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Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola

As Shobha’s breathing slowly returned to normal, she could not ignore the way Bhola’s erect cock was grinding between her ass cheeks. Shobha was uncertain what to do next. Till now, she thought of Bhola as nothing more than her sex slave who had pleasured her through cunnilingus to a mind-blowing orgasm. She wondered if she should just get up and walk back to her bedroom leaving Bhola erect and dry. No, she thought, perhaps a hand job would be the best way to close the dalliance. Intercourse with Bhola was something that had crossed her mind but was best avoided, she thought. No, I can’t cross that line, she told herself. My sex slave needs to pleasure me, and not the other way around, she thought. And yes, she longed to hold that thick brown specimen of manhood in her hand one more time.

“Ummmmmm….”, Shobha’s musings were interrupted as Bhola nibbled behind her ear and licked the back of her neck. Bhola was a virgin and a novice but keenly tuned to pleasing his mistress and had sensed earlier that this part of the anatomy had bhabhi’s sensitive spot.

Shobha was lying on her left side, her back against Bhola’s naked chest and both squeezed together on the single narrow bed. Bhola slipped his left hand under Shobha and cupped her left breast, gently squeezing it rhythmically. He now hugged her tightly against his chest drawing her even closer, while continuing to alternately lick her on the side of the neck and nibble her behind the ear. With his right hand, he grabbed Shobha’s right breast and squeezed hard.

He now had Shobha in a pincer grip.

“Eeeeoooooowwwwww!”, Shobha shrieked softly, and tried to elbow him on his chest but couldn’t get the angle. She slipped her hand behind her back and let it drag down on his right abdomen. Bhola knew instinctively where her hand was headed and pushed Shobha gently forward to create the space and ease the path. Shobha’s hand grabbed his erect cock and curled her fingers around the thick hard shaft. And gave him a playful squeeze. This time it was Bhola’s turn to moan. He responded by pinching her right nipple, and then squeezed it crudely between his thumb and forefinger.

“Aaram se, Bhola”, (Go Easy, Bhola!) she scolded him, and like a school teacher punishing an errant student by pulling an ear, she yanked hard at his cock and giggled as he squirmed. In response, Bhola bit her earlobe, inhaled the fragrance in her wet hair and followed it with a wet lick of his tongue behind her ears. Shobha could stand no more – she was wrapped up in Bhola’s strong arms, her left breast still being squeezed, her neck and ear lobe being nibbled, her right nipple being twisted and an erect cock jammed hard against her ass. By serendipity or otherwise Bhola had hit all her sex buttons at the same time. Shobha’s biology was stirring her body to yearn for more sexual ministrations.

“Bhabhi ..,.,,”, Bhola whispered softly in her ear.
“Ummmmm….bolo mere Bhola”, (Speak, my Bhola).

“Bhabhi ….. mujhe aapke sath karna hai”, Bhola whispered softly. (Bhabhi, I want to do it with you).

Shobha struggled with a response. Her natural instinct to maintain sexual control was fighting a battle with the way her body was getting unexpectedly turned on under Bhola’s rough ministrations.

She made a decision.

Jaise mein boloongi waise hi karna. Zyada nahin kam naihin” (Do as I tell you. Not more, not less). Shobha brought out the best of her commanding tone that she was used to in her working days as an HR manager.

At that stage Bhola would have agreed to walk on burning coals to get a chance to lose his virginity with his gorgeous mistress. He nodded, eyes widened in excitement and his engorged cock hurting even more and begging for relief.

In a single sudden move, Shobha flipped over and pushed Bhola on his back, straddling him, her knees on either side of his waist. She lowered herself and deliberately squashed Bhola’s cock flat and lengthwise between his stomach and under her ass. Once the cock was wedged under her naked buttocks, she gently rocked back and forth but not letting her full body weight fall on the cock. She knew from the couple of times that Chetan let her do it, that this position maximised the pressure on the erect cock. The back and forth rubbing heightened both pain and pleasure for the male without giving the male the satisfaction of actual penetration. She leaned forward and let her wet hair fall over Bhola’s face. Her full breasts hung like ripe mangoes begging to be plucked. Bhola, on his back, moaned with the delicious agony of his erect cock being massaged under the the to and fro motion of Shobha’s buttocks. He reached out to grab her breasts but Shobha playfully swatted him away. She then pinned his hands by his side, resting her weight on her hands to lock them immobile. Bhola could have wrested himself free but having a naked mistress on top of him seemed to hint at more pleasurable activities.

