Sent For A Spanking III

The wife continues the tale.

“How is your bottom after your punishment yesterday?” I asked my husband after breakfast on Saturday morning.

“It is very sore,” he complained.

“Oh well, you only have yourself to blame. If you behave this week your next punishment will not be so bad. Could you also lend me your credit card as I want to order some punishment implements. Mistress sent me a great link to a website. I think we will also need a gag for you. You do get noisy under punishment, and we have to consider the neighbours.”

My husband took out his credit card from his wallet and put it on the table.

“I have hung the cane on the hook behind our bedroom door it should help you to remember to be good if you can see it before you sleep and as you awake. I am enjoying this new regime.”


He did not look overly impressed with this news.

The rest of the weekend passed off normally. On Sunday evening I received a text from Julie. She suggested we go for a meal on Tuesday. She wanted to try a new Italian restaurant that had opened in town. She also said we should dress ourselves up as it looked very posh.

I was looking forward to the evening out it seems ages since I needed to dress for an occasion. Julie seemed like good company. There was something about Julie that attracted me she had a very commanding presence. She was not loud or brash, but she had a quiet way of being in command of the situation. I found myself attracted to her. At university, I had a fling with another girl who had shared a room with me in our halls of residence. It had been a deeply passionate affair and I had been really upset when it finished. Julie was the first person that had reawakened these same feelings in me.

Early Tuesday evening, I found myself trying on several outfits before deciding on a dress that I had recently bought. Admiring myself in the mirror, I thought I did look good. I felt the effort that I had made had paid off. I was not sure why, but I had chosen matching lingerie selected more for how it looked rather than for comfort. I had also chosen to wear stockings and suspenders something I would not normally do on a Tuesday evening.

Strangely it felt more like going on a date rather than going for a meal with a friend. I wished goodnight to my husband, but he was engrossed in some football match on the television. We had arranged to meet at Julie’s house, and I drove over there looking forward to the evening ahead.

Julie looked stunning as she opened the door. She wore a dress that highlighted her figure and heels that showed off her long legs to perfection. She looked very desirable. I had not had these feelings for a long time, but desire was the correct term for what I was experiencing.


“I have ordered a cab,” said Julie. “Parking can be a nightmare let us leave your car here. Is that OK?”

Although she asked the question, I knew this plan has already been decided and that was what was going to happen.

We arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a lovely table that was tucked away from the other diners. It was an intimate setting, and a candle was lit. Julie ordered a bottle of wine and we both ordered our food. Conversation flowed easily. Julie made sure my wine glass did not run out until I had to say, “I am driving so will have to switch to water I am afraid.”

“That is a shame. We could make a night of it, and you could stay over. You do not get to go out often. Why not call your husband and tell him of the change of plan?”

This was it. I had the feeling I was being seduced. This was the moment I could have simply said I had to go home. That is not what happened. Instead, I went outside and called home. I told my husband that I wanted a couple of drinks and that I would be staying over. Even though he was still distracted by the football I could tell he was a bit surprised, but he did agree that it was ok.

I became excited at this point. It suddenly felt that I had been given my freedom. I went back inside and poured myself a large glass of wine. Julie said she was pleased as she thought it would be great to get to know each other better.


I do not know if it was the wine, the fact I was staying over, or even if Julie had engineered it this way, but the conversation seemed to go from the ordinary to the erotic at this point. Julie asked, “Did you enjoy spanking your husband?”

I said that I had, and I told her what had happened when we got home. I told her about the penalty strokes and that I had sat on my husband’s face and let him bring me to orgasm. I could not believe how easy I found it telling Julie these very personal things.

“Have you ever been spanked?” Julie asked with a small grin on her face.

“No,” I answered honestly.

“Would you like to be?”

