School Teens Fucked by Old Man

Nazma was now very much worried. She knew she has been already drawn into the racket. But she could not really blame Aasmaa. Aasmaa never compelled her to do anything. She worked slowly and sweetly.


Now her boobs have become bigger. But still she was very lean and looked very small. No one would imagine she was having sex, that too with two boys.

Vicky and Mahesh had her several times again. Nazma knew the two friends always shared everything. They wanted to have her together but somehow it couldn’t materialize. Nazma thought she would never agree to have such an orgy, but she knew, Madam Aasmaa would persuade her anyway.

One day her teacher Aafreen met her outside her school and told her Aasmaa wanted to meet her urgently. Nazma told her class teacher that her tummy is aching and left the school and reached Aasmaa’s place. She was expecting either Vicky or Mahesh or may be both as they planned.

But to her surprise, she saw an elderly man sitting on the sofa of Aasmaa, smoking when she entered the flat.

“Come Nazma, Meet uncle Raj”. “He wanted to meet you”, said Aasmaa.

No warning, no request, just like that ! Aasmaa never did this way. She used to hide Nazma inside the bedroom and asked her to peep at the boy to confirm she does not know him and also whether she liked him. Then only she would arrange her to have sex with the boy. She made her feel that it was for her enjoyment these things are done. But now what is she up to?

“Hello,” Nazma nodded. ‘Uncle’ Raj was bald and whatever hair left on his head was grey and he was fat. He was dark with round face and thick lips. He had a thick gold chain around his neck and many golden rings on his fingers. He was sipping some drink and watching Nazma.

‘Aafreen brought her here.’ Aasmaa told Raj.

“You know Nazma, Aafreen miss had her first time with Raj uncle.”

(Oh so it was he who taught miss Aafreen all those dirty things and indirectly me too.)

“Ah, Aafreen, She was bigger than this girl but very cooperative. I haven’t seen her for many months. I wanted to meet her, that is why I came here.”

“You don’t come here now a days. Must have got some other places for young girls”.

“Hey, nothing like that. And where will one get such beautiful young girls other than here”

“Aafreen is having her periods, so she sent Nazma, who is her student”

Nazma went inside to the bath room. She was feeling very nervous. She looked at the mirror. I have become a cheap prostitute, she thought. Her eyes became moist. She wanted to cry. But what is the use? She has fallen deep into the ditch. She washed her face, pissed and washed her pussy.

When she came out Aasmaa was outside. She pulled Nazma to the kitchen and said, “Hey look, he is very rich, he will spend any amount on you if he likes you.”

“But aunty, I don’t like. I don’t want to do it with him.”

“Hey, you had those two boys without any objection, now what is the problem?

“He is so old, I am scared, and I don’t like”

“Don’t worry, he is very nice. Ask Aafreen. Aafreen would die for him even now.”

“But ma’am”

“Don’t be fool, just go and sit beside him and make him hot as you do with those boys. Just go.”

Nazma could trace a shade of anger in her tone and she was now really scared.

Aasmaa took her to the sofa holding her hand and made her sit on the lap of Raj.

“Make uncle happy baby” ” Aasmaa told her.

Hey Raj, isn’t she cute?, and as I had promised you, this time I got you really young one” “Don’t you think she is like a tender chick?”

“Mmm, good enough. He was holding her shoulder and slowly brushing his hands on her breasts over the uniform. His white shirt was wet with his sweat. She got the strong smell of his sweat mixed with the smell of alcohol.

“In which class you study?”

“Twelveth” she said softly.

‘Oh, but you look much younger’ His eyes were wide with appreciation.

Aasmaa took a sip from his glass and said.”She is a good kisser”

“Is it?, Show me”

He turned her face towards him and pressed his lips on hers. His tongue probed her lips. She opened them and his thick tongue entered her mouth. His breath had the strong smell of alcohol.

“Give me your tongue baby”

She pushed her pink tongue out and he began to literally suck on it making loud noise.”

