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Sailing Date

All characters are over the age of sixteen.

Julie glanced out the window and saw a vision walking toward the restaurant. He was tall, with long black hair, and well-defined muscles with the body of a gymnast rather than that of a weightlifter. He had the dark complexion of one of the Mediterranean countries. He was the hottest guy she had ever seen. “Sally, if ‘Mr. Bangable’ comes up, seat him in my section,” Julie told her coworker.

She and Sally were two of the three girls on staff today. The small lakefront town had a shortage of workers, so the restaurant owner resorted to hiring school-aged girls from all over the area. They were all wearing tight jeans/yoga pants and even tighter tee shirts with the restaurant logo.

Not looking up from her work, Sally asked, “Why?”

“Because he’s hot and rich and I really want to ‘serve’ him.” Julie giggled, putting a good deal of innuendo into the last part of her statement.

Now Sally did look up. She agreed that the guy was ‘hot’, especially for a male at least fifteen years older than they were. “How do you know he’s rich?” Sally asked.

“He’s coming up from the marina and look how he’s dressed. He’s got to be a boat owner!” Julie surmised.

The restaurant was a popular stop for bikers riding the river road and boaters out for a day on the lake. The bikers would roar in and out of the parking lot and come up wearing leathers. The boaters would tie up ski and pontoon boats on the pier owned by the restaurant while having a meal there, dressed in summer wear. The adjacent marina was full of sailboats. There was also an upscale restaurant of regional renown on the other end of the marina. That establishment usually got the sailing crowd. In Julie’s young mind, anybody who owned a sailboat was rich.

Sally took a second look. The ball cap, sunglasses, polo shirt, mid-thigh length tight shorts, and deck shoes were of the highest quality. This was the standard ‘uniform’ of the sailboat owner. Most of the owners were older and wore their version of this much looser. This guy made the outfit look good. Very good! Just then, the restaurant manager came into the Hostess station and chased the girls back to their serving tasks.


Dave was looking forward to a cold beer and viewing some sweet young behinds in tight jeans. He climbed the rough wooden stairs to the second-floor restaurant. He could already taste the local micro-brewed ale named for the lake. He only stopped in a couple of times each season, but it seemed he never saw the same servers twice. He also got the impression that the area could only breed girls with firm, round cheeks. He wasn’t going to complain about that. Dave had never been disappointed in the ‘view’ from the second floor.

The restaurant manager seated Dave at a booth with a view of the lake. A sweet young thing came bounding over. “My name is Julie. How may I serve you?” She giggled, once again pouring sex into the last part. Dave was stunned! Julie was wearing low-riding jeans that looked like they were painted on. Her tee-shirt failed to reach the jeans by several inches, exposing a toned and tanned midriff. Dave was convinced that Julie shaved her pussy clean, otherwise, jeans that low would have shown hair. Her hips formed an inviting vee pointing down to the camel toe. The fabric must be something softer than denim.

Looking up, he saw much larger than average breasts contained in a well-fitted bra, while not visible, making its presence known because of the tight tee-shirt. To cap this perfect body was a young girl’s face with the biggest smile, piercing brown eyes, and rich auburn hair pulled into a ponytail that fell well past her shoulders. Dave ordered his ale and a Black-n-Blue burger, substituting fries instead of the freshly made potato chips that came with every sandwich. Julie turned on the tip of her toes and literally bounced off.

This gave Dave the view he came in to see. Julie’s ass was full, round, and tight, the top of the jeans ending just fractions above her crack. Two jewels were inset in the dimples in the small of her back, needlessly calling attention to her magnificent perfection. A smartphone peeked out of a back pocket, showing pink and glitter skin, reminding him of her young age.

Julie was in seventh heaven. While taking the hot guy’s order, she had noticed several things. There was no band on his ring finger, and his tight shorts displayed a very large package. His voice resonated in her core and caused a pulsing in her clit. She could scent just a hint of spice, one she associated with Christmas. She headed for the kitchen humming “Shake It Off”, which in turn caused her to shake her hips as she danced forward.

Dave was a voyeur. He loved the female form. Every little curve and point. He was always watching the women around him. If caught, he would smile. The women always smiled back, disarming the situation. He could not keep his eyes off Julie as she went about serving her customers. She had such an upbeat personality that she caused the mood of those around her to lighten. She seemed clueless about the effect she had on others. While she appeared to be innocent and naïve, Dave knew that even young girls selected clothes with care to best display their features.

There was no way she was naïve about the sex implied with that pair of jeans. In addition to Julie’s magnetic personality, Dave noticed that her slim, trim body could not hide her large breasts. Even when viewed from behind her, those high, firm orbs protruded from the sides of her narrow back. Whenever she stopped at his table, they would flirt unabashedly.

Julie was a closet exhibitionist. She loved to show off her young hot body. She was accustomed to getting attention from males to the point of it going totally unnoticed by her. The attention was background noise in a life she was happy to live. In this case, she was fully aware of the hot guy watching her. There was an intensity to those bright green eyes that made her feel singular and special. He was watching her and only her and always had and always would. It empowered her. It made her giddy. Well, giddier! She was preening for him regardless of who she was serving.

He was no longer just eye candy, a lust, a fling. She needed to be his, evermore! Was this love at first sight? she pondered.  Being a teen, her body didn’t ponder, it pumped out hormones. Her nipples stiffened and her pussy moistened. The urge to mate was strong. In short, she was horny!

