Single woman gets black fucked and bred

I was getting really tired of being single and not getting enough sex. But it’s a difficult situation. You see, I’m a sexy forty-year-old woman, and while in some parts of the world that would be easy to manage, here in New York it is a royal pain in the ass.

The gender dynamics just work against you, and the dating scene is horrible. It’s not that hard to find married men at a bar or at work–or anywhere–but that brings challenges, too.

Before I go further, let me describe myself so you can visualize me as my story progresses. I’m Valeri. Again, 40. 5’2″, 120 lbs, 36D-26-37. Brown hair, a cute round face, bright brown eyes. Full lips. A lush figure, but very enticing I am told.

So sure, I can catch a fling with a married guy– but who wants to be a homewrecker? And guys flirt with me at work, but who wants to screw with that?

Then one day I was complaining to a girlfriend of my situation and she told me about this ‘Club’ she had heard of–but was chicken to join.

It was a club of really hung black guys who service women once a week at a rotating location.


To join, you had to first submit photos and an application then an interview, and you were on probation the first few times. The men all submitted to regular health exams and were sworn to only date female members of the club–if at all. Women members could be on the pill for one year and then had to go without protection, although you could get your tubes tied if you were determined. The men in the club were tight knit and coalesced to assure that none of the women were hassled or given a reputational issue.

This sounded like the place for me! I really loved hung black guys– or at least the three times I had been with a hung black guy. It was just too difficult to meet them casually– and seemed too risky to focus on. My friend told me that the club had a really good reputation for being safe.

I had a photo shoot taken with another friend, sent in some sexy shots, and the club agreed to interview me. The interview — with this gorgeous adonis named James — went well, and although I was expecting to get fucked right there by the interviewer, he explained to me that the club preferred to build suspense, and that I would have to wait to get laid until my first meeting. I thought about pleading with him, but didn’t want to risk turning him off so I just said that I understood.

Just a few days later, I arrived at the first meeting and was quickly disrobed by the sexy white girl and hunky black man who greeted me. Luckily the physical heat was cranked up in the posh apartment. A clothed white waiter brought a tray of shots of vodka. I downed two.

James came up to me — also naked — reached for my hand and said simply, “Shall we?” I nodded, and he led me to a dimly lit room brimming with multi-colored velvet cushions and said, “Valeri, I would like to restrain you doggie style over this sex furniture for our first encounter.” He was so polite and well spoken. “May I?” Again I nodded meekly.

He bent me over this low cushioned platform, cuffed my wrists and ankles into place — and to my surprise also my knees — and placed a blindfold over my eyes. The angle of everything left my pussy maximally exposed. “The blindfold is to help you focus on your other senses,” James whispered. He proceeded to stroke my back and sides. He nibbled my ears. He turned my head so we could french kiss for a few moments.


Then James retreated back behind me also on all fours and ate my pussy with a vengeance for several minutes. I loved it! It must have turned him on as well because next thing I knew there was a huge, hard cock pushing at my little love hole. Boy, did it feel huge even with just the tip in!

“Valeri,” James asked, “What’s the largest cock you have had before, please?”

“About eight inches, I think,” I replied.

“Well, I think you are in for a treat then. My cock is ten-and-a-half inches. And with your nice figure, I have a feeling you will be able to take it all.”

I swear that I must have gushed a quart of juice just from hearing him say that while his tip probed me in little circles and tiny plunges. I could smell myself, and I am sure he could, too. And I could feel my own dampness nearly running down my thigh. My breathing was getting faster, too.

“Tell me, Valeri, would you like me to fuck you with my whole dick? It might re-size your little white pussy on the very first fuck. It might spoil you for smaller men. Would you like me to ruin you for regular dicks?” James calmly asked me. He wanted to take me, but he wanted my buy-in, too.


I was so wet from knowing what James had in store for me. He was such a nice guy. And although I was restrained, he was not threatening me. He was offering me a transformative experience. Something that I knew would take me to a new sexual level, and he knew it too.

“Yes, James. Please do fuck me with your massive cock. I am ready to be spoiled for smaller cocks. I am ready for you to stretch me and re-size my pussy. I am soaking wet for you and your cock. Please fuck me! Please do me now and fuck me deep! Please!”

And he did!

I think I must have started coming when James was about five inches in–not at all deep, but because I was so excited, and he was such a skilled lover, and he was so wide, too.

“Fuck! James, I’m cooommmminggg alreeeaddddyyyy!! Fucccckkkk!!”

I screamed loudly. He paused.


“Valeri, you know I am not even one half inside you. I think next I should push as hard as I can on one thrust so you will have the full drama of being taken. Would that excite you, Valeri? Shall I do that?”

“Yes, James…”

And before I could finish my sentence, he had pushed another few inches into me with such force, and it was incredibly exciting!

I didn’t even have time to yell out my orgasm– I just shook and shook, with my juices now oozing onto my thighs and my legs shaking.

