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Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola

“Janu, I want to have a threesome!”

Shobha hopped up and down a couple of times on her toes like an excited school girl, flung her arms around a bemused Chetan and pecked him on his lips as soon as Bhola was out of earshot.

“Are you fucking crazy!”, Chetan tried to wrest free of her but Shobha tightened her arms around him pushing her breasts against his chest.

“I want my birthday gift in advance”, Shobha declared hopping up and down playing the excited schoolgirl and nuzzled Chetan on his cheeks. Her birthday was three months away. The last time she said the same lines, she ended up with a diamond necklace and Chetan ended lighter by ten lakhs. And had to buy a separate birthday gift in any case for the birthday.

“Baby, not with him! He is a servant! ”

“Aah, so you would be ok if it were someone else!”, she stepped back, put her hands on her hips and have him a mock stern look. She looked hot. She had Bhola’s vest T-shirt on – though Chetan didn’t realise it – and which just covered her panties and clung to her breasts. The vest style T-shirt exposed her cleavage and the side side revealed the side of her shapely breasts.

“Baby, you can’t be serious. What’s got into you? It’s so risky! ”

“That’s the whole beauty, baby. He is a gawaar (village bumpkin). Totally dumbo! And the best part is that his ticket is booked in two weeks. ”

“What if he speaks to someone about us?”

“Baby, we discussed this! Who would believe him?”. Shobha turns on her mock scolding tone. She was glad that Chetan hadn’t blown a fuse – he had just called out some reasons. She had hers ready as a counter response. She knew she had a good track record with her logic against his once she had made up her mind. Shobha went back to embracing Chetan and nuzzled against Chetan’s cheeks and gently bit his ears.

“And he’s so hot”, she whispered softly in his ears, “And he is crazy about me. Totally!”.

A part of Chetan’s brain wondered who was crazy about whom.

She then grabbed his hands and pulled them to her breasts under the t shirt she was wearing. She let him grab her breasts. He squeezed them instinctively.

“Did you see the way he was giving them a massage?” , she teased him again whispering softly into his ear and nibbling at the earlobe. She have him a wet kiss. He squeezed harder. Her nipple was erect and he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

“Bhola was squeezing my boobs too. He likes them”, she murmured as he squeezed harder in reflex response. Slowly and deliberately, her hands slipped down and grabbed his crotch.

“Maybe next time you can watch him squeeze my boobs”, she whispered. Chetan’s cock was getting hard and he was getting excited at the talk about Bhola squeezing his wife’s boobs. Shobha slipped her hands under the elastic of his track pants and grabbed his hard, naked and erect cock. It was warm and semi-erect and she cupped it gentling caressing the length but not yet squeezing it.

“And I guess you like watching him suck your wife’s boobs, no? Or maybe you could watch him while I let you suck my boobs”. Chetan’s cock was becoming bigger as Shobha continued her hand job.

“And that’s why you did me three times in the last one week! Can you even remember the last time we did it three times in a week?!”, she continued breathlessly whispering in his ear her tone seeking to flatter his manly ego.

Chetan had his eyes closed and while his right hand continued to squeeze Shobha’s breasts, his left hand now slipped under her panties. His fingers teased apart the lips of her pussy. She was wet. Chetan’s middle finger probed deeper. It was now Shobha’s turn to moan.

“Maybe next time, you can let him watch while you fuck me. Maybe after that I can let you watch when he fucks me.”.

Shobha rarely used the ‘f’ word and Chetan was hot with passion. Shobha let go of his cock, now fully erect, slipped her hand lower, cupped his balls lightly and with a long fingernail she gently scratched Chetan’s delicate skin below the scrotum. She was rewarded when Chetan grunted in thrill. She had practised the same move with Bhola last night and knew she should not go all the way. She retreated and grabbed his cock again this time closing her palm lengthwise along the shaft.

And delivered her punch line with a hoarse whisper while simultaneously squeezing and un-squeezing the cock and pulling it along its length as if trying to extend the shaft’s length.

“Bhola has a big cock too. I know it because i felt it in my hands. He let me squeeze his cock. Just like this” , and she was satisfied when almost in response to her words Chetan’s cock throbbed painfully. Having learnt from her interlude with Bhola last night, she knew she had to bring him to the edge but not push beyond for release. She squeezed Chetan’s cock one last time, and felt the moistness of precum.