Dave’s good looks and social standing made him a target for rich single women. He was accustomed to being hit upon by them. It was very rare for him to be attracted to the women that were attracted to him. While he loved beautiful things, the beautiful women in his circle rarely had beautiful personalities. He had developed a grace at turning women down. This meant that Dave dated infrequently. His waitress’s personality was such a radical departure from that. He wanted to spend more time with her. He was surprised to find he was eager to ask Julie out.

Still, there was a potential legal issue. She seemed too young to fuck. Maybe he could spend time with her without getting physical?  Yeah, right!  Look at that body! Suppose they did something during the day, an activity rather than a date, would that be safe?  That’s when he decided to invite her to go sailing.

He took a closer look at Julie. She was wearing sensible tennis shoes. He could see none of the ubiquitous tattoos that all women seem to sprout now. She had single piercings in each ear, and one in the navel. Each stud had a stone matching her backside jewelry. The only outrageous feature was her fingernail polish. The color was alternating pea green and orange, again reminding him of her youth. He judged she could be a good sailor.

While they had been flirting, Dave had not given Julie his name. When she brought the check, he introduced himself and asked if she liked to sail. Julie had never been but would love to go someday. He asked when her next day off would be. She indicated that she was off on Tuesday, which also happened to be her 18th birthday. The news gladdened Dave to no end. She was over the age of consent.

He told her he did not want to take Julie away from her friends and family on her special day. No worries, Julie informed him that a party was planned for next Friday and she would love to spend her birthday sailing. They exchanged contact information and Dave promised to call Julie Monday night. He did warn her that sailing was weather-dependent and severe summer storms were common. They would finalize plans when he called. Their conversation seemed so mundane, considering the emotional turmoil raging in both of their minds.

After Dave paid and left, Julie kept singing to herself, “His name is David. His name is David.” She watched him walk back to the marina. The long black braid of hair that reached his belt coincidentally swinging in time with her chant. For the rest of her workday, every time Julie was idle, her thoughts would go back to Dave. The way he looked at her, the way he made her feel. She had never been so horny. She feared her wet pussy was going to soak through her jeans and announce her state to all. When she got home that evening, she rushed straight to her bedroom.

She stripped naked and stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her crotch was a sloppy mess. Her nipples were stiff. She reached up and pinched both, moaning. She squeezed and kneaded the fleshly mounds, feeling her desire grow. She lay on her bed with her knees spread wide and the soles of her feet together. This left her pussy gaping open. She ran her hands over her midriff and thighs, returning to her breasts where her fingers twisted both nipples again. She imagined Dave’s strong body over her, his unbound hair forming a curtain around their faces as they gazed deeply into each other’s eyes.

The very long hair and the muscular, sun-browned body without an ounce of fat reminded Julie of a jungle-dwelling savage. Then in her fantasy, it was ‘his hands’ that found her sensitive spots, it was ‘his hands’ that aroused her. In her mind, his engorged cock thrust deeply into her, rocking her forward, pounding her unyieldingly. Her fingers found her clit and she came hard. She kept rubbing until she couldn’t stand it anymore. As good as the orgasm was, the one was not enough. She thrust two fingers deep into her pussy and trailed another over her anus.

Her other hand was frigging her sensitive clit as the imagined Dave pushed his tongue deep into her mouth to match his cock deep in her pussy. She needed it rough right now, rutting and humping in primal heat. She slipped the finger into her ass as her dream Dave flipped her over and took her fiercely from behind. Her fingers pressed hard on her G spot. That’s it. That’s what she needs. She came hard again, screaming out her release.

Totally sated now, Julie rolled over with her fingers still deep in her pussy and allowed herself to repose. She ‘felt’ loving kisses all over her neck, shoulders, and back. She fell asleep contented, her imagined lover spooning her tight in his manly embrace.


Dave was also stretched out naked on his bed. He recalled Julie’s bare midriff and low jeans. He felt his cock going erect as he visualized the roundness of Julie’s ass matched by her breasts. He remembered her smile, her giggles, and her bounce. His long, thick cock was now fully engorged, stretching just past his navel. Dave placed both hands on his distended cock, one over the other in a baseball bat grip, to slowly stroke it. He imagined using his lips and tongue to trace the line of Julie’s jeans and follow the curves of her bare muscles and hips.

He could just hear her moans and encouraging sighs as he pushed up on the bottom of the tee-shirt and down on the top of the jeans to expose more skin to his exploring mouth. He was leaking pre-cum now and used it to lube the swollen head of his throbbing cock. His mind allowed him to cover her pussy with his hand, to feel the warmth and moisture through her jeans. His rubbing fingers caused Julie to clench his head between her breasts as she approached her climax. Dave stopped stroking his cock just at the point of coming, edging himself.

His mind ravaged the fully clothed young girl, turning her into a moaning, begging, and wanton teen. He edged himself twice more, his swollen and leaking member twitching in the air whenever he took his hands off. Dave’s arousal was fueled by imagining Julie’s response to his manipulation. When his sexually satisfied specter girl whispered, “Thank you!” into his ear, he allowed himself to orgasm.

Flexing his thighs, squeezing his ass cheeks, and arching his back, Dave stroked hard and fast. Moaning loudly, his balls unloaded. The first shot flew clear across his chest and landed on his chin. Grunting deep with each spasm, he spurted out seven more thick streams of semen, covering his abdomen in a pool of sticky goo. His hands gripped hard, milking his spent cock dry. It was an extremely satisfying release!


