Simone Part 21 – An unexpected visitor 2

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Simone had recognised me, the man who had raped her in every hole repeatedly. Her face was in shock as I greeted her. “Hello fuck-toy.” I said quietly

I could feel the grin on my own face as I beamed at Simone, who simply stared at me in amazement and disbelief. She started to tremble a little and a solitary tear ran down her left cheek.

“Have you forgotten the rules, Simone?” I asked her. “I think I just gave you an order and you do not seem to be following it. Strip. Get those fucking clothes off right now, or I will use my belt-buckle to lash them from your body.” Then I screamed at her, “NOW STRIP FUCK-BITCH!” Finally getting a response, as she jumped at my raised voice. Snapping out of her daze, and finally realising that I was real and standing between her and the doorway.


“Yes, yes.” She quickly said jumping to life. “I’m sorry. I mean, I mean I didn’t mean…” She stopped talking, and started to undress.

She was wearing a grey sweatshirt and black leggings with white running shoes; I guessed she was about to go jogging when she heard Lena scream and came to see what was going on. Very brave, but also a little stupid for a tiny framed woman to investigate screams coming from a neighbour’s home. Not that it mattered. I was going to fuck her again anyway, eventually. I had keys to her place. I could get in and rape her any time I wanted. However, she had now come to me. As my Nanny used to say, never look a gift-horse in the mouth. It also meant the secret of my spare keys could be kept even longer.

She kicked off her shoes without untying the laces, and then started with her leggings. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down over her beautiful slender legs, turning them inside out until they were round her ankles. She then stepped out of them and instinctively turned them the right way, before realising the stupidity in the act, and just tossing them to the floor. The silliness even bro8ught a tiny nervous smile to her lips and I smiled back at her.

She quickly kicked her heels up one at a time and removed the half-height socks she was wearing, to reveal her slender and delicate feet.

“You are such a beautiful fuck-toy.” I said, and she actually blushed. This humility and gentle personality intrigued and excited me. The first time I had brutally raped and sodomized her, I had also told her she was beautiful and she had actually thanked me for the compliment.

I stared at her perfect legs; tanned, slender and beautifully formed. Simone is a small woman but has perfect proportions and I gazed further at the triangle where those beautiful thighs met. Her pussy covered by a black pair of panties or most likely a thong as she often wore thongs when out. At home, she would chill in cotton panties, but under leggings, or when she was dressed up, she wore G-strings or thongs.


So many girls and women do not put any thought into their underwear unless they think they are going to be fucked. They wear shitty cheap panties that cause lines in their trousers or skirts. It looks awful. It made me want to slap them on the asses and tell them to get some fucking respect. I would often see pretty women and girls with great butts make their asses look as shitty as fuck by wearing the wrong underwear. Simone knew better. When she was out, all you could see was the perfect shape of her ass. I remembered following her to the doctor’s surgery in her tight leggings. No lines or creases, just her perfect tight butt.

I was staring at her groin, in a trance, remembering that perfect cunt. Its perfect tuft of jet-black hair just topping it, trimmed and neat. Beautiful outer lips that when spread revealed small tender inner lips and a small clitoris, above a cavern of perfection. A hole where my cock would soon find bliss. I snapped out of it and averted my gaze back to her beautiful face.

“And the rest.” I said. She was just standing there, her legs bare, staring at me, staring at her cunt. “Just leave your panties on for now.” Simone knew she needed to obey.

She immediately took hold of the hem of her sweatshirt, and pealed it up over her torso, revealing inch by inch her flat toned stomach and then her pert beautiful breasts, constrained by a grey boob-tube kind of sports bra; whatever those things are called. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered touching, licking, biting and sucking on her breasts and nipples. My cock was throbbing in my trousers just looking at her strip for me, and she knew it, her gaze was now fixed firmly on my groin.