“Open your uniform Nazma, do you want to be told it every time?” Aasmaa said.

Nazma obediently opened the buttons of her shirt. Raj put his hand into her bra and began to press her small boobs. They were small and very soft. “Nice,” he said. He pushed her bra cups up and pressed his face on them. He began to brush his face on them. She felt his hard bristles on her tender skin. He would suck one nipple and then the other. Both his hands were on her both breasts. It seems he was very much fascinated with her small but beautiful breasts.

She could feel his cock getting big and pushing on her ass as she sat on his lap.

Now with one hand he began to stroke her thighs , occasionally touching her panties. Then suddenly he pushed his hand into her panties and began to stroke her clitoris. She gasped. He laughed on her face. She got the stink of his breath. He opened his mouth and extended his tongue. She understood that he wanted her to suck on it. She reluctantly took his tongue and began to suck while his fingers were pulling and pinching her clitoris down. His other hand was on her left breast.

“She is hot isn’t it?” asked Aasmaa who was watching all these with excitement.

“Mm mm” He could only make that much sound as his tongue was inside Nazma’s mouth.

“Wait till she goes down on you, everywhere”


“Yes, specially trained by your girl Aafreen.”Eating butterscotch”

“Ha Ha”

Nazma was red with embarrassment. She knew she would have to lick him at every nasty place. Oh God, what has happened to me? I have become a real prostitute.

Then “Uncle” Raj got up. He had difficulty in getting up as he was heavy with a large belly. He put one arm around Nazma and guided her to the bed room. Aasmaa followed them carrying his half finished drink. He was fondling her left breast while walking towards the bed room. As soon as they reached the bed room he strait went to the bath room. He left the door open and she could see him pissing into the toilet. He jerked when he finished and put it back into his pants without wiping or washing it. “Gosh” Nazma thought, “I have to…..”

Aasmaa madam kept the glass of drink on the side table and said,”make him happy, I don’t want any complaints from him. He is a big man, not only rich but powerful.”

Nazma nodded her head and sat on the bed expecting to be butchered.

Aasmaa went out closing the door.

Raj came out making some noise by the mouth as if he is trying to remove something from between his teeth. He began to undress.

“Remove your dress” He said. Nazma got up and removed her uniform and climbed on the bed. She sat cross legged looking down on her shivering palms.

Raj was now lying down. He took her hand and made her hold his now erect cock and pulled her towards him.

She could feel the wetness on the tip of his cock and she knew it was the pre-cum mixed with urine drops. He was looking at her. He didn’t say anything but his look was enough for a command. She moved between his legs and slowly brought her face close to his cock. It had the distinct smell of pee.

He pushed her face on his cock and rubbed her nose all over his cock and balls.

“Like it?” he asked releasing her. Now she knew why he didn’t wash his cock after pissing. He wanted his girls to inhale the smell of his unwashed cock.

She nodded meekly. What else she could do?

“Now suck it”

He drew the foreskin down and made it ready for her to lick.

She licked at the lower part of its head. “That is the junction of nerves” Aasmaa had instructed. “a girl can make a man cum just by licking there, not even taking fully inside the mouth”

She pulled her tongue out and started giving long sweeping licks from his balls till the tip.

“Mm mm that is good” he grunted. He reached his balls with his hand and lifted it. She understood what he wanted and began to lick below his balls. Then she brought her tongue once again up and took one of his balls inside her mouth and pulled it with her tight lips.


Once again she reached the tip of his cock. This time she took it inside her mouth and began to move her head while tickling its tip with her tongue.

“Ha, sure this is taught by Aafreen” He said reaching for the drink. He was leaning on the headboard of the bed looking amused at the little girl working on his cock. She went on an on for few minutes. Then she heard him keeping the glass of his drink on the table and then he slid down lying on his back. He extended his arms behind his head. ‘Come here’ he said, ‘lick my nipples’

Nazma climbed on his fat belly and began to lick on his small nipples. It was hairy, she could feel the roughness of his hair on her lips. Even then she tried to suck them. His nipples became wet with her saliva. He was making some hissing sound enjoying the pleasure.

