Sheeba fucked Husband’s friend Vijay

My name is Sheeba, I was married to my cousin 3 years back and I have a kid of 2 years. This story is between myself and my husband’s friend Vijay. He worked with my husband and now he is working in a different company. Am medium complexion and my status is 36-34-36. During wedding I was having 34 breast size and after child birth I become bit chubbier.

Vijay is a handsome guy, I noticed this on the day of my wedding when my husband introduced him as his friend. He must be 6 feet height, with correct weight with nice abs. The second time I met him in the company party organized for our wedding on Saturday in my husband’s headquarters. My husband and Vijay was working in company’s branch office which is around 90 Kms from the headquarters. My husband’s company has around 5 employees in headquarters and only my husband and his friend in the branch office.

Company had decided to throw a party for us in the head office and myself and husband went there. Vijay was there before us. By noon they took us to the hotel, and Vijay was looking at me and he was sitting opposite to me. I was also checking on him and he found that I am checking on him and he was staring at my hips which was not covered in the saree which I wore on that day. His looks made me horny at that time and I didn’t try to hide my hips region. I decided to tease him more and went to restroom and lowered my saree showing my navel and came back. I covered my navel with my pallu and came and sat in front of him and casually showed him my navel.

He too noticed that and immediately he took his foot and kept in my feet, first I took my legs back and he too took it back. They all were talking between each other, my husband’s boss was asking me something and I was telling her, during that time again I felt his foot on my feet. This time I didn’t moved my legs and his foot travelled to my ankles and I couldn’t concentrate on their talks and I stated enjoying the touch that too in front of my newlywed husband. His both foot started its journey from my both ankles and traveled to my knees by raising my saree and petticoat. My body starts shaking and I couldn’t concentrate on eating or the talks which is going around me. But he was casually chatting with other and raised my saree till knees and his feet was caressing my both the knees.

Then one of his legs travelled between my thighs and other one was resting in one knee. I unknowingly open my legs to accommodate his legs in between my thighs. Due to the table length his legs can’t reach more than the mid of my thighs, so I moved a bit forward to make his legs close to my pussy. I opened my legs more and moved forward and his toe starts touching my pussy over the panty. Now my pussy starts leaking, this is the first time am feeling a flowing pussy without even touching fully. He rubbed my pussy over the panty with the toes for 2 mins and removed his legs. I was seeing him once took his leg away and he too saw me and smiled. After that his boss called him and said him something and he left immediately.


Then the boss said, that Vijay had left to buy tickets for a movie, we all finally decided to go to the theatre and there Vijay is waiting with the tickets for us. Vijay bought 3 tickets separately in the back row and other tickets 2 rows front. Being Vijay is my husband’s friend in the company, we 3 came and sit in the back row and others 2 rows front of us. Our seat was in middle of the last row. So my husband made me sit in between him and Vijay. It was an English movie and I was not interested in watching English movies. But my husband is very fond of English movies. Once the movie started my husband was involved in the movie and Vijay was sitting in my left side and he starts rubbing my hands. Immediately I withdrew my hands.

But again I kept the hand in the hand rest, but still Vijay’s hand was there and now I am touching his hand. His fingers start holding my fingers and I too responded by holding his fingers back. Again he become bold and he took his left hand and kept on my arms. I was wearing a blouse with short hands and he was touching my bear arms and he kept rubbing my arms for some time and at the same time his left hand came to my things and starts rubbing it over the saree. My pussy was starting to leak inside the panty again for the 2nd time today. 10 minutes before interval, Vijay came near to my ear and asked me to remove my panty and give it to him during the interval. I was feeling horny and shy to do the same, but my honryness overcome the shyness and once the interval starts I went to the toilet, raised my saree and petticoat and lowered my panty to the ankles and starts fingering my cunt. Once I cummed, I washed my cunt and then took the panty and kept inside my blouse and went out of the toilet and sat in the place.

Once I am back, Vijay was having an ice cream and he hand over it to me and asked for my panty. I asked him to wait, so again he starts rubbing my thighs and arms, I tried to take the panty from my blouse without his knowledge, but he noticed it. I hand over the panty to him, he took it from my hand and sniffed the panty and said, I am smelling good and he wants to smell and taste it from my body. I was shy and didn’t said anything. Nothing happened after that and the movie got ended and we all came out. Now my husband and myself along with Vijay started our jorney to our place which is 90 kms (2 hours) travel.

We boarded the bus and it was a 2×2 semi sleeper bus. Bus was nearly empty on that day. Myself and husband took the 2 rows from the last and sat in the left side. He sat on back of us. We pushed our seat back and were sleeping. After half an hour I found a hand was coming from the back side through the gap between the seat and window and touched my hip which is not covered by the saree. I know that hand belong to Vijay. Immediately I saw my husband and he is in deep sleep, and I started to enjoy his touches.

