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Snow Time Like the Present

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It snowed again, so when the sun shown over the roof, it was bright enough to wake me up.

“Huh?” I think I saw him smile, behind the mask before he shook his head, and ran off. I don’t know why I held my covers up over my face. I didn’t wear a mask to bed, and they were already up around my neck, but I barely remember watching the lights flash on the window.

Next door, mom kept bugging dad to take down the tree, before it turned into an Easter Tree. I guess it was almost a Valentines tree, but he saw my face through the window, before I woke up.

I rubbed my eyes, and turned away until I could crack them, and look across my room. Then, I pulled my arm out to close the drapes, so the snow didn’t blind me again, but it was still too early.

I wanted to sleep in, but now I was wide awake. So, I got up, and changed. Looking back to make sure there wasn’t even a crack between the drapes, just in case he came back. I shivered, but it wasn’t just the cold.

I had a stalker. “Huh!” I can’t believe that, he watched me sleeping through the window, for how long? It had to be cold out there, below freezing, because the snow stuck. There were icicles on the roof, hanging from the gutters next door, and they even twinkled with colorful lights, reflected from the living room.

So, I bundled up, and said “Well, I’m going for a walk.”

“Stay safe!” Dad leaned down from the ladder to hand mom the angel, with the star around her head for mom to wrap up in paper. I stomped, and jogged in place on the porch, but then I saw his footprints in the snow.

Leading back from the side yard, and my window, or first 1 set going back that way, then another spaced apart, because he was running. Instead of sneaking, but I stopped before I got to the sidewalk, and printed my boot right next to one.

“Huh!” Big boots, which means big feet, and he even looked heavy from how deep they went in the snow. I shook my head, and got out my sunglasses when the cloud moves away from the sun. So, it went from white to blinding bright again, I looked down the sidewalk, but it turned to ice.

Then, I found more footprints in the gutter, but he stepped into the street, where the trail ended.

Well, let’s see. He couldn’t be the boy next door, or he would have just gone back next door. Besides, I don’t think his boots are that big. Trying to remember what kinds of boots he wears, and whether they have lug soles, that make that pattern.

No, he would have left foot prints leading out of his house, and across his yard to mine. “No, wait.” I went back to the first trail, and followed them backwards. He must have gotten up early, after it stopped snowing, but before it got too bright.

Twilight? I know, it’s not romantic, it’s creepy. I read more than enough articles on what all’s wrong with those books, for young adults, even before 50 Shades came out.

Duh, vampires? Werewolves. I think the age difference is a little petty to point out, when we’re talking about a race war between supernatural families, and it’s just Romeo, and Juliet with vampires. I guess it’s kinda like Underworld meets Romeo, and Juliet? IDK, I’m not really into Vampires

Even sparkly ones.

You want to point out how young Juliet was, when they committed suicide, because they couldn’t be together? Okay, he’s a stalker, but he didn’t think to lead me off the wrong way. Double back on the street, which is shear ice, then sneak back into his house, but he left the exact same footprints going to my house.

“Jeremy,” I bet. “It has to be, he’s the only one old enough to have those big boots to fill.”

Well, maybe he borrowed his dad’s boots, to make his feet look bigger? No, don’t be stupid. He wasn’t planning to get caught so easily. He just paniced, and ran when I woke up.

I wonder if he has the same room as me? I knocked, but Candace peeked through the blinds. Then, she let them drop, and Texted me.

[I can’t come out yet, you know what time it is? It must be freezing, go back to bed.
Txt U L8r?]

So, I guessed that they had the boy’s and girl’s rooms reversed. Of course, their mom, and dad had the big bedroom, in the corner with the bathroom all to themselves. So, I had to go around their living room, and their to check the gate. The snow was already swept back by the bottom, so he must’ve come out this way, but how did he do that, without leaving footprints?

I don’t know, I don’t really care, because at this point, the big mystery was solved. Jeremy was my secret admirer, and I didn’t have to wait until Valentines, but maybe we could set up a date, for Valentines day? I have to talk to him about peeping in my windows, even if I left the drapes open. That’s not an open invitation, I just knew that I had 1 last night to watch the Christmas tree lights before they got taken down.

I knocked, but either he wasn’t in there (Jerking off) or he went in the bathroom to fap, or maybe he got scared, and left when I knocked on his window? [What’s your brother’s number?]


[Never mind Y. I don’t want to get him in trouble, but I just have to make sure it’s not just a misunderstanding of mistaken identity.]

[What happened?]

[I thought I saw him trying to break into a car, across the street, but it was dark, and he was so bundled up. I couldn’t tell, but I just want to make sure it wasn’t him.]

[You’re such a narc.]

[If I was a narc, I’d call the police, instead of texting you to check. Just send me his number.]

[JerryBerry] I snorted, and fixed my mask, before I tapped it, and stuck my hand back in my pocket. With my glove, but if I put it back on, I’d just have to take it off again, when he texted back.

[Who’s this?]

[Karen, from down the street?]

[Oh, hey. I’m sorry I scared you, but I just wanted to make sure U R safe.]

[Oh yeah, because if I had another stalker, he’d make you jealous.]

[Hang on a sec.] … I looked up when I saw his curtains swing out, and push back. I guessed from his door open, and close when he went to his room, as soon as I mentioned stalkers. [I’m not a stalker.]

“Huhhhhhhh!” I pulled my mask up, and drew a heart on his window before I knocked.

(J & K)

It barely fit without writing 4 ever, but he got the message, when he looked out. [Your dick get hard looking in windows, you creepy peeper?]

[No, I’m not a peeper, either. You weren’t naked.]

[I know, because I was asleep, but that means I can’t say no. If you’d just asked me first, I might have said yes.]

[I’m sorry, but would you really have said yes?]

[If you asked to watch me sleep? IDK, it’s kinda weird, but you didn’t give me a chance.]

[You just look so beautiful, especially when you’re sleeping. Peaceful, but just as pretty?]

[Well, prove it. If your dick didn’t get hard, then it’s not hard now, so get it out.] I looked up, but I had to hold my glove up to see the look on his face, in the shadow of all that snow glare.

[RU Serious?]

[Better yet, I’ll ask your sister…]

[No wait, you really want to see my dick?] He stopped to look down, and unzip his pants. [I can’t promise you it won’t get hard.]

[Good, then you can jerk off.] I put my phone up, and got my glove out. So, I could hold both up like a pair of binoculars, but sure enough. It was already chubbly, so I waved him over.

“Huh, YEAH!” I wiped the fog off, and cupped my eyes again, I had to pull my mask up, so it didn’t fog again, as quickly, but I still had to wipe it away. “BEAT OFF ALL OVER MY FACE! Uhn!” I closed my eyes, and pulled my mask down, but then I peeked. Even through the snow glare, I could see a white streak roll down, then another one splash, and run down the window. I smiled, and my face reflected in it like a window.

So, I could see exactly what he saw. His cum running down my face. “Huh!” I bit my fingertip, and pulled my glove off. My mask up, and unlocked my phone on my way around the corner. [Okay, well you proved you have some balls, even if I didn’t get to see them.] I stopped to think, and push the gate back to the snow drifted up in the side yard. [Now, if you think you’re brave enough, you might come and talk to me. Prove you’re a man instead of a scared little boy, and a stalker.]

“Huh, Karen?” He was waiting for me, and he looked around the corner. “Uh, maybe you want to go out for some coffee, or something?” His phone buzzed in his pocket when he got the message.

“Yeah,” I put my phone up, and got my glove back out. “I thought you’d never ask.”

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