Then he guided her head towards his armpits. The strong smell of sweat hit on her nostrils. He had shaved his armpits few days back and so the hair was very short. She extended her tongue began to lick trying not to inhale. Then he pushed her head to the other, and it went on for some time. Then he took her face in both hands and kissed her probing her mouth with his tongue.

Then once again her head was pushed down to his cock. She sucked on his cock with loud noise as it was fully wet with her saliva and his precum.

Then i the obvious thing happened. He lifted his legs.

Now she has free access to his ass hole. She knew there is no need to act ignorant. He knew she would do it. And so she opened her mouth wide, pushed out her tongue out and began to give long hard strokes at the crack of his ass. He pulled the cheeks wide with both hands and made more room for her. He had not washed the place for some hours and so a mixed smell of sweat, urine and shit emanated from the rough hair around his asshole. The hair was rough on her tongue, but she continued to lick, trying not to breathe. She came up and licked below his balls whenever she wanted to breathe.

“Good girl, do it hard. push your tongue into it” He was very excited. She obeyed him pushing her tongue into his hole. After a few jabs she swept her tongue towards his cock rolling down her spit to wash out the repugnant taste. She reached the tip which was fully wet with his pre-cum and she licked it up. This is OK, at least it was tasteless.
Now he was ready to fuck her. The very thought of fucking such a young girl excited him greatly. She was almost suffocated when he climbed on her and pressed his large belly on her tummy. But his cock was long and huge. And he had pulled her legs up making easy access. His cock slowly slid into her and she gasped. He lifted her up by her ass and began to fuck with hard strokes. His mouth was on her boobs sometimes, almost taking the whole of each of them into his mouth, making his teeth marks on her buttery white boobs, sometimes his whiskey smelling tongue was inside her mouth. His saliva flowed into her mouth and she had to swallow it.

Then he came with a loud grunt. He came in gushes and she felt his cum filling her pussy and then oozing out. He fell on his back and pushed her head towards his cock. She knew what he wanted and began to lick his cock clean. She remembered Miss Aafreen doing it on Vicky.

When she finished and got up, he smiled at her with full satisfaction.

She ran to the bath room to clean up her pussy and gargle her mouth with the mouth wash.

He held her at her shoulder when they came out.

‘How was she?’ asked Aasmaa, who was sitting on the sofa waiting.

‘Excellent’. ‘Great training’

‘You gave her the butterscotch?’ Aasmaa asked and laughed.

‘Oh, sure, she is very good at it. Aafreen has given her a good training.’

‘I will come next week. Ask Aafreen too to join. I want both of them together.

‘Sure, Aafreen will be very happy.’ Aasmaa replied.

So that is the plan. Nazma thought.

When Raj went out, Aasmaa asked Nazma to come next day. ‘Tomorrow is Saturday and you have only classes till 12. Come straight here. I will give you a surprise. Nazma could not refuse.

When she reached the flat the next day she saw both Vicky and Mahesh sitting there waiting for her. So that was the surprised. These villains finally got what they wanted. To have her together! But she did not want to agree. If they want, let them do it one after another.

But Aasmaa said, ‘look Nazma, they both have fucked you and you know that both of them know about it. You were naked before each of them.

You have sucked and licked them wherever they asked you to. . So what is the big deal” Both the boys laughed loudly.

God, did she need to be so unkind and insulting? Nazma thought.

‘More over it is really a pleasure for us women to have two men at the same time. Just see how exciting it will be’ Aasmaa said with a chuckle. Then she took her into the bedroom followed by the boys.

‘Hey boys, be soft, she is tender, don’t scare her’. She told the boys while going out.

