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I lowered Nyreen ontop of my lap and hiked her skirt up to reveal her round bottom. She had been a very bad girl and needed a spanking. She whimpered and squirmed as I lightly hit her ass. I noticed that her pussy was swollen with lust and dripping wet. I chuckled and said, “Enjoying the punishment?” She nodded her head and squirmed some more as the lust was getting to her. I pulled apart her buttcheeks to reveal her little anus and she cried out as she shook from the cool air hitting her hot spots. She trembled with delight as I admired her and gave her a little spank to rile her up.

“Samara please!,” Nyreen begged as she squirmed and panted. I ran a finger up and down her slit lightly and she moaned loudly and I shushed her as I pressed a little harder, rubbing her slit that was so moist and hot. 

My pussy sprang to life and my nipples got hard and perky as I thought about what I was going to do to poor little Nyreen. I put my thumb on her anus and lightly massaged it. Nyreen whimpered and rolled her hips as I massaged her puckering anus and pulled out a dildo that vibrated from underneath the bed. It was a hefty strap-on and it worked wonders on darling Nyreen. I put Nyreen on the bed, face down, and put on the strap-on, and straddled her thighs. I turned the dildo on and it vibrated with intensity and Nyreen heard it and began to pant and plead. 

I spread her buttcheeks once again and stared longingly at her holes and decided which hole I was going to abuse first. I placed a pillow under Nyreen’s hips and looked at her holes again and put the tip of the vibrating dildo against her trembling slit. She gripped the sheets so tightly, her knuckles were white. The vibrating felt good and the girth of this monster dildo made Nyreen look so small and tight. I ran the tip up and down her slit and tormented her by putting the cockhead in and then out in a slow manner that made her crazy with lust. I moaned as the vibrating was against my own swollen clit and I plunged the hefty cock into Nyreen, causing her to buck and cry out. 

I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to thrust aggressively in and out of Nyreen’s hole at varying speeds and depths. I punished her pussy and lavished the sounds of the dildo smacking into her hips. I pounded harder into her and she rolled her hips to make her pleasure more. I slapped her ass harshly and she yelped. I hit her favorite spots and made her squirt uncontrollably as I pounded deep within her womb. I felt an orgasm coming and buried the dildo deep within her as I came loudly. She followed suit and cried out loudly as the harsh vibrations rocked her body. I pulled out and took off the strap-on and made her lick the juices off of it. She licked it clean and turned over to look at me. 

I ripped off her clothes to reveal her large perky breasts and began to massage them aggressively. I squeezed my thighs together to get a tingle out of myself and panted as her nipples looked amazing as she heaved from panting so hard. I pulled and rolled her nipples and slapped her tits as she moaned and begged for me to fuck her. I undressed, revealing my much larger and perkier tits, and rubbed them against hers, our nipples massaging one another. I gave her a passionate kiss and didn’t stop until she pushed me away to breathe. I pressed my lips firmly against hers and kissed her harder than before and shoved my tongue deep into her mouth, playing with her tongue that I oh so enjoyed. 

I pulled her down and straddled her face and pressed my wet slit against her mouth and began to grind lightly as she panted heavily. I played with my sensitive breasts and cooed at her as I felt her tongue began to lap at my wetness. She plunged her tongue deep into me and I arched my back and pressed myself harder on her as she orally pleased me. She licked me with fervor and I cried out as my aching pussy began to squirt and shiver. I shook violently as I orgasmed right onto her face, soaking it and the pillows. I braced myself against the headboard and got off of her. 

I gave her the strap-on and she put it on and turned on the heavenly vibrations and I stood up and beckoned her to take me as I stood. She stood up and positioned herself to where the cockhead rested on my slit. I shivered in pleasure as I felt the vibration against my sensitive slit and beckoned her to fuck me as I had fucked her. My slit ached and she was taking her time looking at me lovingly. Nyreen ran the dildo up and down my slit and put the cockhead into my pussy and thrusted shallowly as I moaned. Oh, how she was going to pay for teasing me. I shoved her on the bed and slammed the dildo deep into my wet pussy. I bounced on the dildo passionately and aggressively. Rolling my hips and letting my tits wantonly fly everywhere as I bounced and rode the dildo. My pussy ached from the violent vibrations and I bounced deeper and moaned loudly. Nyreen watched me and played with her tits as she watched me ride the dildo like it was my last day on Earth. 

I plunged the dildo deep into my pussy as I came hard, gushing everywhere and panting loudly. I pulled myself off of the dildo and turned around and placed the cockhead at my anus. I massaged my anus for a while before shoving the girthy dildo up my ass and began to ride it aggressively. Nyreen sat up and reached around my waist and began to play with my aching pussy. Rolling my clit in circular motions and shoved a few fingers deep in my slit. I cried out and rolled my hips and the vibrations made me crazy with lust. I rummaged under the bed and pulled out a wand. I turned it on and gave it to Nyreen, who placed the wand’s tip against my clit and began to toy with me. I cried out loudly as I felt her aggressively rub my slit with the wand and I began to moan as I orgasmed. 

I stood up and turned to Nyreen with a devilish smirk on my face. Nyreen watched as I took off the strap-on and put it back on myself and said, “Turn around.”

She did and I placed the tips of the dildo against her anus and rammed it inside her. I pounded deeply into her over and over as she begged for mercy but I wasn’t going to. I put the wand against her clit and aggressively massaged it and I pounded her to hell. She cried out and thrashed around but knew that the pain would give into pleasure. She wailed as she began to orgasm and she spewed her juices all over the place. I buried the dildo deep into her ass and squirted wildly then collapsed on top of her. 

We kissed deeply and passionately as I stroked her back and such. I pulled out of her and turned off the toys and put them under the mattress and told her to shower. 

-To be continued-

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