Many thoughts went through my head at this point. I knew Julie was basically offering to spank me. Did I want this? That was the question I had to answer. Part of me wanted to submit to Julie and I did mean submit, she made me feel that way. Another part of me, the part that remembered Julie punishing my husband, was terrified. I sat in my own world for a long time before I finally answered with a quiet, “yes, I think so, yes.”


“Do you want an office spanking or a bedroom spanking?”

“What is the difference?”

“Well, an office spanking is a punishment spanking. Your husband has received two office spankings. You would be in the office for the purposes of punishment alone. On the other hand, a bedroom spanking is still a punishment. You will end up with a sore bottom however there is pleasure mixed throughout the punishment. You would receive both punishment and pleasure. Which would you prefer?”

Julie was inviting me to bed with her. I did not want an office spanking, but did I want a bedroom spanking?

“Definitely a bedroom spanking,” I answered I am not sure which part of my brain answered but it was what I desired.

“Let’s skip coffee and desserts and you can get to experience your desires.”


Julie insisted on paying the bill and we got into a taxi that took us back to Julie’s house.

“No second thoughts?” I was asked.

“I have had a thousand thoughts not just second ones, but I would like to go through with this.”

“Would you like Julie or your Mistress to spank you?” Julie asked with a slight smile on her face.

“I think I would like to be spanked by Mistress. I would find it easier to obey her instructions.”

“I will go and change. I want you to come up to the bedroom in ten minutes. Your Mistress will be waiting.”


With that stunning announcement, Julie disappeared and left me alone with my thoughts. Fear was a major thought, but the excitement was winning. I was feeling very aroused by the whole situation. I was going to be punished, Mistress had made that clear, but I knew I was going to be seduced and that was an extremely exciting thought. I wandered around downstairs for the ten minutes I had to wait. I could not settle, and time seemed to drag.

After the ten minutes was up, I had major butterflies in my stomach. The anticipation was overwhelming. I walked upstairs and could not remember the last time I had felt so nervous, my throat was dry, and my pulse was sky-high. At the top of the stairs, the bedroom door was closed. I knocked and was told to enter.

Mistress was dressed as last time and looked even more commanding. The room was lit with low lighting that seemed to add to my mood of excitement. On the bed, there were several punishment instruments. I looked closer and saw a whip with leather tails, a riding crop, and a cane. I assumed it was the same one Mistress had used on my husband. All of this went straight to my pussy. I was becoming moist before but now I was wet and extremely excited, more excited than I had been for a very long time.

“I am not going to punish you with your dress on. Please strip down to your underwear.” This was not a request this was a command. One that I was happy to obey.

I unzipped myself and stepped out of my dress. “You may use the hanger on the side,” Mistress told me. “Then I want you to stand up straight and look forwards.”

I did as I had been told. I stood with my back straight I pushed my breasts out and held my tummy in. Mistress approached and walked around me. I felt I was being very thoroughly inspected it was a very strange feeling.


“You look stunning,” Mistress said when she had completed her inspection.

I could not have been happier. This felt like remarkably high praise indeed.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I am going to enjoy this very much. You will learn what punishment is like, but you will also learn what pleasure I can give you. Are you ready?”


“Firstly, remove your bra and lie on your back on the bed.”


I was not sure what I was expecting to hear but that was certainly not it. I took off my bra and let my breasts swing free. I do not have a particularly large bust, but I am pleased with what I have. I lay down on the bed with my head on a pillow and looked at Mistress. She had picked up the whip with many leather tails. There were probably around fifteen tails all about twelve inches long it looked very scary in her hand. “Do you know what this is?” Enquired Mistress.


“I call it my whip with many tails. Like the theme of the evening, it can bring great pain, or it can be used for pleasure.” With that, she trailed the ends of the whip over my left nipple.

I have always had sensitive breasts and being very aroused this felt wonderful. Mistress just teased the nipple barely touching me and then lifted the whip away. When she lifted the whip, I pushed my chest forward trying to follow her. She proceeded to do this for some time, and it was wonderful. She repeated the process on the right nipple. When she had finished both nipples were very erect and so sensitive.

