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Sheeba fucked Husband’s friend Vijay Chapter 1

After ending the call, I took bath and came out of the bathroom and started wearing dress. During that time, I was looking myself and found some love bites on my breasts, I felt shy on looking it and I got dresses in a tops and leggings (of course with inners) and went to my in-law’s house and took my kid and came back home. My husband reached home by 9pm and on seeing his face I felt guilty. Then we had our dinner, then my kid slept and I cleaned the kitchen and entered the room. Once I entered the room, my husband caught my hand and pulled to the bed. I said, “I am tired, please not today.” But my husband didn’t listen to me and made me lie on the bed and removed my leggings along with the panty and without any foreplay just inserted his 5-inch dick in my pussy. His fucking didn’t excite me and he cummed in sometime and slept. I cleaned myself and came to bed and was thinking of Vijay and my husband and this time I didn’t felt guilty on my fucking with Vijay.

Next day I woke up and did all the cooking and took bath and while am in bathroom my phone ringed, my husband was in home and I thought, my husband will attend the call and what happens if that is Vijay. So I came out without finishing the bath just wrapping a petticoat over my body and came to attend the call. In the meantime, my husband attended the call and I was standing there with my head down without saying anything. My husband cut the call and informed that I got the job where I attended the interview 2 weeks back (Actually my husband’s business is going well, but to kill my boredom I decided to work. I am MBA holder). I was happy for job and also it was not Vijay, then I continued finishing the bath and came out wearing dress. I called the number again and got all the formalities for the joining. Next 2 days nothing happened and I didn’t even get calls from Vijay and my mind didn’t allow me to give him a call. On Monday morning I got ready and dropped my kid with in laws and went to work. I reached office by 9.15 and completed all the joining formalities and thus the day passed and at the evening I came out of the office an found Vijay was standing there. He too saw me and I smiled at him and my pussy was leaking inside the panty once I saw him there. After that only I came to know that he is the HR manager in the office situated in the 2nd floor of the office building. Our office was situated in the 3rd floor.

He inquired about my presence there and I said him about the joining of the company. Then I was asked by my company to attend training in the head office from Wednesday for the next 1 week. Now I thought of enjoying the same weekend with Vijay and informed him first about my training in the city which is 600 kms away from our place. After the call with Vijay I informed my husband and said, that I will be in training for the next 1 week in the city which is around 600 kms. He asked, if any other persons are coming and I said, yes another 3 persons(females) coming along with me and the accommodation will be taken care by the company. My husband agreed to go for the training, also I informed the company that I will take care of my accommodation and they also agreed. As per the plan Vijay started 1 day before and was staying in the lodge, once I reached there the next day, he asked me take auto and joined in between and we went to another hotel and booked a room for the next 1 week and provided our details as husband and wife. I informed my husband that I reached the company guest house and dropped the call. Once I cut the call, he came back of me and kissed my neck and started pressing my boobs. I said, not now and I need to get ready for the training. He agreed and I started getting ready for the office. He dropped me in my office an left to the room.

After completed my training, I reached the room. Vijay was lying in the bed and I started talking to my husband and said, I reached the accommodation and he said ok and cut the call, since he is busy with works. Again I called my in laws and spoke with my kid and for nearly 15 minutes and I dropped the call. Now Vijay was standing beside me and I asked what, immediately, he kissed on my lips and I didn’t expect such hard biting from his lips. So I started beating him and the beating makes him horny and his kiss is becoming more aggressive. While kissing, his hands travel to my hip region and caught my boobs over the blouse and bra. Then he made me move and placed me in the nearby sofa. He was below me and I was over him, kissing his lips, my boobs are pressing his chest and his hard dick is mounting on my pussy over the dress and this makes me horny. He was kissing my lips softly and I tried to get up from him, but his hand caught my hips and made me immovable. His right hand came to his boobs and caught my left boobs and started to press it and I started enjoying his touch. I said, not now Vijay and started to get up, but he knows that it was a fake resistance. But he left me and I got up from him and sat in the chair there and he announced that we are going for shopping now. I was excited on hearing shopping and immediately accepted and he asked me to freshen up and get ready.

I went inside the bathroom and washes my face and reapplied my makeup and got ready in another 5 minutes. We locked the room and came out and he took his car (that time only I came to know that he came in car) and we started moving towards the mall. First he took me to saree section and selected a red and black transparent saree, then went to the blouse section and bought golden and red color blouse, also the matching petticoat. Then we came out of the saree shop and went to the modern dress section, I said, I am not comfortable in modern dresses, for which he said, “I am not requesting you to wear this dear, it’s my order, since whenever you are with me, you have to do everything which makes me happy”. Though he ordered me, his tone was very polite and I love that and I accepted. Then he selected a blue and yellow tunic tops, 2 tube tops, 2 noodle strap tops, 2 hot pants, 2 jeans, 2 long skirt and 2 short skirt which is 2 inch short from knees. He didn’t make me wear these dress in the trial room, so I thought he must have known of my size.