She popped the sweater over her beautiful head, her long raven hair tied in a ponytail at the nape of her neck flopping back over her shoulder as she freed it from the sweater. She then dropped the sweater to the floor by her feet, looking at me, hesitating once again, but there was something different in her gaze. Glazed eyes, flushed cheeks, and I could swear her lips were fuller, somehow swollen.

My eyes feasted on her perfect form. I took in her hard flat stomach, round and feminine hips, her slender and pretty neck sweeping down to a defined collarbone. My cock was pumping in my trousers and I was already savouring the fact that I was about have my way with beautiful Simone again; that once again, all her holes, her entire body, and her pain would serve my pleasure and would ignite me.


“Now that bra-thingy, whatever it’s called. Take it off; I want to see your tits again.” Oh how I wanted to see those tits, and touch them and lick them.

I did not need to wait long to see her perfect breasts, as she pulled the tube up and over her head, her firm mounds barely moving as she lowered her arms to stare at me. I wondered now how old she actually was, looking at those perfect and extremely firm tits. There was no sag at all; her nipples pointing slightly up, dark and pretty. I had checked her ID the first night I had raped her, so probably knew her age. I just could no longer remember. Pushing thirty, or perhaps just over, I think.

She now stood in front of me, almost naked except for a tiny triangle of black cloth covering her glorious cunt. She stood straight and proud, now staring me in the face and with her arms by her sides. She had regained her composure. There were no more tears and there seemed to be no fear on her face or in her beautiful deep brown eyes. She literally made me catch my breath; she was so fucking beautiful. Female perfection and it was mine. Mine to use and abuse in any way I wanted. Mine to fuck, mine to sodomize, and mine to face-fuck. My fuck-toy.

“Turn around, slave.” I commanded. “Show me that tight fuck-butt.”

She turned slowly, and I saw her throw a glance at Lena, who was still spread-eagled on the bed, her butt and cunt open for Simone to see. There were clear welts on Lena’s brown skin from the belt lashes I had already given her, and Simone knew all too well how that felt. She knew better now, and would obey me in order to avoid Lena’s fate. I knew that. I could sense her resignation to what was happening. Or was it something else? Something other than resignation?

Her movements were slow, but deliberate. She wanted to avoid punishment, but was she actually trying to tease me? To please me with sexual and exaggerated movements? Whatever it was, it was working, but I was not too sure I would let her punishment though. A dog needs a beating from time to time, regardless of whether it has done wrong or not.


Finally, she stood with her back to me and I had suspected correctly, she was wearing a black thong that offered me a perfect view of her firm, pert butt-cheeks. Butt-cheeks I had spread in order to sodomize her and fuck her in the cunt. My cock remembered every thrust between those cheeks, every shiver and every convulsion. It was raging; dying to get back into Simone’s tight body, but Simone surprised me with a question, as her head turned slightly to look at Lena.

“What did she do wrong, master?” she asked in a quiet and unsure voice. Good, she remembered. She knew how to speak to me. She knew I was in charge, that I was her master. Nonetheless, I still teased her.

“She asked too many fucking questions.” I said, taunting her with a veiled threat, though the fact that Lena’s punishment intrigued her pleased me. Was the sight of a naked seventeen year-old girl handcuffed face down to a bed a turn-on for Simone, or was it the punishment I had inflicted on Lena’s teen body that she was interested in? Perhaps it was both, perhaps it was the sight of Lena’s cunt and butt-hole, spread open ready to be abused, but there was something in Simone’s posture and movement that clearly indicated she was aroused.

“Take off those panties.” I stated very calmly. “But keep your back to me. Bend over and pull them down slowly.”

As I spoke, I was already removing my own shirt followed by my trousers. I was not wearing underwear, so soon stood completely naked, a few feet away from Simone, who was now following her orders.