When Julie woke up the next morning, she realized she would need something special to wear on her sailing date. She got online and opened her browser to the Wicked Weasel website. She really liked how sheer the Mermaid fabric was and ordered a white Tri Top and matching Microminimus bottoms, both in size small. This would be her ‘swimwear’.

To cover this up, she got the white Nymph top and white Unchained mini skirt. She had been tanning in the nude all spring, so she had no worries about mismatched tan lines. She expected the white cloth to really pop on her bronze skin. She paid extra for two-day shipping to ensure she got these in time. She hoped to knock Dave’s socks, or better yet, his shorts, off with her new birthday outfit.


Monday evening, Dave went online and checked the weather forecast. The lake only had two summer wind conditions: none, or too much. The weather models showed a three-day stretch of clear skies. The highs would be in the lower eighties and the winds were predicted to be fifteen to twenty knots out of the southwest, with gusting to thirty knots. It looked like it’s going to be the ‘too much’ wind condition.

Dave was fortunate in his birth. He didn’t need to work. He chose to restore beautiful boats from a hundred years ago. This was a period where most sailing vessels were commercial. Only the very rich had the time and money to sail for recreation. The yachts they built for this activity were all works of art—finely crafted wood with bronze hardware. Dave considered himself a caretaker of these historical boats.

He currently owned three; a twenty-six-foot knockabout daysailer, a forty-four-foot New York Thirty class racing yacht, and an eighty-foot steam yacht. While the last was not strictly a sailboat, it was the only one of the three with enough space to entertain. Dave’s family owned the marina and the associated shipyard. This allowed him to have three adjacent slips for his beloved boats.

The heavy wooden hull, deep led keel, and low aspect rig of the knockabout would handle thirty-knot gusts with little fuss. The modern lightweight fiberglass hull, daggerboard, and high aspect rig daysailers of the same length would not be taken out. The small size of ‘Halie’ would allow Dave to single hand safely with an untrained teen onboard. Sailing Halie in these winds would be lively, and wet. Dave considered that the best way to spend a hot summer day.


Julie found her package waiting for her when she arrived home. She was once again in her bedroom, standing naked before the mirror. She slipped on the bikini bottoms and adjusted the ties. Wow, size small didn’t cover much. She kept adjusting the cloth front to back until she managed to conceal all her slit and hood. This left most of her prominent mound exposed.

Next, she tried on the bikini top. She turned pink from embarrassment at this fit. She kept adjusting all the straps attempting to cover her areolas. The tiny triangles would just about cover them if she wore the top very high. The lower tie bisected her breasts, leaving the bottom halves completely exposed. In the long run, it didn’t matter. The material was transparent and did nothing to hide her dark areola and nipples. She posed and turned, getting a good look at herself in the mirror. God, she looked HOT! She would be arrested if caught in public wearing this bikini.

Just then, Julie’s phone rang. She flopped across the bed to grab it off the nightstand. It was Dave. Listening to his plans for tomorrow, her clit began to pulse. She slipped her hand under her and used her fingertips to rub lightly on her clit.

As Dave told Julie that she should be sure to bring a swimsuit, he could tell that she was distracted. He heard a very soft moan. Now he suspected what Julie was up to. Dave decided to tease her. Julie’s moan triggered his memory. He told her about his encounter this morning. He was out riding on the bike trail and had just entered a patch of trees. He heard a girl moan, so he stopped and listened. The sound was coming from deeper in the woods, away from the trail.

He lifted his bike onto his shoulder and moved toward the moaning. After about 100 feet, when he was completely hidden from the bike trail, Dave came to a hollow. He could see a young couple naked on a blanket. Dave dropped to the ground and used the underbrush as a blind. The boy had his head between the girl’s legs and was eating her pussy. Judging by the girl’s body language, the boy was doing a great job.

As Dave described the young couple and their activities, he could hear Julie writhing on the bed. Her breathing was labored. Dave told Julie that when the boy mounted the girl and drove his cock deep into her, Dave had to pull his own cock out and stroke it. He told Julie how excited he got watching them fuck out in the woods. He told her how much seed he left on the ground when he came.

Julie could come just listening to Dave speak. Now he was talking about sexual acts and handling the cock she wanted. She was struggling to keep her masturbation quiet. Doing it without Dave being aware of it compounded Julie’s arousal. When he told her about coming into the woods, her fingers on her clit triggered her release. She clinched tight to prevent screaming. This forced her body to quiver uncontrollably. It was like she was having a seizure. It didn’t work. A grunt from deep in her stomach escaped as her orgasm peaked.

Dave chuckled as his story got the desired resul1 2 3 4 5 6 7ts. He also had a huge hard-on listening to Julie’s orgasm. He continued to tease. “Sorry, I missed that. What did you say?” he asked.

Julie was breathless and couldn’t reply.

“Oh, I get it. You think I’m a big perv because I was secretly masturbating,” Dave declared.

Julie swallowed a hiccup when she heard that. Did he know she just came? She found her voice. “Not at all. I really ENJOYED your story,” she purred.