Then we entered the innerwear section, there he asked the sales man to get sexy innerwear and sales man asked for the size and without asking me anything, Vijay, said, “its 34C bra and panty XL size”. I didn’t say anything, but standing there shy, since even now my husband doesn’t know about my bra and panty size. We bought 2 lace bra and panty set, another 2 thread type bra and panty, 2 padded bras, silk panty and a nipple less bra and Crotch less panty. After finished all the shopping, it was around 8pm and we went to a hotel had a light dinner and came back to our hotel. Once I opened the door and kept the bags down, he took me in his hands and put in bed and started kissing my neck and earlobes and removed the pallu, he didn’t care about the pin which I pinned in the pallu and blouse and the saree got teared and he kept his face in the blouse and started locating the nipples, but my bra is of thick material and he couldn’t trace the nipples, so again he tore the blouse and bra and freed my boobs, I started shouting at him for tearing the dress, he made me silent by kissing my lips and then he said that, “I am going to enjoy you on my way, so please cooperate.” I smiled and he then started to press his boobs with full force, it started to pain but am afraid to make any resistance and I kept quiet, then he started sucking my nipples and also he was pining my nipples with one hand and other nipple was crushed under his teeth. Though it pained, I started to enjoy the pleasure which was given by him, also I started to enjoy the pain too.

After rough handling of my tits and nipples, he came to my navel and first kissed my navel and they inserted his tongue and started sucking my navel, then he tears the saree and petticoat. Now I was lying in front of him in just my panty alone. I thought that he will tore my panty too, but he stood up and asked me to stand up. I made up my mind that I should not oppose anything and I should enjoy to the full, since I had till now not yet experienced the rough handling and this rough handling gives me a lot of pleasure. He took a cloth and blindfolded my eyes and mad me kneel down and asked me to open my mouth. Now I know that he is going to insert his dick in my mouth, I had not tried till now in my life, but now I decided to try this also, So I kneeled and opened the mouth. He removed his pants and underwear and insert his penis in my mouth in one go. First I was not feeling comfortable with the smell and the size which went in my throat. But he started to fuck my mouth and when I couldn’t take breath, I immediately pushed him. He got angry on this and then he took his belt and tied my hands at my back and I pleased no to do this, but he slapped my ass hard and asked me to shut up. Thought I feel humiliated, I was happy to know that I am going to enjoy the bondage sex, which till now I had seen in porn movies only.

Again he started to fuck my mouth and in middle of mouth fucking, he removed my blindfolded and asked me to see his eyes while he fucks my mouth. Then he removed his dick and asked me to suck his dick and I did the same, now he removed my thali (mangalsutra) and I was shocked, and I tried to shout at him, but he again inserted his dick in my mouth and fucked for another 2 minutes and took his dick out of my mouth. Now he took the thali and wrapped it around his dick and again made me suck his dick. I without any hesitation, started sucking his dick with my thali wrapped around it. I was not an expert sucker, since this is my first time in taking a dick in my mouth. I sucked for another 5 minutes and he too his dick out of my mouth and took me and throws in the bed and removed my panty and inserted his dick in my pussy and it went fully inside and he starts fucking me in the rhythm. While fucking my pussy, he took the thali and tied it around my neck and I didn’t care about that and am interested in getting fucked. He increased his speed and his dick was exploring the deep of my pussy. He was steadily fucking and at the same time he is biting my nipples also, even though it pained, am not caring that, since pleasure am getting is more than the pain.

After a 10 minutes, I started to shout loudly and I cummed on his dick and he too starts cumming by increasing a sudden force in fucking and cummed in me and also he bites my nipple hard and myself was shouting in pain now. My eyes re filled with tears due to the pain in my nipples, but I managed somehow. Then we were lying in the bed and I slept like that. After half an hour, he woke me up and asked me to have my dinner (When am sleeping, he called the waiter and asked him to get food, while bringing the food, he allowed him to see me sleeping in the bed without any dress, This I came to know after next day). I got up refreshed and came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around me and we had dinner and am bit tired on that day and I said, I want to sleep, and he allowed me to sleep. That time only I noticed, my thali is in his hands and but I had another one in my neck, that time only I realized that he had tied a new one in my neck and I started to shout at him on this. For that he said, till am with her she is my wife and he don’t want to fuck someone’s wife, so he tied the sacred thread in my neck. He somehow convinced me and made me sleep neck to him without any dress and we slept with his mouth in my nipples and his finger in my pussy. This Day 1 ends.

