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sex hot my legs spread widely

I was moaning lying naked on my bed, my legs spread widely. sex hot I had been so horny all day.My clit was aching, throbbing for relief, for the feel of a hard lund stuck up my tight, wet chut. I rubbed my nipples, wishing I had a strong, sexy man on top of me to nibble and suck on them instead. I moved one hand to my chut, which was already dripping with my hot arousal. My wetness was running all over her legs, soaking up the bedsheets. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be fucked so hard I blacked out. I wanted a man to take his thick, long rod and jam it deep into her pussy; to fuck him and groan like she’d never groaned before.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed a vibrator and stuck it up my tight pussy, groaning with ecstasy as the long vibrator sprang to life. It vibrated deep into my soaking pussy, sending me bucking and giving me an orgasm which left me panting and gasping for breath. But it still wasn’t enough. I wanted a rod to slide up and down on, to feel rubbing against the walls of my wet pussy. I dared not admit it , sex hot but I also wanted a wet chut like my own to fuck.

I walked into the room, smelling the smell of sweat, sex, and fluids mingling in the humid air. The place reeked of body heat and fluids. I also took in the sounds in the room: it seemed like everywhere people were having orgasms, the moans, groans, grunts, and screams were nonstop.People, sex hot were naked and sweating. There were lesbians fucking one another, moaning and groaning, their chut making a squelching noise as they rubbed; there were people against the wall, having sex and moving up and down; there were threesomes, everybody in the groups butt naked, humping each other, and moaning loudly in ecstasy.

I moved across the floor, two guys catching my eye. their names were raj and sahil. Raj’s eyes were as gray; he was tall, lean, and muscular,wearing a black form-fitting shirt revealing his strong arms and khaki pants. His black hair was short and he had a tattoo arm. Sahil had short brown hair and green eyes. sex hot He was wearing a form-fitting blue shirt and black jeans. He had a piercing in his right eyebrow and his tongue. He, too, was tall and muscular, . As I stared shamelessly at the two hot men, they noticed me .I knew they wanted to fuck me hard; to make me scream in pleasure.

I walked up to the two boys.I could see the enormous erections building up in the two boys one glance told me their rods were long, thick, and rock hard. The music played loudly in the background.I grazed my fingers down Raj’s strong arm and then looked up at him playfully. He didn’t need further prompting. sex hot He took hold of me and started to sway with me to the music.

It wasn’t long before the interaction between us became more physical. I wrapped my arms around his neck, biting and sucking the area right below his neck.Raj leaned in and held me tighter, -pushing my wet chut against his hard erection. I was so wet by now, he could feel it through all our clothes. Raj leaned in and licked my ear, blowing it gently and I moaned. He told me that this was just a begining of the things to come. sex hot He whispered into my ear, in a low voice, “It’s time to see what’s beneath that coat, na?” And he reached for the strings of the coat behind my neck and pulled slowly. I wanted him to reveal my naked body to him

The coat fell down and Raj and sahil stared openly. my chest was heaving; my breasts moved up and down, bouncing slightly.My hard, erect nipples could be seen clearly through my thin bra, sex hot and my tits hung out of the too-small bra. Raj and sahil stared as i took it off…..

Sahil walked up to me and traced his finger over my round breasts. I groaning softly. Sahil looked down at my panties and smiled slowly. He reached down and rubbed two fingers against my phuddi where he knew my chut was. I groaned even more loudly, the pleasurable sensations racking my entire body. sex hot Sahil’s fingers were now completely wet. I looked up at him and whispered, “Please . . .”

sahil then grabbed me and we began to move in time to the music, our crotches rubbing up against each other… sahil had one hand rubbing my nipple; the other was cupped around my round ass, moving up and down. we began to move even more aggressively, sex hot rubbing harder and harder and faster. I then put my legs up around sahil’s hips and said, “mujhe itna chood ki mei chikne lagu… abhi… teri lund meri chut me dal.” sahil was only too eager to obey.