Chetan moaned, and his cock throbbed painfully hard in response to Shobha’s squeeze.

Shobha knew then she had won her argument.

She let go of Chetan’s cock, pulled her hand out of his track pants and stepped back two paces. She looked down at his erect cock at full mast as the elastic waistband of the tracking snapped closed just under his balls, making him look like a schoolboy caught with his pants down. She now looked at him in the eye.

“Now listen to me carefully, baby, and do exactly as I tell you”, she said her firm tone leaving either of them in no doubt who had held whose balls a short while back.

When Bhola walked in nervously into the bedroom a few minutes later with a tray containing two glasses – whisky and soda for saheb and vodka and lemon juice for mem saheb – he found the mem saheb in a distinctly better mood than the saheb. Shobha was sprawled out on the bed, one hand crossed over her forehead, still wearing Bhola’s t-shirt barely covering her panties, and her long naked legs crossed at the ankles. She smiled warmly at Bhola, having noticed that he had changed into a different t-shirt. Bhola noted her black bra was still lying in a corner of the bedroom where she had tossed it. Which meant bhabhi was braless. He confirmed it with a quick peek at her t-shirt which seemed moulded to her breasts with erect nipples poking through. When he got that t-shirt back, Bhola decided he wasn’t going to ever wash it. Chetan was next to Shobha on the bed, half lying, and looking a bit sullen.

Shobha took the whiskey glass and offered it to Chetan who took a few large gulps a bit too quickly. She took her own vodka glass, half got up from the bed, made room on the corner next to her and asked Bhola to sit there next to her. Bhola sat next to her cautiously, but unable to take his eyes off her bare legs. She took a sip from her glass, made a face to say that he had made it too strong and offered Bhola a sip. Bhola took a sip from her glass, feeling both excited and nervous. He found the drink bitter but was aroused by the intimacy of sharing Shobha’s glass for the second time that evening. From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw Chetan glare at him before taking another full gulp from his own glass, rapidly draining its contents.

Shobha sensed Chetan’s hostility towards Bhola and leaned across and kissed Chetan on the mouth for a long wet kiss. Bhola watched his mistress’s tongue snake into saheb’a mouth. Chetan reaches out and grabbed Shobha’s breast through her vest and was rewarded by a moan.

Shobha pushed away Chetan and switched attention to her other admirer.

“Accha Bhola, toh batao saheb ko apni Chanda girlfriend ke bara mein” (Ok Bhola, tell saheb about your Chanda girlfriend). Bhola blushed and Shobha breathlessly filled in a half-interested Chetan about Bhola’s crush from Jharkhand.

“Theekh hai Bhola, ek game khelte hain. Ab samjho ki main Chanda hoon. Aur saheb mere gharwale hain. Saheb ke saamne mujhe patao. Aur woh bhi Jharkhand style mein”. (OK Bhola, lets play a game now. Let’s imagine I am Chanda. Now woo me in front of my husband. And do it in Jharkhand style). She was now warming up and had parted her legs and was rocking her knees gently back and forth.

Bhola blushed but not enough to notice that with every rock of her knees, he could see a peek of her black panty beneath the T-shirt. His T-shirt, he reminded himself.

“OK Bhola, C’mon! Patao mujhe”. And she offered a drink to Bhola from her own glass and egged him on. (And C’mon Bhola. Come and woo me!)

Bhola took a long gulp. The strong vodka gave him a woozy feeling in his head. And with it came courage and inspiration to meet Shobha bhabhi’s challenge.

“Chanda, mujhe mera dil nahin lota sakti toh kam se kam mera T-shirt to lota do! Tumhara dil samajh ke apne dil se laga ke sada rakhoonga!” (Chanda, if you can’t return my heart, at least return my T-shirt. I will consider it your heart and keep it next to mine! For ever!)

Chetan was just then taking a sip of his drink and nearly choked at this cheesy line. Shobha burst into loud and impressed laughter. She hadnt expected Bhola to be this articulate. Bhola’s heart swelled with pride and he didn’t fail to notice the jiggle of her breasts as she laughed.

“Haven’t heard anything so sweet said to me since I was in college!”, she chirped then turned to Chetan, “Janu, you should also learn a line or two from Bhola. Always in your laptop otherwise…” Chetan swallowed his pride. As a VP in his MNC bank, he had just finished a proposal to recast a 200 million dollar debt for a client with pan Asia operations and probably helped prevent bankruptcy. And here was his wife asking him to get inspired in wooing her with what seemed B grade film dialogue spouted by his servant. He couldn’t however deny this was getting interesting and he was getting a boner.

