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Selena Gomez Sex Story

selena gomez sex story When you finally get the girl you had been wanting for years and then it all goes wrong because of her ex boyfriend

Sara and I had known each other since primary school . As we got to high school I knew I didn’t like males and became a lesbian in my early teens . Sara well didn’t really like either lol she didn’t want to date guys as thought all they wanted was sex and didn’t want that yet and well girls at the time she thought was weird . She was always my dream girl . This tiny little figure

. Perky little titts that trust me all the boys loved swimming class as they just poked out . Not big not small you know what I mean . And of course in the change room and sleep overs I had gotten to see that pussy . Talk about the most beautiful and pink lips . selena gomez sex story They were so small and made the most cutest slityou had ever seen . One day when she even asked me to look and see if I thought she was to tiny and her little hole well damn me it was the hottest sight I’d ever seen .

After hight school she got her first bf . I was hurt as thought she would pick up on that I’d always liked her . It was 2 months when a knock at my door and it was Sara . Her and her bf mark had split as he wouldn’t stop getting pissed and angry with her over sex and tried to rape her . Of course I let her stay . Two days passed and on the third night we were laying on the couch watching a movie .

It was such a hot feeling she didn’t even notice my hand kept brushing her breasys through her top . It was around 11pm when a knock on the door came .

I peeked through the view hole and couldn’t see anything . Went sat down and again a knock and went to look again and nothing . I said to Sara bloody kids as we have a few bad lots around here . Then just as I went to sit down again a knock and this time I was angry and stupidly just opened it ready to go off and then felt myself being pushed inside hearing Sara scream mark what the fuck are you doing here . I see a second guy push past us as she said why is your brother John here .

The John one rushes to her and grabs her and his hand covers her mouth . I am quickly pushed into one of my dinning chairs and tied to it and my mouth taped . Mark says to Sara you fucking want to leave me well it’s time to pay up for what you fucking owe me bitch . Fucking get her to a bed room John . As John is dragging her till he finds my room mark is dragging me on the chair .

My stomach turns and my heart sinks as he says while dragging me you lesbian bitch taking my girl now you get to watch me fuck that virgin pussy and ass . selena gomez sex story Don’t worry cunt you will get a birds eye view and see what you missed out on laughing . We get to the room .

I see Sara crying in tears while John has some rags tying up her hands . I instantly regret having a nice headboard giving him something to tie her to . Next I see her legs being spread and tied . I see then perfect lips . Her legs spread so wide you can just see the slit opening .

He strip’s . John comes behind me and says get ready to watch your little gf get the fuck of her life . His pants drop and well I now know what they mean black is bigger . Omg it was around 13inch long and at the least the width of my wrist . I see him start rubbing up and down her perfect lips . I can hear through the rag gag her trying to scream . I see them pink lips starting to part with his head .

The head of his cock starts to pass the lips and it starts to go into her tiny slit . Her hands pulling at the rags . Her feet pulling for nothing . Tears are running down her face . I see her body jerk as I see the head of his dick pass her slit . The head of his dick is so big it already stretches her so you see the hole . I watch as I see the head of his cock push at her hole . I watch and feel bad as I’m getting wet as I watch her body shake as that little hole stretches letting tiny bit by tiny bit in . I see it trying to close back up around the invasion . He is moving his head in and out till I see that little hole of hers give in and the head of his cock disappear into that Beautiful pussy . Her lips are still wrapped around that massive shaft .

Mark says fuck me that was fucking some work for Selena Gomez Sex Story

. Now let’s get the rest of this monster in this slut . I watch as he starts to move his cock back and forward. My pussy is soaking . More and more tears roll down her face . Drool is running down her face from trying to scream into the gag . selena gomez sex story I watch as a little bit more goes in . Her little hole stretching and I can see it changing to a red colour know it must be killing her . He then say oh yes what I’ve been waiting for . I hear John say so another white girl cherry to be taken by black cock . Mark cracks up . I watch as mark pulls back and then see more of his cock go into her .