“If I were cruel, I could now use the whip as it is intended on your breasts and stomach. Would you like that?”

“Oh no, please don’t,” I pleaded.


“I will not this time, but remember, if you displease me, I may do this in the future.”

“I will try to please you always.”

“I will test that boast later,” said Mistress with a smile. “How did I start your husband’s punishment?”

“You spanked him,” I replied.

“Your punishment will start the same way. But first I will put on my gloves, not that I do not wish to touch you, because I very much do want that. But I wish to spank you properly. So, a very red bottom is coming up.”

I stayed lying on the bed whilst I watched Mistress putting on her gloves. In my current state, I found even this highly erotic. She did seem to have a hypnotic effect on me.


Mistress sat on the edge of the bed and patted her lap. “Right, over my lap with you. You had had some pleasure, now it is time for some punishment.”

I got off the bed and laid myself as instructed. I could feel her stockinged legs on my bare tummy, and I had a close view of her boots that were just in front of my face.

“I will start your spanking over your knickers. Once I feel you have been punished enough, your knickers will come down and I will continue your punishment. I know you have not been punished before, but I do expect you to retain your dignity throughout. You may call out, but you will keep your bottom presented for its punishment. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.” This was it my first spanking was about to commence. I had talked myself into this now I was to find out how much of a fool I had been. I was determined to take my punishment well. I wanted Mistress to be impressed.

The first smack landed on my left buttock. I let out a small cry. Even the first smack hurt. Mistress followed this with a second smack on my other buttock. The spanking continued, first one cheek then the other. My cries became louder. I was expecting it to hurt but not this much. Mistress started spanking my thighs and I started kicking my legs. “You will keep your legs still and straight for your punishment. Is this clear?” I had been given a very firm warning.

“Yes, Mistress. I am so sorry. It does hurt.”


“Spankings are supposed to hurt, otherwise what would be the point of them?”

“Yes, Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

“You are not sorry enough yet.” The spanking restarted.

After a couple more minutes, Mistress stopped and rubbed her hand across my buttocks, it did feel good. “Right if you can stand and remove your knickers and then get back in position?”

I stood and pulled my knickers down.

“No, you should slowly remove your panties. I want to watch you undress.”


“Sorry, Mistress.” I pulled my panties back up and slowly lowered them to just show my pussy to Mistress. Smiling I turned around and bent forward pushing my punished bottom towards Mistress. “Is this what you wanted to see?” I asked.

“That is exactly what I wanted to see. Your bottom is starting its journey to becoming red.”

I slowly completed removing my panties and got back over Mistress’s lap. “As you have pleased me, I will do the same, please open your legs for me.”

I complied with her instruction and felt Mistress tease my pussy lips. She ran her finger slowly along my slit. Whilst she was doing this she stated, “You are very aroused; I must spank you more often. Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes, Mistress, very much.”

“Would you like more?”


“Oh, yes please.” With this, she found and started to tease my clitoris. I opened my legs wider to allow her full access.

“What a naughty girl you are. Would you like Mistress to play with you?” She knew exactly how to tease to keep me on the edge. I could feel myself getting more and more excited but was at the mercy of my experienced Mistress. “We had better stop now before we both get carried away. You still have the rest of your spanking to come. Before that would you like to kiss my fingers to say thank you.”

Mistress placed her hand just in front of my face. She was still wearing her glove and it smelt of leather and me. I kissed her as requested and then took one of her fingers in my mouth to suck the taste of myself from her glove.

“What a naughty girl you are. I definitely should spank you more often.”

“Whenever you wish Mistress,” I answered honestly and truly meant what I said.

“You say the nicest things. Enough talk, let’s finish turning this bottom of yours red all over.”


