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satisfied by a dog

I was just 13 when the girls at school started talking about sex. Many of them were having sex, and they were very excited to be telling us ‘Virgins’ about it. They talked about the different sizes of the ‘cocks’ that the boys had and how long they could go before they would cum ( I didn’t even know what that meant). They compared the tecknec of the different boys at school. How good they could fuck. Who they wanted to fuck again. There seemed to be a lot of different guys that the girls were fucking. They offered to set the ‘virgins’ up with the guys who did the best job of taking the ‘cherries’.

I was not very popular with the boys and I could not imagine letting a boy who the girls set me up with, stick his dick in me while the other girls watched. I did not go along with the girls who wanted set up to lose their virginity.

I didn’t want to participate with them, but all that talk of fucking got me wanting to know all I could learn about it. It excited me. The girls talked of masturbating, and how they liked to do it, and how good it felt. I did listen to this and tried to learn all they had to say without letting them know I didn’t even know how to masturbate or what it even was.

I learned a lot of different ways of making my pussy feel good. Many of the girls talked of laying in the bath tub and letting the stream of water hit them right on the clit (I had learned what my clit was) and that would make them cum. Most of them would just lick their fingers and rub their pussy and clit. A lot of them would lay something hard in their bed and lay on their stomach and put the thing between their legs and rub up and down.

They all talked about what they put in their pussy’s to pretend they were fucking. Some used hot dogs, some used vegetables (cucumbers, carrots), and some found their mothers dildoes. Most would start with their finger or two or three.

I thought of all these things and I couldn’t imagine putting a cucumber inside me. Damn, that would hurt. They had talked about the first time you had sex you would break your ‘cherry’ and that would hurt. Doing that with a cucumber would be a double hurt. I thought I would just spit on my finger and try rubbing it around my pussy.

When I went to bed and my parents were in their bed down the hall, I thought I would try it. I took off my panties but left my night shirt on. I spread my legs and spit in my hand and went for my pussy. As I rubbed my hand over my clit it felt pretty good. I kept this up for a while and then I rubbed down by my ass and that felt real good. I started moving from my ass hole to my clit and do a circle around the clit and back down to my ass. This was feeling very good. I spit in my hand again and started going faster. I liked it, hell I loved it. As I ran my hand down to my ass hole I started to push a finger inside. OH, this was gooood. I thought it was time to try to go inside my pussy. I started pushing a finger inside my pussy. This was good. I would go from my ass hole to my pussy, go in and then go to my clit and rub it real hard and back to my ass. I was doing this faster and going in deeper in my ass and in my pussy. I noticed that I didn’t have to spit on my hand any more. It was always wet now.

One time I went in my pussy and I hit something and it hurt a little. I thought this must be my ‘cherry’. I quit going in that far but I started putting in two fingers. My pussy liked this.

I had gone up my ass hole as far as I did in my pussy when I hit my ‘cherry’ but it didn’t hurt my ass. As I was going faster and faster I had gotten to where I just used two fingers in my pussy and in my ass and pushed real hard on my clit. I could tell something was happening. My body was starting to tremble and shake. My pussy was tightening on my fingers as they were going in. I felt like I was going to pee. I didn’t know what to do. It felt so good but I didn’t want to pee in my bed. It felt sooo gooood I just kept going. I was shaking, my pussy was contracting, and I and I thought I would pee and going in my ass hole, now I thought I might shit. Oh I was getting light headed and I heard someone scream. I didn’t know if it was me, but I think it was. And then my pussy was squeezing so tight, I couldn’t get my fingers in. Then I think I passed out.

I don’t know if I did pass out or if I did, how long I was out. When I could think clearly, I could hardly move. I had no strength. My heart was beating out of my chest, and my body was still trembling. I thought if this is what masturbating is all about, then I am all for it. I slept well that night.

When I got to school the next day, I was so excited and wanted to tell all my friends about my experience, but I decided I would keep it my secret. Then I thought about getting home and getting to my bedroom to try masturbating again.

When I got home, mom told me she had to go to some sort of meeting and would be gone a few hours. I told her everything would be OK. I could take care of anything that would come up.

When she was gone I was so excited. I could go to my room and masturbate all I wanted to for two hours. I headed up the stairs and into my room, and shut the door and started to take all my clothes off. I did not notice that Tag, my dog was following me.

I got on the bed and spread my legs like I did the first time. I spit on my fingers and started rubbing. I knew what was going to feel good, so I started with two fingers and was going into my ass hole and my pussy right from the start. I rubbed my little clit and it seemed everything was starting to feel good so much quicker. I was going good and I started lifting my ass in the air so I could get to my ass hole easier.