“Ok. Good. So, I’ll pick you up at 9 tomorrow morning. Something’s come up that I need to take care of. Bye.” The call ended before Julie could reply. With that last delightful image planted in her mind, Julie started giggling hysterically.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7Tuesday morning Julie answered the door wearing her new outfit. Dave gave a wolf whistle as she stepped onto the porch. Dave took Julie’s hand and held it high so she could spin around for him. The nymph’s top fell only a few inches below her breasts, leaving a tantalizing gap between its edge and her well-toned abs. At least the material was opaque. The tight mini skirt was made up of mesh and bands in an open weave. This allowed peek-a-boo looks at her skin. Her round buttocks were clearly bare. Dave caught just a hint of a tie string on the hip. His cock firmed up. “Stunning” was all he could manage.

Julie’s smile widened. She rose up on her toes and leaned forward to kiss Dave on the cheek. “Thank you.” she breathed into his ear.

Glancing over his shoulder, Julie got a look at the car parked on her curb. She went squealing and prancing past Dave. She knew nothing about cars. This was a gorgeous orange convertible sports car. She did recognize the BMW symbol on the front. She was still bouncing up and down when Dave caught up. “I guess you like my car! Would you care to drive?”

She didn’t believe what she was hearing. She was shaking her head YES. Dave took the bag from her shoulder and opened the driver’s door for her. Julie climbed in. The interior was a gorgeous black leather with orange accents. The floor mats had Z4 embossed on them. She saw that the stick shift had 5 speeds. Her beater Jetta had 6. The pattern looked the same, so it shouldn’t pose a problem. There were other controls around the stick shift that really looked intimidating. Dave climbed in and passed her the keys.

“What do I need to know?” she asked.

“I suspect this has more power than you are used to. Take it easy until we are out of town,” Dave replied.

Julie was still unsure, “What about all the gadgets?”

“Just ignore them. The standard controls are no different; brake, clutch, gas, stick, wheel.” He pointed each out.

She started the motor and revved it up. She almost peed herself! Wide-eyed, she looked over at Dave. “Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes. Drive,” Dave commanded.


As Julie pulled into the marina parking lot, she felt totally alive. Driving a powerful and responsive sports car on the winding and hilly road leading down to the lake was the most fun she ever experienced in a car. She climbed out on wobbly legs. Dave was retrieving her bag from the trunk. She dashed around and leaped onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. She almost knocked him down. She kissed Dave all over his face as she breathed, “Thank you!” repeatedly.

Dave loved the feel of her young warm body in his arms. Her crotch was bouncing on his still stiff cock. There was only one suitable reply: “My pleasure.”

Dave took Julie’s hand and led her down the gangway to the slips. They passed the boats that Julie was expecting to sail on. Modern white fiberglass boats with cabins and decks well above the water. The type she saw leaving the marina every weekend with happy parties seated comfortably in the back.

The boat in the slip Dave stopped at surprised Julie. It was very low and open. No cabin at all. You had to step down into it. It was all wood on top with a deep rich blue on the hull. It also seemed very long considering it looked like no more than four people could fit in the tiny seating area. While unexpected, Julie had to admit this was a very beautiful boat. It was also in better condition than the ‘newer’ boats. There was not a single blemish in the polished wood and the fittings shined like gold jewelry.

“This is Halie,” Dave proudly stated. Dave placed one foot on the gunwale and handed Julie down into the cockpit. He waited until she was seated before boarding and ducking under the boom to sit opposite her. He stowed her bag in the long cubby forward of the mast. Julie was amazed that while both were climbing on, the boat had hardly any motion. It remained rock steady.

She paid close attention while Dave explained the lines and hardware she would be using them to help him sail the boat. He told her it was going to be wet and busy once they left the shelter of the marina. He suggested they strip down to their bathing suits and apply sunscreen now. Dave produced a waterproof bag for their clothes. Once they finally got a good look at each other in their swimwear, they said the same thing in unison, “Oh my god!”

Dave was wearing red Speedo Solar briefs very low on his hip. All his well-defined muscles were clearly on display. He had a body like a Greek statue. His thick cock was positioned along the top of the briefs and stretched all the way to his side. He was very clearly hard, causing the fabric to lift from his body. Dave’s scrotum filled the lower part of the suit like a grapefruit was stuffed in there. Julie’s eyes wandered all over Dave’s magnificent physique but kept being drawn back to his erection.

For Julie’s part, what little fabric her bikini had was transparent, offering no modesty at all. The way her top bisected her breasts was more titillation than cover-up. The string running between her buttocks had the same results. Her bikini called attention to specific parts rather than hiding anything. Julie started giggling at their joint astonishment. That broke the ice and Dave brayed with laughter too. He sealed and stowed the waterproof bag in the bow compartment and retrieved a pump bottle. They liberally sprayed each other’s exposed skin with this UV protection.

Dave had Julie slide forward to stay out of his way while he cast off the lines. Julie watched Dave prepare to leave the slip. His movements were smooth, nimble, and habitual. It was clear to her that Dave had a good deal of experience with boats. All the lines and fenders were stowed in a box at the head of the slip. With the boat free of mooring lines, Dave stepped back down into the cockpit and took up the tiller in the stern. A throttle was cleverly incorporated into the tiller so that when in neutral it was a seamless part of the tiller. Dave gave some reverse power and Halie backed silently out of the slip.

Julie had a puzzled look on her face. “Electric motor,” Dave explained.

As the bow cleared the slip, Dave turned the stern toward the shore and applied forward throttle. Halie reversed direction and headed out of the marina. Julie relaxed and watched the other boats tied up in the marina as they passed by. This early on a weekday they were literally the only people on the lake.