His left hand was on my hip and I didn’t try to resist him and this made him bit bolder. His hand starts moving in my stomach and reached my navel. He was teasing my navel with his fingers and due to this my pussy starts leaking again and I closed my legs tightly. He came forward and placed his head near my head in the semi-sleeper seat and blows air in my ears and I closed my eyes and enjoying his fingers teasing my navel and the air blowing. It’s around 8pm and due to the darkness inside and outside the bus, he was bit bolder. He took his hand from my navel and came near to my ear and asked me to show the cleavage. I was like a slave doing everything what he says and I inserted my hands under the pallu and opened the first button of the blouse and bit moved my pallu to show him the same. He moved over my head and started to see my cleavage and then checked my sleeping hubby and he placed his hands on my arms and it moved towards my neck. His hands moved from my neck and started travelling towards my cleavage and finally rested on my cleavage and I was breathing heavily at that time.

During that time his hand is roaming over my cleavage and he inserted finger inside the cleavage in-between both the boobs. My body starts shivering and I asked him to remove the hand and he immediately took his hand from my cleavage and it again went back to my navel. I arranged my pallu and covered my cleavage and again I checked my husband and he was in deep sleep. He then moved his hand upwards over my stomach and started touching the base of my boobs. Now he cupped my boobs over the blouse and bra. I was shivering and enjoying his touch and at the same time my cunt is leaking juice and it starts flowing in my thighs, since am not having any panty now. He was squeezing my boobs very roughly, I want to moan now, but couldn’t. I was biting my lips to control the moan. Now his hands started to unhook my blouse, due to the tightness of my blouse his hand is struggling to unhook it. He somehow opened all the buttons except the last one and he tore that and opened the blouse and caught my left boob over the bra. He got the traces of my nipples and starts circling it over the bra, I was wearing a t-shirt type with some laces in it. So it becomes easy for him to raise the bra and took my both the boobs out and started pressing and squeezing the boobs and pinching my nipples. This sqeezing and pinching of nipples happened for nearly half an hour and finally we found that our stop is nearing and I requeted him to stop this and he removed his hand. I lowered my boobs and hooked my blouse, but due to continuous pinching on both the nipples, I feel pain in my nipples with the tightness of bra and blouse.


I adjusted my dress and during that time again I felt Vijay’s hand near my neck and soon, I found his hands was moving inside my cleavage from the top and he removed immediately before I react, I was confused, but I found some paper inside my cleavage and I turned back and saw him and he signaled me to phone him and he stood from his place and moved towards the front of the bus to get down in his stop. That time only I realized that he had written his phone number in the paper which he had placed in my cleavage and I took that paper and kept inside my bag and once again adjusted my clothes and woke my husband saying our stop is nearing. He woke up and saw the back seat and asked where is Vijay, I said I don’t know since myself were sleeping too and woke up just now. Then we went home on that day and had a nice sex with my husband and slept. In the morning I saved his number in my phone and on that day myself and my husband went to Shimla for our honeymoon and then came back after 5 days. Then I couldn’t contact him for the next 2 months and during that time i8 came to know that I am pregnant and after that I didn’t contacted him.

My husband left the job and started doing business and Vijay also left the job and he took another job in another city which I came to know by my husband. I nearly forgot Vijay and I gave birth to a princess and I was busy with my kid for the next 1 year. We decided to celebrate the first birthday of my princess and Vijay was invited for that, since now again he came back to our city with another job. On that day when I saw him after the cake cutting of my daughter immediately I recalled the incident happened on that day and my cunt starts oozing and my panty starts to get wet.

I went to the bedroom to take something and while coming back, he was in front of the door and he whispered to me and he is still waiting for my call. I didn’t say anything and went near to my kid and am busy on that day. I didn’t meet him on that day afterwards. The next day I was thinking of Vijay, when am alone in house. I thought of calling him once and dialed his number in the phone, but I don’t have the courage to speak to him. He attended the call and said hello and I didn’t answer him and I hung up the phone after sometime. Then I received a message in my phone.

“Sheeba, I know this is you, am having your number. I will call you and attend my call” After sometime I received a call from his number and I attended the call and immediately he asked for my friend and I informed that he had gone out of station and will be back at night. So he asked me permission if he can come to my house, but I denied and said that my neighbors will doubt if he comes home when my husband is not here. So he asked me to go to his place, I denied, but the incidence of the bus came to my mind and I raised my nighty and petticoat and starts rubbing my cunt while talking to him. He begged me to come out at least outside in a public place and I said ok and we decided to meet in a mall. I left my kid in my in-law’s place which is 2 streets away and starts going towards the mall in my scooty and I was wearing a long skirt, tops, bra and panty. I called my husband and said that I am going to meet one of my friend and maybe I will be bit late. When I leave the house it was 11.00am.

