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Samreen Live A Life As A Married Hindu

Hi to all the iss readers my name is Samreen. I have got a huge response in my previous stories (lost my virginity for the first time/ freedom for a month in a different city)

Now first of all those how don’t know me my name is Samreen 20 years old from Mumbai. I belong from a Muslim family mom dad and me. My height is 5.8 figure 34d 28 35; long hair till my waist; fair in color. No one will come to know I am 20. Mostly people think I am a matured girl by seeing my body.

So this time I am going to share a new experience which happened with me.

So let’s get started with the story.

One of my good friend daughters was getting marred so my parents had to go to Bangalore; due to my studies I could not go. It was Friday morning when my parents had to catch the train. I went to the station to drop them. I had to stay almost 2 week without my parents. I came home. I changed my cloths. I wore my night dress after having my lunch. I was watching TV; u all may know about TV serials.

I always wanted to dress as a Hindu wife. I like to try new things.

So I removed some of my mom saris and started dressing up. First I took bath. I chose a light green sari. I wore a black cup bra. So after dressing up something was missing. It was the sindoor and the mangalsutra. I quickly wore my burka because no one in my society should know about it. My dad had left the car. So I took the car to the market I bought some matching bangles, sindur, and mangalsutra. I came home back. Again I started to get ready. I decided to wear the sari in a modern way. Till 7 pm in the evening I was finally ready.

So guys let me tell u how I am looking after getting ready.

Light green sari but I wore the sari as a high class marred women I decided to expose my cleavage. So my upper body part I mean my whole blouse was visible. I tied my hair a bit and rest all I keep it oven. As u all know I have long hair till my waist. Hand filled with bangles. Little bit of makeup, I applied some red lipstick and kajal. When I saw myself in the mirror I was surprised to see myself. I was looking totally a Hindu wife. I am very much fair. So the sari was looking very stunning on me as 22 years old marred girl no one could know I was 20. Then I took one of my mom hand purse. I wore my burka again. Now it was time to go out.

Guys I forgot to tell u this is the time of Ganpathi. It was the second day on Ganpathi. I came down. Quickly went towards my car and started it. So as I passed my pace. I stopped the car aside and removed my burka and started driving again. I was totally enjoying the feeling of being a Hindu.

The time was almost 8pm. While driving I was thinking where to go. I was confused. Suddenly I saw I was going out of petrol. So I was looking to the petrol pump. Finally after a drive of 20 min I got a petrol pump. I stopped the car. I opened the window. The guy asked madam how much petrol I should put. I said full the tank. The guy was staring at me very strangle.

So the bill was 2000 rs. So I opened my purse it was empty. I forgot I had left the cash at home. But I had bought the ATM card with me. So I gave him the card. He replied madam sorry to say but our swipe machine is not working. For a min I was totally blank. Then he said madam u can remove the cash from the ATM machine over there. I got a bit relieved. I got out of the car. All the guys over there were just staring me like dogs. I liked it a lot.

I removed some cash. From the ATM and gave him. That guy was just checking me out. Up to down. Then I moved from there. So now I was pretty much confident about my dress up. So now I decided to get some more latest saris. So I went to a mall. As I entered the mall, almost every guy was checking me out. Now I am looking for some sexy sari that would suit me. Suddenly a sales guy approached me. Asking madam may I help you?

I replied yeah sure. I said him I have to attend my friend marriage so I am looking for some latest saris.

He replied. Madam come with me I will show u the latest patterns.

He showed me so latest saris.

He said these will look pretty on u. I thought in my mind. I know what you mean. He showed me all the sexy sari open back, low neck and all.

While talking to him I thought he may be the manager name was Vishal. Sindhi guy 26 years old height would be almost 6ft.Fair in color.

Suddenly he asked me madam may I know your good name.

For a min I was bank what to say.

Suddenly I name came out of my mouth. Savita.

Now about the name guys you all may know about Savita bhabhi.

And I too have read almost all the comics of her at iss.

So now back to the story.

He said u have a pretty name. I smiled and replied thanks.

I selected 4 series. He calculated the bill.

I was shocked to hear 40000. Was the bill for 4 series?

I was confused what to say.

Then he said madam any prob.

I said I don’t have such a big budget.

I left from there saying him. I will buy it later.

While going out. Vishal stopped me saying Savita madam. Can we talk for a min?

I replied yeah say.

He said I know those were very costly. If you don’t mind I can give u those saris at a cheaper price.

I said what?

I said no thanks and moved on from there.

Then in some seconds a boy came to me with a card saying that Vishal sir has given. I took the card and asked that boy how is he.

He replied madam he is the owner of the shop. I was tired. I went towards my car.

And while driving to home I was thinking about this guy.After some time suddenly my car got stopped. It was not getting. Start. The road was blank. I did not know what to do now.

I came out of the car. And I was looking for help.

After a while a car passed by I waved my hand. The car stopped.

I was shocked to see. It was Vishal and one of his friends.

He came out saying Savita madam any prob.

I replied. Don’t know what’s wrong with my car.

He told his friend to get the car repaired.

Vishal: madam I stay pass by. Until your car gets repaired let go to my place.

Me: I was confused what to say. I had to say yes because my car was struck. So I agreed. He had a two sitter BMW. It was a lovely car.