Bhola stopped resisting. Having won a small victory by physically restraining Bhola, Shobha leaned forward and rewarded him with a gentle kiss and letting her breasts get squashed against Bhola’s chest. Bhola raised his mouth greedily to force his tongue inside Shobha’s mouth but she teasingly pulled back and smiled at his frustration.

Her eyes locked boldly into Bhola’s eyes, a half smile on her lips, a squatting Shobha then shifted her body weight from her knees to her hands, continuing to hold down Bhola’s wrists, raised her ass and slid her buttocks lower down on Bhola’s thighs. This released Bhola’s cock, which now free of restraint sprang up to ninety degree angle against Bhola’s torso and now nestled against Shobha’s stomach.

Shobha then broke eye contact with Bhola and turned her attention to his cock. Bhola’s cock and balls were rubbing against her pubis giving her a pleasant sensation. She sat back, her thighs still straddling Bhola’s waist, shifted her weight backwards on her folded knees. Supporting herself on Bhola’s strong muscular thighs, she now released her hold on Bhola’s wrists and slid her hands teasingly along his chest, her fingernail tracking a path over Bhola’s nipples. She then grabbed his cock with both hands. His hands freed, Bhola stretched them flat on the bed above his head and surrendered himself to his mistress who straddled him completely.

Shobha massaged Bhola’s cock as he sighed, eyes half-closed but kept her touch gentle so as to not push him over the brink. His cock felt hot and in the yellow light of the room, she could see the veins throbbing along the dark chocolate brown of the shaft and the mushroom head shine with pre cum glistening with a lighter shade of brown. Bhola’s cock, she assessed, was the same size as Chetan but a tad thicker and, of course, deliciously darker.

Shobha raised herself slightly, held the base of the cock and rubbed the mushroom head against her pussy lips. She was wet and fully lubricated, and felt a shiver flow through her body at the mere contact. Finally, mustering courage, Shobha lowered her weight against the erect cock. Her pussy lips parted and the entire length of the cock slid in snugly as she impaled herself against Bhola’s cock all the way.


Shobha gave a long sigh and closed her eyes as she savoured there feel of having a cock other than her husband invade her snug married pussy. Bhola had his eyes and mouth open as he experienced the ecstasy of his cock buried in the pussy of his mistress. Impaled on Bhola’s cock, Shobha leaned forward and kissed Bhola on his mouth. This time, Bhola found her tongue forcing its way inside and the two lovers kissed long and deep. Shobha gently adjusted her position, slowly closed her eyes, savouring the feel of the cock buried deep in her.

Then, gradually, Shobha rotated her hips first sideways until she got into a snug position, then a slow circular motion and then began the up and down action of fucking Bhola, her servant. Initially gently, and then with increasing urgency, she built her rhythm filling the room with the slapping sound of her ass against Bhola’s abdomen.

Pachak, pachak, pachak………… the wet sloppy sound of the two people fucking echoed in the small servant room.

For Shobha, this was pure ecstasy. She always craved to get on top when having sex with Chetan. Frustratingly for her, Chetan could never sustain his erection in that position for more than a couple of minutes and always seemed to switch back into the missionary position.

She locked eyes with Bhola and that made the fucking even more intimate. She leaned forward gave him a kiss, and just when he wanted to force his tongue into her mouth, she teasingly broke away and resumed humping him. She loved the sensation of his cock thrusting up and down against her tight pussy and she felt she could adjust both the depth of the strokes as well as the speed with which she bounced up and down. She found that varying both the speed and depth of the plunge gave her more control.

Bhola thought this is what heaven must feel like.

He was on his back, and his mistress was nude and on top and bouncing up and down. Her wet hair framed and half covered her beautiful face, like a black veil and now he could see beads of sweat form on her forehead. The sweat also made her hair more sticky and tufts of it clung to her breasts. Bhola reached out a couple of times to brush them away so that he could have a clear view. When that didn’t help, Shobha paused her humping momentarily to tie her hair back into a bun at the top of her head. Much better, thought Bhola. Her breasts were now bouncing up and down. He reached out to squeeze them and play with the nipples. Shobha reacted by pausing her humping, leaning forward and lowered her breasts so that Bhola could take the nipples in his mouth. Bhola greedily latched on to to them, squeezing her breasts and chewing her nipples one after the other. Shobha found the pain delectable. When Bhola didn’t let go of her breasts, Shobha found she could continue the humping even with Bhola squeezing and chewing her breasts.

