Sex And Violets

Violet yawned and stretched before sauntering into the bedroom; her claws that she never seemed to sheathe clicked loudly across the hardwood floor signaling her arrival.

Selena, however, was too busy to give her furry best friend more than a casual glance and a sly wink. That was something the strange man fucking her failed to notice. His eyes were tightly closed with a look of pleasure painted across his face. It was a look Violet had become accustomed to.


Men were frequent bedroom visitors. Violet’s mother would have rightfully referred to Selena as an alley cat. Violet and Selena had a secret that only they could possibly understand. Through that secret, their souls had become tightly wound together and forever bonded.

Often, Violet found herself watching the sun come up in her favorite window. She wondered about these strange nameless men dragged in from bars and street corners and wherever else Selena found them. Did they even notice her watching them? Or was she like one of those cats you often see in the background of amateur porn, unnoticed by everyone except, occasionally, the audience?

Violet watched with her furry little head tilting as the man groaned and thrust. He was causing the bed to creak and the headboard to bang against the well-worn wall. It took more paint casualties along with it.

Sometimes, Selena laid perfectly still like an emotionless silicone doll while getting relentlessly fucked by hard eager cocks. Other times, she seemed to actually get into it. Tonight was one of those nights.

Selena writhed and wiggled under him. Her moans became more lustful by the second.

“Fuck my tight little whore cunt hard… hurt me,” she whimpered.

The man responded by grunting loudly. His big paw of a hand squeezed tightly around her throat, cutting off her air supply. His thrusts turned into furious frenzied pounding.

It was obvious to Violet that the man was someone who was used to being in charge. It was actually rather kind of Selena to allow him his fantasies. Maybe the next time she snuffed out her own prey, she would allow them to have a shred of cheese or a piece of kibble before going hardcore kitten bitch on them. Maybe.

“You’re going to make me cum inside you, you dirty little fuck toy,” he growled.

Selena let out a muffled moan of pleasure. Her eyes had taken on a less innocent look. Her heart was pounding wildly like a fierce creature trying to escape the confines of its cage.

The man closed his eyes once more and began to mercilessly stab his cock in and out. “Ooooh, fuck!” he screamed as his body shook violently like a death row prisoner in the electric chair. Then he went perfectly still. He had a well-fucked look of contentment on his face.

Violet’s fur tingled in anticipation as she watched Selena rolling out of bed and going to her dresser. She retrieved a small but very sharp dagger before returning to the bed. She climbed on top of the soon-to-be ‘John Doe.’ She leaned in as if to kiss him but instead quickly drew the blade across his throat. She slashed it open and left a long gash. Enough blood for a grindhouse film spurted and spewed out everywhere in all directions. It landed on Selena, onto the sheets and pillows, and painted the walls.

He let out a death rattle as his body twitched and spasmed. “You fucking cunt,” he whined. Those were his last garbled words as he literally drowned in his own blood. For some reason, that sent Selena over the edge. She screamed like a crazed banshee high on murder lust.

The room filled with the familiar aromatic scent of fuck juices and death. It was the only scent Selena loved more than coffee, cat fur, and fresh rain.

Selena had gotten quite good over the years. She had become at least as skilled as Violet with her little claw daggers. Each time, the men always died almost as fast as they came.

Violet’s whiskers twitched with approval as she began to purr, Some of the man’s blood had landed on her ivory fur and she quickly lapped it up.

“Sex and Violence, Ms. Kitty Kitty,” Selena said, her attention turning to her fuzzy love. Then she pushed the still-warm corpse off the bed with a thud. “That’s the stuff life’s made of.”

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