I guess I won’t be arrested for indecent exposure today, Julie thought to herself. Her eyes again drifted to the hard shaft in Dave’s briefs. And he won’t be arrested for lewdness. That thought brought out a giggle. Dave glance over at Julie and couldn’t help smiling. What a refreshing change this happy girl was. Judging by the way she picked up the few pointers he provided on the drive over, she was sharp and a quick learner. Beauty and brains!  Dave was starting to fall big time for Julie. If she enjoys sailing, there was no way he’s going to let her get away!

Halie left the protection of the jetty and entered the full weather on the lake. The wind speed gauge was showing a steady fifteen knots out of the southwest. The wind was kicking up waves of about a foot with scattered whitecaps. Dave turned the bow into the wind and throttled back to just enough power to keep way against the wind and waves.

He invited Julie to take the tiller. She eagerly slid aft and took control. Dave had her turn port and starboard to see that a tiller moves the bow in the opposite direction it was moved. Once she was comfortable with this, Dave pointed out the ribbons in the shrouds that indicated the wind direction.

There were several sailing gauges mounted in the combing on either side of the mast. He pointed out the wind gauge to Julie and had her watch both the ‘telltale’ ribbons and the gauge as she moved the bow through the wind. He asked Julie to keep the bow dead into the wind while he raised the sails. Julie just loved the trust and respect for her that Dave kept displaying.

With Julie holding the bow into the wind, Dave quickly raised the main and jib sails. He again had Julie slide forward as he took up the tiller. He turned the bow out of the wind and let the sails fill. Halie healed to the lee about ten degrees and picked up speed as Dave trimmed the sails and set a course for an easy reach. He brought the throttle to neutral. Halie was now truly sailing.

Julie was sitting beside Dave with their backs to the wind. Julie noticed that being up here on the high side of the hull made sense when the boat leaned away from the wind. Dave handled both main and jib sheets while he demonstrated the actions and commands needed to tack through the wind. It was clear that Dave could handle this boat without assistance. Each time the bow tacked through the wind, and they ducked under the boom to switch sides, Dave watched Julie’s bare derriere pop into the air. Her bikini did little to cover her lower labia or anus. Seeing the moisture present increased Dave’s arousal.

Dave turned the jib sheets over to Julie and did a few more slow tacks while she became accustomed to using the winches and the rhythm of taking the jib from one side to another. Dave picked up the pace, tacking quickly through the wind. This required more energy and movement for Julie. She had trouble keeping her small top centered over her nipples. She found herself performing poorly when she was concerned with adjusting the top instead of the jib sheets. Dave noticed too. How could he not? Stiff nipples slipping out was a voyeur’s dream.

“I suggest you just take it off,” Dave stated with a grin. He patted his throbbing erection and added, “You topless is unlikely to have an additional impact!”

Julie bobbed her head and giggled. Looking brazenly at his cock, she retorted, “I see your point!” That broke Dave up further.

She removed the top and tossed it into the bow cubby. Her coordination and timing improved now that she could focus on the task. Dave brought the bow further into the wind and set the sail trim for close-hauled. Their speed increased and occasional waves broke over the bow, spraying them in cool lake water. Julie being forward got the brunt of the spray. She pressed closer into Dave’s warm side.

Dave brought Halie into perfect balance. Julie looked up into his face and saw joy radiating from it. Wow, sailing was important to him, and he’s sharing it with me! Dave began a quiet monolog on all the little things to watch, passing on years of experience to the eager young sailor. He put his arm around her and pulled her close so she could share the tiller and feel his slight adjustments as wind and wave varied.

“Ok, let’s switch. You take the tiller and main sheet. I’ll still call the commands.” Julie took his spot. Dave talked her through a couple of tacks. Julie was amazed at how much she could feel with the tiller in her hand. Listening to his tips, she located the sweet spot, just a bit into the wind from the greatest point of power.

She caught on to reading the signs of variation in wind and anticipating with small tiller adjustments. She started to become ‘one’ with the boat. She was harnessing the power of nature to race across the lake. This was living! This was a greater thrill than the sports car. Dave looked back and saw that Julie was in the zone. Yup, she’s a keeper!

After two hours of beating into the wind, Julie’s arms were starting to ache from pulling the tiller against the power of the wind. As much fun as she was having, she admitted she needed a break. Dave had her turn downwind. What a remarkable change. With the wind pushing from behind, it’s like it had stopped blowing.

The white sails were spread out on either side of the mast in majestic splendor. The waves no longer sprayed across the bow. Halie would rise and surf until the wave passed forward. It’s also much warmer without wind and spray. For better boat balance, they were on opposite sides. The back of the boat was at a perfect angle to lean against and stretch legs out on the seat and just relax. The forces on the tiller were also greatly reduced. This was a very lazy way to sail.

Dave cautioned her about not letting the wind get behind the main or the boom would fly violently across in an accidental jibe. He agreed to take the tiller so she could rest easy. While Julie was physically resting, her mind was active. She had the perfect view of Dave’s massive erection. It had to be nine inches, and wider than her wrist. This was way more cock than the fantasy Dave was powering into her when she masturbated. There was a wet spot in his briefs all around the head. He was leaking pre-cum watching her hot body.

Julie squeezed her thighs together to stimulate her aching clit. She knew she would feel that massive cock thrusting into her wet pussy before the day was done. She dozed off daydreaming of just how good that would feel.