She bent over at the waist as I had commanded, and hooked her fingers under the thing fabric of the thong. She slowly pulled the flimsy piece of fabric down over her hips, the inner strip turning inside out between her butt-cheeks before being pulled down to reveal her golden brown anus and then those gorgeous outer pussy-lips. Now I was sure, her movements were thought out and deliberately erotic, she was trying to please me. Good girl. Good little fuck-puppy.


Once the thong passed her knees, she lifted first her right and then her left leg to step out of it, each time causing her pussy to open slightly, allowing me a brief glimpse into her vagina. Her beautiful, perfect fuck-hole. I had seen enough. I took the three steps needed to cross the room to her, and stood directly behind her, resting my hands on her hips, and allowing the tip of my cock to brush her right thigh ever so lightly. She took a sharp intake of breath and I saw goose bumps raise on her legs and arms. The air was electrical.

“Stay bent over, fuck-bitch.” I commanded, and moved my hands to her perfectly shaped ass. Taking one cheek in each hand, I stroked the soft flesh of her ass with my palms then turned my hands over and glided the backs of my hands and fingers over her buttocks. Once at her hips again, I turned my hands back over and curled my fingers into claws. I then softly raked my fingernails down her hips then across her ass-cheeks, down to her thighs. She shuddered. I moved back up, centrally.

My fingers met at her butt-crack, and I turned both palms and fingers down, and slid first up then down her crack, allowing my little fingers to slip between her cheeks and gently glide over her butt-hole and pussy, dipping into that fold slightly and discovering it to be soaking wet. My assumption that she was aroused proven to be true.

“I am going to fuck you, Simone.” I stated quietly. “I am going to push my cock deep into your wet fucking cunt and fuck you.” She shuddered again, and I spread her cheeks with my fingers.

I did not even touch my cock with my hands. I held her ass-cheeks apart and guided my glans towards her outer lips by adjusting my hips to aim. Just the slightest of pressure and they parted, exposing her inner lips and a tiny opening, where I could guide the very tip of my cock. A globule of pre-cum dribbled from the end of my cock and I pushed it together with the tip of my cock into that small guiding hole, which immediately spread to reveal her open vagina. I did not hesitate or play around, I kept pushing until first my glans and then the first few centimetres of my shaft disappeared into heaven. Then, with just a tiny pull backwards on her hips and a thrust forwards with mine, my cock slid balls-deep into Simone’s waiting, soaking wet cunt.

She gasped, and took in a deep breath. She pushed back to meet me, and her juices were already running over my balls. I knew she wanted to be fucked. She wanted me to pump her twat with my swollen cock until she came, and I would oblige her, just not jet.


I did not want to fuck her at once. I just held my position, my cock deep inside her at full penetration. I was feeling how the walls of her vagina contracted and pulsated over my glans and shaft. I felt how Simone started to push back even more with her hips, willing me to fuck her, wanting me to fuck her. I moved my hands from her ass to her hips, but still I did not move my hips or my cock. She started to grind her hips, but I moved back a little, resulting in her attempt at increasing her own pleasure falling short. I was teasing her, tormenting her.

“What is it you want, fuck-slave?” I asked her. “What would you like to beg your master to do to you?” I already knew her answer, but I wanted to make her say it. I wanted my rape-bitch to admit to herself and to me that she enjoyed being my plaything, my fuck-toy. I wanted her to accept her fate as my perfect slave. To know that I would fuck and abuse her whenever and wherever I got the urge to do so. “What are you and what do you want me to do to you?”

“I am your fuck-bitch, your toy, master. I am your slave to do your bidding and to please you in any way you wish. Please fuck me, master. Please.” She finally begged, and I knew she meant it. With all her passion and lust, she desired my cock banging and driving into her. Yet, still I did not give her what she yearned for. Instead, I scuttled her forwards and right, telling her to move. I walked her, with my cock still in her cunt until she was standing at the foot of the bed where Lena lay exposed.

The belt I had been using on Lena’s skin still lay between her knees, where I had dropped it when Simone rang the bell.

