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This is actually my true experience. young sex stories I work as a bussiness development manager at a media organisation.

The best part why I love this place is because of my sexy boss. She always like staying on top, ride like a cowgirl. It made me stand strong! Damn I love this woman.

This is how it all starts.

“Hey, I’m looking for the recruiter. This is my first day!”

I asked the sexy brunette who was in her tight skirt and a white shirt with her shades on.

“Oh! I would suggest you ask the reception!”


“Well! You know! young sex stories

I would love to ask you rather than the reception! You look to be very kind!x”

“I look but I’m not!”

“Alright! My bad! Guess I caught you at your bad mood”

“Well do you even know who I am!?”

“Now I really don’t care Ms” young sex stories

I just walk out through the elevator door and she was struck with embarrassing face.


Later I get to know

that she’s the boss of this media tech giant I’m working for!

She enquired about me and she had asked for my performance personally.

In three months I did wonders because of my best skills! Thank myself!

So there’s a party which is host by the boss because of few successful reasons and me being a part of those reasons.

“Hey Charlie” sexy boss young sex stories

“Hey Boss! Longtime! How are you!?”
“I’m good and how’s work!? Do you like it!?”
“Honestly boss! I’m bored already! I don’t know when I would quit!”
“What!? Why would you!? You’re doing a great job here!”
“Well, nothing’s great for me here! Looking at the same old faces!”

There was a breif silence!


“You can come work for me personally Charlie! New tasks and new opportunities! You would love that!”

She looked all over me with some sort of grinning look like a hungry cougar looking for prey!

“That can help me stay in the company sexy Boss young sex stories !”

I gave her a straight YES!
Damn her eyes were magic and her body sleak sexy hot with those curves!

It was Lust filled all around!

We broke the eye contact in a while!

The party almost went down everybody drunk and I was bored so I went down to the parking for some air!


My boss was sitting in her car, she was trying actually all alone in the gaddamn parking lot!

I was searching all over for her in the party and here she’s in her fucking car!

“Hey whats up!? young sex stories

Why aren’t you in the party?”
“Hey Charlie! It’s just! I needed some air”

She was in her saree! Like the Desi hot indian boss! Who would be described as the dusky hot queen I swear!

“I was looking out for you there boss! I mean I kinda missed the sight of you! You look so damn Beautiful in this saree!”

“Call me Swapna!” sexy boss

“Whoa! Alright Swapna! So yeah do you want to come over to my place! This party sucks anyways!”
“Straight to bed Charlie!? Really!?” young sex stories
“Honestly! I’m fucking hard right now! I can’t really hold myself looking at you like this!”


She really teased me by often pulling down her saree showing her cleavage!
She’s busty obviously for those curves I could squeeze melons and roses!

“I can feel you!” There she placed her hand on my hard on and squeezing and rubbing it while my pants are still on!!

“I love your eyes!” young sex stories

I just kept looking through her eyes feeling the magic of her hands!

“Kiss me Charlie!”

Damn we smooched like animals and I squeezed her so badly that she moaned and danced and then I sucked her lips making them almost bleed! 
“You’re wild animal!”
“Swapna damn your so juicy!”

She knelt down on her knees right there in the parking and nobody was around!


She freed my hard aching dick and it was poking her face like an arrow!

“I love your dick Charlie! Massive hard dick young sex stories !

I want to feel you inside me!”


She swallowed my entire hard dick and sucked it like a pro!
I couldn’t stand or wait anymore and knew the value of every second!

In a while,
“Swapna I want to get inside you!x”

“Waiting for you to ask!” young sex stories


She stood and I turned her around and she lift her saree up!
She’s wet and waiting for me and as I slide my hard dick
Thrusting like a rock inside her!

She moaned

so badly and then I switch her in positions!

We fucked in positions possibly we could try in the car and it was so erotic!

“I’m about to cum Swapna!”
“Yeah! Arghh Charlie! Fuck me harder and don’t stop!”
“Swapna we might get into trouble!”
She woke up from her trance! young sex stories

gripped me so hard leaving marks on my back while I was fucking her in missionary! immediately rolled over and she was on top of me now!

controlled the device and the entire scenario and yeahh that was magic and it just happened.


We both came at the same time

, well it was her multiple orgasms but I really loved the way she made me feel filling her!


“I’m cumming Charlie!!! Arghhhh!” young sex stories

“Damn! I’m cumming too!!!”

Fuck there we reached climax..

We were making love and it was magic!

We couldn’t stop making out and we needed more and more!


“Let’s get to my pent house!”
“Swapna!? Are you sure!?”

“Yes kid!”
“Kid!? You mean the kid who just left some kids inside you just now!?”

She giggled and then we wrap and head to her place!

Yet to cummm! young sex stories

The story goes on until the kids get real!. sexy boss

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