Salome-Sucking She

“Kneel for me,” Salome commands from the other room. 

Erin and I obey, resting our knees upon pillows, we look at each other and smile, our fingers lacing together. Mistress is in Her boudoir and that means she is getting a toy. It means she means to fuck us and who does not delight in being fucked? We wait, exchanging glances with an eye upon the doorway, ready to come to attention when Mistress returns. 

Salome steps through the doorway. She is nude, her so-firm body shining in the sweat she worked up spanking Erin earlier. And she is harnessed, the leather straps cinched tight. Normally She asks us to prepare Her, as part of the ritual. And BDSM is very much about ritual. It is theater really with each player improvising our role in real-time, only the pain and the pleasure are real and profound. “I picked this up in Chicago,” She said, fingertips running across Her phallus.

Her she-cock is not particularly large. Both Erin and I have taken larger before, but this one is very different. It is glass for one, smooth of surface and so very hard. But is segmented, almost like a caterpillar, with multiple ridges to stimulate our orifices as it drives in and out. Salome steps slowly and carefully to us, turning a bit to best display the dick that will soon be within us. I hear Erin gasp in anticipation, and I can scarcely not do the same. Salome stands between us, swinging the she-cock from side to side. She studies us as if deciding whose mouth to fuck first. As Erin has been away I assume it will be hers. But I am wrong, Mistress places the phallus to my cheeks and rubs it across my face. “Hungry, Mine,” she asks. 

I nod. With Her, I am always hungry, I crave Her in every way. My mouth opens and she pushed inside. My lips wrap around the segmented shaft and squeeze. 

Sucking a she-cock is a lot like sucking man, with an important difference. Men’s cocks are loaded with nerve endings, they are sensitive things, who must be protected while sucked. Normally that means I wrap my lips across my teeth and squeeze, bobbing my head up and down. And of course, a man spurts if you do your job well, and when I suck cock I do it well. To me, the salty cream is a fit reward, proof positive of my hunger. 


But when you suck a woman it is different. There are two ways that a person wearing a strap-on gets pleasure. One is through the thrill of mounting your partner, of using them and driving them into ecstasy. But the other is that if properly adjusted the base will press against the wearer’s clit, rubbing it with each and every thrust, making each thrust a thing the wearer feels. It is one reason the adjustment is so critical. 

But the thing is, a dildo has no nerve endings. There is no need to protect it from your teeth. You can use them to grip it and press it against Mistress’s pearl. And I know this and so I suck a she-cock differently from the way I suck a man. Sucking cock is a physical act and with a she-cock new possibilities open. 

I begin, as always by running my lips and tongue along the length of the segmented shaft, leaving my saliva shining upon it. Mistress cannot feel this like a man would, but She sees it and with it my desire, my hunger to please Her. I roll my lips upon the head, narrower than the base, unlike man, and swirl my flattened tongue about it. My eyes look up at Salome’s and she smiles at the purity of my worship. And then, her right hand closes behind my head and presses me down upon the shaft.

It is such a unique feeling each ridge stretch my lips until I am gagging the head in my throat, my lips pressed tight to Her harness. Salome holds me there and lets me gurgle on it, lets the drool form as I breathe through my nose, penetrated, and knowing soon I will be penetrated elsewhere. I pretend to gag, for that is part of the show as my head moves, sliding up and down the shaft. For a time I let Mistress control me, ride me. And then She relaxes just a little and I squeeze tight upon the phallus, bringing my teeth into play. I must be careful, it is hard, better to do this with a softer cock than glass, but I squeeze.

And now my movement is not up and down but calculated to control the harness, to rub the base upon Salome’s clit, to make Her squeal and tingle, to remind Her of the joy of mounting her property. And hear the sweet Reward of Mistress moaning with pleasure as I suck Her cock. 

Eventually, Mistress releases me and it is Erin’s turn. Salome’s eyes are brilliant and flashing, and I have slobbered enough Her She-cock with be slippery when it pushes inside my sister. And I watch as it disappears inside her, but I am pleased that Mistress is already breathing hard as she begins to ride my sister.

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