“Pick up the belt, Simone.” I said quietly.

“But, why, I mean.. what..” She started, but I interrupted her.


“Pick up the fucking belt, bitch. Pick it up and wrap the buckle end round your right hand.”

She knew. She had enough fantasy and experience of my twisted mind to know what I was going to make her do, and I wondered if it was something, she did not want to do. However, I also knew that once she did it, she would never want to stop. I smiled as she leaned over and took the belt in her slender hand, following my order to wrap the buckle end once around her hand.

“You want me to whip her, don’t you, master?” She whispered, surprising me that she spoke aloud what she had figured out.

“Yes, Simone. I want you to whip her for me. I was punishing her when you interrupted me. I wasn’t finished punishing her for what she had done, but she must be punished fully. So now, I want you to lash her buttocks and her back as hard as you can. I demand it. Also, go across her legs and upper thighs. Go for the fleshy parts. Make my little fuck-bitch sorry for what she did. Make her squeal and scream into her ball-gag. You know, I think it might even be the same ball-gag I used on you. Now, when I tell you to, start the whipping. Oh, and aim for the dildos in her ass and cunt. They hurt her a lot, but also get her pussy wet when the belt hits them. Ok, ready? Do you understand?”

“Yes master.” Simone replied, and I felt her tremble, as she gripped harder at the belt wrapped around her right hand.

“One more thing fuck-toy, as you deliver my punishment to her, I will reward you. I will fuck your cunt in time to the lashes my little fuck-bitch. The faster you hit her, the faster I will fuck you. The more you hurt her, the harder you hit her, the harder I will fuck you. Do you understand?”


“Yes.” She said quietly and again a tremble went through her entire body, and my cock had never been in such a wet pussy.

“I beg your pardon, fuck-bitch.” I hissed. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, master. I understand.” She quickly corrected herself, as I moved my left hand from her hip to take a handful of her raven black hair.

“Begin.” I stated simply, and after a small hesitation, Simone found the courage to bring the belt down onto Lena’s right buttock. Lena barely reacted; it was pathetic. I did not move my cock at all.

“Harder!” I shouted, and Simone responded. The second blow was much harder, and took not only Lena’s right cheek, but lashed up her ribs on the right-hand side. Lena jerked her head back, and groaned into the ball-gag. I began to fuck Simone, pulling out and taking a long, deep thrust into her swollen wet cunt, she shuddered and raised the belt again.

The next blow went across Lena’s left ass cheek. “Harder.” I whispered into Simone’s right ear, and I fucked into her again. She struck again, this time between Lena’s shoulder blades. The leather made a cracking sound and left a welt on her skin. Simone took the next swing, and I increased my tempo, as a blow cracked across Lena’s right upper thigh. Simone was starting to aim, to think about where she could place her blows. Was she trying to ease things for Lena, or was she getting into the power she felt? The cunt I could feel sucking at my cock told me she was enjoying the power, and I was about to get proof.


It was the power, the thrill of torturing a helpless teen girl while I fucked her pussy. I know because as I once again increased the tempo with which I was fucking her now dripping wet cunt, she switched to double lashes. Instead of lashing every two seconds or so, she would lash then lash again quickly before waiting a second or two. She was increasing the number of lashes Lena had to endure, and I could see the criss-cross of welts forming on Lena’s golden skin. In addition, Simone now started aiming every fourth or fifth lash at the dildos in Lena’s ass and cunt. It was time to change the game.

I increased my speed and at the same time slid my right hand from her hip round her thigh and under her belly to reach her cunt. I found her clit and started to rub it as I fucked her. This new sensation took immediate effect. It was interrupting her concentration and her blows to Lena became fewer, but now I no longer cared about whipping Lena as much. Her punished body and Simone’s hand in it had done their job. Simone was in ecstasy, as was I.