Vishal: madam may I know where you stay.

Me: I did not want him to know where I stay. I told him Bandra. He was trying to know about me. He started asking about my hubby. What does he do any all. I told him. My hubby is a contractor in Saudi and I am staying alone from some months.

Vishal: that’s sad madam.

Me: my hubby is going to come back after 2 weeks.

Vishal: madam may I tell u some thing if you don’t mind.

Me: yeah say.

Vishal: madam your hubby is very lucky to have a beautiful wife like u.

Me: thanks.

As we reached his place I was just amazed to see it. As we entered the lift, Vishal was just staring me out. He opened the door of his flat. I had thought that his family would be there. But it was empty. I was shocked for a bit. I was alone with this unknown guy. The time was almost 11pm. I asked him where your family. Do you stay alone in this house? He said no my family is in Bangalore. But I must say what a lovely house it was. Like a dream house. Almost every this was there over there. Then he told me to wait he will come back in a min. He went to his room. While he was in this room I was checking his house. He came back he had went to change his cloths. Now he was wearing a shirt and track.

Then he asked me would u like to have something. I said no. I told him now plz stop calling me madam again and again. Call me Savita. He gave a small smile and said ok.

Suddenly his friend called him saying that. It will take some more time to get the car started.

He told me about it. Then he asked me. Savita you don’t have any problem in waiting. I said I don’t have any choice. He told me I am sure u may be feeling hungry. And I was really feeling very hungry.

I was feeling uncomfortable in that sari. He noticed it. He said Savita if you don’t mind u can try some of my sis cloths. He showed his sis room. I went to her room mean while he was ordering for the dinner. I opened his sis cupboard his sis had very much costly dress. I took a light pink t shirt and short pants. I changed. When I came out he was just looking at me. And I had marked my mind inside that. I want to use this guy and get benefits. He could buy any thing for me; wanted to keep his as a slave.

So we started having dinner. While having dinner we were talking. I was trying to be frank and bold with him. I asked him why u did not get marred still now. He said he does not want to get married so fast. So I asked him what type of a girl u like. He said same like u. So I got a hint for me that he is interested in me. But I wanted him to make the first move. So after dinner we both said on the sofa. Now it was raining outside. I forgot to tell u guys that. I was wearing a black bra and it was fully visible over the t shirt. He started the TV. Suddenly he said Savita may I say u something; I said yeah. Ur a sexy women I must say. I would like to have a wife like u.

I said in my mind thank god now he is opening up. I could see the lust in his eyes.

I asked him what do u like in me. He said your fair a sexy body. Any one will die for u.

I was going with the flow.

I told how u can say that I have a sexy body.

He said I can imagine it.

I could see his dick getting harder and harder.

I could feel the lust in his eyes.

But this guy was very much scared to make the move. I had to do something.

Then I kept my hand my his dick while talking. He was just looking in my eyes.

I started to press it. Then I pressed it hard. He shouted a bit.

Then he pushed me back to the sofa and climbed over me. He started to kiss my neck madly.

Then he removed my top. I was in bra. He said Savita today night your mine.

Now we where smooching for almost 15 min.

This guy was a good kisser.

Then while kissing me slide his shorts down then he removed his t-shirt. He removed my bra off and started sucking them like a child. Now I pushed him back. I made him sit. I took his dick out from his underwear. He had a 7 inch dick but thick. I thought in my mind today night I will really enjoy. After a long time I licked his head of his dick nicely. After a min his dick was fully hard, now it was time for a lollipop I started sucking. He was oooooooooo hahahahha Savita.

After 2 min of sucking it was time for the shoot. He shoots all over my face and boobs.

We kissed. Then I got up to clean myself. I went to the bathroom; washed myself in the shower. Then I wrap a towel. I came out he lifted me in his hands and took me toward his bedroom. His bed was really soft like a cloud. He jumped over me and started kissing me again.

Then he laid me down. Opened my legs and started to suck it. Ha ha haa ha hah after 10 min his dick was ready. Any I was also dyeing to get my pussy fucked. I opened my legs wide. He started pushing it in and in. In the 3rd stroke in was fully in and he started fucking me harder and harder. I was shooting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me hard fuck me.

He was fucking me as his wife. I was enjoying the pleasure a lot. After almost 20 min he shoots it my pussy I could feel the slime in me. I could feel the hotness in my pussy.

So guys we had sex almost the whole night. I enjoyed a lot with him. We slept at 5 am in the morning and got up a 10 am. I wore a dress of his sister. We had breakfast. My car was ready. I gave him. One of my other number. While going he kissed me in parking for 10 to 15 min. I waved him bye. While going he told one of his shop boy to bring some saris for me. He gifted me. After a while of driving I wore my burka. Reached home took a hot bath and slept. I was tired after a long session of fuck the whole night. I enjoyed a lot.

Hope so u guy would have loved my story after reading. I will be waiting for the comments. And guys don’t send mail on my previous mail id. I have changed it. So u can mail me on my new email id. That is Savita95bhabhi @ gmail.com is my new email id. For suggestion and views u can mail me. And guys if there an mistake in type sorry for that. I know it a long story. Hope u all enjoy it.

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