Dave glanced over and saw Julie’s eyes getting heavier. He was so tuned into Halie that he could keep her on course with little attention. This allowed him to really enjoy looking at the young body opposite him. The full curves of her breasts, capped with stiff nipples, were rising and falling with each breath.

Her abs were well defined. Her flat stomach led to a prominent mons pubis. The bikini bottoms and Julie’s lavish thighs hid her vagina. The white fabric and string ties were like jewelry on her tanned skin. Her legs were long and toned. Dave couldn’t ask for a more perfect example of womanhood. His cock throbbed as he studied Julie’s delights.

Dave guided Halie into the shallows near shore and dropped anchor without disturbing Julie. He lowered the sails and erected a boom tent to shade the cockpit from the midday sun. The boom tent would also provide privacy from the homes on the shore of the lake. Next, Dave placed the swim ladder over the side and pulled two large fluffy towels out of storage. He gently woke Julie.

“Would you like to go for a swim before lunch?” he asked. Julie looked around agog at the transformation of Halie from active sailboat to restful retreat.

She clapped her hands together in delight. “Yes, let’s cool off in the lake,” she answered.

Dave checked the depth gauge. “Go ahead and dive off the stern. We have twelve feet of water under us.”

Julie did just that. She executed a flawless entry into the water. Her gym teacher would have been proud of that dive. The water was cool and refreshing with layers of chill deeper and very comfortable at the surface. She cleared the water from her face and spun around to watch Dave enter the water. Dave dove in away from her using a low angle to just skim the surface. She lost sight of him in the murky green water.

She was scanning in the direction he was headed and getting concerned that he had not come up yet. She felt something brush her leg. She screeched and thrashed in panic. Dave surfaced behind her laughing like mad. “You Bastard!” she giggled and launched her own attack.

Dave’s solid mass didn’t dunk the way Julie expected. She ended up wrapped around him in a very pleasant way. Their eyes met and they shared a tender kiss. This turned into a lust-filled kiss. Their arms pulled their bodies tight together and their tongues joined in. They broke the kiss and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. No words were needed. There was sexual yearning, and more, exchanged. An understanding that they were no longer alone in this life. Then Dave broke the mood. With a lopsided grin, he declared, “I’m hungry! Let’s eat.”

Julie rolled her eyes and giggled. “MEN!” she retorted, punching him. She climbed on his back and allowed him to tow her to the swim ladder. Dave scrambled up and then asked for Julie’s hands. He effortlessly plucked her out of the lake and set her on the stern.

They picked up the towels and did a bit of exploring while they tenderly dried each other off. Dave enjoyed the firm bounce of her breasts and buttocks while Julie enjoyed the unyielding firmness of his chest and thighs. Of course, Julie HAD to ensure his crotch was dry and got an unabashed feel of his rigid cock and full scrotum. Oh yes. That tool was going to be put to work satisfying her burning need.

Dave handed Julie back down into the cockpit. He hung the towels out in the sun to dry and then moved forward. He pulled a small cooler and duffel from storage in the bow.

“Just how much stuff do you have in there?” Julie asked.

“This boat is fully equipped. You would be amazed at some of the equipment tucked away in the bow.” He pulled out a varnished board and legs that assembled into a small table in front of Julie.

Dave unzipped a side flap in the duffel to reveal a full set of dinnerware. It was a modern picnic basket with storage pockets for each piece. He placed a plate, bowl, spoon, fork, and wine flute on the table along with a linen napkin.

“Aren’t you eating?” Julie asked.

“It’s a small space. I figured we could share.”

He pulled a bottle from the cooler and popped the cork. He filled the flute with sparkling golden wine and offered it to Julie. She tasted a cold, sweet, tangerine wine that was very refreshing on this hot day. They shared a few sips. Dave refilled the glass and then pulled a sealed container from the ice. He filled the bowl with a thick, creamy white soup that had tiny green lumps in it. He then floated very thin, star-shaped slices of cucumber on the soup, placed a dab of sour cream on top of those and sprinkled on dark green leaves.

Dave took up the spoon and carefully fed Julie a spoon full of soup. It was cold, sweet, and had a complex flavor that included cucumber. Julie made ‘mmm sounds and used the spoon to feed Dave. “What is in this?”

“Cucumber, sweet onion, chicken stock, and heavy cream are the primary ingredients. You cook down the vegetables in the stock, purée them, add a combined butter and cream roux, and then stir in the sour cream. Chill overnight and serve with a tarragon garnish.”

“You made this?” Julie was astonished.

“Yes,” Dave simply replied with assurance. They took turns feeding each other.

Julie considered her limited exposure to food. Her father was very much a meat and potato type. Most meals were at home. Restaurants were mostly fast food. A few special occasions were at places like Red Lobster. She had never tasted anything that triggered so many delights. She had no cooking skills herself and Dave’s explanation used a language she was unfamiliar with. When the bowl was empty, Julie asked for more. Dave refused. “Can’t fill up on the soup.”

Dave unzipped another compartment in the duffel and pulled out an insulated container. When he popped the lid, Julie got a whiff of cheese and bacon. He placed a steaming slice of pie on the plate.

“What?” Julie queried.

“Quiche Lorraine. Eggs, cheese, and bacon. It needs to cool just a bit.”

He leaned in and nibbled on her neck, heading for her ear. Julie shivered at the erotic touch of Dave’s lips. Dave watched goosebumps raise on her breasts and her nipples stiffen further. He reached her ear and took the lobe between his teeth, then probed inside with his tongue. Julie let out a long soft moan.