I rubbed at her little bud and pumped deep into her cunt, feeling her start to push back and ride the waves that were about to take her over the top. She squeezed her knees and thighs together, succumbing to her pleasure and the orgasm building in her guts and at the tip of her spine.

Her lashes stopped completely now as she started to whisper to herself. “Oh my God, oh my God.” I knew Lena; probably glad of the reprieve, was listening to her neighbour slip into the throws of an orgasm impaled on her master’s cock. I also knew Lena would be feeling jealous. I was sure she must have also recognised Simone’s voice. That thought pleased me.

Then it happened, Simone shuddered and went weak at the knees, sliding her left hand between her own thighs to finger her own pussy as I fucked her to climax. It was good that she took over on her own clit because I needed my arms to take her weight in order to prevent her from falling. I wrapped my forearms under her belly and pumped into her as she came, crying out and pouring juices over my cock. It took a minute or two, and then she stopped moving.

She had completely forgotten about poor Lena and her lashing. She hung in my arms, her cunt twitching around my cock, her chest heaving from the exertion of her orgasm and the beating she had inflicted on Lena with the belt.


“Ok, Simone.” I said. “Give me the belt.” As I spoke, I searched with my right hand under her belly so she could hand me the leather. I took it from her but left my cock in her cunt for now, which was again twitching and pulsating beautifully over my prick as it felt the movement. I felt juices running over my balls, and Simone’s inner thighs were soaked and silky. That was all from her glorious cunt; I had still not come, and was pleased about that. I was not quite ready for that yet. I had other plans.

Sensing that Simone was now able to stand under her own strength. I removed my arm from her belly.

“Stand up cock-whore.” I commanded, and she slowly straightened her back.

Even standing up straight, the top of her head was only on a level with my chin. I leaned my face into her beautiful raven hair and took a deep breath. She smelled sweet, of apples, probably her shampoo or conditioner. I moved my lips down to her neck and started to kiss and tease the skin on the back and right side of her neck with my lips and tongue. Goosebumps rose once more on her shoulders and she shivered.

My cock was still pulsation in her cunt, and I could feel her inner walls tensing and relaxing around the swollen mass buried inside her. I slipped out a little and then back in, just gently. I was just teasing, and again she took in a deep gasp of breath and shuddered.

“My fuck-toy likes her daddy’s cock in her, doesn’t she?” I asked, and she nodded her head, quickly adding a “Yes daddy.”


“Well, sweet fuck-toy. I am very happy that you decided to come visit me at my new fuck-toy’s place, so both my fuck-toys are together and I can use you both at the same time.” As I spoke, I slowly looped the leather belt around Simone’s neck and slipped the end through the buckle.

“Let’s get my fuck-bitch on her leash, shall we.” I whispered, and pulled the belt tight enough for her to feel it bite into her delicate skin.

She knew me to have done this before, and knew it probably meant she was about to be fucked in the ass. If that is what she thought, then she was right. However, the first thing I wanted sweet Simone to do was to experience the taste of toffee-caramel. Holding the belt taught, I pushed her onto her knees onto the bed between Lena’s spread legs. My cock popping out of her cunt in the process.

“I have a very special treat for you, fuck-toy number one; meet fuck-toy number two and her wonderful toffee-caramel pussy.” As I spoke, I pushed Symone onto her hands and forced her head down between Lena’s spread butt-cheeks.

“Pull the dildos out of her ass and pussy.” I demanded, and Simone obeyed, and laid them in the bed, left of Lena’s leg.

“Lick that fucking twat, bitch.” I commanded, and pushed harder on the back of Simone’s head. “Get your tongue into her wet fuck hole and lick it out. I gave you your orgasm, now give ‘our’ special little baby fuck-bitch here hers.” I emphasised ‘our’ to give Simone a feeling of hierarchy. I had already called her number one, but now she must be quite certain that she had a higher status in this relationship than Lena, which she most certainly did.