Her body shakes uncontrollably . I see the red blood dropping from her pussy . Oh yeah he says now she’s mine . Her head thrashing about . I knew it was wrong but I cumned so hard seeing her virginity taken . The hole muscles gripping the shift so tight . He move in and out more and more . You can see her face and chest drenched with tears and saliva. She is hardly moving . She is just laying there grunting and growing through the gag and every now and then you make out a scream . By this stage he is so hard . He has half in her when he says to John fuck I can’t get anymore in I can already see it in her fucking tummy . With each thrust you see it buldge in her . Her little clit fully poking out fully swollen . He starts fucking her hard . Her body tenses . Knowing that there was no way she wanted it but you can see juices leaking from her pussy .

Mark says I’ll fuck you bitch till you fucking cum on my dick . He is now fucking her slow . Watching his massive cock slide out of her . Seeing her little hole open wide as it comes out then it gripping tight as he pushes it all in hard each time . Each time she grunts and her hands grip the headboard . After a few minutes of him fucking her as deep as I think anyone ever could I watch as her toes are starting to curl . Her body is starting to shake . I can only just see her eyes and there are like plates .

Her pussy is leaking so much and then her body betrays her the most I watch as see her squirt over all over him . He says that’s it that’s what I like . With one last push I hear him moan and know well she is now getting filled with cum . I can’t help it but feel myself cumming again . selena gomez sex story As he pulls out you just hear a slurping pop . I watch as her juices , blood and cum all start running out of her . That once cute little hole is still alittle open the slit slowly closing . Then cute pink lips now red and puffy .

Her clit you can see is still swollen. He turns to John and says fuck you want a go as well . He says to mark well you fucked that pussy pretty good how about I break in that ass . I look and see her fighting at the restraints so much at the thought of what was coming . You could all but make out the screams . He quickly takes of his pants and what do you know they are about the same damn size . I hear John say let’s look at this . To be honest I’d never really paid attention the few times I’d been looking in the past it was at her titts and pussy . But as he moved her legs abit it came into full view . There it was her little bud . And fuck me her anal bud was so damn hot . So tight you could hardly see the hole .

I was scared of what was going to happen . I see him place the head of his dick at it . He starts to push . You can clearly hear screams out of the gag . Watching as the head is trying to force its way in . I get to see her ring start to give in . Just the start of the tip . He does not move it just rubs it against it . Slowly I watch as her bud just let’s alittle bit more of the head in . Why I have no clue but I’m getting more and more wanting something . I watch as she passes out as the whole head goes in .

Her little ass gripping so damn tight Selena Gomez Sex Story

. You can see it pulsing trying to push it out . Then he starts in a fucking motion . You can see tiny little drops of blood as more goes in . In and out he fucks her ass . You can see her ass trying its bet to keep him out . Now he starts coming all the way out and not even half his dick back in . I can’t help getting turned on by the pop I hear each time it comes out . selena gomez sex story Seeing her tiny ass prolapse each time Watching that dick turning her ass inside out . She comes to and I you can just see the pain in her eyes . He does not take much longer to cum . Then pulls out .

The sight of that cum running from her ass . I watch her ass as they get dressed it trying to close after the invasion . They untie us and she rolls into a ball crying . I run and lock the door . I lay beside her in bed and hold her . It didn’t take long for my mind to play games . I asked her can I help make you feel better . Still crying she just looks at me and I know .

I say just let me help you don’t say a word . Knowing it was wrong I went under the covers and I let my tongue work her pussy . After a few minutes I was surprised the screams I had heard before are now moans . She is accully pushing into me .

My tongue is now fucking her fast . I can tell already her pussy loves it as it’s getting so wet . I’m amazed as in no time instead of squirting I have her creaming my tongue and face . After she is finished I come back up and we are in each other’s arms all night . selena gomez sex story The next day she asks will I have her as her gf and I sat yes . We move in the next week to a new town . It has now been 6 years together .

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