With this, the first smack landed. I knew my panties did not offer much protection, but this seemed to sting even more. Soon the spanking was in full flow. Mistress paid attention to the whole of my bottom and the tops of my thighs. I was crying out with pain and drumming my feet on the ground. I did try to keep still but I was not as stoical as I had wanted to be. Finally, the spanking ended. I had tears running down my face.

“There is a nice red bottom. You do need more practice. With time you will be able to control yourself better when being punished.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have we missed any part from the spanking?” Mistress enquired.

“Oh, please not there,” I pleaded.

“That is for me to decide. Let me see.”


Very reluctantly I reached behind and taking a buttock in each hand, held myself open to Mistress.

“You are incredibly beautiful, and very submissive. I like both of those qualities.”

“Thank you.” I was profoundly grateful for the compliment. Even with my buttocks spread and myself fully on show, I wanted her praise.

“I will not punish you there today. But remember I can and if I feel it necessary, I will. Do you understand?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Right, sit on the bed with your back resting on the headboard.”


Grateful my bottom groove was not to be punished I rushed to comply with her instructions. I could feel the warmth in my bottom as I sat down.

“Pull your feet up and open your legs.”

Again, I obeyed. I was sat with my legs bent and my crotch displayed for my Mistress. She had picked up the riding crop I had seen earlier. It had a leather tab on the end which Mistress held up to her nose. “I love the smell of leather and I think riding crops are such beautiful things. You can control a massive horse just using this. You can get people to do exactly as you require using one of these also. As I will demonstrate on you.”

I suddenly felt extremely nervous. Mistress looked to be in full control, and I was prepared to do as she asked. Exactly as she asked.

“The riding crop has many uses for punishment. Of course, it is remarkably effective across someone’s bottom but that can wait for another day. Your nipples and breasts could be punished.” With this she very lightly tapped my left nipple, I jumped. “That would be effective don’t you think?”

“Yes, Mistress. That would be awful.”


“Remember that if you ever displease me. Keep your knees up and open your legs as wide as they can go.”

I did as I had been asked. The riding crop was placed on my thigh an inch or so from my pussy. “Your inner thighs are very sensitive and perfect for punishment.” With this, she flicked the leather tab onto my thigh. I called out and closed my legs.

“Back in position, now,” Snapped Mistress. Again, I opened my legs. “I was just going to give you one more on the other side, but I will now give you three on each thigh. You must learn to behave under punishment. Keep your noise down and your legs open.”

She delivered the strokes first on the left and then the right side. They were not delivered hard but did sting. I had tears in my eyes afterwards. “That is better, good girl. You can see the mark of the crop. They now look like thighs belonging to a naughty girl. Now can you think of anywhere else I could punish whilst you are in this position?”

When she asked the question, she was staring at my pussy. I knew the answer she wanted but dreaded saying anything. I hesitated and spoke. “My cunt Mistress, you could punish my cunt.”

“I do not like that word, ask me to punish your pussy.”


“Punish my pussy, Mistress.”

“Say please.”

“Please punish my pussy, Mistress.”

“There that was not too hard, was it? I will not punish your pussy today. However, if you ever show me your pussy unshaved again, I will punish you most severely. I could use either the riding crop or the whip with many tails. Shave before next time.”

I do not have a very hairy mound, but it was clear I was going to have to shave. “Yes. Mistress. I will do as you ask.” Even saying this got me even wetter. She knew just how to push my buttons.

“Time for the cane. Lay three pillows in the middle of the bed and lie over them with your bottom in the centre.”


As Mistress said the word ‘cane’, a shiver of fear ran down my back. I dreaded what was to follow. I did want to experience the cane as I knew it pleased Mistress but having to present my bottom to the cane filled me with dread.

“Come on get on with it.”

I rushed to comply. I placed the three pillows as requested and lay over them bottom uppermost. I felt so exposed. My bottom was currently the centre of my universe.

“Six strokes. Keep your bottom nicely presented. I have wanted to do this since I first set eyes on you. I find you very attractive, especially in this position.”

