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Seducing my big ass mom

Okay so i live with my mom and dad.We are all a pretty normal family.i have fantisized about my mother for about two years.. I would wack it every night to her. She is a pretty brown haired mom, with nice tits and a huge ass.

Well i had enough of just fantisizing. i wanted the real thing..So i decided i was going to seduce her.. i put on my compression shorts that i wear to the gym when i work out.. I made sure i had a hard-on. so i put the shorts on, and walked out to the living room.. i asked my mom if she had seen my gym shorts.. she said no.. i noticed that she was staring at the bulge in my see-through shorts.. i got brave and said”you want to suck it”, she said,”yes son i have always wanted too.”this is going to be easier than i expected.. i pulled down my shorts and she started to give me the blow job of my life. i quickly came in her mouth and she swallowed..i was still hard afterwards.”you want to fuck mommy”,she said.. mommy i would love to fuck you..”you want to fuck me doggy-style.””yes please”, i shouted. she positioned herself on her hands and knees.. i started to stick my dick in her beautiful shaved pussy when she said,”not there baby,stick it in my ass”. i couldnt believe this,, i have always wanted to fuck my moms ass and now i am.. so i push it in slowly trying not to hurt her.

She starts screaming.”OH son fuck ME, FUCK YOU MOTHER .. OH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS.. FUCK ME SON.”hearing her say that was like music to my ears.. i fucked her so hard for so long.. she was cumming all over the place.. then i started to blow my load in my moms ass.After i finished we layed there with cum on my dick and cum running out of her ass.

Ten minutes later she said,”baby,”yes mom”.”i want you to fuck me in the pussy.. i want you to fuck me and get me pregnant.. i want you to blow your seed in you mother.. i want you babies.. you mean so much to me.. i want to leave your father and start a new life with you..HEaring that made me get the biggest boner.

“mom that sounds so great.”i said “hearing you say that makes me so happy.. i love you to mom..”. i positioned my self in between my beautiful soon to pregnant mom.. i stuck my dick in and she starts moaning immediatly.. “oh baby fuck mommy.. feel your mommy. make mommy pregnant baby. oh yes your dick is so big.. i love the you fuck me. i want your baby. cum in me baby cum in mommy.. I started to unload the biggest load of my life.. i pushed my dick all the way into her womb.. and exploaded..

MY mom is now pregnant with my child.. we left dad and now live together in our own home. everyday we fuck analy and vaginaly..for the future.. we are getting married..and kids. we want more…

By : incestson

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