“Ok, Bhola, tumhe apna t-shirt chahiye to mere se pillow fight mein jeet ke dikhao! “. (Ok Bhola, if you want your tshirt then beat me in a pillow fight and win it!). Shobha was in a bubbly mood, and Chetan was curious where this would land. Bhola didn’t know what a pillow fight was and when Shobha explained, the chance of getting into physical playful scuffle with this luscious woman seemed like a wet dream.

Armed with a pillow each, both players landed playful punches as they warmed up. Shobha was in a particularly giggly mood, as she pranced around the bedroom in just her panty and clinging t-shirt, dodging expertly aimed blows. The pillow blows seemed aimed at her boobs and ass but she didn’t mind. Chetan seemed amused and followed the two dueling gladiators feint and cheered. Bhola began to relax when he realised saheb was enjoying it as much as him, and was particularly delighted when Bhola landed a few choice blows on her T-shirt covered breasts. Bhola paused trying to adjust his shorts to conceal an obvious hard on but when Shobha took advantage of his distraction to rain a few choice blows on him, decided to throw caution to the winds and go for it Jharkhand style.

Chucking his pillow aside, he made a grab for Shobha’s boobs.

Shobha anticipated him, and nimbly stepped back but stumbled into Chetan’s arms who put his arms around her waist from behind to prevent her from losing her balance. Seeing his opponent pinned against Chetan, Bhola dropped his pillow and shamelessly grabbed her boobs through the t shirt.

And squeezed them hard in front of her husband.

Shobha yelped, “Not fair! Not fair! “, she chanted, trying to break free. Chetan stepped forward. Shobha’s back was now squashed against his chest and he too grabbed her boobs, but thoughtfully from under her t-shirt. Shobha was now squashed between two men. Her husband was at her back, and had inserted his hands under the t shirt and had cupped her naked breasts. Bhola, a little less thoughtful had his eye on the same assets but had grabbed them from the front.

Realising that she was now squashed between the two men, Shobha dropped her own pillow, grabbed Bhola by his collar, pulled him closer and kissed him on his mouth. She forced open Bhola’s mouth, and just as Bho!a kissed back clumsily but forcefully, she broke off. Shobha then tilted her head to the side and kissed Chetan. Chetan was now squeezing Shobha’s breasts from inside while Bhola was wrestling for the same privilege from front and over the vest. Shobha began kissing both men alternately. Shobha grabbed Bhola’s t-shirt and pulled it off. The servant’s handsome, broad clean shaven chest came into view and Shobha teased his nipple with a sharp fingernail. Bhola caught the base of her t shirt and tried to get it off. Shobha pretended to cooperate and gestured to both men that she would take it off herself. Both men let go their hold on her, and in a single swift move, giggling all the while, Shobha broke free and ran to the other corner of the bedroom Both men laughed at being outwitted and lunged after her and it turned out like a game kid’s play. Except that here an adult woman in a t shirt and panties was being chased around the room by two adult men – her husband and her servant Ultimately, it was again Chetan who caught her and pinned her hands behind her back. Shobha was still giggling hysterically.

Pakad liya saali ko!” (Caught the bitch!)

Chetan was breathing heavily with the exertion of the brief chase. His beautiful but dominant wife had both teased him and taunted him over the last few days, and now with adrenaline and lust high in his blood, he had her pinned down and completely under his physical control. This exercise of physical domination over a woman who had so overtly been sexual teasing him aroused him tremendously. So what if there was a handsome servant who was also lusting after her and enjoying all this Bhola had his eyes wide open, and was grinning foolishly and wanting to be part of this sport and whatever spoils came next.

Chetan felt powerful in the equation between the three of them – he had his half naked wife pinned down, and he could grant or deny Bhola access to the sexual trophy that was his wife.

Bol Bhola, kya karen is saali ke saath?!” , and then carried away with lust asked, “Chhod diya jaye ya choddh diya jaye?! ” and laughed sadistically at the pun in Hindi of what he said (Tell me Bhola, what shall we do with the bitch? Should we leave her or should we fuck her?!)

Bhabhi ek dum mast lagti hain, saheb!“, Bhola exclaimed and grinned too with savage lust. With his master having pinned his mistress’s hands behind her back, she was helpless and immobile in front of him, her breasts heaving with exertion of a futile struggle to break free Her erect nipples were poking through the tight thin fabric of the t shirt. His t shirt, he again reminded himself!

