonia nodded with a horror stricken expression in her pretty face.

“Now get on your knees. You know what to do, slut.”

Sonia kneeled as ordered. She watched as the man opened his trousers and pulled out a huge erect dick and slammed her chins with it. Then he pulled out her ball gang.


Obediently, Sonia took the cock in her little mouth and started sucking. Even though it was at least eight inches long she managed to take it all in, making the owner very happy. She sucked eagerly to avoid punishment.

“Wauw, this slut is a GREAT cock sucker! You did not exaggerate her skills in that respect, Mr. Obutulozi,” said the big man while he grabbed Sonia’s head and made her gag violently until her face turned red.

“Thank you, Sir. It seems that you have a natural talent in handling women.”

She was close to fainting when the man let go of her and she inhaled air like a vacuum cleaner, coughing but not daring to spit.

“Well, she is great with her mouth. But I am mostly looking forward to test her cunt. Rumor has it that it is like both fucking and getting a blowjob at the same time?”

“Rumor is right, Sir. But it depends on your own size. I would say, though, that you have no problems in that respect”, the black man said while looking at the big cock that had just rammed into the throat of his wife.

“Get down like the bitch you are and turn that ass against me. Now it is test drive time!”, the big guy said with a horny grin. The other men laughed and cheered.

“Go get her”.

“Fuck that bitch!”

“Fuck her hard”!

The man kneeled behind Sonia, dragged down her small panties and grabbed her groin.

“Wauw, she is all wet! Such a horny bitch! Ready for more!”

The big man whom she would later come to know as Jim placed his cock on her lips and fucked his way into Sonia’s pussy. He pushed too hard and missed her uterus, banging at the end of her vagina. He fucked her brutally like in a frenzy.


Her husband intervened.

“If you want to feel her special feature you need to be less forceful. Let me show you.”

He pushed the man away, kneeled behind Sonia, unleashed his big black cock and shoved it inside her, hard but less brutal than Jim. He then pushed her body down so her face lay on the ground and her stomach on her thighs.

“You see this angle she is in? You need like a 30 degree attack angle in order to direct your cock inside her womb. You will immediately feel the difference. UUHHMMM. Now I am all the way in”, said her husband while he fucked her in front of the strangers. And certainly his big black cock was moving in and out of not only her vagina, but also her uterus. She could not help getting aroused herself.

“Please have a go, Sir”, said her husband, moved away and made an elegant gesture, so the white man was invited to fuck the slave wife. He once more penetrating Sonia, this time following the advice and his face was beaming with intense joy.

“I GET IT! I GET IT! THIS IS FUCKING TERRIFIC! Wauw, she is SO TIGHT and it feels exactly like someone’s sucking on the dickhead while I fuck her! Guys, this is FABULOUS!” he said to his comrades while he was slowly moving in and out of Sonia’s cunt, absorbed in enjoying the extraordinary feeling.

“OK, you have had your test run. Now we must discuss the financial matters,” her husband said and made another gesture, so the big man pulled out and stood up. He grabbed Sonia by the hair and dragged her face close to his cock.

“Well, I assume that she can complete her task while you and Mr. Smith arrange the details”, the big man asked.

“Business is business. NO MORE SAMPLING before we reach a final agreement. Sonia, come over here and suck my cock while we finalize matters with these fine gentlemen.” He took hold of her dog leash and dragged her away, following Mr. Smith to a wooden table on the terrasse of the hunting lodge.
Sonia knew what to do. She moved under the table and started sucking her husband, while he was selling her for the weekend.

Sonia could still taste her husband’s cum in her mouth as she watched him drive down the road and disappear, leaving her for two days with six lecherous and sadistic men. She was to be their slave, completely submissive and obeying any orders or fulfilling any kinky ideas they could think of.
The hunting party had paid 70 % up front for Sonia’s services and the rest was to be paid on Sunday when her husband would pick her up again.

Sonia knew only too well that if they had any complaints to tell her husband after the weekend she would be severely punished. Not by Mr. Obutulezi himself but by his black servants who were extremely cruel. They loved to make her scream in agony for hours. The thought terrified her. She would do her best to satisfy these strangers. Nothing could be worse than to be tortured by the African servants.

The men gathered around her, tearing off her bra and panties and groping her voluptuous body.

“These big tits are natural! Aren’t they, bitch”, asked one of the men while he was squeezing them hard.