As soon as the door was closed, Mahesh, who is very bold and rough, caught her head and began to kiss her. Vicky unbuttoned her shirt and began to press on her boobs. When Mahesh released her, he started kissing him. Nazma always liked his kiss. His breath was very exciting. And he was soft.

Mahesh has already removed her skirt. He pulled her panties down. When Vicky saw her pussy, he kneeled down before her and began to kiss and lick. Mahesh was holding her and sucking on her boobs.

Aasmaa maam was right, this is exciting, Nazma thought.

The boys removed their clothes and all the three climbed on the bed. Nazma was between them . Both started sucking her boobs, one on the left and the other on the right. Both had different style, but Nazma enjoyed both.

Vicky moved down to suck her pussy, while Mahesh sat near her head and guided her mouth towards his cock. His cock was clean and without any smell as it did not have any foreskin. But Nazma loved the faint piss smell of Vicky’s cock. Now she began to suck Mahesh making noise with her wet tongue.

Vicky had lifted her leg up and was now licking her asshole.

‘Make it really wet, buddy, I am going to have it today.’

Nazma did not get what he meant. Then she felt Vicky’s finger entering her asshole. She began to move and tried to remove his hand, but he was firm.

‘Just lie down quietly and enjoy.’ he said.

Now his finger was fully inside, It was slightly paining.

‘Take it out, it’s paining’ She said.

‘OK, don’t worry, There is a way’. Vicky went to the cupboard and brought the K Jelly. He applied it on his fingers and pushed some into her hole. Now when he pushed his finger, it went smoothly inside. She was slowing enjoying the sensation. She always liked when he licked her asshole. This is also good enough. Slowly he pushed two of his fingers inside, they too glided inside without any problem.

‘Now keep your leg like that, let me try with my cock.’

‘Oh No’ she cried and tried to get up. But Mahesh held her.

Vicky slowly inserted the tip of his cock into the outer part of her asshole. Her sphincter muscle at he asshole was tight hold his entry. He lifter her asscheeks with both hands and pushed. Then suddenly it entered inside.

‘Take it out, Chee , Chee, You people are so bad’

‘But by now Vicky was working his cock, it was going in and out and surprisingly, Nazma was getting excited. Mahesh was pinching her boobs, she started sucking his cock.

Then Vicky took it out and pushed inside her pussy. He climbed on her and pulled her towards his side.

‘Now your chance, Mahesh’

Mahesh happily lay down on the other side, and pushed his cock in between her ass cheeks. Vicky opened them for him with one hand. With the other hand he had held Nazma tightly, not allowing her to move. Mahesh’s cock had a thick head, so it was not going inside easily. But with one hard push and a loud cry of Nazma it went all the way inside.

‘Wow that is great. Cried Mahesh. Hey I can feel your cock on my cock, man’

Vicky’s cock was inside her pussy. Now both the cocks were separated only by a thin membrane. They could feel each other’s cock when they moved.

Mahesh began to fuck her ass with hard strokes. Vicky was moving slowly. Nazma had closed her eyes; she was kissing Vicky enjoying the taste of his mouth.

It went on for some time; finally the boys came in large volume. They were so excited about this sandwich that they forgot to get their customary asslick from her.

Aasmaa had a great laugh when the boys told about their episode to Nazma’s utter embarrassment. Now, she thought, Aasmaa maam will tell all about this. Now she has a very young girl who sucks, swallows, licks ass holes and even takes it in her ass.

Nazma wanted to escape from this world before it is too late.

Luckily her father got transferred to another city and they had to leave in a month. That saved her.

She was very particular not to get over friendly with elderly women any more.

“But, tell me the truth, Nazma, didn’t you enjoy it?”, I asked her. She thought for some time and said. “You are right Anita, I think I enjoyed most part of it, but the feeling of revulsion and self disgust later, was horrible. I used to feel so depressed for long. But I still thank Aasmaa madam for not blackmailing me and for taking my care by giving me anti pregnancy pills.

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