We slept nude and the next day I woke up with the tinkling sensation in my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw his head sucking my pussy. I said, I need to Pee, immediately I heard the sound of Vijay above my head and I turned my head and saw him standing near my head. I was shocked, then who is sucking my pussy, tried to get up, but my hands were caught by Vijay and he came near to me and said, “dear, please cooperate for some time and you will enjoy a lot in these days.” In the meantime, the unknown guy didn’t stop sucking my pussy and the continuous sucking made me turn a bit to horny. Then he caught my both the hands and started to twist my right nipple with his fingers of the other hand. I said; “Vijay, its paining, please leave me” for that he replied, “be my bitch for these days and you will enjoy a lot”. He didn’t stop twisting my nipples, he is twisting both the nipples alternatively, also the guy in-between my legs still sucking me more and his tongue starts entering my pussy. My resistance is getting weaker and again I said, “please Vijay, please stop this and ask him to get up”, for that he replied, “see Sheeba, now am your husband, since you are wearing my thali in your neck and I don’t want to be a possessive husband like that bastard, I want my wife too enjoy along with me. And more thing dear, I found your submissive side in sex and it will be great you obey me and enjoy yourself”

Now I don’t have any words to say to him, since am starting to get horny by the unknown guy’s sucking and the kneading of my nipples. He is using his both hands to twist both the nipples at the same time. Even I forget that he released my hands and I started enjoying both the sucking and twisting. I start moaning due to the sucking of my pussy, now his tongue is entering my pussy and come out, literally he is tongue fucking me. Vijay climbed the bed and put his legs on both sides of my head, kneels and placed his dick in my mouth. Unknowing I opened my mouth and started to suck his dick while the guy sucks my pussy. I was nearing to my orgasm and during that time he removed his mouth from my pussy and denied my orgasm. I removed the dick from my mouth and starts to beg him to suck my pussy. Vijay is blocking the way and I couldn’t see the unknown guy, and the guy again starts sucking my pussy and immediately Vijay pushed his cock deep in my throat and he gaged me. Vijay said to that guy that, “Sekar this slut has stopped resisting now and the slut wants strangers tongue to cum” This was the first time I hear him calling me slut and that word alone bring the slut inside me and also I came to know that the guy who is sucking me is Sekar, (I heard this name when we came to this hotel, oh shit it must be the waiter who took our luggage and kept it in our room.)

As Sekar continues sucking, I cum on his face and he put his tongue in my pussy when I tighten my pussy lips and he sucked all my cum and ate it. In the meantime, Vijay also cums in my mouth and he didn’t take his cock out of my mouth and this made me swallow his cum, which I had never did to my husband. I licked him clean and he got away from me and now I can see Sekar’s face clearly. Sekar is removing his shirt, pants and underwear and becomes nude. His cock is hard and by looking at the hard dick of Sekar, I can say, its bigger than Vijay. Sekar mow comes back to the bed and spread my legs and came near to my pussy with his dick. I tried to look at Vijay and he is sitting in the sofa and watching us, I told Sekar to stop this and go out. Vijay starts shouting at me and said, “Sheeba, you are my bitch wife now, I know you will fuck all dicks around the world, so better listen me slut, I know you want his cock, I saw you seeing his cock with your hungry eyes, and one more thing, I own your cunt and you will fuck anyone whom I tell.” I didn’t reply anything to him, but his abuse made me horny and I spread the legs voluntarily for Sekar, and he inserted his dick in my pussy in one go. I had never experienced such a big cock in my cunt, and started to scream loudly and asked him to stop. For that Sekar replied, that, “Mam I wanted to fuck you once I saw you coming in the corridor of the hotel, but it happened because of the Vijay sir, yesterday when I visited your room for giving dinner, he showed your nude body and also he encouraged me to touch your ass and pussy and now I am fucking you. Mam, actually am lucky to get your pussy”. And am not going to stop it mam, I will rip you apart. Upon hearing the same again I started getting horny since I too was looking at him once I entered the hotel and he looks handsome man in the entire hotel.

He kept on fucking me hard and I wrapped my legs around his body and this makes him to give deeper stokes. I was enjoying the hard pounding in my pussy. I hear Vijay saying, “Sekar, she is a dirty slut, I had enjoyed her in hotel, theatre and bus when her husband was near to her. She is a complete slut.” Now I felt a small guilty on hearing the same, but the hard pounding in my pussy makes me forget the humiliating words mentioned by Vijay. His fucking starts increasing and his cock is getting harder in my pussy and he cums in the condoms and me too cums on the condoms. Then he removed his dick and from my pussy and removed the condom and pour the cum over my boobs. Then Vijay asked him to leave the room, and he went out wearing his clothes and closed the door. Once he closed the door, I was shouting at the Vijay and starts crying, he came near to me and lied in the bed and caressed my cheeks and said, “baby don’t worry, just enjoy the life for these seven days and I won’t come in your life after that. Till then you will be my wife and your job is to satisfy all my fetishes and kinkiness.” I don’t know what to reply and was thinking and immediately sucked my lips and asked me to get ready for office. Then we took bath together and nothing happened there, since am getting late for my office. He selected the dress for me and it was red lacy thong panty, red lacy bra, red blouse, red petticoat and red saree. I wore the same which he selected for me and went to office. I was busy in the office till evening and I went back to my room.

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