It was absurd but I glowed with pride at the comment. These thoughts were soon replaced as I felt Mistress place her cane in the centre of my bottom and she lightly tapped me. The cane was lifted away, and the first stroke was delivered. Nothing could have prepared me. I screamed and rolled off the pillows clutching my bottom. I rubbed and kneaded my tortured buttocks. After thirty seconds or so, I looked up and saw Mistress looking down at me with a look of disappointment on her face. I quickly got back into position.

“What would you have done if your husband had reacted like that during his punishment?”


“I would have given penalty strokes.”

“Is that the right thing to do?”

“Yes, Mistress, I am sorry.”

“Right, that stroke does not count. You will receive eight strokes. To help you, when you are ready for your next stroke simply ask me to continue your punishment. I will then deliver the stroke. In this way, you can pace your punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress, thank you, Mistress.”

I hated that I had disappointed Mistress. My husband had been better-behaved under the cane. I was determined to show Mistress I could take her punishment. I pushed my bottom out.


“Please continue my punishment, Mistress,” I said in a quiet voice.

The stroke was delivered. Although the pain was intense, I did manage to stay in position, just. Again, I pushed out my bottom and requested the next stroke. This was repeated until we have reached halfway.

“See you can take the cane. You have some lovely stripes that you can admire later. Remind me, when you caned your husband at home last week what happened halfway through the caning?”

I gulped. “I sat on my husband’s face and made him pleasure me.”

“Was that the right thing to do?”

“I think so, yes.”


“Should I sit on your face so you can pleasure me?”

Those words went straight to my crotch. I was flooded. “Yes, I would love to worship you.”

“What a lovely thing to say. I will let you worship me. Move the pillows for now and lie on the bed face up.”

I rushed to do as I had been asked. My bottom felt very sore when I laid on it but that just seemed to increase the pleasure I was feeling.

“Would you like me to remove my panties for you?”

“Yes, please.”


Mistress slowly stripped herself. She turned and showed me her bottom. “You will worship this first and if you deserve it, I will allow you to worship my pussy.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I will do my very best.”

“I hope so.”

With that, Mistress knelt with her thighs on either side of my head facing away from me, and she lowered her bottom so it was just above my face. “Start with gentle kisses,” I was commanded. I was delighted to comply. I set about my task with enthusiasm. After several minutes Mistress asked me to concentrate close to where her bottom met her thighs. I was so very close to Mistress I could see and smell her arousal which in turn increased my own. Mistress held her buttocks open. “Now you can properly worship me. Start by licking around my ring and then kiss my hole.”

I had never done this before and hesitated. “Worship your Mistress,” I was commanded. So, I tentatively did as I was asked. It was nothing like I expected it to be. Mistress was very turned on and I was pleased I had achieved this. I grew into my worship and ended up loving every second. I was in total awe of this woman.

After several minutes. Mistress said. “Well done, you are a natural,” I glowed with pride. “Do you want to worship my pussy?”


“Yes, please Mistress.” I was so pleased I had passed her test and was to be allowed to taste her properly.

Mistress positioned herself over my face and lowered her pussy. I was enveloped by her; I could just breathe but each breath was filled with her scent. Her pussy was drenching my face in her excitement. I took to my task with abandon. What I perhaps lacked in skill I hoped to make up for in effort. My efforts were soon rewarded as Mistress reached her orgasm. I was so pleased I had helped her achieve this.

“Thank you,” said Mistress. “I should punish you more often.”

“I would like that, Mistress.” I had replied before I had time to consider what I had just said. Mistress smiled at me.

“I want you to replace the pillows and lay yourself back over. Only look forwards. I do not want you to look behind. Is that clear?”

I was puzzled at what she had asked but replied that I understood. I piled up the pillows and placed myself over them bottom uppermost again. I heard Mistress moving behind me, and I was just going to sneak a look behind when I heard, “Look forward, otherwise the caning will start back at stroke one again.”