sahil carried me to a corner and slammed me up against a wall. I eagerly tore off his shirt, revealing his tanned, sweating, lean and muscled body. we kissed slowly, passionately, lustfully,our tongues dancing around one another. sahil then moved down and kissed all around my neck, pushing me harder and further up the wall. He then lowered his head and buried his face into my breasts, licking around the curves.sex hot He then slowly pulled off my bra, staring as my tits were revealed for him to see. He reached out and rubbed my nippes, “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” i groaned

He then lowered his head again and licked eagerly at the hard nipples, He cupped my breasts and massaged them slowly, grazing his thumbs against my nipples asking me in a low voice, “Do you like that, you slut? maja aa raha hai????Tell me how much you like that.”sex hot I whispered, panting, “I love you sucking my breasts. Oh God, I am so baad. I love you touching me aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”

“ab bata mujhe ki meri lund there chut mei tujhe chahiye. Tell me,” he said slowly . He pushed me up against the wall again and rubbed his fingers all over my wet, aching, throbbing phuddi. His own rod was throbbing for relief. He then reached and slowly pulled off the strings holding up my panties, letting them fall to the floor as I separated my legs and gasped slowly. sahil stared at my puckering, red pussy. He could see it glistening with my moist arousal, spilling out of my chut. I pulled off his pants, then bent down and pulled down his underwear with my teeth, allowing him a good look at my ass. we were now both completely naked. I then got up, my breasts bobbing again, and whispered heavily, “I want you inside me, sex hot right here, right now.” He leaned forward, his hard rod rubbing lightly against my wet phuddi, teasing me with his sex. . I moaned and screamed, “Fuck me!” He then lifted me up against the wall, my legs wrapping around his, and rammed his lund deep into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and gave a loud moan as we began to move together. sahil moved his penis in and out of my pussy, gasping for breath. we moved their hips accordingly to allow sahil deeper access inside of me. He thrusted faster and faster inside of her, sex hot slamming me harder and harder up against the wall as I moaned and groaned. we bounced up and down as our hips met each time, his lund moving against my pussy walls and causing me endless pleasure. I moved eagerly with him, desperately rubbing my naked body all over sahil’s. As we moved together,our moist bodies slid all over each other. my breasts rubbed up against his chest, massaging up into it as our hips met each time. we fucked each other to the rhythm of the music, our sex amazing. we were like animals.I bit her lip when I felt my orgasm coming. Then i exploded, screaming in ecstasy, my breasts bouncing as I gasped and panted. I experienced numerous orgasms, and I moved my hips and rubbed against sahil even faster as my pleasure evolved, desperate for more pleasure. sahil shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into my chut as he ejaculated, grunting with pleasure my chut was still throbbing and was covered in sahils sperm,….

Raj had been watching them from a corner and jacking off. he walked to me… Though I was exhausted,I was thirsting for more sex, for more pleasure, for another rod. I pushed Raj up and began to kiss him slowly and passionately, and he eagerly replied. I then slid my hands under his shirt and began to pull his shirt off his body,my hands grazing over his perspiring, lean body. He then pulled off his pants smiling slowly. He massaged my breasts slowly, his other hand reaching down to graze back and forth up my ass. Then he knelt down and pushed me up the wall, spreading my legs wide and staring at my tight, moist clit. sex hot My breasts were heaving as he lowered his head and stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy. He lapped eagerly at my wet folds, moving his tongue back and forth against my hot chut. my legs shook as my orgasm erupted.I felt raj’s erection, and noticed his rod was even longer and thicker than sahil’s. I pulled off my underwear and licked my lips. “Ride me,” whispered raj suggestively. I didn’t need him to tell me again.

I pushed Raj onto the floor, climbing on top of him. I spread my legs, placing one each on either side of Draco’s crotch, straddling him. I then lightly touched their midsections, sex hot closing my eyes momentarily. My arousal was already dripping onto Raj’s hard penis. I then raised my hips and sat down on his lund, sliding my tight phuddi down Raj’s cock, my chut still dripping with sahil’s cum.

I slid up and down Raj’s cock, feeling it move deeper inside my pussy and send pleasurable sensations shooting through my body. I bounced up and down with pleasure, grinding my wet chut against Raj’s thick cock. Occasionally, I leaned down and rubbed my breasts up against his chest. As I bounced, sex hot I moved my hips with rhythm around Draco’s lund in my chut. I gasped and yelled each time I bounced up and down, leaning back and pushing raj deeper and deeper into her.