Simone did not hesitate or resist, she used her hands to spread Lena’s ass-cheeks even further apart, and dove into her open cunt with her mouth, licking and sucking the outer cunt lips before moving in deeper. I could no longer see the action, but I could hear it, and I saw Lena’s thighs tense up and her toes curl. She grasped the sheets again in her fists. So Simone was not only a pro cocksucker, she also knew how to much carpet and eat kebab. Dirty little girl. My dirty little girl.

“Hey cunt-licker.” I threw at Simone, “Don’t forget that wonderful shit hole while you’re down there. I am sure Lena-fuck-whore would enjoy a good rimming. Oh, and as we are talking about shit-holes, how is your healing up?” I added, and spread her cheeks to get a good look at her anus. Not that I really cared that much about how healed it was. I had already given her enough time and now I had the leash round my dog’s neck and it was time to butt-fuck Simone yet again and she knew that it was coming. She tensed, but continued munching down on Lena’s cunt and butt-hole, clearly enjoying it.

I pushed three fingers of my left hand into Simone’s open, wet pussy and scooped out her juices, twirling my fingers inside her hole to coat them up. She groaned into Lena’s ass and pushed back onto my fingers. Clearly, she was ready to fuck again, but that would have to wait.

I removed my wet, slimy fingers and rubbed my cock with them, lubricating my cock up as best I could with Simone’s own cunt juices, then as Simone actually held firm and pushed back a little to meet my swollen head, I guided the tip of my glans between her ass-cheeks, searching for that tight little butt-fuck-hole.

Finding my mark, I eased first the tip, then the whole head past Simone’s tight sphincter and stopped as it plopped into her ass. Her sphincter grasped at my swollen cock, and her tight hole closed down behind my glans. I held it, listening to her heavy breathing. She was no longer servicing Lena, but waiting in fear of the assault she knew or thought she knew would come. I rammed her head harder into Lena’s groin.

“Who told you to stop licking that bitches fuck holes?” I said in an angry and raised voice. “Get back to work fuck-slave, or should I take the belt to your fucking skin again?”


Simone knew the depth of meaning in this threat, and immediately started lapping at Lena’s holes again, going up and down from her puckered anus to her swollen cunt. I noticed her hands were also between Lena’s thighs, and I suspected she was fingering the girl’s cunt as she licked and sucked on it

“That’s it bitch, eat that girl’s ass and pussy while I fuck your fucking butt.” I growled, and then forced my full length slowly into Simone’s bowels, pushing my hips forward and leaning in, enjoying the resistance and the tightness of her freshly ripped ass. She cried into Lena’s groin, and pulled out her hand. At first, I thought she was going to try to defend herself the way she had the first time I sodomized her. She did not. Her hands gathered clumps of the sheets into her fists and she gripped at them feverishly, as the tearing pain rippled up her body. My balls finally hit her cunt lips, and I stopped thrusting, embedded to full length in her ass.

As I have said before, a fucked ass remembers every fucking. The first time, it fights; it rages and tries to push the invading cock out with every heartbeat and every muscle-spasm. However, with each fucking, its resistance lessens. The body learns that resistance serves only to cause more pain. The harder it fights the more it hurts. Therefore, it learns to relax. It learns to ride the waves and ease around the meat-pole embedded into its delicate cavity. It learns to take cock and it finally learns to like it.

Eventually, once the fighting stops, the convulsions, and the spasms stop and thus fucking a particular woman or girl in the ass becomes less pleasurable for the man; it becomes more pleasurable for the particular female. A little-known fact is that there is a nerve in the female anus connected directly to her clitoris. This is not bullshit. Google it. This is just one reason why some women love to be ass fucked. They can even orgasm. Of course, they also love to be used and to feel dirty, but the pleasure they can get is immense, especially if the guy knows what he is doing. A guy can fuck a bitch in the ass and finger their clit at the same time, doubly stimulating her clitoris. He can even get to her G-spot with two fingers in her cunt at the same time. Wham-bang-thankyou Sam.

