Sex Toy Story with my Beauty Therapist

“Good girls get treats” she smiles. “You have beautiful breasts.” She massages them with gentle circular strokes smiling as she takes in their beauty. She grabs my nipples and pulls them gently with alternate tweaks left then right, left then right. Each little tug sends a pleasure hit to my already wet pussy.

I’m in the waiting room. It’s six weeks since I visited beautician bitch and had my first waxing.

The last time is like a surreal memory. I am wondering if it really happened.

‘Did she go down on me at the end and lick my pussy until I came everywhere? Did she finger fuck me until I screamed?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh aeeeeeeeeee ooooooooooohhhhhh

I drift into the delicious memory.


I feel a gentle stroke down my cheek.

“You’re back,” smiles beautician bitch. “Here for another waxing?” Her green eyes bore into me.

My cheeks flush and I nod biting my lip. My cunt starts to churn.

“Talk to me girl!” she demands. “What’s the matter – have you forgotten how to speak?”

“Er… yes… another Brazilian and underarms please.” I stammer.

“Well the second waxing is always a little easier than the first.” she smiles. “And you were such a good girl last time. Follow me.”


Her room has the familiar smell of her expensive perfume. I can feel wetness in my undies as my cunt starts to drip.

“Lie down and take all your clothes off. I’ll be back in 5 minutes,” she barks.

“What take everything off?” I stammer… “But…”

She moves her face to within a few inches of mine and hisses at me her green eyes boring into my soul again.

“How dare you question me. Yes everything! Don’t make me tell you again! You little bitch!”

Then she strokes my cheek again and smiles.


“You want to be a good girl for me don’t you?”

aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeaeaeaeaeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

She leaves the room and I quickly strip naked and lie on the couch. I want to be a good girl. More than anything I want to be a good girl…

I lie back and fondle my breasts, tweaking my nipples. My clit begs for attention I stroke it gently. I can’t help it I have to spread my legs and bury two fingers inside my dripping cunt. I move them in and out and moan softly.

The door clicks open. I quickly move my hands by my sides and close my legs.

Therapy bitch picks up my hand.


“Wet fingers eh?” she puts my two pussy-juice coated fingers into her mouth and licks them clean. “Good girl” she says smiling.

“OK let’s get this waxing out of the way. Arms up!” she barks.

She spreads the warm wax on my underarms. Mmmmm pleasure before the pain. But I know the pain is coming.

“Arrrrrggghh!” I hear myself cry out as she rips the first strip off.

SLAP. She slaps the side of my thigh hard. The stinging is intense. I cry out. She slaps me again.

“Shut up you little slut!” she hisses “I have told you I have no time for teenage bitches who can’t cope with a bit of pain.”


I bite my lip and go through the pain in silence as she finishes waxing my armpits.

“Good girl. Well done. Your armpits are beautiful now.” she says as she rubs soothing gel into them. She adds a little more gel to her hands and starts to massage my breasts.

I let out a gentle moan of pleasure.

“You like that?” she smiles.

“I nod.”

“Good girls get treats” she smiles. “You have beautiful breasts.”

She massages them with gentle circular strokes smiling as she takes in their beauty. She grabs my nipples and pulls them gently with alternate tweaks left then right, left then right. Each little tug sends a pleasure hit to my wet pussy.


I lay back and relax.

“Ok relaxation over, time for your Brazilian. Bend your knees and spread your legs.” she barks.

I obey quickly and she starts to smear the warm wax on my pussy. She smoothes the first material strip on my pussy and prepares to rip it off. She looks up at me.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” she asks.

“Yes I’m a good girl!” I whisper.

She rips the strip off. The pain shoots through me but I bite my lip and stay silent.


“Good girl.” she smiles. She applies the strips one by one and rips my hair out. My eyes water but I lie perfectly still. Finally it’s over and she massages the cooling gel into my pussy.

“You’ve been such a good girl.” she smiles. “I have a treat for you!”

She walks over to her wall cupboard and opens it. I have never seen so many dildos in my life. Fat ones, thin ones. Long ones, short ones. Flesh colored and vibrant colored. My eyes are drawn to one huge black monster the size of a man’s wrist.

“I don’t want that thing anywhere near me!” I think.

She runs her hand along the shelf and stops at the black monster. She picks it up and turns around.

“Think you can take this?” she asks.


“No please no!” I beg. “I’m not ready for that.”

“Maybe not today. But you will be.” she smiles.

She picks up a medium-sized soft fleshy pink dildo and a bullet-like buzzer. She hands me the dildo.

“Put this in your mouth and suck. Get it good and wet for your cunt.” she demands.

I greedily shove the dildo in my mouth and suck it. It feels good. Beautician bitch sits on a stool between my legs. She gently strokes my pussy.

“Lovely and hair free.” she smiles.


She turns the buzzer up high and applies it to my clit. It’s fabulous. The waves of pleasure start to run through me immediately. She moves it around in circles spreading my lips with her other hand to expose my wanting bud. She brings her head down and sticks her tongue inside my cunt.

I feel the pleasure waves build and I cum squirting juice into her open mouth. She laps it up like a hungry dog.

“Good girl. Good girl.” she smiles.

She comes up and removes the dildo from my mouth.

“You taste good.” she smiles and she brings her red lips to mine. We kiss passionately our tongues dancing together and me enjoying my own musky flavor.

She sits between my legs again and gently inserts the dildo into my soaking hole. At first she does long and gentle strokes with the dildo.


“You have a beautiful pussy.” she smiles.

Then all of a sudden she ups the pace jamming the dildo hard and fast into me. The intensity is incredible. I hear myself scream and scream and try to close my legs.

“Shut up slut!” she yells “You’ll take everything I give you. Now open your legs. Wide.”

I open my legs and jam my fist into my mouth. She keeps going working every wall of my cunt with the dildo and taking me into one continuous amazing orgasm. Just when I think I can’t take it any more she stops.

I lay limp on the bed, my cunt throbbing, every drop of sexual desire drained from me. I feel well used and well satisfied.

“Another 6 weeks or so and you’ll need another waxing. Will you be ready for that?”


“I’ll be ready” I smile.

“Good girl” she smiles kissing my pussy.

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