He felt her lips encase the tip of his cock, squeezing the glans, while her tongue flickered over his meatus. One hand gently folded itself around his shaft and the other cupped his testicles. He groaned as her hand grip tightened and began its slow movements up and down. Then her lips began to move in unison, sliding back and forth over his glans. At the same time, he felt the soft curls of her hair dancing around his groin area with her head movements. He began to softly moan.

Suddenly he heard a noise, the sound of a door closing. His eyes opened, trying to focus in the bright sunlight, streaming into the bedroom. Then came the realisation that it was morning and the bed space next to him was empty. He had been dreaming. Jake sighed; it had all seemed so real. Then, the bedroom door opened, and a woman stepped into the room.


This wasn’t a dream. This was Jackie, his sister-in-law. She had turned up late the night before and stayed over in the spare room. “Evie has gone to the shops,” she said. “She’ll be about twenty minutes”

Jake looked at her. She was dressed only in the white shirt that he leant her to wear in bed, but it was not that which caught his eye. It was the pair of handcuffs dangling from her left hand. “I found these under my pillow,” she told him, as she raised them into the air.

“They… they were from a few nights ago,” he tried explaining.

Jackie smiled as she approached his bed. “You don’t have to explain to me,” she told him. “Your sex life is none of my business.”

He opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t find the words. Jackie was naked under the shirt. He could see her shaven mound as the shirt rode up and he could see her breasts. There was a look of fear on his face as she stood at the edge of his bed looking down at him. Jackie just smiled as she reached for his wrist. “W… what are you doing?” he stuttered as she snapped the cuff into place.

She said nothing as she guided his arm through a gap in the rails of the headboard. “Other arm please,” she said softly.

“W-w-w-w-w… “

“Your hand!” she snapped.

Jake raised it and Jackie guided it through the rails. The click of their fastening was loud. “What is this?” he asked as he tugged on the cuffs.

She ignored him as she stepped back and slowly unfastened the shirt. “Fifteen minutes,” she said as it fell to the floor.

Jake stared at her as she stepped closer, gripped the duvet, and hauled it to the floor. “Mmmmm, Sis’ is not exaggerating, is she?”

He felt vulnerable as she focused on his erection, then reached to touch him. “What are you doing?”

“I want your cock,” she responded as she leaned over and took him in her mouth.

He was powerless to stop her as she sucked on his erection before pulling away. “Sis’ says you love the taste of pussy,” she told him as she climbed onto the bed. Moments later she was squatting over his face.

“Well?” she said.

He stared upwards. Her inner labia was pink and moist. He could smell her. “What are you waiting for?” she asked as she pressed her sex against his lips.

Jake pushed out with his tongue and immediately found her opening. Jackie moaned softly as her juices began to flow over his cheeks. Her hips began to move back and forth; her clitty brushing against his nose. Her hand reached behind and took hold of his cock and Jake began to moan loudly in unison. Jackie lost track of time as she enjoyed a string of orgasms until the sense of reality made her glance at her watch.

“Ten minutes,” she said before lifting off him and kissing him to taste herself on his lips.

Jake groaned as she turned around and straddled his groin. She guided his hardness to her entrance, then slowly sank down. She knew from her Sis’ just how much he liked it this way. He always came quickly, so she had heard.

“Don’t you dare cum before I do!” she shouted.

He cried out, knowing that there was no way he could last very long. Jackie was moving up and down quickly and her vagina was tighter than her sister’s. Suddenly, she stopped and lifted herself off him. Jake was puzzled until she sank down again, this time facing him. “You have always wanted to fuck me haven’t you?”

He groaned loudly. Her movements increased and her love channel squeezed tighter. “Five minutes,” she whispered as she kissed him. “Five more minutes of fucking.”

Jake cried out loudly. He was close and Evie was getting closer. Jackie was pounding harder and faster. Her breasts bounced up and down as she fucked him. He cried out again and his cock began releasing his seed inside her.

“You came without me,” she shouted. “You didn’t fucking wait.”

Jake apologised. Jackie stopped as he became flaccid, and then kissed him. “I should just lie here on top of you and wait for Sis’ to come back.”

“No,” he cried.

“Two minutes,” she said.

“No Jackie. No. Please don’t do this.”

She smiled wickedly.

Suddenly they heard tyres on gravel. Jackie made no attempt to move. “Please Jackie,” Jake pleaded.

A car door sound was heard. Jackie looked down at him and smiled. He looked distraught. Smiling again, she lifted off him. Seconds later, with handcuffs and shirt in hand, she left.

Fifteen minutes later she emerged from the shower room just as Evie came out of the bedroom. “Lazy sod is still asleep,” she said.

Jackie laughed. “Too much sex.”

“I wish!” Evie replied.

Jackie smiled to herself. One day I’ll tell her that I fucked her husband because she fucked my ex, she thought.

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