That was enough I looked forward not daring to cheat in any way. I heard Mistress pick up the cane and she swished it through the air. My bottom tensed. Mistress chose to stand on the opposite side of the bed. “You may look now.”

I turned my head. Mistress was wearing a harness with a penis attached. The harness was scarlet with a long black penis protruding from it. “This is my strap-on. After your caning, I am going to fuck you with this. Have you seen one before?”

“No,” I replied honestly. “I have seen pictures of them, but never for real.”

“Tonight, you will not only see one, but you will also feel and probably taste one. This strap-on is also inside me at this point so when I fuck you, I will be feeling it myself. Unlike other penises, you may know this does not go soft and can keep going all night.”

“Sounds interesting,” I replied honestly. I did not think I could get more aroused. I was wrong.

“But first, you still have four strokes of this to come.” With that, she swished the cane again. I tensed my buttocks again. “Relax your bottom and ask me to continue your punishment as you did before.”


I composed myself and spoke. “Please continue my punishment Mistress.” The cane connected with my bottom, and I cried out. Three more times the cane visited my bottom and at the end, my bottom felt like it was on fire.

“Lift yourself, I wish to enter you.”

I eagerly did as I was requested. I heard Mistress get on the bed behind me and I was expecting to be entered straight away. However, Mistress teased my clitoris again. “There is no great rush, you have been so very brave. Your bottom bears the markings of my punishment. It has never looked so delightful.”

“I was honoured to be punished by you. I should be the one thanking you.”

“We are a perfect match.” Mistress now did move behind me, and I felt the tip of her strap-on at my entrance. I pushed back and felt her enter me. She slowly, ever so slowly, entered the rest of herself into me. I was in heaven I could feel her inside and it felt wonderful. Mistress then slowly withdrew herself and the process was repeated.

I was fucked this way for several minutes. I could not honestly tell how long but it was heavenly. Mistress then withdrew herself from me and using her very clever fingers, she found my swollen clitoris and brought me to orgasm. In my experience, orgasms can have different intensities, the more intense the better. This was a very intense orgasm. I cannot remember the last time I had felt like this. Mistress said I should remove the pillows and lie down, which I did, and she lay next to me. I could feel her penis pressing against my leg.


“Would you like to taste yourself and suck my penis?” Although it sounded like a very strange request, I agreed that I would like to try. I have sucked penises before and although I do not hate the experience it does not fill me with joy. This was vastly different. I could taste myself and smell my Mistress at the same time and what a wonderful combination it was.

After a few minutes of this, I was told to lie on my back and Mistress entered me again in this more conventional position. Each time she entered me, I could feel the stripes on my bottom rubbing against the bedsheets. I told Mistress what I was feeling. “Would you like to be fucked faster and harder?”

“Yes, please.” Mistress did as she promised. My pussy was full, my clitoris erect and my stripes throbbed before long I reached my second orgasm. Julie peaked at the same time.

The rest of the evening and the early hours were spent exploring each other. Eventually, we fell into a deep and exhausted sleep.

The alarm on my phone woke me at seven-thirty the next morning and I reluctantly dragged myself from the bed. I kissed Julie goodbye and we both promised to meet again very soon. I could not wait.

Once home, I asked how my husband’s evening went and he said something about penalties and referees needing to visit the optician. I needed to clear my head.


When I need time to think, I go for a run. Something about the rhythm of running helps me to organise my head. So, I put on my running gear and set off for a five-kilometre run. I was deep in thought throughout the next thirty-five minutes. I could have run past the Queen and not noticed her. I was not sure it had helped as I was still in a state of total confusion.

Once home, I got into the shower to wash off the effects of both the run and the previous evening. When I got out to dry myself, my husband entered the bathroom. He took one look at me and asked. “What are those stripes on your bottom? You look like you have been caned.”

I told him the full story.

The End

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