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Seduced By A Muscular Plumber

I had a tiring night after handling a wedding event. I reached home at 4 am. As I was tired, I thought of taking bath and having a cup of tea. I took a hot shower.

When I went to the kitchen and opened the tap to fetch water for tea, I realized there is some problem with the tap and I was getting dirty water. I got frustrated and I slept. It was 5 in the morning.

I got up at 9 am and went down and informed my landowner about the tap issue. He said he will send the plumber in the afternoon and get it rectified.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was home. I was wearing grey shorts with a yellow t-shirt made of polyester. My nipples were clearly visible above the t-shirt.

While I was watching TV, I heard the bell ring. I guessed that it must be the plumber.

I went and opened the door. I saw a guy standing in front of the door. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and skin-tight blue jeans which seemed to be a bit dirty. He introduced himself as the plumber. I told him to come inside and escorted him towards the kitchen.

The plumber followed me silently. He asked me what the problem was with the tap. His voice was grave and rough. I explained to him the matter. He started his work in the kitchen. When he sat down in the kitchen, I started noticing him from the back.

The plumber had nice muscular shoulders with broad arms. When he was opening the pipe with his hand, I could see the triceps on his arms. I was getting seduced and was wondering if his hands and tongue could feel my body!

While he was working, I asked him his name. He said, “Nagesh.”

I asked for his permission to leave and informed him that I was going to take bath. While I was taking the bath, I was pressing my nipples and was wondering as if Nagesh was biting my nipples hard.

I had purposely kept my towel in my bedroom. I called for Nagesh and told him I have forgotten my towel inside my bedroom and if he could get it for me.

The plumber went to my bedroom to get my towel upon my request. Meanwhile, I kept the bathroom doorknob opened and turned around. My round butt would be completely visible once Nagesh pushes the bathroom door. I was waiting for him to come.

He came and thought of knocking on the door. But as I had kept the doorknob unlocked already, upon the knock, the entire door got opened and Nagesh saw my round bubbly butt! I acted as if I was shocked and said sorry to him and collected my towel and covered myself.

Nagesh didn’t say anything. He was quiet and went back to the kitchen to finish his work.

After that, I came out of the washroom and went to my bedroom to wear clothes. I took out my best innerwear and started wearing it. Suddenly, the plumber called me in hurry and I rushed to the kitchen by just wearing the underwear.

The water from the sink was continuously coming and out and Nagesh was unable to handle it and was completely wet. I went running and helped him in controlling the water. I told him to take out his t-shirt and keep it and simultaneously, I went to get the towel.

While I was going out of the kitchen, I just glared towards Nagesh’s jeans zip and I could notice a bulge coming from his tight jeans.

While I was checking out, the plumber looked at me and gulped saliva. I got the towel and gave it to him. When I turned around to leave, Nagesh said, “Can I open my jeans too for some time as it is wet too?” I said, yes.

When he took off his jeans, I was astonished to see his erect dick. I was happy. I thought of taking a risk and hold his dick with my hand. Nagesh didn’t say anything. He started feeling my round ass with his hand. Then he started pressing my nipples with his fingers. I was completely seduced.

The plumber pushed me towards the wall. He looked at my nipples and started licking it with his lips and tongue. His teeth started the actual magic. I was just holding his head and moaning.

After sucking my nipples, Nagesh looked into my eyes. He then kissed and smooched me.

Then I took his dick out from his underwear. He pushed me down. I started licking the top portion of the plumber’s dick slowly and then licked his balls. Nagesh was moaning at that time. I could feel the excited veins on his wild tool.

Suddenly, Nagesh held my hair and inserted his monster inside my mouth and started fucking it hard. While fucking my mouth, Nagesh came on my face.

So now after cumming, Nagesh went to the washroom and cleaned his dick. And he continued working in the kitchen without saying anything.

Then I went to the washroom to take another bath. While I was bathing, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. My heart started pounding. I slowly opened the door. I saw the plumber standing without clothes. His dick was super tight and looked wild.

Nagesh came inside the washroom and started kissing me hard! He sucked my nipples and switched on the shower. I was kissing him badly and he was pressing my boobs enthusiastically.

Then I went down and started sucking his dick again. After sucking his dick for 5 minutes, he pulled me up, held me tightly, and from under, he inserted his dick inside my warm and thirsty hole. I screamed with pain and started inserted digging my nails in his back.

Now slowly the plumber started fucking me. After 5 minutes, Nagesh increased his pace and fucked me like hell. I was holding his broad arms and we both were looking into each other’s eyes. Nagesh fucked me for 10 minutes in the same pose.

Then he took me to my bedroom. He spread my legs and started licking my hole with his warm tongue. I moaned in pleasure. Then he came over me and in missionary pose. Inserteding his desperate dick inside me, the plumber fucked me for half an hour.

The bed was making sounds and we too were moaning in pleasure and pain. In the middle of all this, the plumber cummed inside me and kissed me madly.

We both hugged each other and slept for an hour.

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