I met him in the mall entrance and he took the scooty from me and parked it and came back to the entrance. He holds my hand and took me inside the mall. I was astonished by his boldness and didn’t resist his touches, we roamed the mall fully with hand in hand and he asked me can we have some food. We went to the food court and was having the food. During that time he asked, “Sheeba do you like me”. I said yes and then he again said to me that if that’s true then you have to leave your shyness in front of me. After having lunch he asked me to go for a movie and I too accepted and went with him. We went inside the theatre and it was a Hindi movie and due to weekdays there was only some couples in the theatre and we too went and sat in a corner seat. Once the movie started he placed his hand on the hand rest, but his elbow was touching my boobs, but I didn’t moved and enjoyed his touch and this gave him confidence and seeing no resistance, he turned my face and tried to kiss me. I immediately got up and said can we go to his house. Now he was astonished by my boldness and immediately we started to go to his house in my scooty, leaving his car in the mall. It was 1.30pm and we reached his house in 5 mins travel.

We opened the door and went inside the house and locked the door, I saw his face he was very happy, then he came near me and said am looking very sexy. I was blushing and I am wearing Blue tops and white skirt. Then he starts smooching me in the hall itself and I started to kiss him back by allowing his tongue in my mouth. Now he asked me to move to the bedroom and carried me in his hands and moved towards the bedroom.
While carrying me in his hands, he was smooching me in my lips and made me stand near to the bed releasing his kiss. He removed his shirt and asked me to lick his nipples, but I felt shy and I didn’t do it. He then kissed my neck and comes to my cleavage over the tops. While kissing me he started to removed my kurtha tops. I raised my hands on my own willing to help him in remove my tops. He kissed my neck and removed the zip of my skirt and it fell down in my ankles. Now I was standing in a black netted bra and black lacy panty. He was looking at me removed his pants and underwear in one go and standing nude in front of me. I was looking at his naked body and I noticed his cock was erect fully and it was bigger than my husband. Vijay must have nearly 7inches and my husband has 4.5 inches. He grabbed my hand and opened my fingers and made me hold my dick. She closed her eyes and hold my dick very strong. He came near to my ears and asked, “darling do you like it” and I didn’t say anything, but just nodded my head. Again he came near to me and kissed my lips and I immediately opened my mouth and we started smooching. He was sucking my tongue and saliva from my mouth and he moved his hands to my back and released the hook of my bra and removed it from my body and throws away. Then he stepped away from me and in one go removed my panty and made me nude.


He again stepped back a step and saw my nude body. He was looking at my 36C boobs and commented, “Sheeba your boobs become bigger than the last time I squeezed in the bus.” My nipples and areolas are brown in color and it will make sexy in my white skin. Now his eyes went down and looked at my waxed cunt (I waxed my cunt today morning only after decided to meet him only). His fingers reached my pussy and he whispered in my ears that, my pussy looks cute and beautiful. I was feeling shy and was enjoying his touch in my pussy. His fingers parted my pussy lips and his middle finger found my clit and started rubbing it. My pussy become wet and warm which I can feel from his fingers and I started moaned a lot. I caught his dick immediately and was holding it tight. He was smooching and kissing all over my face, forehead, cheeks, neck and earlobes. I moved my hand behind his back and pressed hard against me and this made his cock rub on my cunt and this makes me very horny. He was making me very horny and I know in this hornyness my slut side will come out. I slowly moved down and starts kissing his chest and starts sucking his nipples and at the same time caught his dick and balls and massaging it. He is enjoying my touch and moans a lot. I sucked both his nipples and starts chewing the nipples alternatively. He cummed in my hands. (I had not done such things to my husband till now).

After a bit of relaxing sometime, we stood without moving and he took his pants and asked me to clean my hand with that and I too did that. He cupped my left boobs and starts pressing it hard. I was moaning loudly and said, “Vijay, please press it slowly” immediately he reduced his pressure and pressed my boob and I said to him, “now it feels good, can you please my other boob too.” Now he starts pressing my boobs with both hands and squeezed both my nipples with the fore fingers and thumps with his both the hands. He started sucking my boobs and pressing the other one vigorously and he asked me, “Can I make it hard dear?” and I replied him to go on. He sucked my both the boobs and pressing it roughly and makes me moan of the pleasure. While sucking my nipples, his hand went behind me and started to squeeze my ass harder. Then he starts smooching my lips and squeezing my ass cheeks. He spread my ass cheeks and started touching my asshole and it was making me shivering. Now he pushed me on the bed and I fell on the bed on my back. He positioned his dick on my cunt and took my both the legs and placed it on his shoulders. This made my pussy lips open and give way for his dick. He pushed it gently and half of his dick went inside my wet cunt. My cunt was very tight, since my husband’s dick is smaller than Vijay and it starts paining while accommodating his dick in my cunt. He again removed his dick and pushed with bit force and I shouted due to pain. But his dick went in fully inside my cunt and he gave sometime to accommodate his dick in my cunt.

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