Staying the night.

Over the last two months Ashley and I spent quite a bit of time together. Since Ron knew and was involved back then and moving forward, Ashley has his permission to continue seeing me, which makes me happy. Ashley and I slept together several times, most of the time at my place, but on occasion it would be by her place and that’s when Ron would join us. I always enjoyed when the three of us got together. Like I said in previous stories, his dick was the biggest I have ever seen, or had. And he knew it as a snake. He knew he didn’t cum fast. He knew he could pleasure just about woman with that cock, so he took what he wanted, when he wanted and put it where he wanted when it came to our sexual exploits. I can see why Ashley married him, had children with him and continued being with him. I could only imagine getting that snake — of a dick – a few times a week for years on end. Besides the fact that he makes an incredible amount of money, so she doesn’t long for anything. And I didn’t mind sucking or fucking him because Ashley usually took care of us both, or me to her, as he pounds my pussy and ass.


One extremely hot summer Saturday night Ashley and I had made plans to get together. We had thought of a light dinner and a late-night boat ride, but as the afternoon was getting late and evening was setting in, it was still well over 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity, so outdoor activities had to be rethought. We were both dressed in light khaki style shorts and loose free flowing summer shirts, with white flats with Bobbie socks since it was unbearably hot. We decided to have dinner inside a local restaurant to sit in the air conditioning and sip ice cold “Hawaiian” style fruity drinks to cool us down. After dinner we decided maybe it would be best to just go to the mall and walk around, or go see a movie, since both would be air conditioned. We decided on a movie, checked out what was playing and decided on a romantic comedy that was out. When we arrived at the theater, we grabbed some popcorn and two large cool soda’s and found some seats over in a dark section about halfway down the seating area. I sat next to the wall and Ashley was to my left. I didn’t expect anything sexual to happen between us, but I was wrong.

About 25 minutes into the movie Ashley leans over to her right, lifting my left arm. She slid her arm under mine, placing her hand inside of mine, setting both of our arms on top of the arm rest. She leans in further against me, resting her head on my shoulder. I shift slightly towards her, gently resting my head on top of her head. I love being with her and I love days like this where we just spend time together, being affectionate, but not always gunning for sex. We sit arm in arm and hand in hand for about another 20 minutes, when she lifts herself lightly whispering, my arm is falling asleep.

She pulls her hand from mine, sits more upwards, but places her hand on top of the backside of mine as she gets re-adjusted. After a while her hand is rubbing over the back of my hand and along my arm. Her touch is so soft and caring, warm and genuine. Ashley’s hand reaches down and rests on my inner left thigh. Nothing sexual, but just a way for her to extend her arm and get the blood flowing back to her hand. A few minutes goes by when I feel her fingers lightly rubbing, swirling and gently brushing back and forth along my leg. I try not to get turned on — as I am watching the movie — but her touch is rather erotic. Ashley continues rubbing up and down my leg getting further and further up with each pass. I feel her fingers slip under the end of my shorts reaching further up, starting to get me turned on. I shift my hips downwards all while pulling the shorts away from being pinned against my body, giving her easier access. Ashley’s hand slid up into the leg hole of my shorts as he fingers hit my panties. I feel her hand twisted backwards, teasing and following the outline of my panties. I reach my hand down between her legs resting it on the upper part of her right inner thigh.

Ashley withdraws her hand from my leg hole and with her hand twisted upside down, is trying to unbutton and unzipped my shorts. I help her with my free hand pulling the material wide and open so she can easily get her hand down my pants. By now I was so excited and hot that I wanted this. I had never had any sexual experience in a movie theater and now I am about to get my pussy played with by my girlfriend.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching us as Ashley slides her hand into my shorts. Her hand rubs ap and down over my panties at first while she just gently caresses me. I didn’t even realize that somewhere in all of his she had unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. She grabs my left hand with her left hand and pulls in to her waist line. She guides my hand down into her shorts where I feel her sexy silky panties. We both continue to rub each other pussies over our panties, just getting hotter and wetter. We both are facing forwards pretending to be watching the movie, but knowing all of our attention is on each other’s pussies. I lift my panties away from my skin, as Ashley slides her hand deep into my panties. Her fingers hit my clit and she is slowly rubbing around in circles, making me soaking wet and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I slide my hand deep inside her panties as she shifts her hips downwards and more towards me so I can get all the way down. Her little patch of hair is gone and I feel nothing but smooth silky skin as my hand dives in further. Her panties are soaking wet and I feel her wetness at her opening as my fingers just swirl around her entrance. My pussy is throbbing as he fingers continue working my clit. I want to cum so bad, my asshole is tingling and I want her fingers deep inside me.