The room was silent but for the rhythmic and squishy sound of their fucking and Shobha’s laboured breathing. This went on for about ten minutes. and a sweating Shobha felt herself approaching an orgasm. She slowed down, and despite her tiredness, wanted the humping to continue as long as possible. As she squeezed her naked thighs harder around Bhola’s waist and willed her pussy muscle to clench tighter on Bhola’s cock, she saw Bhola’s face go through a contortion. From her experience with Chetan, she realised Bhola was going to cum and immediately changed her up and down motion to a gyrating rotating sideways motion and clutched hard at Bhola’s hair pulling it painfully.


Both moaned in unison and climaxed simultaneously and Shobha felt Bhola’s cock discharge copiously inside her. Shobha collapsed on top of Bhola, the hair bun on her head now completely undone and the hair – now matted with sweat sprawled over her face and Bhola’s face and shoulders.

Eyes closed, Shobha kissed and chewed Bhola’s lips madly in passion as multiple waves of orgasm swept through her body, leaving her delirious and with the realisation that this was the first time ever she had two orgasms in a single session. And first time ever when riding on top of her partner.

She rolled over to her back to lie down besides Bhola. Bhola’s cock, now discharged and limp, freed itself from her pussy. She couldn’t help caressing it, almost as if to thank it for giving her such pleasure. The cock was warm, now soft, wet and slippery to touch and coated with the mix of juices secreted by both their bodies. Shobha’s own body was drenched with sweat.

She glanced at Bhola, who still seemed dazed with eyes closed still savouring the realization that he had just fucked his mistress for the first fuck of his life.

A few minutes passed on complete silence It was broken when Bhola turned around and kissed her, and she kissed him back Shobha thought of it as a thank you kiss.

Bhola got up, switched the full lights on in the room bathing Shobha in embarrassing brightness. Still naked, the young lad went to the small attached toilet, came back with a wet towel and began cleaning Shobha lovingly. He took care to clean Shobha’s thighs and wiped off the the semen that had dropped down, and looked in wonder at her swollen pussy lips. The room, now brightly lit, gave the two lovers the opportunity to study each other’s naked body.

Her own body wiped clean, Shobha took the wet towel from Bhola to return the favour. Bhola was seated, naked, on the edge of his bed with his feet on the ground and hands by his side on his bed, his limp sticky cock nestling by his thighs. Shobha knelt on the floor between his knees. Starting with his chest, and then his underarms, she lovingly and slowly wiped his cock and balls. The irony of the situation was not lost on her. Here was the mistress of the house, beautiful and naked, kneeling in front of a naked male servant, and wiping clean his cock with a wet towel.

His cock clean, Bhola pulled up Shobha and made her sit on his knees. He kissed her deeply and squeezed her breasts. Shobha broke away after a kiss.

Bhola, mere raja, aaj tum jawan go gaye. Batao, kaise laga? “, she asked sweetly. (Bhola, my dear, today you grew up How was it?)

Bhola hesitated a bit, and then as the momentousness of his achievement sank in, the words started flowing in a torrent, “Saala, Samajh mein nahin aa raha hai. ….,,,Yeh sapna hai ya sach hai…..Behenchod, kahan aap ko dekh ke har din isi kamre mein laut ke muth marte the….. Aur aaj to aap sakshat Poonam Pandey ke ishtyle mein nangi hamare kamre mein khud chali aayee……behenchod, hamare lund ki bhi kya kismet nikli…..choot ki lottery mein apun ko aaj first prize mil gaya

(Damn, I can’t believe it if it’s a dream or its true. Fuck, everyday I used to jerk off to you every single day and today you came to my room naked like Poonam Pandey. Fuck, my cock is lucky….looks like I won the first prize at the pussy lottery”)

The language was vulgar and coarse. An alarm bell should have gone off in Shobha’s head then but sitting naked in the lap of a lover who had given her two mind blowing orgasms, and her husband probably snoring fifty feet and two doors away, Shobha felt turned on by the crude references. The comparison to Poonam Pandey made her pussy tingle.

Mere handsome Bhola raja, har roz mere bare mein soch ke muth marte the?……Zara dikhao kaise hilate they…….Mein bhi toh dekhoon“, she cooed softly into Bhola’s ear playfully nibbling his earlobe and running her palm lovingly along his cheek. And adjusting herself on his thigh to give herself some room, she reached down to grab his cock and have it a rough squeeze. She was surprised to see it stir to life.