Grinning sadistically, Bhola reached out with both hands and raised the bottom of Shobha’s t shirt finally exposing her breasts in their naked glory. She had superbly shaped breasts and coin sized round light brown areola with a dark brown erect nipples. Bhola’s heart was beating wildly and his cock throbbing painfully as he reached out and squeezed the naked breasts. Shobha squirmed, protested and moaned – all at the same time – further firing up the lust of both men. Chetan managed the difficult feat of pulling off her t shirt over her head while still keeping her hands pinned behind her back. He tossed it contempuously aside.

Saali ek dum nangi hai abhi!” , (The bitch is naked now!), Chetan was now sadistically enjoying all this and felt in full control.

Bhabhi ke mumme ek dum mast hain“, Bhola was crazed and began fondling Shobha’s exposed breasts. (Madam has great tits). Chetan’s hands were busy pinning Shobha’s hands behind her and Bhola has Shobha’s breasts all to himself. Shobha had stopped protesting and had half-closed her eyes. This wasn’t what she had in mind but the use of physical force against her was a new experience and she felt herself go wet.

Chetan dragged a half-resisting Shobha, holding her by her wrists, over to the bed. Still pinning her hands tightly behind her, he shed his own t shirt and track pants. He was now completely naked and sporting a raging hardon. He pulled himself to a half lying position supported by the pillows behind his back. He pinned Shobha on top of him, her back against his chest, and grunted with the satisfied feel of his erect cock wedged snugly against her panty clad ass. Bhola lost his grip on Shobha’s breasts but liked this position better with his near naked mistress lying on top of his master. Seeing Chetan strip naked, Bhola pulled down his own shorts and briefs. Shobha encouraged him with her eyes

There were two stark naked men in the room, both sporting raging erections and Shobha was pinned down. Her heart was in her mouth, her pussy moist and she was wondering how all this was going to end and if she had gone too far in teasing and taunting her husband. He was clearly in a crazed and aggressive mode, and the problem was so was Bhola.

She looked at Bhola’s naked cock for the second time in two days and felt herself go wetter She squirmed at the delicious thought of what both men could do to her, and felt Chetan’s cock throb as she ground her buttocks against his shaft.

Chetan locked his own ankles against Shobha’s inner ankles and prised her legs apart. She didn’t resist and now she had her legs spread out, her black panty clearly showing a growing wet spot.

A naked Bhola approached his bhabhi, spreadeagled, topless and lying helpless on the bed with her back on her naked husband’s chest and naked herself – except for that panty – but got confused about what to do next. He had, of course, seen plenty of porn clips but nothing prepared him about what to do in this situation. Chetan, was now squeezing Shobha’s breasts – who had stopped resisting – sensed that Bhola was a virgin and confused. It excited him even more that he could now direct the next steps He gestured Bhola to come over. Bhola crawled onto the bed on his knees, between Shobha – and Chetan’s legs – and approached Shobha’s naked breasts.

Bhola started sucking her breasts and alternated from one to the other. This felt like heaven to him and the smell of Shobha’s deodorant and underarm odour began driving him crazy. He was gurgling with joy. Shobha realized Chetan had loosened his ankle lock on her, and she quickly wrapped her legs across Bhola’s waist pulling him tightly against her. Bhola now ground his naked cock against Shobha’s panty clad pussy and she pulled his head away from her breast and kissed him on his mouth. She was still lying on her back on her naked husband’s chest and being dry humped by a naked man who was their servant. She was delirious with ecstasy but also frustrated as Bhola just semed to be merely pushing and rubbing his cock against her panty.

Chetan was getting excited too but the competitive part of his brain kicked in. He wanted a piece of the action too. He didn’t want to lose control.

Bhola, zara hatna“, (Bhola, can you move aside)

A confused Bhola paused in instinctive obedience at his master’s voice. Shobha however didn’t like the interruption and made a face and a protesting noise.

” Bhola, hum dikhate hain kaise kiya jaata hai“, said Chetan.
(Bhola, Let me show you how it is done)

Chetan gestured to Bhola to sit on the armchair, and the lad reluctantly disengaged. His cock still erect, Bhola awkwardly slithered across to sit at the armchair. He was also curious what strange event would unfurl next.

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