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Sharing A Bed With Aunt

My Aunt Linda and her son moved two blocks from my house the summer I turned sixteen. The week before moving in, she called my parents up and asked for help. My mom handled all things connected with her sister with suspicion and scrutiny and initially heed and hawed over being available. My dad, on the other hand, quickly agreed to help out but then it was obvious that he had a hard on for my aunt. She was petite and tan and with an ass like ripe fruit. My mom gave my dad a look but he just played innocent and she finally told my aunt that we would come by to help.

That morning my mom came along primarily to keep an eye on my aunt who she trusted even less than my dad. My aunt was returning from Arizona after three years. She left California after her divorce to “rediscover herself” but my mom like to joke that it was the men she dated who were discovering things about her. I began by unloading some of my cousin’s boxes but he was a fat little bitchy fucker who started to cry the second I touched his shit.

“David, it’s just better if he carries his things in. He doesn’t like anyone touching his toys,” my aunt said. “Do you mind carrying in some of my things?”

“Sure,” I said watching my fat-sack-of-shit cousin wobble into the apartment.

By noon the U-haul was half unloaded. Things would have gone faster if we hadn’t had to keep locking up the trailer at every pass. A couple of lowlifes from down the block kept eyeing the trailer, so my dad insisted we lock it up. It was a bitch and I only shut the door when I came and went.

Once I finished unloading all my aunt’s boxes, I unpacked what seemed obvious and just stacked the remaining boxes in a reasonable order. I was nearly done, when I opened a box full of my aunt’s panties. It startled me and I started to close up the box but the silk fabric and colors mesmerized me. They were small and feminine and seemed full of secrets. I slipped my hand into the box and it felt as if I was brushing my hand against the silky skin of a woman. My dick got hard instantly. My head filled with hot air and my hand was keen on touching every panty. I imagined myself laying under a circle of women, raising my hand out and brushing my fingers against their wet panties and pussy lips. At the bottom of the box, I felt something that seemed out of place, a large plastic scepter that I couldn’t identify. When I pulled it out, I discovered it was a pink fleshy dildo. I dug it back under the panties, closed the box and sealed it shut just as my aunt walked in. My mouth went dry.

“Are you playing with my panties?” she asked.

“No!” I said. I was holding the box close to me to hide my hard on.

“Isn’t that what boys your age do?” she said.

“What–I don’t know,” I said.

She walked over to take the box and I was ready for the humiliation of my giant hard on but as she took the box we heard my dad cursing down by the trailer. I leapt up and ran to the trailer were I saw my mom and dad eyeing the neighborhood.

When my aunt arrived, my dad said, “Some asshole got into the U-haul and stole your stereo.”

“The little black radio?” my aunt asked.

“Yeah, your stereo,” my dad said. My aunt placed her hands on her hips and sighed as if the cookies she had been baking had slightly burned. My cousin started to cry and whine about his new home.

“It’s ok honey,” she told my cousin and then pulled him close. “That wasn’t even our radio. That was Jerry’s radio.” I didn’t know the name but apparently my mom did because she rolled her eyes and walked back inside to finish unpacking. I tried to console my cousin and he seemed receptive. He asked me into his room and we unpacked his toys.

By nightfall, everyone was exhausted and boxes littered the apartment. My mom gathered her things to leave as my dad adjusted the screen to the patio door. I was beat but I was eager to get home and jerk off. I still had the sensation of those panties in my head and I had been resisting the thought until I had a place of privacy.

“Hey Linda, do realize this door doesn’t lock?” my dad said opening and shutting the patio door. My mom looked annoyed and quickly dismissed it. My aunt agreed and sat slumped on the lounge chair, her small shorts showing all of her lean tan legs.

“Are you kidding me? You can’t keep a door unlock in this neighborhood,” my dad said.

“It’s fine. It’s fine,” my aunt said. “I’ll get some locks from Home Depot in the morning.” Just then my cousin started crying his fat little ass off again. He was worried the same guys who stole the radio would break in. My Aunt Linda called him over and tried to console him but he refused it.

“David why don’t you just stay the night here,” my mom announced, as a final gesture to resolve the issue. My cousin’s eyes went dry instantly and he rambled on about sharing a bedroom. Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea except me who was desperate to get home. My parents said their goodbyes and my cousin led me into his bedroom to show off some of his toys.

My aunt came in a little later, after digging out some blankets, and threw them along side of my cousin’s bed.

“You ready for bed boys?” she asked. My cousin passed out quickly and I began to think that if I could fall asleep fast, I’d wake up to a new day quicker. But the fat little bastard began to snore incredibly loud. I sat up to see if he was fooling around but he was passed out with his mouth wide open. His fat neck was blocking his ability to breath and as a result he snored like an old man. I grabbed my blankets and dragged them into the living room.

I bunched up against some boxes to fall asleep and found that I had a view of the hallway, all the way to my aunt’s bedroom where light spilled from under the door. Instantly the box of her panties came to mind and I fantasized about the circle of women who were eager to have their pussies fondled. My hand slipped into my shorts and I started to rub myself but before I could really get going my aunt’s door opened. She walked out wearing a loose tank top and even shorter shorts than earlier in the day. The light from her room fell on her in a way that revealed the side of her tits escaping from her tank top. Her nipples were hidden but the beautiful roundness showed. She stopped and aimed her focus in my direction, slowly walking forward as if trying to make sense of what she saw.

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