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Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters

For the past few months I have been been having an incestuous relationship with my two older sisters Becky and Lisa. The last weekend with my sister Lisa left me with mixed emotions. We both confessed to having developed strong feelings for each other that went beyond normal sibling affection. It even went beyond the amazing physical connection that she and I engaged in. This was starting to turn into true love. But how could it work? There are so many reasons why it couldn’t be that simple. She has children and I am their uncle. And how about the rest of society? We would have to up root our lives and move some place where nobody knew us and pretend to be husband and wife. Our lives would be one big lie and it would most certainly put a huge strain on our relationship and cause fights. Before you no it we would wake up one day to a horrid retched life. Now on the other hand you have my oldest sister Becky. She has no kids and is one of those people that wouldn’t give a fuck what people thought. I’m sure she would be quite open about an incestuous relationship with her younger brother except of course our parents which brings me to my last point. If our parents ever found out about any of this shit, at their age it could kill them and that’s just not an option. Total secrecy is what’s needed here so having an open relationship with Becky wouldn’t work at all. So what’s the answer?

I decided that the three of us needed to get together again and discuss things because someone is bound to get hurt and our lives are heading for a train wreck if we don’t put on the brakes before it gets out of control. I called them both and set up a date to talk. It was rounding the corner into spring time in California which is a beautiful time of year for this state. I wanted to air things out with the girls but at the same time I wasn’t about to make this only a verbal discussion. Once the air was clear and we were all in a good place about things then a weekend of fun and games would begin. At least that was my plan. A friend of mine has a private cabin in the woods and so I called him up to ask if it was available and got the key. I had some major planning and shopping to do so it wasn’t till a month later that all three of us could get a free weekend that didn’t conflict with the other persons schedule. This was going to be the best weekend yet.

My hard work and planning had paid off and every last detail was taken care of to make this the perfect and most memorable weekend get away of our lives. We all agreed to meet at my house bright and early on Friday morning. I had rented a small motor home for the trip and had it packed the night before. I needed to dip into my savings account to fund my little sexcapade but I had to do it up right or not do it at all.

When the girls arrived I handed them their own personal thermos of coffee. They were surprised to see the motor home and excited that they would be riding in comfort and style. I loaded up their bags and we were on our way. As we hit the freeway on ramp I said,

“I bought some cinnamon rolls and have a jug of cold milk chilling in the refrigerator so help yourselves.” Becky spoke up saying,

“Right on Tone. You really went all out dude. This motor home is great.” Lisa echoed Becky’s thoughts and said,

“It’s awesome. How much was it?”

“You know what… it doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that we have a kick ass time but I do have one rule.”

“Uhh ohh,” Becky said, “Here we go with the rules.”

“No really, it’s no big deal but on the drive up, I don’t want to discuss any sexual things that have taken place in the recent past okay. That portion of the trip will take place as soon as we get unpacked and settled into the cabin. Do we have a deal?” Both girls answered,

“Deal.” We took the coast up into central California and spring was now in full effect. It was stunning and the mood could not have been better. We stopped to take some great pictures and eat lunch and made the most of the drive up. When we finally arrived at the cabin it was about mid day and the girls were blown away to see how beautiful it was. I had been on a few fishing trips with my buddy so I knew how great it was but this was their first time up here so I was scoring points left and right with them. The cabin was right on a lake with a mountain setting for a back ground. It looked like it was straight out of a movie. Even if a girl wasn’t into the great outdoors, the sheer beauty would have her giving you her panties in a heart beat. Luckily both my sisters loved camping and nature and all that shit so I was hitting on all pistons with them as far as getting them in the mood.

I had said that the cabin was private and that’s exactly what it was. The nearest anything was a ranger station and small general store about 5 miles away. Other cabins were sprinkled here and there along the road leading up to our cabin but they were also miles away. We parked and got out to stretch our legs and have a look at the view of the lake. Lisa said,

“I can’t believe this place. It’s like a fairy tale. It’s absolutely gorgeous. This is exactly what I needed. Those kids of mine were driving me insane.” Becky took in a deep breath of fresh pine mountain air and sniffed deeply saying,

“Ahhh smell that air. I can feel the big city in my lungs being filtered out as we speak. What a view. Tell your buddy Roger that I said thanks for letting us use the cabin.”

“No problem sis, I already thanked him. He’s a great guy. Let’s get unpacked and get all settled. We each have our own room and there are two showers. One outdoor shower and one indoor. We can get cleaned up and then see about dinner. I took care of all the food so you guys don’t have to worry about shit except enjoying yourselves.” Lisa spoke up saying,

“Wow Tony, you really are sweet. Thanks for planing all this. You’ve out done yourself.”

“Yeah, watch yourself buddy,” Becky said. “A girl could get spoiled and get used to this kind off pampering. If you’re not careful we may expect this kind of treatment all the time.”

“Hay that wouldn’t bother me,” I said. “It’s just that we never used to hang out like we did when we were younger. It’s like we’ve grown up and stopped taking the time to get together unless it was someone’s birthday or the holidays. This weekend for me is my way of letting you guys know that the past few months haven’t been a fluke and I really want to make an effort to hang more often.”

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