Simone’s tight ass was still learning, but not there yet. I could hear her taking deep breaths, and sense her willing her back passage to relax, but her butt was not cooperating, it was convulsing and squeezing around my cock, and I was the benefactor. I held it there, deep in my fuck-toy’s guts, and enjoyed her anal-struggle to force my cock back out. I was not going to cooperate. I pushed deeper. Simone groaned into Lena’s open cunt, and I ground in a circular motion, enjoying her pain.

“Did you miss me, fuck-bitch?” I whispered into Simone’s right ear. “I was a kind master. A lenient master, don’t you agree? I gave you some time to heal up before opening you up again. You should thank me for that. On the other hand, who wants to fuck a fucking gaping ass-hole or a torn open gash of a cunt? Not me, I like my bitches tight. I like your tight little ass-hole, Simone, almost as much as I love your tight fuck-cunt.”


As I spoke, I ground my groin into Simone, making sure my cock was as deep as it could possibly go into her anus. I was not yet thrusting or pumping, though. Just grinding as I told her how much I loved violating her holes.

“If I had to choose though, I would say your shitter is an eight or a nine and your cunt is a ten. Now little fuck-toy number two here, Lena-fuck-bitch, she is a completely different matter. Her cunt is off the scale for eating, but an eight or nine for fucking. Which, don’t get me wrong, is amazing. Most fuck-bitches are like a five or six maximum. I really hit gold with the two of you. Now her ass on the other hand, is a Goddamn fucking ten. If there were an eleven, I would give her ass eleven and your cunt an eleven, too.”

As I spoke I continued to grind into Simone’s ass, but I also forced her face deeper into Lena’s crotch, making sure she continued to lick and slurp at the teen’s cunt and ass. I wanted to move things along, now.

“So it seems, sweet ladies, we are the perfect happy fuck-family, right?” I laughed at my own words here, and decided I was going to put my conclusions on Simone and Lena’s cunts and asses to the test, but first, Simone had a job to do.

“Ok, Simone-whore, eat Lena’s cunt and use your fingers more.” I demanded. “I will give you exactly three minutes to get her off. I want my fuck-bitch one to give my fuck-bitch two an orgasm. I want her to come all over your pretty-little mouth and I want you to lap her juices up and swallow them. I want to hear her come and hear you slurp it down, do you understand?”

As I asked the question, I pulled on the leather belt to force Simone’s face away from Lena, so she could answer. However, when she did, it was scratchy and husky because of the belt tightening around her windpipe.


“Yes, master.” She croaked. “She tastes wonderful. Just as you described. Toffee-caramel.” She added. Fuck, Simone was enjoying herself down there. She had turned into a wonderful little fuck-toy. My prize possession in fact.

“Ok, then eat that fucking pussy, cunt-licker. Get her off in three minutes starting now, or I will free her and let her whip you with the belt until you have no skin left on your ass. I want to hear your slurping lap dog. I want to hear how you pleasure fuck-toy number two with your fingers and tongue. I want you to eat her pussy and swallow her juices.” As I spoke, I kept my cock in Simone’s ass, but did not fuck her. I would get round to fucking her soon, but for now I wanted to just have her muscles squeezing me as she slurped on Lena’s spread cunt. If Simone had any of the skills for cunt licking that she had for cock sucking, Lena would come in no time, I thought, and I was right.

Simone was finger-fucking Lena now, and licking at her butt and down her cunt. With Lena on her tummy, it was clearly hard for Simone to get to her clit, but I noticed how she slid her hands under Lena’s thighs to raise her off the bed to finally get her tongue onto the sensitive bud she knew would get Lena off. I had already had the thought that this might not be the first pussy-licking Simone had given, and I was now sure of it, but I made a mental note to quiz her on this later.