She captured his face in her hands and guided his lips to hers. They kissed sweetly a couple of times, then they kissed more passionately. Dave cupped her breast in a hand and pulled on her nipple.

Julie broke the kiss to moan, “Oh God!”

Searching her eyes, Dave teased, “The quiche should be cool enough now.”

He picked up the fork and fed her a piece. Again, Julie could not believe the complexity of the flavors. There were just hints of spice, like Dave’s cologne. There was also the slightest bit of heat from chili pepper. Julie put her head back and just savored her bite.

They again took turns feeding each fork fills of quiche. Dave rested his hand distractingly high on Julie’s thigh and made little circles with his fingertips while they ate. In reflex, Julie’s knees parted, and her hips rolled up in an attempt to get those fingers where they needed to be. Frustratingly, the hand did not change position. They got down to the last bits of crust. Even that was a delight to eat.

“Now for dessert,” Dave announced. Julie’s impassioned mind envisioned carnal activities, causing her to giggle. Dave looked back over his shoulder while he was reaching for the cooler. He read the devilry in her expression. “Not yet,” he promised. He took a parfait glass and a chilled spoon from the cooler. It looked like chocolate pudding. When he placed the filled spoon in her mouth, Julie’s sensations were overwhelmed. It was so rich, yet it was also very light and airy. The powerful chocolate taste had just a hint of mint in it. This ambrosia melted in her mouth.

“What are you doing to me?” Julie moaned.

“I’m seducing you, young lady,” Dave stated.

Julie broke down into hysterical giggling. When she could speak, she responded: “I approve!”

Laughing, Dave pulled another parfait glass and spoon from the cooler. “Sorry. Chocolate Mousse is a weakness. I won’t share,” Dave proclaimed in deadly seriousness.

He couldn’t hold it for long. A guffaw escaped. Julie was launched into more giggling. They finished their mousse, savoring every spoonful. They scraped the bottom of their glasses to ensure no bite was missed. When done, Dave packed all away except the bottle of Spumante.

They cuddled close and enjoyed the wine and the peaceful afternoon. With his arm around her, Dave pulled her closer. He looked down at this amazing girl and thanked the heavens. “Are you enjoying your birthday?” he asked.

“Yes!” Julie enthusiastically replied.

Turning toward Dave, Julie placed her hand on his hard cock and looked him in the eyes. “I do have one question. It is clear you are attracted to me.” She squeezed his cock to emphasize her point. “Why haven’t you fucked me yet?”

Dave’s reply surprised Julie. In a clear confident baritone, he began to sing. The tune was familiar from her parent’s ‘oldies’ music.

“…..turn, turn, turn.”

He had an incredible singing voice. It multiplied the effect his voice had on her. Once her astonishment cleared, she heard the words.

“And a time to every purpose under heaven.”

“A time to sail, a time to swim.”

“A time to eat, a time to drink.”

“A time to fuck – I swear it’s not too late.”

When Dave ended the song, he set the glass aside, pulled Julie up on top of him, and clinched her into a lust-filled kiss. His hands roamed all over her back and bottom. Julie’s tongue roamed all around Dave’s tongue. She had never let go of his cock. Her other hand joined the first to help release the shaft and balls from Dave’s swimsuit. Feeling his cock freed, Dave pulled the tie strings on Julie’s bikini bottom.

He lifted her up enough for Julie to guide his swollen cock head to her waiting hole. It didn’t go in. Dave’s phallus was much bigger than her vulva. Julie pushed down hard and felt a massive invasion.

She exploded in ecstasy, hissing, “Yeeeeesssss!”

Dave felt nothing but physical pain. It was like a steel ring the diameter of a quarter had been clamped just under his head. “NO!” he declared and locked Julie from any further movement until she finished coming. Then he promptly pulled out.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” Julie asked sharply.

“I’m sorry. There was too much pain. You’re not ready yet,” Dave replied tenderly.

As that statement sunk in, Julie’s mood changed abruptly. She was too young. She was going to lose this wonderful man. She was reduced to tears. Dave lifted her chin and kissed away the tears.

“Don’t worry. I just need to spend some time in preparation. You should fully enjoy that. I’ll be inside you again in no time.”

“Preparation?” she questioned, still vulnerable.

“I admit that my member is larger than average. However, I am still smaller than a baby. If you can stretch to pass a baby out, it should be possible to stretch you enough to pass me in.”

Those two incongruent images battled in her mind and lifted her mood.

“I take it that you’ve not had much inside that did any stretching?” It was more statement than question.

“Mostly the fingers and tongues of my girlfriends. The one boy had a cock the size of my index finger,” Julie admitted.

Dave’s cock pulsed at the thought of teen girl-on-girl sex. “What, no massive black dildos, no sex with horses?” Dave teased. He had Julie giggling again.

“Eeeahu, NO!” she retorted in mock shock.

Dave held up her index finger. “This is your boy cock.” He held up two of his fingers and wrapped her hand around them. “This is an average male cock.” He placed her hand on his hard shaft. “This is me.” The difference in the three was exponential.

Julie held her index finger next to his cock. Her finger was dwarfed by Dave’s massive member. She made a fist. Her fist was only slightly larger around. “OK, I can see the problem. So, prep me, stretch me.” She stroked his shaft. “I need your ‘horse’ dick inside me!” she moaned.

