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Room Service

Anyone who knows me will understand that I love my husband to bits. I would never stray. Even if that remotest of possibilities ever arose, it wouldn’t be with a stranger. As far as quickie sex or a one night stand is concerned, well, never in a million years. And yet…

I had to drive to London to conclude a bit of business. The reason isn’t relevant to my story so I will say no more about it. It was late in the afternoon when I finished what I had to do and was too tired to make the drive home. I called my husband and he suggested that I get a hotel room for the night and drive back in the morning. It sounded like a good idea as I don’t like to drive in the dark. He went online and booked me a room at the Holland House Hotel in Kensington.

There really is no point in filling the page with incidentals, I arrived at the hotel, had something to eat and retired to my room. By now it was the evening, all I wanted to do was have a shower, go to sleep and drive home in the morning. I had undressed down to my underwear and went to the bathroom to check the shower. It was then I noticed that there were no towels. I called reception, they apologised saying that as it was a late booking the room hadn’t been fully serviced. I could collect the towels from reception anytime.

I was already mostly undressed, feeling lazy and tired. I don’t know why, but seeing myself in only my underclothes in the full length mirror made me feel horny. I laid back on the bed and decided that a bit of finger relief was called for. As I slipped my fingers down inside my knickers I was surprised how wet I was. I closed my eyes and fantasised about a handsome man I’d seen in the hotel lobby. Just as I was reaching the point of no return, I heard a voice.

“Oh, I am sorry. I have towels for you.”

In a state of shock and panic, I opened my eyes to see a tall blond lady carrying a pile of towels. I quickly removed my hand as I tried to collect my thoughts.

“It is no problem; I was not wanting to disturb you. I just bring for you the towels.”

I don’t think I’d ever been that embarrassed. For the first time in my life, I had been caught masturbating. She looked to be about six foot tall, very athletic build and spoke with a strong East European accent. I tried to apologise.

“No, that is okay. You want that I should do it for you?”

“Do it for me?”

“Yes, Kasia fix and make much better for you.”

I really wasn’t sure what she meant, but before I knew it, she had put the towels on a chair and was sitting on the bed next to me. She put her hand over my stocking tops and rested her fingers on my damp gusset, pressing lightly as she did. I was already close and let out an involuntary gasp.

“See, Kasia gives very nice feeling. You like, yes?”

I was almost paralysed. I tried to speak but the words just wouldn’t come out. I was caught masturbating. Now I had a woman sitting next to me. Her hand was between my legs, pressing against my wet gusset. All I could do was let out little gasps of pleasure. I didn’t stop her as she undid and removed my bra before gently pushing me back on the bed.

“Just close the eyes. Let me make it good for you.”

I did as she asked. My whole body was trembling. I felt her hot breath on my nipple as her hand gently squeezed my right breast. Her other hand found its way into my knickers, moving over my mound before stroking my soaking wet pussy lips. For that moment I was all hers. She could do anything with me.

I was in orgasmic heaven, but suddenly I wanted more. I sat up and all but ripped her uniform open in my haste. I was like a woman possessed. The need in me to feel her breasts, to put my fingers inside her was overpowering. I had never felt this way before, I was intoxicated with lust. Within moments we were entwined in a naked lovers tussle on the bed.

This was the first time I had my fingers inside another woman. The sound of her moans just turned me on even more. Feeling her cum on my fingers as her pussy tightened around them was divine. As my climax was starting, I stood up on the bed, grabbed her blond hair and pulled her face into my mound. I watched as her mouth sucked the orgasm out of me.

We went at each other as if this was the first and last time we could ever have sex. It was the most delicious day of my life. I have never had so many powerful orgasms. I was still getting aftershocks on the drive home in the morning. I had to explain to my husband that although I thought my business in London was concluded, it wasn’t. I had to return a few more times that year. The Kasia-style of room service just got better and better.

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