I was feeling great and rubbing the hell out of my clit when I felt Tag licking my leg. He was interrupting my masturbating and I just kicked him away. He came right back, so I took my hand from my pussy and shoved him away and told him to go. Instead of going, he licked my slit. Damn, what did he do. That felt good. I didn’t know what was going on, but I liked it and was not about to make him quit. He was licking from my pussy hole to my clit. When I raised my ass up in the air, he would lick all the way from my clit to my ass hole. This was great. I spread my ass cheeks so he could get in deeper.

I started to feel all the feeling I had when I masturbated the first time. My legs were trembling so much I could hardly hold my ass in the air. I was getting light headed and I could feel my pussy contracting. I was starting to feel like I was about to pee again so I knew I was about to cum, so I didn’t worry about getting the bed wet. Here it cummmmms. Bang, I passed out again.

This time when I got my bearings, I was still weak and light headed, but Tag was still licking my pussy. I had a lot of liquid leaking out of my pussy and I thought that it must be what had been keeping me wet. My clit was very sensitive and I didn’t want Tag licking it anymore. I tried to push him away when I saw his dick. It was red and dripping something from the end of it. It was very exciting. I keep looking at it and seemed to be about the size of dick that the girls said their boy friends had. My mind was swirling. I knew mom wouldn’t be back for almost 2 hours, so I could try to get Tag to fuck me.

I got on my hands and knees and looked back at Tag. He saw me and went back to licking my crack. OH it felt so good. I thought I could get him to fuck me, but this was good also. I could have let him lick me until I would cum again.

A few minutes later he stopped licking me, and I thought Oh no. Keep licking. He had stopped licking but then he was on my back and I felt his doggy dick hitting my leg. I thought he might be able to fuck me if he could get his dick in my pussy. I looked down between my legs to see which way I would have to move so he could hit it.

My Oh my. His dick was bigger. It was bigger that what the girls said they had fucked with. I thought I should stop before I did something wrong. I was about to quit when Tag hit the spot. In two shoves he hit my ‘cherry’, and it did hurt like hell. He keep hitting it again and again. I was about to stop when he went through my ‘cherry’.

OH, it hurt. He was going so fast, I didn’t know what to do. It had hurt, but the girls all said it would, but it would stop hurting and start to feel good in a little while. I waited and sure as they said, it started to feel good. Tag was going so fast and his dick felt better than my two fingers, and I could feel myself getting to the point where I thought I was about to pee, and I knew that meant I was about to cum.

Then pain. OH, Something big went in my pussy. It filled me up so much that Tag could hardly move. Every time he tried to pull out it would hurt and he couldn’t come out very far and then he would jam his dick back in. He keep doing this and before long it didn’t hurt when he tried to pull out. He just keep shoving and banging into me. His ass was going very fast and I got that feeling again. I was about to cum when I felt something very hot inside me. It keep getting hotter and hotter and seemed to make my belly swell. That was when I did cum and passed out.

When I came too, I was laying on my stomach and Tag was still in me, and he was laying on my back. I tried to move to get Tag off of me but I couldn’t get him out. He was stuck. I was able to move him so I could see my pussy and I could see that big thing that went in me and it was on Tag’s dick. His dick was to big to come out of me.

I was panicking. What was I going to do. Would I have to go to the hospital to get him out. Would they have to cut him out. How could I tell mom and other people how the doggy dick got in my pussy. I didn’t know what to do and I started to cry.

I don’t know how long we lay there but Tag keep getting up and keep trying to pull out. Each time he did, it hurt my pussy. I was crying and I didn’t want to scold him for pulling, but it hurt like hell when he pulled. All of a sudden it plopped out. I could feel it and I could hear it. Plop. OH, I was so happy. No one would have to know I was fucking my dog.

A lot of liquid came out then. I mean a lot. Is this what was burning me and making me feel full? Did Tag pee in me? The girls told me the boys would shoot cum out the end of their dick and it would go into their pussy, but nothing like this. Could this be doggy cum? Some of the girls said that the boys would cum in their mouth and they would swallow it. It taste good.

I thought if this was Tag’s cum, maybe I should taste it. I put my fingers in it and brought it to my mouth. It didn’t taste bad. Tag was in the corner licking his dick. I thought if he liked it, it must be something special. I ate some more of it and thought it was good.

I cleaned up the mess on the bed and thought the next time (and there was going to be a next time), I would put a towel down or something to catch all Tag’s cum.

After hearing the girls talk of giving blow jobs to the boys and how the boys enjoyed a good blow job, and some of the girls enjoyed it, I decided to give Tag a blow job. He deserved it. When he came, there was no way I could swallow all his cum, but I tried.

I was 13 at the time and I continued to fuck and suck (after some practice I was able to swallow all his cum) Tag until I left for college. When I was in college, I fucked my first boy cock. He was nowhere near as good as Tag. When I finish school, I know I will live some place that I can have a dog and he will have a large cock and I will be happy with my dog and never need a man.

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