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She never did that before

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My babysitter gave my friend and me a blowjob, out of the blue, but it was good. My first blowjob at 10 years old.

When I was 10 years old I had my friend Carl sleep over the night my mom went out, we played games and stuff all night them went to sleep at about ten.

I woke up some time later and as I opened my sleepy eyes my ears heard sounds again, there was a bit of light on the wall I was facing, I rolled over to see what the sounds were, first I saw the bright landing light coming through my open bedroom door.

Then I saw Carl laying at the bottom of the bed, his legs were handing over the end, his pyjama top was unbuttoned and the sides were off him, he had no bottoms on, my babysitter, Louise, who was 15, was kneeling on the floor and her head was in his lap moving up and down, her arms stretched out with her hands pressed on Carl’s chest and rubbing it, he was moaning and repeatedly saying, “I’m coming. I’m coming.”

Then he lifted he head off the bed and cried out, “Ooooaah!”, a few moments later Louise lifted her head up, as she lifted her head, Carl’s penis emerged from inside her mouth and flopped down between his legs, he was breathing heavily, Louise licked her lips and smiled at him, “That’s a good boy.” She whispered.

She turned and saw that I was awake, I gasped in fright, I didn’t know what was going on, “Oh, you’re awake.” She said, Carl started to button his top back up and he looked at me and grinned.

Louise pulled the sheets off of me then grabbed my ankles and dragged me down the bed, “What are you doing?!” I asked, as she took hold of my bottoms and tried to pull them down but I stopped her, “It’s okay, trust me, it’s okay.” She whispered.

“You’ll like it.” Said Carl, pulling his bottoms up.

I let her continue, she pulled down my bottoms and my underwear, I was a bit shy at them seeing my privates but I was intrigued at what she was going to do, she unbuttoned my top and her warm hands felt nice as she rubbed them up and down my bare flesh.

She flicked my cock and balls with the tip of her tongue while rubbing me pleasurably and I started to feel my cock throbbing and I saw it get fatter and spring up, as soon as it was hard she sucked it in to her mouth, her warm mouth made my cock and my entire tingle with excitement, and I laid back and enjoyed her sucked on my pre-pubescent cock.

My cock was so sensitive at that age, I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt being sucked off as a 10 year old.

She had to work hard to get my seed out of me though, it took at least 20 minutes of her sucking on my cock, rubbing her hands all over me and occasionally nibbling on my tiny balls, but it eventually happened, I felt a sharpen and sudden urge to pee, it was like an electric shock inside my cock, I just shot it out, my spunk fired off in to her mouth.

Louise slid her mouth off my cock, sucking on the tip briefly before letting my shrinking cock fall on to my balls, then she slowly opened her mouth and showed me my white spunk floating on her tongue before she closed her mouth again, tilted back her head and swallowed it all.

“You’re a very good boy.” She said.

She stood up and told us to go back to sleep before casually walking out of my room.

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