“Yes, Sir, they are natural”, squeaked Sonia and whimpered as he pinched her sensitive nipples hard with a sadistic grin.

One man said: “Well, how are we planning this? Should we start slowly or what? How do we share her?”

“I WANNA FUCK HER NOW! Need to finalize what I began an hour ago!”, shouted the big shabby guy and pushed her to the ground. He fucked his huge cock into Sonia’s tight pussy from behind and pushed it all the way into her womb. Then he began to fuck her in deep, hard strokes.


Mr. Smith grabbed her hair, lifted her head and fucked his big cock into her mouth. She was being penetrated in both ends. She felt hands grapping her tits and pinching her nipples and finding their way into her tight little asshole.




“AAARRRGGGHHHH”; screamed the big guy fucking her when he came violently. She could feel his cum exploding inside her womb, overflowing her ovaries, filling her pussy, sploshing out of her stuffed hole and running down her thighs as he continued to fuck her. Right after Mr. Smith came in her mouth, spouting a stream of thick sperm right down her throat.

“SWALLOW THAT BITCH!” He shouted and slapped her ass.


Jim was being dragged out of Sonia’s sloppy cunt and another took immediately his place. Extremely excited he missed the target and banged against the bottom of her little vagina, making her scream in pain.

“WAIT MICK! You have to be slow if you want to feel her the right way! Remember her husband’s demonstration”, said Jim, “you need a steeper angle and slower movement. Then you will hit target”, grinned Jim.

Mick calmed down and concentrated on fucking Sonia the right way. He only needed very little target practice before hitting bull’s eye and forcing his big cock though the mouth of her uterus.

“WOOOOHEEEW! This bitch has some CUNT! I WILL NEVER STOP FUCKING HER!” Sonia felt his big cock move faster and faster. He slammed violently against her ass and his dickhead moved in and out of her womb, stimulating him like he had never tried before.

Meanwhile, one more guy was facee fucking her throat. They all seem to have king size cocks, thought Sonia. Luckily for her none of them did last for long as they were extremely lecherous and needed relief so badly. Two more huge sperm loads were shot inside her tight orifices, filling her stomach and running down her loins.

The two last men raping her took turns, switching between her mouth and cunt.

“This cunt is so amazing! I have fucked hundreds of women, but nobody gets even close to this slut!” The guy fucking her cunt for the third time said.
“Year, we better keep her alive so we can rent her another time”, grinned the other man who was fucking her throat. They both enjoyed to slap her ass and pinch her nipples while they used her holes.

“HEY, we are still two guys who haven’t fucked her super cunt! Get off her! You have had your turn!” one guy raged.

“Relax Joe, we still need to cum. You have the whole weekend to fuck her!” replied one of the men. Shortly after the guy in her cunt came violently.

Joe, the impatient onlooker pulled cumer out of Sonia’s orifice even as the sperm was still sprouting from his cock and quickly penetrated her sperm filled pussy, making the others laugh.

“Don’t panic, Joe! Take it easy!”

Joe was not as well endowed as the other men and could hardly touch her womb with the tip of his dick. Eager to please him, Sonia turned over and laid on her side, lifting the upper leg.

“Please Sir, take me from the side. That is better for you,” she wispered as the men were laughing out loud over Joe’s apparent disability. Joe immediately followed her advice, pushed her upper leg forwards and moved in between her buttocks, which would allow him one or two inches deeper penetration.

The change of position and the fact that Joe’s short cock was very thick suddenly made Sonia feeling her own climax storming through her body. They both came at the same time.


“BRAVO JOE! You made the bitch come! GOOD JOB!” Joe was beaming from pride.

Within the first hour Sonia had received six sperm loads in her mouth and five in her pussy. Now the last first-nighter for her cunt moved in for his fill of her dripping hole. But this guy named Rob chose differently.

“Judging from your other’s reactions I am sure this slut has a superb pussy, but look at that twat! fucked open as a hell hole and dripping with jizz! I think I will take the back door.”

OH NO! Thought Sonia. NOT MY LITTLE TWINKIE! IT HURTS SO MUCH! Of course she knew that eventually her tight arse would be game but she preferred to postpone the pain as long as possible. This was way too early!

“GET UP BITCH” Rob shouted, took Sonia by her hair and lifted her up into standing position. Her arms and legs were still shackled. Her face, hair, back and thighs were full of sperm. She was a mess.