Ashley and I spend about 20 minutes just rubbing and teasing each other. We both had an orgasm, me first, followed by her. I want her so bad and I want more but we are in this theater. Ashley leans further into me sand says, “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Oh absolutely.” I reply.

We both nonchalantly start zipping and buttoning up our shorts, adjusting our shirts and gathering our belongings. As we stand up and start walking towards the aisle, I believe that everyone in view of us, knew we were fingering each other and I am actually embarrassed, but really wasn’t going to be concerned. We got out of the theater and headed to her car. When we got in and Ashley started the motor, she leaned towards me and gave me a deep passionate kiss. “Where to?” She asked.

“My house.” I replied.

As Ashley drove us back to my place, she whispered out, “Sam, I am still so fucking horny.” Which brought a huge smile to my face.

When we got to the next traffic light, she looked at me deep in the eyes and said, “I can’t get enough of you.”

With that she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts again, she pulled the material as open and apart as she could and she slid her left hand down into her shorts under her panties. “I need you always Sam,” she moaned out as I saw the motion of her hand start swirling around deep inside her panties.

When the light turned green and she proceeded to drive. I sat in my seat leaning more towards her just in awe that she was masturbating while driving. I was so turned on. I started cupping my breasts and rubbing around my crotch, just knowing she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. Now, I have given road head before to men I dated, but there was no way I was going to be able to eat her out while she drove so I just sat and watched knowing the feeling of fingering yourself while thinking of a woman.

Ashley came twice before we got to my building. Just after her second orgasm, I pulled her hand from inside her panties, leaned over and put her fingers deep inside my mouth. I wanted to taste her pussy and her cum. I sucked on her fingers until she pulled into my building complex. When we parked, Ashley leaned over again and kissed me deeply, her hand sliding up in-between my legs again rubbing my pussy. “Common” I said. “Let’s take this inside.”

We didn’t get into my apartment and we were locked in a deep passionate kiss. Every few steps we’d stop and pull an article of clothing off. By the time we reached my bedroom, I was topless, with one shoe on and my shorts wide open. We stood at the edge of my bed, pulling the remainder of our clothes off, our hands rubbing and caressing every part of our naked bodies as we kissed and sucked on each other’s necks, shoulders, chest and tits.

Ashley got onto her knees and started eating me out as I was standing up. Her tongue licking up and down my clit, while I stood there in awe, grabbing my tits and pulling on my nipples. Her fingers rubbing around and sliding into my entrance as she brought me closer and closer to my second orgasm of the night. Just after I came, she spun me around and bent me over at the waist. Her face and tongue dove right into my asshole and she began eating my ass out. I was so turned on, screaming at pitches I had never reached before, still dripping wet and wanting something buried deep inside me. Ashley ate my ass out while I was rubbing my clit to my third orgasm of the night. I begged her seconds before I came, “Finger me!”

When I finished cumming, I turned around and brought Ashley up from her knees face to face with me. We kissed deeply as my hand worked slowly down her back, grabbing her ass cheek. “Ashley, I want this all the time.”

“So do I Sam,” she whimpered back.

“Sam, I have never felt this way about anyone woman before. You have no idea what you do to me.” She moaned out.

“Ashley, I have loved you since the first time we were all alone together. I could do this forever.” I replied.

I guided Ashley down onto the mattress, with her legs hanging off the bed. I got on my knees and kissed my way up her inner thighs. When I got to her freshly waxed, completely bare pussy I dove right in. I spent the better part of 15 minutes just licking, sucking, fingering and tasting every bit of her. I licked her pussy and asshole to orgasm and fingered her every way I could. I think she came four times, before finally pulling me up on top of her. We laid chest to chest, sweaty, beating heavy, still full of lust and desire for each other.

I got up to get us some water for us and after drinking a bit, we laid together chatting, spending quality time naked and spent. We realized it was almost 10:30 P.M. It wasn’t late for either of us, but between a later dinner, the movie, the drive back to my place and the length of time we were fucking, the night had slipped away. I didn’t want her to leave, but I figured she would have to go home. Ashley must have been reading my mind, because just moments after I finished my thoughts, she said, “I want to spend the night with you tonight.”

I smiled at her and said, “Funny you said that, because I was just thinking that I wish you could.”

Ashley sat deep in thoughts for a few minutes. Finally, she grunted out, “I got it.”