Dave switched places, seating Julie while he kneeled in front. He spread her knees wide and kissed the inside of her thigh. He kissed, nibbled, and licked all around Julie’s pussy. He buried his tongue deep into her tight opening and then lapped up her juices. Dave used the flat of his tongue to lick the length of her slit up to Julie’s clit. He wrapped his lips around that throbbing bundle of nerves and sucked it up into his mouth. Julie climaxed again.

Before her orgasm finished, Dave slipped an index finger into her passage and put firm pressure on one side. He moved the finger in and out while maintaining pressure to the side. Julie felt her climax extend when Dave added his other index finger, pushing in the opposite direction, never releasing her clit from his sucking lips. Just as her orgasm ebbed, additional fingers were added from each hand and the pressure on the inside of her pussy intensified.

It was such a weird feeling. The four fingers filling her up, sliding in and out, pressing outward hard enough to cause her opening to spread apart. The gap was now big enough to allow the cool breeze to brush her insides causing an unexpected tingling. Dave’s tongue picked that moment to bounce off Julie’s engorged clit setting off the strongest climax she had ever felt. Her screaming release doubled her over. Dave’s fingers never relented. Julie’s muscle spasms aided in opening her pussy further. Dave’s unrelenting tongue rubbing kept her coming well beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

Just as the rubbing tongue on her sensitive clit was becoming unbearable, Dave stopped. He removed his fingers and raised up, placing the head of his leaking cock in her now stretched opening. Julie grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled Dave forward.

“Sink it deep. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Julie demanded.

She latched her teeth onto one of Dave’s nipples and groaned at the feeling of his massive cock filling up her pussy. Dave slowly entered her tight young cunt. It was no longer painful, but getting in took work. Julie pulled harder on his ass and one of her fingertips pressed against Dave’s anus as encouragement for deeper penetration.

“Oh God…..so good…..so good” Julie mumbled into Dave’s chest.

They both felt the tip of Dave’s cock reach Julie’s cervix. Her vagina was now totally stuffed. She slid a hand forward and found there was more cock shaft available. Julie couldn’t believe it. Her groping hand brushed against her clit and send Julie into a sexual frenzy. She wrapped her arms and legs around Dave, pulling him tight, and began humping off and on that massive cock. Dave rolled them over to place Julie on top again and let her have her way.

Julie’s humping and grinding were causing Dave’s cock to touch her in all the right ways. In her wild state, she bit hard into Dave’s neck. Dave yelped, grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off his neck. He slapped her bottom hard several times to emphasize his displeasure. Julie went into convulsions, shaking violently with her release. Julie’s wild eyes, orgasmic screeching and sweat-drenched convulsing young body sent Dave into his own climax. Bucking up into Julie, Dave filled her with his seed. They jerked and panted together for an eternity.

As they regained their composure, Julie was dumbfounded. Sex with her girlfriends had always been sweet for her. The one time with Kurt had been awkward and clumsy. This had been primal. Only in her masturbation fantasies did sex get wild. She never realized she had such a beast in her. Didn’t know that pain could be such an enhancement to pleasure. Her scalp burned, her ass stung, and her cunt ached.

“That….was……incredible!” Julie declared.

Dave looked deep into Julie’s eyes. “Are you OK?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied. She squeezed his softening cock with her vagina. Dave twitched his cock in response. Julie kissed Dave roughly, sending her tongue deep. The feel of her soft breasts and hard nipples on his chest, the firm round ass cheeks in his hand, the squeezing vagina, and Julie’s tongue probing kiss had Dave’s cock stiffening up again.

Dave broke the kiss and asked, “Where’s that innocent, giggling girl I brought aboard?”

“You FUCKED her away. Do it again!” she demanded.

“Look at my neck. Is it bleeding?” Dave demanded back.

Julie looked. There were angry red teeth marks with some seeping blood. “Oops,” Julie said with a small giggle.

“Oops?……Oops is all you have to say? Do I need to muzzle you?  Restrain you?” Dave demanded.

Julie squirmed on Dave’s now fully erect member, surprised at how aroused she got at the thought of being restrained and dominated by him. “Perhaps?” she replied in a soft sexy voice.

“Why you wanton tease!” Dave pushed her off him, jerked her onto her knees on the seat, and with a hand on her neck, forced her torso over the gunwale. This pushed her ass up in the air and in line with Dave’s raging cock. He thrust deep into her tender, swollen pussy.

“Try and bite me now!” Dave demanded.

Julie was truly pinned. She could feel boat hardware pressing against her ribs and stomach. She could ignore all of this because the beast was back.

“Yes…..yes…..pound me hard!” Dave did just that, thrusting deep again and again.

“Oh God…..Oh God…..Oh God, I’m going to come again!” Julie grunted.

“No, you don’t. I’m not done!” Dave demanded. He grabbed a handful of Julie’s hair and pulled back into his thrusting.

“I can’t hold back. I’m going to come!” Julie wailed.

“NOT…….YET…….I’M…….NOT…….DONE” Dave emphasized each word with a hard slap to Julie’s ass timed to his pounding thrusts.

“Iiiiiiiieeeeeeeee” Julie wailed and came explosively.

Surprisingly, Dave was done! Julie’s orgasm triggered his again. He filled her with another load of sperm.

When Dave’s passion ebbed, guilt took over. “Oh shit, Julie!” He picked her up and cradled her tenderly. “I’m so sorry!”

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