“You surely look like a bitch! Fucked by six men in face and twat and smeared in sperm! You are a true SLUT, aren’t you bitch? REPLY TO ME”, he said and smacked her face while he was holding her hair.





“NO SIR!” she replied thoughtlessly, not seeing the trap waiting for her.

“Well then, we better do something about it! You don’t t like anal, bitch. Do you?”

“N..n..no Sir”, she whispered, now aware of the game he was setting up.

“GREAT! Just what I wanna hear! You are going to be fucked so badly in your little twinkie, bitch! I love to rape high class bitches like you and inflict SO MUCH PAIN in their tight assholes! Tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass, slut!”

“OH NO SIR! Please don’t harm me!” she sobbed. PLEASE! Anything else, Sir”.

“I have paid 20,000 dollars for this and I want to get full benefit for my investment. KNEEL BITCH! ON YOUR KNEES!”

He broke of a branch from a tree and asked the other guys to hold her firmly on the ground, shackled arms and legs stretched out. Then he started whipping her ass with the branch.

“OOHHH NOOO; SIR! OH IT HURTS! PLEASE STOP SIR! PLEEEEAAASE! OH NOOOO” she cried her heart out while the beating took place. Then he stopped.

“Now bitch. What do you want? More spanking or are you looking forward to having my big cock in your sweet little arse?”


He started whipping her again, each lash making red stripes on her ass, thighs and back. Then he threw the branch away, opened his pants and sat down on her thighs.

“Hold her, guys. I am going to tear that tight ass apart!”

The men held her firmly on the ground, while she was screaming in panic. Rob spit in his hands, smeared the spit onto his big cock and on her asshole and then started working his way in.

“AARRGGHHH! OH IT HURTS! IT HURTS! OHH PLEASE DON’T”. She was sobbing and crying while the big cock was fucked longer and longer inside her ass. It was SO PAINFUL! Rob had the most sadistic grin on his face, clearly enjoying her agony.

“Oh this is SO GOOD! TIGHT ASS! I AM ALMOST ALL THE WAY IN!” grunted Rob as he worked hard for penetration. Finally his crotch touched Sonia’s bubble butt. He sat up and smacked her ass.


He leaned over and started fucking her again slowly, then faster and faster. He pulled out so only his cockhead was inside her ass and then he slammed his organ all the way down, brutally raping her twinkie. She was screaming her heart out. Finally Rob came, filling her innards with huge loads of thick sperm.

“God, it is so good to fuck high class sluts like you! This is going to be a great weekend!”

The men let go of her limbs and Sonia curled up, naked, sobbing and thinking in horror about the rest of the weekend. Sperm was oozing out of all her abused holes.



Sonia was laying on the grass in front of the hunting lodge in a faraway forest, naked, curled up, crying and with sperm oozing out of her sore mouth, cunt and ass. She had swallowed huge loads from all six men raping her. Her back, buttocks and loins were full of red stripes from a painful spanking with a tree branch. Her arms and legs were still shackled with handcuffs. Cakes of sperm covered her face, back, groin and legs.

It was just two hours ago her husband had driven off with a bag full of payment for her services and left her behind to be used and abused by six strangers for a full weekend. The hunting party that had rented her was SO CRUEL. How was she going to stand up against this? She had already gone through hell in just two hours, and she had to please them for another two days! She sobbed in her misery.

That stopped dramatically when a jet of ice cold water hit her back. She screeched in surprise and convulsion by the shock. The men laughed at her very feminine reaction.

“Wakie wakie, bitch! It is time for a cleanup!”

She recognized the voice of Rob, the man that had spanked her so cruelly and raped her ass so bad. OH GOD! What was he up to now?

The water was cut off and Rob stepped closer to his defenceless victim laying naked in the grass.

“You are such a dirty bitch! We better clean you up before we throw you for the dogs, haw haw!”

THE DOGS?? NOOOO! She thought.

The strong water jet hit her sensitive skin again, cleaning her body from face to feet from the sperm cakes. She was howling and screaming but to no effect. The man cleaned her thoroughly with the cold water, especially in her crotch.

“Well well, what do we have here? A naked bitch all cleaned up on the outside. But what about the inside? You are so full of sperm, you dirty bitch. You are such a SLUT. We better clean you up completely.”

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