Released from the Imprisonment of Forbidden Bliss

My darling, it has always been my dearest wish to see you happy and fulfilled in every way. As we have grown older, I have watched your libido blossom whilst I have remained imprisoned by the limited sexual repertoire that nature granted me as a man, and even that is beginning to decline in my slow descent into old age.

A man’s sexual urges are very direct, and once aroused, he must follow them as he drives forward to the brief ecstasy of that explosive convulsion of ejaculation. He may be able to postpone the final rapture for a while, especially in the hands of a sensitive and experienced lover, but his meeting with destiny cannot be postponed for long, and once the sweet moment has passed, he gets condemned to a period of dullness whilst his nerves recover from the intense excitation of his orgasm.

A woman, on the other hand, has been equipped by that same nature with a body that can bask in a state of almost perpetual rapture as the waves of ecstasy break upon the shores of her body time and again; sometimes with the overwhelming power of a tsunami. That heightened state of sexual arousal can only rarely be achieved with one man alone; repeated penetration by many male lovers might be sufficient, but in their urgency, men still fail to think of their lover’s deepest needs, often leaving her on the edge of something amazing, but never quite reaching the highest plateau of carnal delight.

It is so sad that the majority of women never fulfil the divine gift that resides within them or know the exquisite ecstasy when their whole body and mind become an extension of their breasts and sex, and the flames of ineffable sensation set their whole being on fire. Only with other women in a sisterhood pledged to worship the goddess of love and eternal desire can such a state of paradise on earth be attained. 

It is not as if our sex life has lacked excitement or variety. We have been swinging for many years with a few close friends and have grown into the habit of hooking up with another couple for a weekend of fun every three or four weeks. Sometimes we have just swapped partners, but more often, we enjoyed playing as a foursome at one or other of our homes, yet until your transformation, we had never experimented with girl-girl action. I had thought that nothing could be more arousing than watching you moaning in ecstasy when your male lover fills your cunt with his hot seed whilst I was fucking his wife doggy fashion, but now I realise how much I had been missing.

I remember the day you met your first female lover, the lady who set you on your journey to total sexual fulfilment. You had been to a lingerie party organised by one of your work colleagues. Afterwards, when we talked about it, you told me that you had naively believed that the various items would be modelled by professionals. However, when you arrived, your hostess gave you a number that corresponded to a package on a console table in the hall, wrapped up in pink tissue paper and containing the specially handpicked garment you would be modelling. Later that night, in that blissful moment of anticipation while you were stroking my cock before guiding it into your hot tunnel, you told me all that had happened, which made me cum more intensely and sweetly than for several years.


It turned out that the lingerie party was just the excuse for a group of ladies to enjoy a little lesbian love, with the shedding of sexy underwear the prelude to an hour or so of orgasmic delight as couples and triples formed and fucked before moving on to new partners. You didn’t know this when you were changing into the garment your hostess had chosen for you — and for everyone’s titillation — a baby doll pyjama set in almost transparent material. While you were looking at yourself in the cheval mirror and thinking how much fun it would have been if men had been invited, a younger woman who you didn’t recognise came into the room. You were about to leave to go and join the others when she said, “don’t go, please wait while I change.”

She quickly stripped out of her clothing, and you admitted that you found yourself wishing that she wouldn’t cover her exquisite nakedness, even with the flimsiest of garments. She was breathtakingly beautiful; her breasts were small and firm with prominent nipples, and her bald vulva was parted slightly to reveal delicious pink inner lips and the bud of her clitoris shyly peeking out and begging to be sucked. When she bent over to unwrap a very small package, you felt an almost irresistible urge to slide your tongue into the delectable slit of her pussy so invitingly framed by the twin globes of her perfectly formed bottom. The tiny pair of crotchless panties and peek-a-boo bra that she pulled out of their tissue paper wrapping made the sexual allure of her body even greater, drawing the eye — and as passions grew stronger, fingers and tongue — irresistibly to her most delightful assets.

“I have so much wanted to make love to you,” she murmured seductively as she stepped in front of you and stretched out one hand to caress your left breast through the flimsy material. “I spied on you the other week when you were riding my brother-in-law, and I just knew that my life wouldn’t be complete until we had fucked. I have often fucked him and I know how good he is and how beautifully he stretches you, but once he has flooded your cunt with his hot jism, he is spent, when you could go on having orgasm after orgasm. I want to do that for you and show you the delights you have been missing.”

At that moment, the perverse barrier of conventional sexual conduct, which had been instilled into you since puberty, was swept aside in a torrent of long-repressed desire, and you pulled her into your arms and began to kiss her more passionately than you had ever kissed anyone, including me, luxuriating in the softness of her lips and the feel of her breasts pressed against yours.

She slipped her fingers inside your panties to caress your pussy which was wet with your vaginal secretions, making your clitoris swell and harden with desire. “Darling, please let us sneak off now. If we go in the other room, everyone will want to fuck you, and I want to be the first to take your virginity. We will go to many lesbian orgies together and know the pleasures of sex with many partners, but I have so much to teach you first.”

When you walked in the front door a couple of hours later, you were radiant with happiness. As you told me in a voice filled with wonder and joy, you had found a secluded spot to park in the woodland on the edge of the village, and under her tender instruction, been led through the exquisite groves of sapphic delight on a magical journey of multi-orgasmic satisfaction. Using her fingers and tongue, your lover had opened the doors to your new life and shown you how to lead your partner down the same pathways of bliss.


What you experienced that evening was an epiphany that opened your mind to an unexpected wonderland of sexual rapture. At first, your lover claimed exclusive ownership of your body and your orgasms, although she did allow me to watch your lovemaking as if to show me the tender delicacies denied to mere men. She was not selfish either because, as she said, there were times when she enjoyed the meteoric excitement of being penetrated and filled by a ramrod hard cock. There were many nights when I was permitted to fuck both of you, before leaving you to enjoy the rest of the long night making love in our marriage bed while fell into post-orgasmic sleep in the spare bedroom. I always left the doors open so that if I woke in the night, I could hear the sounds of your joy.

Eventually, when she felt that you were sufficiently prepared and had learned the mysteries of entry to a higher state of almost continual orgasm for hours or even days, that had been passed down over the ages from woman to woman, you were inducted into the sisterhood on a magical weekend. As you told me later in a voice of wonder and almost religious fervour, over twenty-four hours, your many lovers took a turn upon turn playing upon your body with the divine skills of a maestro, until you entered a state of indescribable exaltation as wave after wave of delight washed over your body and mind in kaleidoscopic abundance.

Although I have lost you in one way, it would be selfish of me to deny you pleasures that I cannot possibly ever know. Sometimes when you go away for the weekend, I can be lonely, but there are things I can do to divert myself, and when you return, radiant with love, you kindly attend to my simpler needs by granting me access to the treasure of your sex until I am satiated, my passion spent in the piercingly transient moment of the male climax.

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