As Lena’s excitement grew, it was visibly obvious. She started pushing back onto Simone’s face and grinding her pubic bone onto Simone’s hands. She was snorting heavily through her nose due to the ball-gag still in her mouth, and her fingers and toes were clawing at the sheets. I had gotten Lena off enough times to recognise every sign and I could even roughly give a countdown to her climax. Five, four, three, two, one… (Okay, it took another two or three seconds longer, but I was fucking close)

“Mmphhhmmmfffff.” She growled into the ball-gag, and her thighs shook and trembled as the orgasm spread over her entire body. She ground back into Simone’s face even harder, and Simone, withdrawing her face, sank her fingers into Lena’s sopping pussy and started finger-fucking her hard and fast. It sounded like a dog drinking from a water bowl. Lena was pumping juice over Simone’s hand and screaming her delight into the ball-gag, and her thighs were trembling uncontrollably, as though electrocuted. The sounds, the sight and the smell of cunt juice was sensational, and had I fucked Simone in the ass instead of just plugging her but with my cock, I am sure I would have filled her guts with spunk.

Then everything was silent. Lena collapsed onto her stomach, and was still, except for the heavy breathing rattling through her nose and round the ball-gag. Simone started stroking the girl’s back and buttocks with her left hand as she withdrew her right-hand fingers form Lena’s cunt.


“Lick and suck your fingers clean.” I commanded, and I heard the finger-licking good sound of Simone obeying my orders.

I allowed my cock to move a little in Simone’s ass. I pulled back a few centimetres and pushed back in, Simone groaned, and I repeated the same movement. She clearly though I was now finally going to butt-fuck her, and I was, but first I needed to rearrange my fuck-girls a little.

“Slide up the bed, Simone.” I commanded, letting my cock pop out of her ass. “Lay down on Lena’s back and spread your legs. I want all four of your fuck-holes lined up. We are going to do a little sample-taking here girls.”

Simone did not hesitate. She understood what I wanted and got to her knees to crawl up onto Lena’s back. She let her weight down onto the teen’s body, and I was touched to see her brush hair out of Lena’s face and give the girl a tiny kiss on the right cheek.

“Remove the ball-gag from her mouth.” I ordered Simone, and I walked round the bed to her right hand.

Lena’s face was turned towards me and I could see she had been crying. From the lashes? From the intense orgasm that Simone had given her? Or was she crying ‘because’ of Simone? Because she was jealous? She would learn to accept her master’s will.


“Welcome back to the speaking, Lena.” I smiled at her, and un-cuffed her right hand.

“You took your punishment well, sweetheart. I am proud of you. That’s why I decided you had earned a special reward and had fuck-toy number one rim you and lick you out. Tell me, how was Simone’s tongue in your cunt and ass?”

She knew I expected an answer, and as she spoke, I continued to remove her handcuffs, releasing her right hand then moving clockwise from leg to leg to left hand.

“It was wonderful daddy, thank you.” She replied, and it sounded like she actually meant it. “I hope you make her do it some more later. I also hope I can lick her, too.”

I wanted to answer. I wanted to say that there was going to be a lot of licking and sucking between all three of us. I wanted to promise Lena that not only was she going to eat Simone’s cunt and ass, but also my ass and my cock. However, for the moment I could not speak.

I had removed Lena’s last handcuff and returned to the foot of the bed, and what I saw robbed me of all words and breath. Simone was lying face down on Lena’s back as I had instructed. Both of them had their legs spread, and I gazed at the gates of heaven. At four perfect fuck-holes. Two wet cunts and two perfect tight butt-holes all within a few centimetres of each other, and all of them belonging to my throbbing swollen cock. All of them belonging to me.


Without speaking, I knelt down onto the bed behind the two prone bodies, and crawled up between their legs, my cock in hand, throbbing and pulsating like a jet engine.

(To be continued. Not much rape in this one really, but I want to keep the themes together)

# # #

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