Mmmmm….lagta hai abhi bhi Bhola mein josh hai….Maan gaye mere raja. Lagta hai khoob Chawanprash khate ho! ”
(Mmmmmmmm….Looks like my Bhola still has the energy..I am impressed. Looks like you take vitamins every day!)

Bhola stayed silent as his mistress began giving him a hand job while still seated on his knee. Slowly but surely, his slumbering soldier returned to duty and began standing to attention.

Shobha grew amazed as the shaft expanded in her hand and gained stiffness and girth. She looked at Bhola quizzically.

Kya iraada hai, mere raja?” (What’s the idea, my dear?)

Bhola kept his voice level, “Bhabhi, abhi picture baaki hai”. (Madam, this movie isn’t over yet!)

Again, the tone of his voice should have worried Shobha. But when you are sitting naked on the knees of your lover who has just given you an experience that your married partner never has, your senses are dullened like that of a roadside drunk.

Matlab?”, she caressed his cheek again teasingly kissed the corner of his mouth. (Meaning?) and then added a question in a whisper, “Ab kaunsi picture bachi hai dekhne dikhane ke liye?” (What movie is left for you to show me?)

Bhola took a deep breath, squeezed Shobha’s breast crudely making her gasp in pain, and with his other hand shoved a middle finger deep between her pussy lips making her squirm. In a clenched tone that now frightened Shobha, “Bhabhi, abhi toh aapne hamein choda hai angrezi ishtyle mein. Ab hum aapko chodenge. Aur woh bhi ekdum Jharkhand ishtyle mein“. (Madam, so far you fucked me English style now i will fuck you. And that too Jharkhand style!)

And in one sudden move that stunned Shobha with its brute power, he picked up his naked mistress by her waist as if she was a doll, threw her roughly face down on the bed, pinned her down on her stomach with his full weight and grabbed her crudely by her hair yanking her head back.

It was nearly 4am in the morning by the time an exhausted and naked Shobha found herself limping back to her bedroom.

Relieved to find Chetan snoring, she hurried into the bathroom to clean herself up. Looking into mirror, she could barely recognise herself. Her hair was matted, her forehead had a bump, her neck, shoulders and breasts were covered with red bruises and bite marks, her nipples hurt when she touched them and her belly and pubis were coated with dried cum and saliva. She turned around and examined her buttocks. They were covered with angry red imprints and were sore to touch. This is what a woman who has been raped looks like, she thought. She touched the lump on her forehead and and recalled banging her head against the wall as Bhola mercilessly humped her. She winced as she touched the red imprints on her buttocks caused when Bhola brutally kept slapping her ass cheeks as his shaft plunged in and out like a piston. Chetan had never mounted her from behind, and even if he did, she was sure he would have been gentle.

Bhola had terrified her when his mask came off. Until she had control, she was the aggressor teasing and toying with Bhola, seducing him to do her bidding. Getting him to go down on her and she then mounting him were things which largely were how she fantasised about treating a male sex slave or getting serviced by a gigolo.

But what happened later that night in Bhola’s room was a complete shock to her.

Bhola was like a wild animal in the way he went about ravishing her. Brutal, crazed and deaf to her pleas to slow down, he kept going like a pile hammer unmindful of the way her head kept bumping against the wall with each powerful thrust. Shobha touched her pussy lips which were still swollen from the assault. Her neck and scalp still hurt from the brutish way he yanked her head holding by her hair as her servant fucked her doggie style. Or Jharkhand style as he had called it. The few times that he seemed to pause or slow down to catch his breath, he had mauled her breasts grabbing them from behind, pinching her nipples, unmindful of her initially angry and then subsequent pitiful beseeching. He alternated between mauling her hanging breasts and noisily slapping her buttocks switching from one hand to the other, while tightly pulling her head back by her hair. And when Bhola paused the sledgehammer like thrusts to catch his breath, he would shove his fingers harshly into her cunt crudely squeezing her already swollen clitoris and penetrating deep and rubbing her pussy lips mercilessly.

Bhola’s wild transformation from a mild obedient sex slave to a brutal and crazed sex assailant wasn’t what shocked Shobha.

What shocked her more was the way her own body responded to the brutal assault. She lost count of the number of orgasms that swept through her body as she got slapped around and mauled by her own servant. Her initial shrieks dissolved into moans as her body rebelled against her, and the mix of pain with pleasure took her to heights that a genteel Chetan could never ever do. Her gasps choked in her own throat as new sensations swept across her body.

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