We both paused for a moment as James bent down to kiss and nibble on my neck and ears and kiss a little. My tongue lept into his mouth when it was near enough.

Then he leaned back up, still probing my pussy doggie style and got a new grip on my hips.


“Valeri, you are so delicious. You are the sweetest fuck I remember having in so many months. I hope one day I may breed you. Would you like me to breed you?”

“Yes, James. You are so beautiful and kind and gorgeous–and obviously you are smart and successful. I would love for you to breed me! Please, would you breed me?”

James had been gently fucking me with slow, sensuous strokes while we spoke. Now he slowed yet further and leant in to kiss me again and looked me in the eyes.

“Valeri, what if I told you we could do something extra special tonight? It would include breeding you, but it would also include an even hotter, deeper fuck than I could give you otherwise?”

He long and deep stroked me while we spoke.

“What is it James?”


“Well, I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m having trouble getting the last two inches of my dick into you. Your cervix is just too tight, and you are not feeling all of me. We can fix this with a quick shot of a more-or-less harmless drug. But with one important side effect: It is 99% sure that it will make you ovulate and that I would make you pregnant. But in the process you will get your deepest fuck ever as well.”

“I promise you our child will want for nothing Valeri, even if we never see each other again. I have vast resources, and I swear to you our offspring will be well maintained. Shall we do it, Valeri? Would you like the hottest and deepest fuck of your life and to get pregnant by me?”

I was so carried away by the scene, and James, his promises, his tenderness, my yearning pussy, and my desire truly to finally have a child:

“Yes, James! Give me the drug! And give me my deepest fuck! And let’s make a gorgeous baby together!”

And he fucked me deep as I came again, drenching his cock.

“But I want to be bred missionary so I can look you in the eye as we make a baby!”


“No problem, Valeri. You got it!” And he quickly set me loose and I scampered onto my back pulling him towards me.

“Hey, little lady! Give me a sec! I gotta get the drug.”

With his gorgeous, cream-covered ebony hardon waving in the air, he walked across the room and got a little bottle out of a fridge and handed it to me to drink. I downed it quickly. It was tasteless and wasn’t an issue.

“So now Valeri, we do have to give it a few minutes to take effect, so how about I go down on you for a few?”

“How could a girl complain about that?” I teased with a big smile.

And James was phenomenal! I totally lost myself in his teasing and mini-orgasms he gave me with his tongue–although it paled in comparison to our fucking.


After about ten minutes, we knew it was time, both of us.

James was rock hard from being turned on to pleasing me which was so nice. He loomed above me and said, “Valeri, if my cock enters you now, it will not leave again until you have been filled with my seed and likely made pregnant– as well as your pussy permanently re-sized by the deeper fucking it is going to receive. For me to do this, you must ask me to do it. Will you please ask me?” James paused like the gentleman he is, and I answered:

“Dear James, I am totally hot for your giant, sweet cock. Please fuck me with it until you shoot your load and breed me with your baby. Please fuck all the way into me with your cock until my pussy is forever re-sized and no one lesser will ever do! Please do it! I beg you! Please do it nowwwww!!”

And James finally did fuck me like there was no tomorrow. He was right, my cervix did give way. The sensation of having him probe that deep into my body was more intense than even I imagined. I climaxed with silent super intense climaxes where I couldn’t even breathe and my limbs would just quiver.

I felt so full, and so much more like a woman than I ever had before. And it was romantic, too, as James would dip his head down and french kiss me as he utterly possessed my body.

My legs, which seemed so small in comparison to James were doing their best to wrap around his body and pull him in deeper. My generous hips helped in the valiant struggle to pull him in deeper and deeper.


Ultimately his whole shaft was in me, and at least two inches must have been in my womb and up past my belly button.

His balls were hotly resting up tight against my ass. I started to feel them tighten, his pace changed, and his breathing got deeper. He was going to explode in me soon!

Then something else incredibly sexy happened: I felt a sharp pain in one of my ovaries! An egg was actually being released! Almost exactly at the moment of James pending orgasm!

The thought was so hot it put me totally over the edge again and I called out to him:

“James! Fuck! I just ovulated! The fucking chemicals worked! You are in me balls deep and I released a fucking egg for you! Do it, James! Fuck me more and release your seed! Breed me, James! Now, you fucking asshole! Do it! Fucking breeeed meeeee!!”

I quaked in orgasm as my legs grasped at his ass and lower back and I scratched my nails into his arms. I arched my back as I came with all my strength and then it happened:


“Valeri! Fuckkk!! Here it comes! I’m coming in your sweet pusssssyyyy!! Fuck! Gonna fucking knock you up good! Fuccck! Breeding you nowwww!!”

James shook and jerked spasmodically. Not like a regular orgasm. More like an uncontrolled and extended chaotic explosion.

After what seemed like minutes, our orgasms subsided. We started to catch our breath. We laughed at how the furniture we were on was certainly ruined– it was so drenched in the juices of our love-making.

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