Ashley gets up from my bed and walked over to her purse. She pulled out her phone and calls Ron. I hear her say to him, “Hey, I’ve had way too much to drink to drive home, so I’m just going to crash here at Sam’s. I’ll see you in the morning. I hear his voice on the line, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. When Ashley hangs up the phone, she says, “I’m all yours tonight!”

My eyes lit up and I smiled from ear to ear. I was so glad and so overwhelmed she did that for me.

Ashley and I cuddled in my bed, pulling my satin sheet over us. We laid together in the dark of my room, her chest to my back spooning, enjoying each other company just letting our releases ease down and knowing how much we turn each other on and how much we enjoy having sex. But in my mind, I know it’s more than sex. I know it’s hard to say I love you to someone in a “Gay / Lesbian” relationship, especially someone in her situation, who’s married to a man. I know it was hard for me the first time I said it to Jennifer and finally excepting who I was and who I loved. My thoughts starting revolving around the fact that I told her I loved her since the first time we were alone in her car. How much she crossed my mind over the years prior to that and how much I miss her when she’s not around. So, I didn’t know if I should have said anything more, or put pressure on her. But during all of my overthinking panic, is when Ashley surprised me.

“Sam, can I tell you something.”

“Sure sweetheart.” I replied.

“I told you a long time I ago, I feel in love with you the first time I saw you. And since we have had the chance to be together, my love has only gotten stronger. And not just the sex or the companionship. I mean I am totally in love with you.”

Ashley pulls her body from mine, rolling back a bit as she guides my body, shoulders and face towards her. As I lay flat Ashley slides a portion of her body on top of mind, comes face to face with me. She looks me deeply in my eyes and says; “Samantha, I love you. Will you marry me?”

My heart skipped a beat. “What? I asked.

“Sam, I can’t live without you, I love you and I want to spend my life with you. I want you to marry me.”

“Ash.” I sputter out. As tears started filling my eyes. “Of course, I’d marry you. But what about Ron? You’re married already.”

“Sam, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, we all can live together. The kids are almost grown. One’s off to college this fall and the other right behind. We have plenty of room at the house, extra bedrooms and I need you with me. He’ll either have to accept this, or we’ll find a place together. I love him very much, he is my husband, but I need you more than I need him.”

“But how are we going to get married, if you’re still married to him.” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe a civil union or something. I need you in my life, I have to know your mine and have you wearing my ring.” Ashley replied.

“Did you talk to Ron about this yet? I asked.

“No,” She replied. “I wanted to ask you first and have you say yes.”

“Better let Ron know your plan, because if he’s not cool with this, you may have a bigger decision to make than me.” I reply.

Ashley gets up from the bed walks back over to her purse and fumbles around inside of it. She grasps something in her hand and walks back over towards me. “Come here and sit up,” she says.

Ashley helps me sit upwards and pulls me to the edge of the bed as my legs hang off the edge. She gets down on her knees and says, “I was planning on doing this out on the boat when we went out tonight. I had flowers and champagne all ready, so forgive me for not being better prepared. Sam, I know it’s not traditional or normal and I am sorry for that. And I know this is not much, but I want you to know that I believe in you… In us. I love you and I want you with me forever.”

With that she takes my right hand and holds it in front her. She opens her hand and I see a beautiful silver ring peppered with diamonds on it resting in her palm. She says, “I know it’s the wrong hand, but I already have one on my left, so this will have to do.” Ashley looks me deeply in the eye and says, “Samantha, will you marry me?”

“Yes!” I scream out. “I love you, Ashley! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

My eyes fill with happy tears as her shaking hand slides the ring onto my finger.

I lean back onto the bed pulling her on top of me, we kiss deeply, whispering words of love and faith to each other. Her warm, sexual, sensual body on top of me as we kiss and hold each other. I am overly happy, overwhelmed and absolutely in love with her. My heart is racing, my stomach doing flips and I an dripping wet feeling her ring on my finger, her body against mine, knowing this is the woman I want to spend my life with.

The remainder of the night was spent with two “just engaged” girls fucking and sucking each other off until about 3:00 A.M. We used toys, my strap-on, fingers and even toes, fucking harder, longer and deeper than I had ever fucked any other woman before. I feel asleep in her arms an engaged woman; with the person I will hopefully will spend the rest of life with. Her husband too—probably — but at least with her.

The next morning, she called Ron and told him he needed to meet us for breakfast because, “We all needed to talk.”

Ashley’s plan did work and 10 months later her and I were married in a civil union, while Ron and her maintained their marriage. I did move into their house and as the years went by, we made it work.

But I am skipping way ahead. I’ll tell you a few more stories leading up to my bachelorette party and our wedding night, before I finish my story for good.

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