“God, your breasts look so hot from here,” groaned Raj as he reached up and squeezed them lightly.

I experienced more orgasms then ever, feeling them rock my body. I began to shake on top of him, and he reached out and held me rubbing him against me. I nearly bucked off Draco as I shook with my pleasure. he shot his sperm inside of me, and he gasped for pleasure. I then fell on top of him, and we lay there, sex hot still gasping. our crotches were still throbbing, and now my pussy was covered with a mixture of my release, as well as both raj and sahils cum.

Soon after, we were still horny, aching for more sex. sahil was eagerly watching the two from a corner. He walked up to us still on the floor, and whispered, “How ’bout a little group action?”

“I want to take both of you,” i screamed. I shivered as i imagined the pleasure in store for her.

raj grabbed me and pulled me up,

sex hot looking at my breasts as they moved up and down

He rubbed up against my moist, soft breasts and positioned himself in front of me. sahil then moved in back of me, moving his fingers lightly between my asscheeks. I groaned and whisper my hips, placing my legs around his hips, and then sunk his thick cock into her wet, throbbing chut, while sahil put his arms around me, holding my breasts, as he stuck his penis deep inside of my ass.

they thrusted relentlessly into me, fucking me up and down and eliciting moan after moan from me. my hips moved back and forth from rajs cock to sahil’s rod both stuck deep inside me and causing her much pleasure.I was grinding against both the boys’ naked, sweaty bodies. my hands grabbed raj’s back as I rubbed my ass more fervently over their hard lunds. I leaned back and rubbed my sweaty body all over sahils chest as I felt raj pound into my chut again and again from the front, mylegs wrapped around him. we lasted in amazing pleasure for three hours. All three fucked, grunted, bounced, moaned, groaned, panted, and screamed as the sensations rocked our bodies, Mine most of all. I was experiencing multiple orgasms, both from Blaise’s sex hot cock and Draco’s, as their thick rods slid deeper and deeper into my moist, slick chut and tight ass. At the same time,they both shot their sperm in my chut and ass and i screamed


I woke up to see reeshna ( a woman in my office) leaning over me. She was clad in a G-string thong that barely covered her round ass and a thin bra that did nothing to hide her equally large, round breasts. Her wavy red hair was messily, sexily arranged around her face; her lips were red and puckered out. sex hot Her legs were long, smooth, and glowing; she too had big hips and a soaking cunt, which she was rubbing quite ferverishly. When she saw i was awake, she licked her lips and whispered, “Come play with me,” lightly touching my face.

reeshna pushed me down onto the floor and straddled me with her smooth legs. I couldn’t take having such a hot slut on top of me with clothes still on. I reached up and pulled off reeshna’s bra, sex hot revealing her round, erect boobs and hard nipples. I reached up and massaged her breasts, remembering how good it felt when the guys did it to me. she then groaned and leaned down, grinding her chut against mine her my phuddi. She rubbed her own boobs against my breasts, and then…..

I grinned and then rubbed my breasts up against her, feeling our hard nipples rub together. we moved up against each other, breasts rubbing and heaving, until we couldn’t take it anymore. she pulled off her underwear and arranged her moist phuddi directly over mine. She then ground down her own pussy over my soaking cunt. I moaned loadly with ecstasy, moving my own hips with rhythm under her circling motions. our fluid-coated clits rubbed and slid over each other, providing a loud squelching noise as they moved faster and faster in unison. sex hot we leaned up on each other, grinding our sweaty, panting bodies and round breasts against each other.

ahhh ohh goood” she began screaming sex hot

reeshna then began to bounce up and down onto mys pussy, the squelching noise getting even louder as her chut slid on top of mine each time. I moaned and moaned, rubbing her tits. we two orgasmed over and over as we rubbed our aching, sopping clits all over each other. she ground down her chut one more time over my wet folds, sex hot reveling and screaming in pure ecstasy, before sinking on top of me. Both were wet and exhausted, but me more than anybody.

oohh and i just fingered myself just thinking about it sex hot “aaaaaahhhh”

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