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sister nude chat till late night

My name is Akash I am 5’7 with 6′ sister nude inch cock.I live in Nagpur now.

I started living at my uncle’s house to study 11th sister nude standard at Mumbai.I was very close to my sister named Riya (name changed)

She is 5 years older than me.She has seen me naked since childhood.

Coming to the story I used to sleep with her on the bed and I always slept only in my boxers.I used to cuddle with her.She had a habit to chat till late night with her girlfriends.I often used to remove my boxers and press my dick against her ass.One day she caught me doing this and scolded me for 10 minutes.I said sorry and said I was too horny and asked her to touch my penis at first she denied but then after some time she holds my penis and starting stroking it and scrolling FB with another hand. sister nude I was enjoying this very much.As soon I was about to cum I told her to stop and I went to the bathroom and unloaded my penis imagining her touch on my Penis.

This was just the beginning later I used to sleep naked every day and asked her to give handjob when she was in good mood.She also started to show her naughty side to me she starting spanking my ass for fun and she even played with my balls.I was enjoying these days.

Later there was a function at the village so my brother , sister nude uncle, and aunt were leaving for 15 days.I thought It was my chance to show her my naughty desires. Next day morning I woke up and my sister was making breakfast for us.I removed my boxers and went to the kitchen naked as there was no one in the house.I hugged her from behind and she was shocked to see me naked and Commented you have a very nice penis as she was unable to guess its actual size during the night.I was happy that she was okay with my nudism. She also asked me to pose for pictures and sent them to her friends.She also gave me a handjob while watching TV and I came all over the floor.

She asked me to clean the floor and spanked my ass while I was bending down to clean the floor. sister nude We started having fun outdoor too.We used to find a secret place where I can get naked and she used to click my pictures.Saturday night was the most happening day of the small vacation.She started the fun by pinching my nipples and asked to lie on my stomach and started spanking my ass and she even inserted a pencil in my ass and gave a nice hard beating till my ass was red af and she started to give me a harsh handjob.She pulled my skin to expose my glans and tickled it with her nails.It gave me chills and sent signals to my brain and again she started to give handjob and I came all over her hand and my stomach.She cleaned herself near basin and I went to the bathroom to clean the cum.My penis was hurting till the Sunday evening.I wore clothes till the pain was reduced. sister nude I also used to sniff her Panties soaked in her aroma and her bra and masturbate at the sight.

She also had me cross dressed one day.She asked me to wear her Punjabi dress with her Panties and bra under it. sister nude She also asked me to wear her earrings and also applied some makeup on my face and Took selfies and sent the pics to her friend with the caption of my loving sister.She also introduced me to her friend online after we started chatting on WhatsApp.She loved to see me naked.I often sent her my dick pics every my dick got erect.I also sent her a video of me masturbating at the porn video on desktop.My sister once took me to her home.She insisted me to get naked at their home.At my denial sister’s friend forcefully made me naked and were laughing at my helplessness.She started playing with my dick and started stroking it looking in my eyes and gave a naughty smile.After handjob, she took my underwear and cut it down with scissors and handed me brand new panty of my size as a gift and have to wear it now.It had a panda on the rear side.I wore it she took pictures of it and I wore my pants on them.She gave me a kiss on my cheeks while leaving and squeezed my bum and asked me to come alone someday. sister nude I agreed to it as I enjoyed most of the time at her house.

One day I made my mind to ask her to show me her assets. At the night We had a dinner and as always I was naked. sister nude She was wearing a Gown with no bra under it.I asked her for handjob She agreed to it and while she was stroking my dick.I started touching her Boobs she had very soft Boobs of almost 32 size. She removed my hand at first then she started to give away her resistance. I asked her to remove her Gown and panty .She agreed on one condition that this is the last and first time you are gonna have this. She removed her Gown and panty and I started exploring her.I took her nipples in my mouth while she was stroking my penis and started to kiss her on lips she was kissing me back then I started to finger her pussy and also placed a kiss on her white ass chicks and Fingered it till she came and I also came on the bed sheet. sister nude We changed the bed sheet and slept nude that night I was pinching her nipple all night long.


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